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Monuments to Terrorist Number One.

Written by Andy

Public calls for terrorist activities, public justification of terrorism or propaganda of terrorism (art. 205.2 Criminal Code of Russia)

“I’m terrified, to her-God with horror, I see that they’ve been talking about bombs for more than six months and haven’t made any!.. Let the squads from 3 to 10, to 30, etc. .. Let them immediately arm themselves, who can, who is a revolver, who is a knife, who is a rag with kerosene for arson… Some will immediately accept the murder of a spike, the explosion of a police station, others – an attack on a bank to confiscate funds… Let everyone The squad itself learns at least from the beating of the city: dozens of victims will pay off with the worst of what hundreds of experienced wrestlers will give… Even without weapons, squads can play a major role… climbing upstairs, upstairs, etc. D., and shower the army with stones, pouring boiling water… Practical work, repeat, must be started immediately. They are falling apart for preparatory and military operations. Preparatory include the acquisition of all weapons and shells, finding conveniently located apartments for the street battle (convenient to fight on top, for bombs or stones, etc. or acids for pouring police officers… Killing spies, police, gendarmes, explosions of police stations, liberation arrested, taking government funds… such operations are already underway everywhere… Revolutionary Army squads should immediately examine who, where and how black hundreds, and then not limited to one sermon (it’s useful, but it’s not enough), and act as an armed force, beating blacks, killing them, exploding their headquarters, etc. D.”

Lenin. 1905-10-16 and later

(Lenin V.I. Full. a gathering. Soch. T. 11. C. 336-337 343., 338 340)

It is almost impossible to calculate how many monuments to Lenin were installed in Russia. All Soviet years have not been calculated, background editions dedicated to the objects of history and culture are extremely incomplete, information about monuments in the regions was not gathered centrally. If you remember mathematics and do extrapolation, then five thousand photos of monuments that have already been found should be added at least two thousand — and mostly this increase will occur due to small settlements. In other words, at least 7000 monuments and busts were installed in Russia.

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