Multiculturalism Destroys Cultures

Across planet Earth, there are many distinctive cultures which give identity and a sense of belonging to the people who live in them.

The keyword in the above sentence is “distinctive.”

Every culture is distinct from others.

Each culture has distinguishing characteristics that make it different from other cultures, uniquely special, and which allow its members to identify with other members of the same culture.

This mutual identification brings coherence, stability, and a sense of belonging and community to the members of that culture.

What is Culture?

A culture is a shared set of values, beliefs, language, customs, social norms, music, history, behaviours and institutions. These give identity to and distinguish it from other cultures which have their own set of beliefs, languages, history, and social norms.

Western Culture

Western culture is unique because it had a transformative period called the Enlightenment and the Age of Reason, which saw the end of the Dark Ages where religious beliefs predominated.

The dark ages was a time of great mysticism, a belief that the church and the king should rule over everyone else.

There was no scientific progress. Science was outlawed, and scientists were threatened and some were burned at the stake (Bruno, 1600).

The Renaissance and the Age of Reason ended the Dark Ages and initiated Western culture, which is based upon science, reason, logic, individual rights, production, trade, freedom of the individual, democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom from tyrannical governments.

British Culture

Within Western culture, we have a subdivision of British culture, which is unique. British culture champions democracy, invention, production, trade, the rule of law, and civilisation.

It is in Northern England that the industrial revolution started, which has transformed the whole planet and has bought us the technology that we enjoyed today.

It is notable that Britain is the birthplace of modern Parliamentary democracy, and massive advances in science, particularly medicine, physics, and chemistry engineering.

Britain was the first country to outlaw slavery in 1803, and its navy traveled the world enforcing its laws against slavery.

British culture has stood the test of time and has made unique contributions to the rest of the world.

Attacks on British Culture

Multiculturalism is an attack on western culture and on British culture. It dilutes all cultures by blending them.

By integrating vast numbers of people from various cultures into the same location, the original culture that occupied that space is watered down, weakened, and replaced by a homogenous mixture, which represents no specific culture.

London is a Prime Example

The London of the 1960s was vibrant, distinctive, creative, and the cultural and economic centre of the world. Everyone knew what a Londoner was. Even into the 1980s, Londoners had a distinctive identity (remember Del Boy and Rodney?).

But now, true Londoners are scarce.

If you visit London now, you won’t find any distinctive culture.

All cultures reside in London.

Nowadays, “Londoner” simply denotes “a person who lives in London.”

In fact, Khan, the mayor of London, said that a white face on a poster did not truly represent London.

London has lost its cultural identity.

It’s become a multicultural, indistinct, unidentifiable melting pot.

When a culture represents everything, it stands for nothing.

Cultures are distinct.

Cultures require unique, distinctive traits to exist, and multiculturalism eradicates these distinguishing characteristics.

The Disease is Spreading

And what’s happened in London is happening all across the UK at various rates of speed.

In other words, multiculturalism has the potential to destroy British culture

This is happening, not by accident, but on purpose

Multiculturalism’s Global Purpose

The intent behind the destruction of individual cultures is deliberate, driven by organisations like the WEF which have goals of a OneWorld government.

To establish this, the WEF seeks to dissolve individual nation-states by eroding their unique identities .

Western culture is dissolving!

It is happening all across Europe,

We see The French, Italian, German and British cultures are facing unprecedented attacks by ever increasing numbers of infiltration from people of other,

non-western cultures.

The effect of this is the degradation western culture, which is based upon the age of reason and the tradition of Greek science.

Culture is Societal Glue

Western Culture is the glue that binds us, together providing a common identity and shared values.

It’s the very fabric of western society, and multiculturalism tears at its foundations.

As multiculturalism grows, societal tensions escalate as various factions within societies clash.

Stop multiculturalism,

We must resist multiculturalism and champion western culture and in particular our own British culture.

As a prime example of Western values, British culture is distinctive unique and worth saving for our children to inherit.

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