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New World Order: Communism By The Backdoor.

Written by Andy

“Ze evil Germans” fought the full power of the Zionists TWICE to save Europe from the Central Banking (debt slavery) and Communism, trying to enslave us all and impose the NWO. Naturally “Ze evil Germans” were blamed for all the atrocities and war crimes of the Allies and Communists and all the TRUTH and secrets attempted erased from history.

They SACRIFICED and FOUGHT to the DEATH to SAVE US from Communist HELL, yet we SPIT on their graves since we have been indoctrinated to believe they were EVIL. Do NOT believe in the LIES. The Mass Media (MSM) and school (Indoctrination camp) is fully under their CONTROL.
WAR for the MIND.

Educate yourselves. Don’t truth anything you have been told. Uncover the truth.

Make the EVIL PAY and celebrate the MARTYRS. Without their Sacrifice most of us in Europe would not be alive today. Even General Patton admitted they (the US military) had fought the WRONG ENEMY. Shortly after he died (hmm…). Since then it has been rinse and repeat, countless wars by the Zionists yet never taking responsibility or faced with any war crimes and blaming it all on “terrorists” and to make the World “Safe for Democracy!”. My ASS.

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New World Order: Communism By The Backdoor. by Dennis Wise.
New World Order: Communism By The Backdoor. by Dennis Wise.

NEW WORLD ORDER – Communism by the Backdoor by Dennis Wise

This video was made by the great Dennis Wise, after he made the ‘Greatest Story Never Told’. They were all once available on YouTube, but those days are long gone. The entire series was uploaded to Vimeo, but who knows how long this will last. We still have Bitchute and of course if you have never been to either check them out, they have everything and you can download in multiple formats. Also, consider donating to both of them because they are the only ones keeping freedom of speech alive.

From the producer, Dennis Wise:

Communism By The Backdoor by Dennis Wise is another epic documentary which reveals compelling evidence of how, why and who are responsible for the completion of a plan to enslave us all. This documentary will show you step-by-step, illustrating how institutions including the United Nations and secret societies, such as freemasonry and the European Union, have all played their part in pursuing their end goal.

Communism By The Backdoor exposes a tangled web of lies and deceit and shows the very people many regard as heroes, as nothing more than traitors. This is the sequel to the epic and ground-breaking Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told! Be prepared for yet another life changing experience.

From the ruins of the Second World War the victors have slowly and covertly built the framework to form a One World Government, just as was tried thousands of years ago in Babylon.

One World Government, which will be Communism
One World Religion, which will be Luciferian.
With the World Capital Jerusalem, and Israel as our Masters

The findings will shock you to the core as the plan behind the New World Order is stripped away and exposed piece by piece, episode by episode. Also included is the work of historians and patriots who have helped to unravel this spider’s web.

There has never been a documentary so devastating in it’s revelations, including how Britain and America are already ruled under Communism, and how we are all paying tribute to Israel without even realising it.

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