Noahides who remained in Israel still had to pay a tax

We have already learned that even Canaanites who agreed to follow the Noahide Law still had to leave the land of Canaan, while those who did not accept them were killed (here). Contradicting this, we find in the Atlantic that those Canaanites who followed the Noahide Laws stayed, but still had to pay a tax to the king. Israel is creeping toward  a religious state, how will non-Jews be treated?

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“Maimonides explains, however, that the commandment of killing out the nation of Amalek requires the Jewish people to peacefully request of them to accept upon themselves the Noachide laws and pay a tax to the Jewish kingdom. Only if they refuse is the commandment applicable.”

– The Specter of Amalek”, The Atlantic, 05/28/2009. Retrieved 03/04/2020 From:

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