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NY Fire Commissioners Call for New 9/11 Probe

Written by Stephen Lendman

NY Fire Commissioners Call for New 9/11 Probe

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Most Americans don’t believe the 9/11 whitewash commission’s official account of what happened.

So-called “Enemy Number One” bin Laden had nothing to do with the events of that day. Gravely ill at the time, he died of natural causes in a Pakistani hospital in December 2001, confirmed by the country’s intelligence.

It was widely reported at the time – including by the NYT (months after the fact), the BBC, Fox News, and other media, then buried down the memory hole, including after Obama’s Big Lie about killing bin Ladin in May 2011.

Obama did NOT kill him nor did anyone else, one of countless Big Lies fed Americans by their ruling authorities.

The official 9/11 account was and remains fabricated to conceal state-sponsored terrorism, dark forces in Washington responsible for what happened.

The events of that day opened the gates of hell, endless wars on humanity at home and abroad waged in its aftermath — continuing without letup, more to be launched at the discretion of warrior state officials.

The official 9/11 account is the biggest Big Lie of our time, truth-telling about what happened its mortal enemy.

Numerous architects, engineers, physicists, pilots, former military and intelligence officers, along with other members of the public reject the official 9/11 myth — including Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth) members.

It’s “dedicated to exposing the falsehoods and to revealing facts abut the complete destruction of all three World Trade Center high-rises on September 11, 2001.”

It substitutes “scientific facts and forensic evidence (for) misinformation and disinformation.”

It “educat(es) and motivat(es) thousands of architects and engineers as well as the public at large.”

It calls for “a truly open and independent investigation in the pursuit of justice.”

On July 27, it reported on the call by New York area fire commissioners for a new 9/11 probe.

They noted “the existence of “overwhelming evidence (that) pre-planted explosives…caused the destruction of the three World Trade Center buildings.”

Burning jet fuel unable to reach temperatures high enough to melt or sufficiently weaken steel girders had nothing to do with bringing them down.

The Franklin Square and Munson Fire District outside Queens, NY is “the first legislative body in the country to officially support a new investigation into the events of 9/11,” AE911Truth explained.

Getting it is another matter entirely. Powerful interests intend letting nothing official refute the biggest Big Lie of our time.

Drafted by Commissioner Christopher Gioia, five commissioners unanimously approved the resolution calling for 9/11 truth, Gioia saying:

“We’re a tight-knit community, and we never forget our fallen brothers and sisters.”

“You better believe that when the entire fire service of New York State is on board, we will be an unstoppable force.”

“We were the first fire district to pass this resolution. We won’t be the last, AE911Truth saying:

“The impact of 9/11 on the community extends well beyond the victims and their grieving families.”

“On September 12, 2001, the Franklin Square Fire Department was called in to assist with the massive rescue and recovery effort that was just getting underway.”

“Countless members of the department, including Gioia and Commissioner Philip Malloy (then rank-and-file firefighters), spent weeks on the pile searching in vain for civilians and fellow responders who might still be alive.”

“Today, Malloy is one of thousands suffering chronic health effects” — from exposure to radiation and other toxins.

“The department also lost one of its own in Thomas J. Hetzel, affectionately referred to as “Tommy” by the commissioners.”

“Hetzel was a full-time member of the New York Fire Department in addition to serving as a volunteer firefighter in Franklin Square.”

“The importance of this resolution — especially coming from a legislative body of fire fighters — cannot be understated. The impact of first responders calling for a new investigation over the use of explosives is massive. The naysayers who call those who question the official narrative ‘kooks’ will have a hard time going after fire commissioners” — representing first responders.

“This move is yet another blow to the highly questionable and hole-filled official narrative.”

9/11-related evidence the US intelligence community has kept under wraps includes pre-placed explosives in World Trade Center buildings 1, 2, and 7, “high-fivers” observed photographing and celebrating the attacks, video evidence from Pentagon-mounted cameras, and more — suppressed from Congress and the public.

Laboratory analysis of WTC dust showed evidence of “high-tech explosives and/or incendiaries.”

First responders reported seeing and hearing explosions prior to aircraft impacts and collapse of the twin towers.

AE911Truth stressed that “the rapid onset symmetrical near-free-fall acceleration collapse of these three WTC high rise buildings on 9/11 exhibited the key characteristics of controlled demolition(s).”

“(E)vidence permits no other conclusion — as a matter of science, as a matter of logic, and as a matter of law.”

There’s been nearly two decades of coverup, dismissal, and ridicule of 9/11 truth supporters.

Ending the whitewash and mythology of the seminal event of our time is long overdue.

A bonus would be holding its perpetrators fully accountable for endless horrors at home and abroad after that fateful day.

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