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Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow – Globalization is a threat.

Written by Andy

His Holiness Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Cyril I consecrated the ruins of Kazan’s Cathedral, destroyed by the communists, and called the Russian People to give oath to never again follow mindless ideas.

Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow – Globalization is a threat.

Patriarch Kirill is a true Christian. He is no political pawn. Thankfully, the ‘Church’ still has some amazing leaders.


peter R
I, personally, in the US, have not heard such eloquence! This Patriarch has no equals in the USA.

jay kay
I’m new to all this love from Russia church. I wish I was born in Russia.

dan h
God bless and protect the Holy Patriarch. We need spiritual and civil leaders to defend faith and morality in this secular mad world.

Thank God for the Russian Orthodox church.

Seeing and listening to his Holiness Patriarch Cyril I really highlights and displays the catastrophic and embarrassing condition, the catholic church is in, especially sine Vatican II. I absolutely adore the speeches of his holiness comparing his speeches to the ones of ‘pope francis’ makes one ashamed of being a (traditional!) Catholic.

Russia is the last bastion of Christian civilization.

Joe Everyman
A church who knew the full horror of communism, the very same political ideas that tear at our nations in the West and this wise man is absolutely correct. Their globalist aim is to destroy faith, culture, and nationhood.

z z
I’ve been considering conversion from Catholocism, seeing how secular leftism is a dead end in every way and the modern Catholic church embraces it.

The Pope in Rome is a pathetic compared to this man. I WILL CONVERT. They are REAL men, not the closet perverts that surround the Pope and most Bishops etc. This man speaks PURE TRUTH. God Bless Russia.

Mary Schoonover
He is a man of God, and he is speaking the truth. God bless him. People in the West wake up! You have been lulled to sleep with lies.

ImAlive 4U
The ideologies associated with Globalism do not come from God.

Johnny Rep
Why do I keep seeing that ‘This New Russia’ is defending Christianity against the forces of degeneracy that have assailed the West? The West has become devoid of all meaning. Each individual an empty shell.

Manuel Faelnar
There are several fundamental things that will make it really difficult for the Catholic and Orthodox Churches to achieve unity.

First among these is the insertion in the Western Church of the filioque clause (the Holy Spirit proceeding from the Father and the Son) in the Nicean Creed around the 800s. This clause was not in the original Creed and the Orthodox say its addition is unauthorized, even heretical. This insertion leads to a very different understanding of the Holy Trinity between Orthodox Christianity on the one hand and Western Christianity (both Catholic and Protestant) on the other.

Second are various new dogmas proclaimed by the Catholic Church:

  1. Papal Infallibility when speaking ex cathedra. The Orthodox believe infallibility is in the collegiality of Synods and Councils.
  2. Immaculate Conception. While Orthodox Christians believe in the Immaculate Conception of Mary, it is not a dogma. They also differ from the Catholics on its nature and how it came to be.
  3. Assumption of the Virgin Mary. The Orthodox say this deifies Mary (I don’t think so, though). The Orthodox use Dormition. The Feast is the same, August 15.

These make the irresistible force of unity meet the imovable object of Catholic dogma. The Orthodox say the Catholic Church changes its teachings all the time while the Orthodox maintain the original doctrines.:

Other obstacles are

(1) The use by Western Christianity of pagan Greek concepts to explain Christian doctrine started by Anselm of Canterbury and Thomas Aquinas. (To me a modern manifestation of this is the use by Liberation Theologians of Marxist dialectics in interpreting Christian doctrine, The Orthodox won’t accept this,)

(2) The Augustinian understanding of Original Sin by Catholics (and by Protestants?) I will not dwell on this here.

Luke Lemmon
My entire life has been surrounded by tyrannical men. But when I hear his Holiness speak and when I hear other bishops speak, I feel at ease. I’ve actually been so surprised by the intelligence and wisdom that comes out of the Orthodox Church compared to what I’m used to in Protestantism. It really nurtures the faith however small the seed. I’m definitely converting one day.

Jonathan Neufeld
I think I am only one or two of these videos away from telling my priest that it’s time to get baptized. My country (Canada) is under the spell of Jezebel, and this manifests in a variety of ways including LGBT authoritarianism, feminist undermining of the man’s spiritual role, normalization of porn and pedophilia, or perverse material consumption in lieu of prayer and communion with Christ, God the Father and the Holy Spirit. It’s one thing to fight your own passions that seek to drag you back into hell, it’s quite another when saturated in liberal western culture that systematically encourages it.

And now you know why the Democrats are so set on starting a war with Russia.

Rachelle Walters 2019
Glad that Orthodoxy is standing up against Globalization, and many of us within the Catholic church are standing up against it to!

Marlena Maizar
So beautiful and inspiring. One cannot emphasize enough how important strong Christian values and morals are to the soul of a country. God Bless Russia and the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Henrique Silverio 2020
God bless Patriarch Kiryll. Few things would make me happier than see Catholic and Orthodox united as in the first centuries.

Zach Reush
This modern world has been controlled by hedonism, prostitution, money, politic.
And sadly, most of born Christian youth left their value and fall into hedone life.

The Pope is pro-globalist. The EU is pro-globalist.

Trifko 95
Return to Orthodoxy, the true Christianity

roy gonzalez
The Patriarch needs to talk to Francisco — because Francisco is destroying the Catholic Church.

Andy Johnson
The Left is causing this madness.

The Snow Nigro
Without Christianity, humanity is doomed. Orthodoxy is the only religion that is not dying, and it is destined to conquer the world.

They wanted to destroy our Orthodox faith with communism, to ruin our values that preserved us for centuries when were under pagans, to turn us into godless people that have no moral at all. But they didn’t manage and they never will. С нами Бог.

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