Peace in Sweden

Peace is nice, but it can lead to boredom, apathy, decadence, naivete, and/or hunger for purpose. Boredom manifests itself different among intelligent/sophisticated/educated and among unintelligent/simpleminded/uneducated, but the results are equally dire. Among the elites, it leads to decadence in attitudes, values, and arts/culture. Among the masses, it leads to indulgence in trash culture & neo-savagery(usually of the Afro-black kind), addiction to drugs(legal or illegal), and ugly expressions, such as tattoos, piercings, and hair-dyeing. If many people stave off boredom with decadent conceits or degenerate fantasies, others just fall to apathy and become emotional vegetables, like the Apathetics in ZARDOZ.

Another problem of peace is naivete, especially in a Trust Culture. Some societies tend to be more immune to naivete because, even in peace-time, corruption and/or clan-based mentality is everywhere. Thus, Southern Italians, even in peacetime, are keen about the tawdry side of human nature. But in Trust Cultures like Sweden, peace means relatively clean government, economic efficiency, and social order. This leads to trust in institutions and official dogma. Such naivete is hardly dangerous IF borders remain secure and cultural cohesiveness is maintained. But when such a society enters into globalism, the naivete can become fatal, and we are seeing the death of Sweden and similar nations in the global order. Swedes, having had semi-heaven for several generations, grew naive and trusting. They only knew their own nice quiet society. This led many Swedes to think that all of humanity are as trustworthy as Swedes themselves. Also, being only around fellow countrymen, Swedes lost a sense of relative worth. Because Sweden has been a nice place, even the slightest failing of Swedes has been exaggerated and amplified. So, Swedes feel scandalized by the ‘moral’ shortcoming of any Swede even though, by world standards, it is trivial compared to the horrors in Africa, Latin America, Middle East, and parts of Asia.

In a way, Swedish cult of tolerance has made it far less intolerant in other areas. Humans are naturally righteous and judgmental. If humans are pressured to be tolerant in one area, it must be balanced by rise of intolerance in other areas. Purely from the viewpoint of political pragmatism, in order for one thing to be tolerated, its rival ideas/attitudes must become objects of intolerance, especially if the object of tolerance is also to be celebrated and semi-worshiped; this is true enough of homomania that, as the neo-religion, cannot tolerate ideas, icons, and attitudes deemed ‘homophobic’. But apart from the issue of power-dynamics, there is an emotional craving for intolerance. While tolerance may make people feel fuzzy-and-warm, it doesn’t make them feel righteous and justified. Such strong emotions can only be had through intolerance, the rallying of the faithful to hunt witches and burn them at the stake.

So, it’s not surprising that, as Sweden became more tolerant racially, sexually, and culturally, it became more intolerant politically, ideologically, ‘narratively’, and ‘iconographically’. It’s like people who either abandon religion or subscribe to religious tolerance must compensate with heightened intolerance in ideological matters. It’s no wonder that some of the most self-righteous prigs and progs are to be found in secular institutions such as colleges. For those who celebrate homo-fecal-penetration and tranny-mutilation-of-dicks-and-balls-to-get-fake-pussies as beautiful-as-a-rainbow, tolerance for so-called LGBT isn’t enough. That makes them feel fuzzy-wuzzy good, but it doesn’t make them feel justified. The ONLY way they can feel righteous and sanctimonious is by screaming ‘burn the witch’ at those who remain unconvinced of homo quasi-sexual acts and tranny genital-atrocities as noble & inspiring ways of human behavior worthy of association with the beauty of rainbows.

Sweden is a case of how a kind of heaven can turn into a kind of hell. All that peace and prosperity led to boredom. Boredom led to neurosis and then to decadence. It also led to naivete in the absence of ‘red-pilling’ bitch-slaps by reality(by most of humanity).
Worse, Swedes grew accustomed to their decadence, and this made things worse. And in a way, the political formula that allowed Western societies to remain socially stable and economically productive despite decadence prepared Sweden for the terrible fall that it is experiencing today. When Ingmar Bergman made his films, he was presenting a new Sweden freed from traditional restraints of class, mores, values, and religion. And yet, Bergman and others like him had still grown up under the older certitudes(even as such were ebbing away). So, even as they welcomed social changes and greater freedoms, they also felt a conflicted sense of anxiety and even pangs of guilt. Yes, there were all these new libertine freedoms that overturned the social repressions and spiritual dogma of the past, but what could and should be done with this freedom? For a time, neurosis was the new religion. Though it didn’t provide mankind with certainty(like the existence of God and His goodness), it offered something that was quasi-religious: a sense of inner-conflict and inner-struggle. If meaning of life could no longer be expected from God, it had to be found through psychology or philosophy. Modernist Art and new schools of philosophy, such as existentialism, reflected this anxiety and, as such, staved off complacency and shameless indulgence in narcissism and hedonism. It’s like Guido in Federico Fellini’s 8½ wants to be free of the gravitational pull of tradition, family, church, intellect, money, morality, & socio-economic crisis and fly around by the whims of his spirits. According to tradition, highest spirits are those of God and Heaven. But Guido, like so many of his generation, has lost faith even though there is still a side of him that longs for the holy and pure.

In the age of Freud, the spirits are merely repressed sexual energies. If Christianity taught that spirit triumphs with the subjugation of sexuality, Freudianism taught that true spirits will be released with the rejection of religion; and this idea was at the center of JULIET OF THE SPIRITS, a film where a wife discovers her true self by finally purging herself of the guilt complex inculcated in her childhood by the Catholic Church. (It was also a convenient way for Fellini to rationalize his womanizing, i.e. the problem wasn’t so much his affairs with other women but his wife’s hangups due to Catholic upbringing.) Anyway, the point is the generation of Bergman, Fellini, and Antonioni, even as it valued and welcomed the new freedoms, was ridden with anxiety and doubt. This was especially true of Bergman, relative to whom Fellini became rather euphoric & careless(in his role as the Wizard who believes in his own Oz) AND relative to whom Antonioni dabbled in the purgative power of revolution(as in ZABRISKIE POINT) though not without trepidation. ZABRISKIE POINT, like Jean-Luc Godard’s WEEKEND, is radical to the extent that it believes the System must be destroyed, but there is little to indicate that the youth generation of the 60s has anything going for them but the naivete of radical hope. Their vision is of destruction, not construction. It’s nihilism than idealism.

Swedish generations since the 1960s have grown up in a libertine world devoid of traditional themes and restraints, and the result is a culture of shamelessness and moral decadence. In some ways, things might not have been so bad IF such new modes had led to social, cultural, and economic collapse. Such would have had a sobering effect on the population. But capitalism managed to not only weather the rise of decadence/degeneration but thrive & profit from them. So, the degradation in social mores that would have destroyed earlier societies made modern capitalist societies even richer and more productive.

The prediction of some observers that the spartan communist east will triumph over the decadent capitalist west didn’t come to be. While rise in decadence/degeneration did lead to all kinds of social problems, they also made rampant hedonism the great incentive for work and ambition. After all, once the basic needs of survival are met, there’s no greater incentive for work than pursuit of happiness & pleasure. So, as more pleasures(however decadent and debauched) were offered to the public, the more tirelessly people were willing to work to make more money to indulge in more fun. And once capitalism broke out of the moral restraints of Protestant Work Ethic(that said work is noble simply as work), there was the exponential explosion of Vice Industries that catered to all sorts of whims and fantasies. As for industries, they were willing to sell anything to make a buck, and since outrage = sensationalism = easy publicity, the culture got coarser as a series of whores, especially beginning with Madonna, competed with one another with the Latest Whore Outrage of the Month. Granted, the rise of Vice Culture or Vice-olution had led to problematic class divisions. It had divided people into three basic groups. The morons who are dumb enough to accept Vice as their main culture and indulge to the point of destroying self, family, and community. This is especially true of the Negroes. And then, there are those who indulge in vice but have it under control to the extent that they are willing to work hard to enjoy more vice. They’ve succumbed to the enticements of vice, and as such, they are moral-spiritual zombies by traditional standards. But they still have the work ethic and sufficient self-control to delay immediate gratification. They live for Prurient Work Ethic; they work like Protestants-of-old but for the attainment of Prurience-of-new.

And then, you have the elites who are like the smart drug-lords: They don’t get high on their own supply. It’s like the smart British and Jews sold opium to the Chinese; they didn’t use it themselves and banned it among their own kind. Many elites who work in Vice Industries push vice-dope on the masses but they themselves see it for what it is and raise their children differently. It’s like Jews push the false god of Diversity on all gentile nations but not on Israel. Smart Jews don’t get high on their own supply, though there are less-smart Jews, like Naomi Wolf, who get high on PC themselves. Jews look down on her as an idiot who smoked the PC that she was supposed to push onto others, the goyim. To be sure, there are some principled smart Jews like Norman Finkelstein and Philip Weiss who are critical of Jewish Power & Israel out of higher ideals, however misguided or naive they may be.

Anyway, the ever-‘creative’ ingenuity of capitalism managed to monetize decadence and degeneration in ways that made society even richer and more powerful. And first real understanding of this potential perhaps arose during the Prohibition. Back then, many people worried that alcohol would have a debilitating impact on family, morality, and the economy, made all the more worrisome with immigrant populations and growing licentiousness of the Negroes and their music. (Gorbachev dabbled in limited prohibition in the USSR in the 1980s because alcohol-related problems were taking a toll on the Soviet economy.) Many hoped that Prohibition would lead to a more sober, sane, and productive America, and maybe such would have been possible if US was not a democracy. But being a democracy, a relatively free society compared to much of the world at the time, people could get away with all sorts of illegal activity, and the Prohibition led to rise in urban organized crime and corruption in government. So, the US eventually ended the Prohibition but with rules and regulations that gave the state increased powers to contain alcohol-related problems, all the more necessary due to the rise of the automobile. (Prior to the automobile, a drunkard on feet or atop a horse, was hardly a threat to others. But put a drunkard in control of an automobile, and you have a machine of death for both the driver and other people.)

Still, when Prohibition ended, America was still mostly a conservative society with families, importance of church life, patriotism, and sensible race-ist understanding of the dangers posed by the savage Negro who is more muscular and more aggressive than the white race. But, over the years, the US and the Modern World as a whole, have been growing more and more decadent and degenerate in all levels of society. So, while something like the Prohibition could be contained by a mostly moral society and while the race tensions & youth culture excesses of the 60s could be balanced by the stability of the ‘silent majority’, a most pressing question of the present is what will contain and stabilize the increasing levels of decadence and degeneration we see all around? At the current rate, the family as an institution is breaking down in huge segments of society. Many boys fail to grow up into real men, and many women are stuck in trashy whore culture and unfit to be wives and mothers. Colleges are places of excessive Negro trash culture and radical political correctness. The People of Correctness or the PC gang claim to stand for idealism and truth, but their main objects of reverence are crazy thuggish Negroes and narcissistic self-indulgent homos & trannies.

Vice can be controlled and even serve as a useful incentive in a moral society. It’s like some junk food and soda/beer won’t destroy health as long as people believe in exercise, remaining fit, and eating healthy. Indeed, some vice-food-and-drink serve as incentives so that one can have some fun in life too. But what happens when vice-foods are promoted as being of equal value with virtue-foods? What happens when the casino becomes as much a family-place-to-be as the church? What happens when a slickster phony like Barack Obama is made to the equal of Jesus, a ‘kind of god’? What happens when a homo’s anus is said to be equal sexual value as a vagina? Is it any wonder that we are now seeing homo symbols displayed even in churches? And look at the state of Fine Art today. Most of the stuff is only good for hype, speculation, and investment among the money-men who keep the charade going just to have something through which to launder their money. When society becomes this demented, decadent, and degenerate — where the solid-silent-majority itself is turning into a minority — , the system itself will eventually buckle and fall. It will be like yeast feasting on sugar and eventually dying in the very alcohol it produced. The glamour and glitter of modern globalist cities are built on the fecal muck of moral degeneration and social decay.

Sweden is a nation, but it can also be seen as a state-of-mind or a self-enclosed prosperous social order of excessive boredom, trust, naivete, and good-will; we might call this ‘SwEden’.
There are SwEdens all across America, places that are mostly white, prosperous(compared to other parts of America), well-educated, and politically correct(above the national norm). Though most SwEdens are not inhabited by Scandinavians, they benefit from the same advantages and suffer from the same deficiencies. The problems of Minnesota can also be found in Maine, Vermont, and Washington, especially around the cities. Being overwhelmingly white, these places are less aware of the dangers posed by blacks and excessive Diversity. Their view of Negreality(Negro-reality) and Diversity comes mainly from the Jew-run media that indoctrinate minds with the mantras ‘blacks are holy and cool’ and ‘diversity is our strength’. So, even though SwEdens are nice places because of lack of blacks and Diversity, they go out of their way to bring more blacks(even from Africa) and immigrants. Like Sweden the nation, SwEdens are populated with white people who are bored, naive, and trusting. Being bored, they want some excitement or vibrancy. Being naive, they fail to see that other races/cultures can be threatening and destructive. Being trusting, they fall for Jewish-promoted PC that is programmed to instill homogeneous societies with ‘guilt’ of lacking ‘inclusive’ diversity. Also, being societies of spineless Tolerance, the only way that the people of SwEden can feel righteous is through Intolerance of those who remain skeptical of the panacea of Magic Negroes, Divine Diversity, and holy homos. (In a way, the puritanical mindset of Protestantism has never left them. If their forebears denounced the corruption of the Catholic Church and went about purging impurities of faith, the current secularized crop of rectifiers, pegged with same mindset, call for the casting out of all evil spirits in accordance to PC, the reigning faith of the age.

One problem of Sweden or SwEden is that the peace-taken-for-granted leads to an unrealistic impression of nature. Just like cinema can give the wrong impression of war as ‘heroic’ or violence as ‘cool and fun’, social peace can lead to the naive misreading of nature and the larger world. Such protectiveness has the same impact on animals themselves. If you raise wild animals in a safe surrounding with love and affection(and plenty of food), they are less likely to have the necessary ruthlessness and ‘cunning’ to survive in Real Nature. In a man-made zoo-setting, even wild animals can be raised from early age to be trusting of humans and other animals. So, tiger cubs, wolf cubs, bear cubs, piglets, and calves can be raised to ‘trust’ one another, tolerate one another, and get along. Even though predatory instincts remain even in human-raised carnivores, they are likely feel fondness even for ‘natural enemies’ with whom they were jointly raised. It’s like dogs and cats raised together as puppies and kittens become lifelong friends… as long as there is human supervision and provision of food & comfort for both. But outside the man-made enclosure or environment, the ‘learned’ or ‘instilled’ affections and attitudes of the animals have little use or relevance in the natural world. A bear in the wild must fear the tiger. Pigs must run from wolves. Real nature is a world of merciless conflict.

Humans who live in close proximity with nature know this. They don’t romanticize about lions that can kill them or eat their mother. Eskimos or Inuit in Alaska fear the polar bear and brown bear. They don’t play games like the ‘Grizzly Man’ did(in Werner Herzog’s movie). Indeed, the German romanticism about nature was possible only because all of nature was pretty much under human control in Germany and Western Europe. (When a group of Germans went to colonize some area or Brazil in the 19th century, they were met with forces that undid them much like the expedition came apart in Herzog’s AGUIRRE THE WRATH OF GOD. If you want to create your own Racial Zion, don’t attempt it in the jungle.) The white frontiersmen who had to fight Indian savages and survive against bears, wolves, cougars, moose, and rattlesnakes knew nature was not about funning around. Even so, the white American conquest of the gigantic North American continent was so swift and dramatic that it wasn’t long before a romantic myth grew up around the ‘red savages'(as noble savages) and the lost wilderness. Out of guilt or nostalgia, the white man came to favor myths than reality about Indians and nature, both of which survived in a world of brutality and cruelty. By the time the 60s came rolling around, the the romanticism about ‘touching Indians’ and going ‘back to the garden’ had the whiff of naive German idealism about nature, albeit without the German discipline and tidiness; German nature-worship, naive as it could be at times, didn’t lead to something as gross as Woodstock or demented as Altamont. One reason is Germans have fixed territory, and every inch of Germany is seen as homeland or heimat. So, if you made a mess of things, you needed to clean up. In contrast, there is an element of American psyche that is somewhat similar to the Russian one: Both people have vast territories, and so, they(or some of them) developed this tendency to just run off to greener pastures if they made a mess of one area. American Mythos was built around ‘getting away from problems of Europe’ and starting over in the New Land. And if they couldn’t make it in the East Coast or if they made a mess of things, they could just move inland, and then move westward ever still. And when the US was all settled and unified, move from cities to ever-expanding suburbs. US could indulge in endless sprawl from the cities because of all that space. If white men once chased after Indians to take more land, they could later run from Negroes to live in safer neighborhoods. In contrast, people of smaller nations have no such option… that is unless they themselves decide to forgo domestic responsibilities by moving to the US or Canada. But given what is happening to UK, Sweden, and France, it seems even the mentality of small(er) nations have been Americanized. Even nations that can’t afford or accommodate endless sprawl are going the American Way, inviting more diversity, and forcing European natives to seek residence away from darkening cities. But how far can this go on in cramped Europe? As for Germans, who’ve been world-renowned for orderliness and cleanliness, they’ve decided to open their nations to waves of brutish, vulgar, and uncouth Arabs, Muslims, and even Africans who throw garbage and urinate/defecate all over. Germans, who are so hard on one another over issues of sanitation and recycling, have decided it’s wonderful to let Germany be flooded with people whose culture of hygiene and sanitation is completely at odds with the German model. It’d be like a school where every student is pressured to be respectful and diligent letting in tons of students who have no use for discipline and respect. Could it be that, on some level, Germans are vicariously enjoying the barbarism of non-Germanic invaders who don’t give a damn about social rules and regulations? Since Germans themselves don’t have the guts to give a middle-finger to social order, they’ve outsourced social rebellion to the invaders who, furthermore, don’t give a shit about the Jews and the Holocaust, two things all Germans must worship. So, even as Germans are appalled and distraught by the mess caused by the invasion, there might be some repressed glee upon witnessing the invaders act in vibrant unrestrained ways that are not permitted to Germans who’ve become slaves of Political Correctness and National Shaming.

Anyway, just like those who don’t know real nature tend to romanticize nature(as a kind of wild eden) — pictorial wonderland show in PBS documentaries where even brutal hunts are made ‘thrilling’ and ‘exciting’ with pulsating music and slow-motion cinematography — , people who don’t know the reality of the Other tend to underestimate its savagery, barbarism, hostility, and/or degeneracy(due to cultural, ideological, or genetic factors). People of Sweden and SwEden see the entire world/humanity through the prism of their ideology of PC, which is naive and stupid as hell but drills confidence and conviction of absolute faith in its followers. This is because PC dominates big media and elite academia.

Naturally, people who pay attention to the news(what’s going on) and devote themselves to study(higher knowledge) know more than most people. Ideally, that should be the case IF the media and academia are doing their job. But as PC is the reigning ideology in the West, those who rely most on establishment media and higher education for the truth often tend to be the most naive and stupid. They may be smart, diligent, and dedicated, but in their trusting earnestness, they swallow whole hog all the crap that is fed to them by the Jew-run Media and PC-virus-infected academia. So, we have the current situation where to ‘know more'(according to media and academia)often means to know less(of actual reality).
Now, I’m not endorsing a populist anti-elitist argument that lazily champions the ‘common sense’ of the silent majority over the conceits of the eggheads. When it comes to specialized knowledge in many fields, the elites and experts do indeed know best. And ideally, if social sciences and humanities were to do their job, they would do much to sustain an elite community where critical thinking, empirical truth, free exchange of ideas, and necessary revisions define the culture. But PC has corrupted elite culture with dogmatism, conformism, cravenness, cowardice, opportunism, and/or bullying. So, as long as PC dominates the discourse, many of the most ‘informed’ and ‘educated’ people are far from the truth. And unbeknownst to their inflated egos, they fail to realize that they’re worthless running dogs of PC because they will do ANYTHING to gain status by spouting the approved catechisms of the Current Year.

But the disease isn’t limited to the elites, though it is most consequential there since they control the levers of power and decide national policy. The disease spreads to the populace at large through Public Education, Pop Culture, and State Policy. Even when the people begin to sense that something is wrong with globalism and PC, they feel at a moral disadvantage since they’ve been drummed day in and day out with mantras about ‘white guilt’, ‘racism’, ‘xenophobia’, ‘diversity is our strength’, and ‘homophobia’. So, even an illegal Mexican in the US has moral advantage over white American ‘gringos’. Under current PC, he can just spout cliches about ‘diversity’, ‘xenophobia’, and ‘racism’; therefore, the white American is put at a moral disadvantage and feels pressured to defend his values against such character-assassinations. Given current PC, no one asks the illegal Mexican, “Why don’t you respect the laws of another nation? Who gave you the right to violate American laws and barge into another nation?” Also, “If you Mexicans love your own kind so much, why do you want to get away from them and come live in gringo-land?” And, “If gringos are wrong to reject Mexicans, why do Mexicans reject other Mexicans?”
Indeed, there is a moral contradiction in the illegal Mexican who accuses the ‘gringo’ of not wanting to be around ‘too many Mexicans’ when he himself fled from Mexico because he himself doesn’t want to be around many of his own kind. The illegal Mexican may argue that he came to the US for jobs, but when the patriot should ask the Mexican, “Why can’t you Mexicans build industries and create enough jobs in your own nation? What’s wrong with you people that you let your own nation be run over by drug gangs and corrupt politicians while you guys don’t fight and only want to jump the fence to come live in the US?”

Anyway, PC inverts morality and truth so that the lawful, natural, and patriotic are placed on the moral defensive against the criminal, degenerate, and treasonous. So, the treasonous who create ‘sanctuary cities'(which ought to be called ‘treason cities’ or ‘illegopolis’) act holier-than-thou to the patriots who call for implementation of national laws. So, we have homo-degenerates who indulge in fecal-penetration sermonizing to normal straight people about moral and even spiritual values. (We are told Christian churches must make way for homo symbols.) Blacks who commit the most crime and violence strut around like they are radiating with divine holiness. And Jews, the most powerful and most destructive force in the world, bitch about the ‘human rights’ abuses of other peoples. And since white elites must go along with such nonsense(if only to maintain their status and privilege in the Jew-run world), the PC dogma & narrative are foisted on ALL white people, and then disseminated around the entire globe by US media and Western academia(that educates the elites around the world).

True understanding of nature is the best antidote to the Edenic illusion of lion lying with the lamb. But when neo-edenism infects a society, its people lose sight of the true horror of nature. It’s like the Eternals in ZARDOZ have become so accustomed to security and safety in their world of privilege and complacency that they’re not only naive about barbarism & death but welcome them as a kind of ‘spiritual’ deliverance. If Christians were fed to the lions, the Eternals feed themselves to the barbarian hordes as ‘saviors’. And such decadence descends very quickly, indeed in a few generations.
And even though we may scoff at the naive fools of PC, in a way we can’t blame them as people’s sense of reality relies on available sources. If you live in some nice white community in Minnesota or Maine and have no direct contact with Negroes or Diversity, then your only source of information are Hollywood movies, news media(run by Jews), and education. Hollywood movies give you Magic Negroes and ‘evil white racists’. Also, even thug Negroes are presented as ‘cool’, ‘badass’, or ‘glamorous. So, even black pathology is given a positive spin. Or, even a supposedly realistic show like THE WIRE is ideologically framed and contextualized so that black problems are seen as the product of ‘history’ or ‘society’ when, in fact, they are mainly due to BAMMAMA, or “blacks are more muscular and more aggressive”.
This is why some idealistic white students enter into education and dream of going to teach blacks. The result is almost always hopeless, with whites teaching little and blacks learning little while acting like louts and messing things up. Black pathology is bad as it is due to black nature that is wilder, more thuggish, and nastier than those of other races. But it’s made worse by the Magic Negro cult, ‘white guilt’ cult(that must be shared even by non-black minorities or NAM), and ‘badass nigga’ cult. The Magic Negro Cult or MNC says blacks are naturally and innately more soulful and spiritual than other races. Given natural black predilection for egomania, such adulation is like adding gasoline to fire or passing a case of whiskey to an alcoholic. In association with the MNC is the White Guilt Cult or WGC that says whites(and indeed all non-black minorities) must atone and apologize before the Negro who suffered like no other race has done. This, of course, is nonsense, but since whites came to dominate the world, even ‘white guilt’ has been universalized. If in the past, whites pressured the world to worship the Christian God, today’s West pressures the world to worship Holocaust Jews, holy homos, and Magic Negroes. When whites worshiped God & Jesus, whites tried to convert the world to Christianity to worship the same God and His Son. Now, that whites have lost faith in God & Jesus and instead worships Magic Negro, Holy Homo, and Holocaust Jew, they apply pressure on the entire world to worship the same gods. Of course, Jews, Negroes, and Homos love this since it means all of humanity will be made to worship them and put out to them. This is why those three groups love globalism as conveyors of the PC religion that seeks to convulse and convert the entire world toward worshiping the new holy trinity of Jews, Negroes, and Homos.

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