Persecution of Christians

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by Rémy Mahoudeaux (his site)

Persecution of Christians : the other cheek, but also a mirror.

No revelation shattering that would carry the amazement. Alas, we have become accustomed to. The NGO Open Doors1 has released its edition 2023 index of the persecution of Christians. It is on the rise. As usual. The number of Christians killed in the year passes from 5621 to 5898. Nigeria is the country where one kills the most Christians. The churches are less targeted : attacks and closures spend 5110 2100, but the bulk of these attacks were committed in China, where the health situation may explain this decline. The kidnappings of Christians, imprisonment is also progressing.

In this dubious category, out of 11 countries where persecution is most intense, is a communist, North Korea, is a multi-religious, India, and the other nine are muslim countries. More than 360 million christians are persecuted and discriminated against in the world, is about a christian on sept. The highlights as the NGOS are the assassination by the family of Maria, a young iraqi kurdish converted to christianity, the state of Haryana, which became the 11° of the federation of india to enact a law prohibiting the conversion, the massacre of Saint Francis of Owo2, the sentence in Iran for 4 people to several years in prison for being involved in a house church.

Then of course, the findings are lassants, because facts are stubborn. My post on January 21, 20223 could serve as a framework for this, as for the reporting of an American company. But there is the look that we have on these facts, on the violence. This gives food for thought.

The media’s treatment following the attack in Christchurch (51 deaths of muslims and 49 wounded, committed by a person who is averse to a “great replacement” is it comparable with that of the slaughter of Owo human toll that is very similar ? No. It would be good to wonder why.

We écharpons publicly and throw away the pixels on our screens because of a combination of laïcards can be hateful, and probably not a very clever one would want to eradicate a statue of the Virgin Mary. Isn’t it a bit ridiculous when many persecutions bloody are imposed to both Christians elsewhere ? But take it out on the statues, is it not a pre-requisite for damage to people ? Not far from the island of Ré, there were the hulks of Rochefort, and the Republic has never been stingy with the blood of the catholics.

A chirping France Info4 unleashes the ire of Christians on the network of the piaf blue.

Religion : more than 360 million christians are “persecuted” in the world, according to NGOS
· 8:32 AM jan. 2023 · 487,5 k views

It incorporates a dispatch of the AFP, which exploits the work of the NGO Open Doors. Problem : the place of quotation marks, enclose the single word ” persecuted “. The subtlety of French grammar that France Info thrown discredit and cast doubt on the work of the NGO. Insincere ? Suspected of methodological biases ? Biased ? Again, Hanlon would challenge us to see that stupidity and not to be suspected of evil intentions. In the Face of the bronca, France Info corrects the shooting, changes the title of his dispatch, ” and publishes a tweet not to apologize, but wrote : ” Thank you for your feedback, we have changed the title, incorporating quotation marks around the whole of the sentence after the report of the NGO. “. This erratum does that 24,4 k views at the time of writing, that is, 5 % of the distribution of the tweet original fault. The damage is done, and funded by your taxes.

Then of course, the injunction of Jesus Christ of turning the other cheek is still valid. But there was no question of not straining as a mirror to that of the persecutor, is observed in the process of committing his persecution. He is a fanatic of Boko Haram or a simple laïcard of Charente-Maritime, or even a piss-copy to the AFP, or to France Info. Thanks to Open Doors to make this work with precision.

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Mosaic of Dar Bur Ammera, II° siècle, Libya,
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The Romans, the Chinese, the Soviets had persecuted the Christians.

The Regime expels it from the public space of a statue of Notre Dame on the ile de Ré when the offenders who received their OQTF (Obligation to Leave French Territory) continue their crimes freely and with impunity in France.

Victims of clashes geopolitical or prescriptions of the Qur’an. Allah is a dirty beast invented by the caliphs in the fight against the Christians. The Islamic world paid dearly for it.

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