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‘Planned Infanticide’.

Written by Andy

The crux of the logic is that when a male gamete meets a female gamete, a new cell structure is created that slowly grows to form a new human. Just as a baby grows to become a child who grows to become and adult who grows to become an old person, an embryo grows to become a child. Fairly early on, the embryo consists of the human components of a head, a brain, eyes, nose, mouth, neck arms, body, and legs. The embryo also has sex organs with which to repeat the cycle.

The height if illogic is to say: “It’s my body. I can kill it if I want.” The embryo is not ‘my body’. It is a new entity living within ‘my body’. Nobody has ‘the choice’ to kill another even if that person is the mother of the child. It is not acceptable to kill a child, even if it is not yet born. A woman is given a body with the expectation that it will produce offspring. A man is given seed with the expectation that he will get a woman into the cycle of producing a child. Just because it is growing within the woman, does not confer the authority to kill the child. Nowhere is there granted the authority to kill your own child. Even not getting pregnant is going against nature. To kill the offspring whilst it is growing is going against the will of nature. I cannot cut off my hand. I cannot cut off a foot, even if it is mine. Yet the embryo is not part of the body. It is new life. Welcome to the human race. This is how it is done. It is nature. It is a new human. Just ask the abortionist: “Do you mean you think a human fetus is part of a woman’s body like any other of her organs?” Can she rip the heart out? Does a woman have the right to kill an unborn child — a child of our society? Everybody is the result of an orgasm. God made it enjoyable so that we would ‘do it’.

Legalizing abortion changes your culture so that horrifying things can be done behind closed doors and nobody bothers to think twice about it.”

Brian Holdsworth

Abortion changes our culture. At twelve weeks, there is a beautiful kicking, growing human. There is a healthy baby in a healthy mother. If you vote in favour of abortion, you are accepting that the baby be deliberately killed. Despite the mighty voice of the media, the ‘establishment’, government funded NGOs, powerful internet corporation-funded advertising, big business, bullying, ridicule, and censorship, you need to accept that the death of an unborn baby is the death of a baby yet born. It is wrong.

I once said to a girl drinking alcohol at a party who told me she was pregnant, that she “should not be drinking alcohol”. She was unpleasant in the way she told me that it was none of my business. I said it was my business as we live in a community and we all have a responsibility to everyone else and when the damaged child is born it is everyone’s responsibility. The future belongs to those who cherish their children, not kill them. An individual cannot bring up a child. It requires a community. We are responsible to each other. The unborn child is everybody’s responsibility. The unborn child is the next member of our community. It is not just ‘part of a mother’s body’. It is not even ‘her’ baby. It is the community’s next member. Even when born, the mother might say: “My child”. But it is also a child of the community and we all have a responsibility to care for it. If we see a toddler escape the front door and wander towards a busy road, we do not just drive by. We stop, park the car with hazards, and take the toddler back into the house. We are all responsible for each other and the result of a pregnancy belongs to all of us and is a responsibility to all of us. We all have responsibilities to even the unborn. Even the unborn have rights — the right to care, protection, and a future life. Ask any person if they would like to have been aborted. A mother is not allowed to endanger her unborn. Ask: “Is there anything a woman cannot do to her fetus during pregnancy?” Could she perhaps just remove the arms? Could she pull off the legs and leave a legless fetus inside her womb? I think not. That is bad for the human yet to see daylight.

Mother did not abort me!

Unfortunately, many have fallen for the propaganda. “It’s my body. It’s my choice.” Sorry, it is not your choice. A mother might tap her pregnant midrift and say: “Welcome to the world, my unborn child.” The embryo is a child yet born. We cannot ignore that biologically, an unborn human is not the woman’s body nor a part of her body. An unborn human is a complete and distinct living organism that happens to be living within a human female until birth. That is how sexual biology works. If you have sex, babies will arrive. And to finish on a strange note — all those who argue for abortion were actually not aborted! They were ‘abortion survivors’.

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