President Hoover’s Scathing History of WW2 Proves the US Fought on the Wrong Side (Peter Hammond Audio Podcast)

Written by Peter Hammond

Another great lecture from the remarkable Peter Hammond, renowned South African activist pastor. He says that Herbert Hoover’s book, Freedom Betrayed, published in 2011, kept secret since Hoover’s death in 1964, is the most important historical book he has ever read, an extraordinary statement.

Freedom Betrayed is a meticulous researched and damning 900 page indictment of who really started WW2 and why, and concludes that the fault lies with Roosevelt, Churchill and the Jews who paid for both of their careers. This case has been made elsewhere, but what makes this one extraordinary is that it made by a respected American retired president, which is why it was repressed for 50 years. As usual, the media has ignored the book.

Hammond is remarkable, in how well he speaks, in the depth of his knowledge, and in what he has achieved through his activism. He is well worth paying attention to. His bio and links to other sermons follow below.

You can follow all of his talks and sermons on the excellent Sermon Audio, the leading site on the internet for conservative pastors. You won’t find any liberals on Sermon Audio.

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