Race Unconditionalism must go.

What we need is Racial or Group Conditionalism.

What we say about a race and how we relate to it should be conditional, dependent on its behavior, tendencies, and traits.

So, if blacks are more muscular and more aggressive, our discussion of blacks (and crime and violence) must be based on those facts and factors. Indeed, even white Libby behavior takes this into account. Why do white Libbies avoid certain neighborhoods? Because they fear black crime. So, even as their words deny race, their deeds take it into account.

Also, some races/groups are hostile to us at times, and we need to take that into account. So, US relations with Japan was conditional on Japan’s attitude to the US. If Japan was hostile, US too was hostile. And japan saw the US in the same way.

The current problem is we are forced to accept Racial or Group Unconditionalism with three groups: Jews, blacks, and homos. We must unconditionally praise, bless, and cheer these groups. We must protect them even when they mean us harm. So, even as Jewish groups lead the destruction of Hungary and Poland, those nations are expected to praise Jews and support Israel.

Unconditionalism is a form of total surrender. It means your kind is so evil or worthless that you must do exactly as ordered by another people who are right even when wrong.

Unconditionalism is a form of worship, like in the Bible where folks must worship God no matter what He does and never blame Him and must always blame themselves.

When applied to actual human groups, it is deadly because the Unconditional Groups can ‘never do wrong’ and get away with everything.

Americans have conditional relationships with most groups. American attitudes about them shift along a spectrum based on what those groups mean to Americans in terms of politics, economics, attitudes, policies, etc.

During Cold War, it was fashionable to see Japan as the good Asian nation allied with US against Russia and China. In the 80s, American attitude turned negative as Japan was seen as engaging in unfair business practices. It was conditional.. as it should be.

But the conceits of ‘racism’, ‘antisemitism’, and ‘homophobia’ demand that our attitudes about blacks, Jews, and homos be unconditional. We must treat them like god-races and worship them in idolatrous manner. We must unconditionally surrender all skepticism, caution, doubt, suspicion, facts, data, logic, and concern for our well-being. We must believe that what is good for them is good for us even when it’s obviously not true. How many times have we heard that interests of Israel is our interests against all evidence? How many times have we heard that communities are made better with diversity-of-blacks when blacks degrade neighborhoods?

There is Unconditional ‘Positivity’ and Unconditional Negativity.

So, Jews promoting Jewishness is ALWAYS good whether it is ethnic, cultural, religious, political, sexual, chauvinistic, imperialist, arrogant, contemptuous, etc.

But Pan-Europeans promoting European identity is ALWAYS bad even if it is anti-imperialist and humbly patriotic.

After all, European patriots are not calling for wars, imperialism, supremacism, and/or colonization of other lands. All they are calling for is the right to preserve their own people and heritage in their own homelands. BUT EVEN THAT IS EEEEEEEVIL.

Whiteness is seen as Unconditionally Negative, therefore even sane, modest, and humane call for preservation of Hungary or Poland is deemed evil.

This is why the US shouldn’t have called for unconditional surrender for the Japanese. That degree of unconditionalism was the US playing god.

Japanese were mostly wrong in WWII but they had legit gripes before and during the war. Also, they had legit concerns of preservation of Japanese people and culture. US said NO: Japan presumably had no such rights and must totally surrender and cede all rights of control over their destiny.

Japanese future, survival or eradication, must be totally at the whim of Americans. Lucky for the Japanese, American policy turned out to be relatively humane in postwar era. BUT, following unconditional surrender, if US decided to colonize Japan with 50 million Russians, Chinese, and Africans, Japanese would have had to accept such fate. If the US had called for smashing all Japanese temples, it had to be done. If the US called for banning Japanese language, it too would have been done. Such is the way of unconditional power. Unconditionalism is evil. Japanese too tried to impose unconditionalism on China.

In the west, PC(esp via Jewish Power) gained unconditional control. Once Holocaust was turned into a religion and Jews a holy people, the Europeans had to surrender unconditionally to the cult of White Guilt. And in the US, once Slavery and MLK were made into holy icons, whites had to unconditionally surrender to the Magic Negro. But there was also the power of money and muscle. In the West, money rules and those who control money can make or break anyone. So, gentiles became economic captives of Jewish financial power. And as modern entertainment worships the idols of sports and pop music, the domination of blacks in athletics and hip hop made whites surrender to blacks as the true master race. Cuckery is the ultimate in total surrender. I mean a man can’t sink any lower than enjoying his own defeat upon looking at Negroes hump one’s own wife and impregnate one’s own daughters. Black manhood nuked white manhood into oblivion. The fact that cuckery isn’t even condemned goes to show that whites have unconditionally surrendered.

Race Unconditionalism must go.

Sure, Jews, blacks, and homos have their legit interests, concerns, and gripes, BUT THEN so do whites, Palestinians, and all other groups. So, white attitude to other groups must always be conditional. In any negotiation, you take as well as give. If you give while the other always take, you won’t have anything left.

When whites unconditionally supported Zionist power against Palestinians, they were unwittingly preparing for the same fate for themselves.

When whites say Zionists are always right and Palestinians are always wrong(and must unconditionally take it up their behind), how is this logic any different than what Jewish Globalists have for Europeans and Euro-Americans?

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