Remember the USS Liberty – Treason on the High Seas.

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It is time for you to read: “Remember the LIBERTY!” by Phillip Nelson and co-authored by USS Liberty survivors Ernest Gallo, Ronald Kukal, and Philip Tourney. The foreword was written by ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern. The subtitle of the book is “Almost Sunk by Treason on the High Seas.”

This book exposes one of the most explosive and hidden secrets in U.S. history. It tells the true story of how a sitting U.S. president collaborated with Israeli leaders in the fomentation of a war between them and their Arab neighbors. It was a war that would ensure a victory for Israel and include the acquisition of additional land.

After being hit by an Israeli torpedo, the USS Liberty refused to sink. The ship was then repeatedly attacked by the Israeli Air Force in their Mirage jets to conceal the attacker’s true identity. Had the ship gone down as intended, Israel could have claimed that an Arab country had sunk the USS Liberty and brought America into its war of aggression. Luckily, the USS Liberty remained afloat.

Following the attack, President Lyndon Johnson and Defense Secretary Robert McNamara orchestrated a cover-up of the attack. The Liberty crewman were told to “keep their lips sealed.” However, the honourable crew members, unlike the traitorous president, chose to emit the truth on this dastardly horrific conspiracy against the United States by writing this book. Through this remarkable book, the truth is finally being told and the real story revealed.

Very few people are aware of what happened to the USS Liberty. But this story MUST get out. We urge you to buy a copy for yourself and one for as many friends as possible.


ON JUNE 8, 1967, while patrolling in international waters at the eastern end of Mediterranean Sea, The USS Liberty (AGTR-5) was attacked by the air and naval forces of the state of Israel. Of a crew of 294, thirty four were killed and one hundred seventy three were wounded.  The ship was a state of the art signals intelligence platform. It was badly damaged by the attack such that it never sailed on an operational mission again. It was sold as scrap metal in 1970. [sub][1][/sub]

At 1400 hours, while approximately 25 nautical miles northwest of El Arish, the crew of the USS Liberty crew observed three surface radar contacts closing with their position at high speed. A few moments later, the bridge radar crew observed high speed aircraft passing over the surface returns on the same heading.  Within a few moments, and without any warning, Israeli fighter aircraft launched a rocket attack on USS Liberty. The aircraft made repeated firing passes, attacking USS Liberty with rockets and their internal cannons. After the first flight of fighter aircraft had exhausted their ordnance, subsequent flights of Israeli fighter aircraft continued to prosecute the attack with rockets, cannon fire, and napalm.[sub][1][/sub]

During the air attack, the crew had difficulty contacting Sixth Fleet to request assistance due to intense communications jamming. The initial targets on the ship were the command bridge, communications antennas, and the four machine guns used to repel boarders. After the Israeli fighter aircraft completed their attacks, three Israeli torpedo boats arrived and began a surface attack. The torpedo boats launched five torpedoes, one of which struck the side of USS Liberty. [sub][1][/sub]

The Cover Up

Despite a near-universal consensus that the Israeli attack was made with full knowledge that USS Liberty was a US Navy ship, the Johnson administration began an immediate cover-up of this fact. Though administration officers continued individually to characterize the attack as deliberate, the Johnson administration never sought the prosecution of the guilty parties or otherwise attempted to seek justice for the victims. They concealed and altered evidence in their effort to downplay the attack. Though they never formally accepted the Israeli explanation that it was an accident, they never pressed for a full investigation either. They simply allowed those responsible literally to get away with murder. [sub][2][/sub]

In an ongoing effort to reveal the truth about the attack, the USS Liberty Veterans Association has filed with the Secretary of the Army in the manner prescribed by law a detailed, fully documented Report of War Crimes describing the circumstances of the attack on our ship and evidence that it was a crime under international law. In accordance with international law and treaties, the United States is obligated to investigate the allegations. So far, the United States has declined even to acknowledge that the report has been filed. The full text of the report can be found at http://www.gtr5.com/evidence/warcrimes.pdf [sub][2][/sub]

On the Israeli side, the group of pro-Israel critics of this story persists in launching loud, vicious ad hominem attacks on anyone who attempts to discuss the deliberateness of the attack. These anti-American persons refuse to discuss the facts of the case. They rely on propaganda and charge anyone who questions the Israeli position with being anti-Semitic.

Here is the link to the report. Please ‘skim’ read it.

[1] https://www.usslibertyveterans.org/ USS Liberty Veterans Association

[2] http://www.gtr5.com/ USS Liberty Memorial.

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