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Say: “No”!

Written by Rudolf Hansel

by Rudolf Hänsel

The German poet Wolfgang Borchert, in 1947, wrote a stirring essay entitled “Say NO” (to further wars). He died from war wounds at age 26.  Now, on February 9, 2021, Rudolf Hänsel has provided a modern version, in German, published at Rubikon.

You. Citizens in whatever country. When they tell you to trust politicians and hand over power to them, there is only one thing to do:

Say NO!

Because it is often the worst, most insignificant, cruel, immoral and especially the most mendacious people who rule. And that this is so is no coincidence, Tolstoy said so in 1905.

You. A politician in the government. When they order you to lie to the citizens of your country, deceive them and deprive them of all their liberties, there is one thing:

Say NO! Because not only are you violating your oath of office but according to the “Nuremberg Principles” you are also responsible as a member of the government for the crimes you commit under international law.

You. Father, Mother. If they order you to wear these face masks not only yourself but also your child, there is only one thing to do:

Say NO! Because according to experienced medical experts, these masks are extremely harmful to your health and cause developmental disorders in your child.

You. Nurse at the bedside of old people. If they order you today or tomorrow to stop caring for old people and let them die, there is only one thing to do:

Say NO! Because with this murder you are implementing the depopulation plans of the global criminal elite.

You. Doctor in the hospital. If they order you to vaccinate all people without informing them about the dangerous side effects and to diagnose only “coronavirus” as the cause of death for those who die, then there is only one thing to do:

Say NO! Because you are not only violating your Hippocratic oath, but you are also complicit in the current crime against humanity.

You. Mother. If they order you to have your children educated via the internet without the personal guidance of teachers and without the fellowship of classmates, then there is only one thing to do:

Say NO! Because this homeschooling is robbing an entire generation of their educational opportunities and collectively traumatising them.

You. Judge in a gown. If they order you today or tomorrow to rubber-stamp the law-breaking of those in power and to stop dispensing justice, then there is only one thing to do:

Say NO! Because if you bend the law, you will be put on the same level as Hitler’s “blood jurists”.

You. Pastor in the pulpit. When they order you to exhort the faithful to religious forbearance and to look forward to the coming Kingdom of Heaven because a merciful God will change everything for the better, there is only one thing to do:

Say NO! For no human being can endure this state tyranny without suffering physical, mental and spiritual damage. And we have been waiting a long time for the heavenly power that will compassionately assist the afflicted human race.

You. Journalist in the writing room. If they order you to tell the people outside the untruth against your better judgement, there is only one thing to do:

Say NO! Because then you will be denying people truthful information against international agreements, you will degrade yourself to an intellectual prostitute and one day you will be called to account for it.

You. Researcher in the laboratory. If tomorrow they order you to invent a new death against the old life, so that people finally agree to the diabolical plans of the criminal elite, there is only one thing to do:

Say NO! Because if you do, as a scientist you will not be contributing to the protection of humanity, but to its destruction – and you will be selling your soul.

You. Dissident thinker.  When they order you to think and act in a politically correct way and brand you as a conspiracy theorist or terrorist and threaten you with segregation camps, there is only one thing to do:

Say NO! Because we humans have a right to the other opinion and to individual and collective resistance against tyranny.

You. Policeperson in uniform. If they order you today or tomorrow to stop discussing with peaceful demonstrators and to “robustly” enforce the politicians’ decrees, then there is only one thing to do:

Say NO! Because by doing so you make yourself the willing enforcer of your superiors and violate the fundamental rights of your fellow citizens.

You. Teacher at school. If they order you to teach the young generation digitally without your personal presence and without class community, there is only one thing to do:

Say NO! Because you know full well that all students – especially the weak and unsupervised – depend on personal relationships with the teacher and classmates to learn.

You. Clerk behind the bank counter. If tomorrow they order you to stop giving cash to your customers because banknotes carry viruses, there’s only one thing to do:

Say NO! For one thing, banknotes do not transmit viruses, and for another, you are thereby fulfilling the plans of the criminal elite, in anticipatory obedience, to allow only digital payment transactions for the total control of the citizens.

You. Engineer in the planning office. If they order you to provide the infrastructure for the new “Internet of Things” with the mobile phone standard 5 G and 6 G all over the country, there is only one thing to do:

Say NO! Because your employers have long ignored the warnings of international scientists about the serious health hazards of this new generation of microwaves and are thus fulfilling the demands of the global criminal elite to depopulate the globe.

You. Psychologist and psychotherapist in your practice. If tomorrow they order you to advise frightened and desperate citizens to submit to the orders of politicians and not to rebel, even prescribing them psychotropic drugs if necessary, there is only one thing to do:

Say NO! For the betrayal of one’s own professional ethics pushes humanity into misery.

Say NO!

Mothers, fathers, fellow citizens, say NO!

For if you do not say NO, if YOU do not say NO, mothers, fathers, fellow citizens:

Then the “global criminal elite”, according to the court in Peru, will continue to implement their satanic plans to achieve a New World Order or New Normal and a Chinese-style One World Government.

Then the diabolical plan of global depopulation will continue to be realised by means of compulsory mass vaccination with gene-altering vaccines, by means of the implementation of the 5G and 6G mobile phone standard in orbit and in every street lamp, and by means of the production of toxic artificial food. Just as Henry Kissinger and Bill Gates want it.

Then the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” will lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identities. The biological boundaries of humans will be changed and overcome through the use of technology and science.

Transhumanists assume that the next evolutionary stage of humanity will be achieved through fusion with technology, including WEF founder Klaus Schwab.

Then in the coming generation, there will be a pharmacological method to make people love their servitude and produce a dictatorship without tears … so that people will indeed be deprived of their liberties, but they will rather enjoy it because they will be distracted from any desire for rebellion by propaganda… or by pharmacological methods or enhanced brainwashing, as Aldous Huxley wrote.

All this is partly in full swing and will continue to arrive, if not today, then tomorrow, maybe tomorrow, maybe tonight, if — if you do not say no.

Background information:

What to do when the suffering caused by a government becomes oppressive? In his manifesto “Then there is only one thing to do!” written in 1947, the German regime critic and writer Wolfgang Borchert calls on fellow human beings to refuse to participate in future wars. Shortly afterward, the 26-year-old dies as a result of severe war woundsThe harrowing prose text was his legacy. We high school students in post-war Germany felt liberated to a certain extent by this manifesto from oppressive feelings of guilt at being the sons of German soldiers. We hoped for a future without war and violence.

But as adults we failed to fulfil Borchert’s legacy: We neither refused to participate in NATO’s war against Serbia in 1999, nor did we refuse to participate in the wars in the Middle East. Today is another opportunity to resist tyranny and war against us citizens. Will we this time heed the poet’s admonition and refuse the perfidious plans of a criminal global elite? Will we say NO!


When I was asked to stand for election in a Liberal Party seat I declined saying that I did not wish to become a professional liar. I had been secretary of a branch and came to learn about the system and the psychopathic type of people who became politicians. Occasionally you will get a good one but they don’t last long.

Leena Ades
Thank you for this, Dee, it is a very fine read. I checked Rudolf Hansel’s original text in German and saw his picture in Rubikon, sorry to say but in it he displays a hand sign of the Illuminati, with his hand on his chin (Rosicrucian, possibly, as shown in Texe Marrs book “Codex Magica,” pages 301-305). A really fine read, yes, but in my opinion saying “no” doesn’t really bring results. We, The People of any Land, are not the ones who launch wars or plan plandemics, etc., we have “no” say in the matter BUT we can practice loving kindness in our daily dealings with all others, we can assist and help those in need according to our means, we can live “love thy neighbor.”

Truth Vigilante
Leena, yours is a defeatist attitude when you write above ‘, but in my opinion saying “no” doesn’t really bring results’.

That saying of ‘NO’ can take many forms.

Leena, I ask you, are you taking steps in your life to personally conduct a BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) campaign against the Apartheid Israeli state ?

For example, other than boycotting products directly made in Israel, you could ban products and services from organisations that aid and abet the Human Rights violations by the Israelis.

You could start by boycotting Hewlett Packard (HP) products.
Are you aware that HP and their spin-off companies supply Israel with the technology, equipment, and information used to perpetrate human rights violations against Palestinian people?

Leena, do you support journalistic freedom ?
If so, then you are certainly against the incarceration and torture of Julian Assange.

If so, you can do what I’m doing and boycott ALL British products, stop watching British films and TV programmes, refuse to buy books that send book royalties to authors resident in Britain and contribute to the tax base of the genocidal elite that rule that country.

Sure, I am only ONE person and the input of you and I alone Leena is negligible.

But COLLECTIVELY, if a critical threshold of us do it, just like a critical threshold did it the 1980’s and early 90’s in Apartheid South Africa, we can bring down ANY regime.

There is nothing, and I do mean NOTHING that the Apartheid Israeli state fears more than an expansion of the BDS movement.

This is proven by the rushed legislation enacted in (at last count) 26 U.S states that make it illegal for businesses (or perhaps even private individuals ?) to engage in BDS against the genocidal Israel state.

Are you doing your bit Leena ?

I suspect not. From what I’ve seen, you’re too busy off with the fairies engaging in Hebrew mysticism and adopting the ‘what will be, will be’ attitude that it is all in the hands of the gods.

NO, it is NOT up to the gods – at least not in the short to medium term.

WE, as a COLLECTIVE, can change the world.

Gumshoe is doing its bit to enlighten the dumbed down masses as to what is being perpetrated on them.

That’s Phase One completed. ie: Enlightenment.

The Three Phases are :

1) Enlightenment.
2) Acknowledgement
3) ACTION (whereby we all implement that template that brings down the cabal).

So people, gather around and let’s all engage in that which WE, as individuals, can do to bring down the cabal.

ie: spread the message far and wide, stop making purchases, engaging in activities that enrich the malevolent nations, corporations, sponsors of the atrocities being committed on the planet.

Here’s one that you ladies can commit to :

The Estée Lauder cosmetics company is owned by rabid Zionist and current President of the World Jewish Congress Ronald Lauder :

Zionist and current President of the World Jewish Congress Ronald Lauder

Some portion of every dollar you spend on Estee Lauder products finds its way into funding weaponry like white phosphorus incendiaries that the IDF use on Palestinians women and children (it burns through your skin, right through your bones and comes out the other side).

Said White Phosphorus munitions are BANNED under international treaties in warfare – yet the Apartheid Israeli state uses it.

Do not purchase Estee Lauder products and urge your friends to do likewise.

Leena, BE the change that you want to see.

The first day of the rest of your life starts today.

Use it wisely Leena and try to influence those members of the Jewish (and Gentile) community in your sphere of influence that are open minded and capable of being persuaded to come on board.

w3 February 10, 2021
As you will be aware in Australia they recently passed a law giving legal immunity to foreign troops, the foreign troops will be fully wired up so they know not to shoot at each other.

Pass this on to anyone living in the US. Interesting reading for all of us anyway

Federal Lawsuit to END Vaccine Mandates Nationwide
A injunction no more mandating vaccines. A detective and her investigating the recent deaths of a number of babies aka SIDS from just being previously vaccinated. doctors pointing the finger back at the parents is standard operating procedure for these deranged medical maniacs

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