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Sheikh Hosein is an Islamic scholar specialising in contemporary interpretations of Islamic eschatology. Hosein was born into an Indo-Trinidadian family in Trinidad and Tobago. Having given up his career as a diplomat in 1985 to dedicate his life to the mission of Islam. He is a respected commentator on international monetary economics. He has very popular videos on YouTube with millions of views.

Sheikh Hosein opposes usury which is called ‘Riba’ in Islam.

The Complete History of Riba Usury By Sheikh Imran Hosein.

The animated version:

Riba means an increase in a particular item. Lending money on interest is one kind of Riba. But most of the people don’t know using paper money is one kind of Riba. Riba based economic system makes the rich get richer and the poor poorer.

Introduction To Riba (Usury, Money with Interest) By Sheikh Imran Hosein.
How to Live Your Life Free from Riba / Usury.
RIBA: THE MASTER PLAN OF DAJJAL – Sheikh Imran Hosein Animated.
Sheikh Imran Hosein Riba Interest Usury Seminar Session 4 Q&A Coombe Farm.

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