Socialism Ends in Misery.

Written by Andy

Socialism is the leading man-made cause of misery and death and misery known to mankind. Irrespective of its method of implementation, whether it be implemented by mob or strongman, collectivisation is a poverty generator. It is an attack on human dignity and a destroyer of rights.

Not all socialism ends in the tyranny of Leninism or Stalinism or Maoism or Castroism or Ba’athism or Chavezism or the Khmer Rouge. However, most collectivization simply does end in misery and tyranny. The duped masses all become equal in poverty.

When some group tries to sell you ‘socialism’ and its associated concepts, they should be treated with derision. All authoritarian philosophies should be treated with the severest contempt.

Proponents will guide you to look at Norway. They will avoid letting you consider: Albania or Algeria or Angola or Burma or Congo or Cuba or Ethiopia or Laos or Somalia or Vietnam or Yemen or, well, any other of the dozens of other failed places where socialism has been tried. They is gush about the very few Scandinavian countries that operating over-generous welfare systems and other state programs all propped up by vibrant capitalism along with an abundance of natural resources.

The other tactical argument used by proponents of misery is the statement: “If you support state funded roads, schools, libraries, and hospitals, you are already a supporter of socialism.” The suggestion is that ‘Socialism’ provides these facilities. Ignoring the simple logic that it is Capitalism currently funds these items.

Proponents of Socialism try to relate all inequality, greed, downturn, criminal action, and social problem on capitalism. Their faint logic portrays every current problem to a failure of capitalism. It is beyond their logic to fix the few problems caused by some individuals leaving capitalism to flourish for the maximized benefit of society. Their simple logic has it that capitalism must be replaced by a worse system known to be a total failure before even implementing it. They have this the wrong way around. Capitalism has been the most effective way to eliminate poverty in history. Society has problems with devious individuals, but they are not necessarily the fault of capitalism by by exploitation of the vastly superior opportunities offered by capitalism.

I practice what I call ‘Is the reverse true’ to test arguments. It is socialism that needs to be converted to Capitalism. In former socialist states such as India, poverty has been greatly reduced due to increased capitalism. In China, communism continues to deprive over a billion people of their basic rights. Many millions of Chinese are beginning to benefit as socialism is giving way to capitalism. Now that the Soviet Union is drifting from socialism to capitalism, the poverty rate in the world has been reduced dramatically.

You will not get ‘clear headed thinking” from socialist propagandists, You will only get ‘mindless propaganda’.

Components of capitalism can contain corruption whereas Communism is corrupt from the start. Communism is a useful weapon to confuse the wage slaves of the world to relinquish what little freedom they have. It allows another controlling class to take the place of the previous ruling class and oppress the wages slaves further. They have a world to lose by wining their right to vanquish the ‘exploiting capitalist class’ by vanishing the wage slavery by vanishing the capitalist mode of production only to replace it by a more inefficient and inflexible system that has little incentive to raise the workers standard of living. The Communists have never been against exploitation for their system is exploitation.

This is not to say that some elements of Socialism will not flourish in a Capitalist society, for a Capitalist society has the means to pay for some Socialism. It is not to say that some elements of Capitalism will not flourish in a Socialist state. Neither can we say that elements of corruption will not occur in a Capitalist state and neither can we say that elements of corruption will not occur in a Socialist state. However, a Capitalist state has the opportunity to flourish and a fully socialist state is historically shown to degenerate to poverty and oppression.

Perth, Scotland, 28 May 1948, in Churchill, Europe Unite: Speeches 1947 & 1948 (London: Cassell, 1950), 347.

Winston Churchill also said”

“The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”

Winston Churchill — (House of Commons, 22 October 1945.)

A similar public declaration about socialism’s dark characteristics was made by Churchill in June 1948:

“I do not at all wonder that British youth is in revolt against the morbid doctrine that nothing matters but the equal sharing of miseries, that what used to be called the ‘submerged tenth’ can only be rescued by bringing the other nine-tenths down to their level…”

Winston Churchill — (House of Commons, 13 June 1948.)

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