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Here is a social media rant. Then we shall check the assertions.

And the reason they overwhelming vote left, is because they operate almost entirely on emotion. This isn’t a sexist meme, it’s actually quite scientific.

James J. Riordan

Let us look at the statistics by Geoffrey Skelley:

We can conclude that women have a significantly different voting pattern. A women-only electorate would give Democrats a huge majority. One husband said of his wife’s voting: “she grew up under communism and she KNOWS how insane the left is.”

Let us bring race into the equations just for interest:

We clearly have polarized voting. But remember, Barack Obama was Democrat. Black people voted for a black person irrespective of their policy stand.

Here is another rant from Laura Layne:

Most women in the US voted for Hillary and most did so simply because she was a woman and they thought they were going to benefit heavily from that. Unfortunately, us non-leftist, non-selfish women seem to be a minority now.

Laura Layne

She is possibly incorrect as 53% of white women voted against Hillary. But the expectation that women will vote based on gender rather than ability is disturbing just as races voting on a race basis is disturbing. If all the Hispanics vote for a Hispanic, democracy is debased. Christopher Gaylord has a crackpot view, but it is interesting:

Of course women vote left, the left right dichotomy comes from the male/female dichotomy. Its basic human psychology. That’s why leftist men are pussies and conservative woman are hot. They break the mold.

Christopher Gaylord

Ann Coulter mentioned this 20 years ago. She said women should have never been given the right to vote. I was impressed to hear it from a woman.

Ann Coulter, the author of the new anti-immigration book “Adios, America!”, voiced her disdain for both immigrants and female voters on the radio show “Free Speech” with Gavin McInnes. Ann explained that Ted Kennedy’s ’65 immigration act was “specifically designed to change the demographics of this country. When it went through, as with Obamacare, surrounded with lies, a miasma of lies: ‘this will not change the demographic of America; we’ll get basically the same people we’ve always gotten.’” Ann explained that this act “was specifically designed to bring in peasant cultures who would remain poor for generations, remain on government support, so that you would have a solid block of Democratic voters, and it worked.”

According to Ann Coulter:

“Obama never would have been elected, I mean certainly wouldn’t have been reelected – Romney won bigger against, I mean, if the demographics of this country had not changed so dramatically because of immigration, Romney would have won a bigger landslide than Reagan did against Carter in 1980.”

When quizzed, Ann gave here view that: “women should not have the right to vote.” She added: “We can still write books! We can run for office.”

In 2007, Coulter said that “If we took away women’s right to vote, we’d never have to worry about another Democrat president.” She was critical of single women who “are voting so stupidly”.

The interviewer baited her with a question: “How about if you don’t pay tax, you can’t vote?” to which Ann replied:

“That was what my father always said. Well, technically what he said was you can vote if you weren’t getting back stuff from the government. If you’re breaking even, okay. But not if you’re getting more from the government than you are paying in, well than you’re just voting for more stuff for yourself.”

Ann Coulter recounting the words of her father.

In another interview, she ranted:

If the country doesn’t crack down on immigration, the U.S. is going to transform into Uganda and will face gender segregation and mass sexual violence against women and children. …
And get used to having segregated buses and subways, as they have in India and Mexico, because of the way women are treated and sexually abused there; get used to your little girls being raped and being pregnant; get used to not being able to go to your national parks because they are being burnt down …

Australia has suffered great fires, and arson played a big part in this, but I have yet to find statistics on who the arsonists were.

Mike Gilmer has a similar view to that of Ann Coulter’s father:

Actually this comes from the movement to let non property owners vote. Only those with a stake in the game (owning dirt) should be allowed to vote.

James Gilreath echoes a similar view to the topic title:

Every woman I respect and am close with say the same thing. They don’t want women voting. They know they’re not the norm for their sex.

The is backed by this video:

Drew has a view:

Emotion based actions of any sort always end terribly. I love women. They are life givers. They are beautiful and they are very smart. BUT they base almost everything off emotion. And it ends in disaster. But the truth hurts those who are weak.

Drew Lawrence

Orwell expressed a view through his writing:

It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers−out of unorthodoxy.”

George Orwell, 1984

Scott Laws claims that the Ancient Greeks knew this. For thousands of years, it was common sense. Now, we are finally seeing why. Scott gives the example or an ancient Greek play called Assemblywomen.

Zack Barber Talks of the effect of votes for women.

I actually noticed this trend a number of years ago now. I found it interesting to say the least. Of course I hadn’t done full on research and could t prove the correlation. But the coincidental results are astonishing to say the least. There is data to support the idea that women vote based more so on emotion and we all know decisions based in emotion rarely is ever result in good things.

Although painted as a hero, the truth is probably closer to ‘Winston Churchill was a drunken fool who destroyed the greatest empire in history.’ The warmonger had this to say:

Look what women changed to, after they got the vote:

The women weren’t “let loose”. They were forced to turn against their nature. Once they went against your nature either too strongly or for too long, they become dysfunctional, self-destructive, depressed etc. [Vanamo Laine (adjusted)]

Also consider what happened to family law and child support.

The reality was that many or most women did not want the vote. They were concerned that they would be drafted for the war.

Christian Boyle rants:

Biggest mistake in western civilisation history…giving women the vote

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