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Tear down the Obelisk

Written by Andy

The Obelisk is a curious statue found in the centre of many cities. But, does it have any significance? If someone paints an unwanted symbol on the wall of your house, you will likely get upset or frightened. If your country is loyal to a monarch, you may display a royal picture on a wall to show deference to the authority figure. The Church builds a big ‘StPauls Cathedral’ to demonstrate their presence. So what of the Obelisk? Is there a significance of which we are unaware?

The ancient obelisk was a monumental pillar made of stone and was a major symbol of sun worship of the god ‘ra’ in ancient Egypt. The word ‘Obelisk’ is derived from a Greek word meaning “soaring pillar”. The Obelisk is a tall, four-sided, narrow tapering monument which ends in a pyramid-like shape at the top. It can be considered as a symbol where a ray from the sun had become a stone and “Ra”, the sun god, is within this stone. The tall narrow body of the obelisk was considered to be a symbol of defence and protection, whilst the pyramid-like shape of the head of the pillar represented the repelling of the negative forces of winds and storms. The earliest obelisks date back around four and a half thousand years. This is two and a half thousand years before Jesus and around a thousand years before Moses.

Alexandria obelisks circa 1810.

The significance of the obelisk has changed over time. In the Roman era, many Egyptian obelisks were moved to Rome. In some ways, it was a sign of their power over Egypt or the power absorbed from Egypt. Further obelisks were erected. thirteen can still be seen in the streets of Rome. These columns were symbols of atheism and paganism in the ancient religions, but their symbolism has been interpreted differently as time went by. Several obelisks were adjusted from pagan to Christian monuments by the addition of new inscriptions, topped with a cross and with the heraldic symbols of the pope and moved to the centre of a piazza to cast a shadow over the people or set to cast a shadow over a basilica. But you might interpret this to mean that the erectors of the obelisks were simply demonstrating their power and control over the Church.

The obelisk also became the symbol of ‘Osiris’ during an era, as it was believed that this goddess was able to dominate all other gods. This god had some powers of each of the other gods and so Obelisk, a symbol belonging to Ra (the god of the sun or the lord of the heavens), was given to Osiris (the god of death and the underground world). The soul of Osiris, Ba, was called Banebdjed and that was “Ba” who brought dignity and personality and power to Osiris and on the other hand Banebdjed was depicted as a ram, and this was the reason for the worship of this animal by some people. It is from this relationship that the relationship between the Obelisk and the Freemasonry and Illuminati cults begins.

For those that wish to write this off as ‘Conspiracy’, just imagine that if you were a group that managed secret control of territory, you would likely ut up some symbols in the manner that the dog urinates on the tree without every future passer-by knowing that the tree had been urinated upon.

Monument to the First Soviet Constitution in Soviet (present-day Tverskaya) Square in Moscow. Brick, concrete, height =26 m. 1918-19. (Destroyed in 1941).

The power of Freemasonry becomes evident when you see that they have erected obelisks in London, Paris, New York, and also one towering over the White House, the latter is called the “Washington monument” erected in honour of (Freemason) George Washington.

Some say the obelisk has a phalic symbolism. In the book: ‘Our phallic heritage’, by Charles G Berger, the author informs that obelisk columns had a phallic significance. Dr. Cathy Burns explains in her book: ‘Masonic and occult symbols illustrated.’ that the word ‘obelisk’ means ‘Baal’s shaft’ or Baal’s penis. Baal was believed to be the ‘giver of life’ which meant that mankind was dependent upon Baal for providing what was necessary to sustain the farms, flocks and herds essential for our life.

Left: Place de la Concorde. Number 6 in the series Curiosités Parisiennes, early 20th century. Postcard; offset lithography. Courtesy Leonard A. Lauder.

After the Egyptians, the Romans built obelisks and in numerous parts of their empire. These included the ‘Arles’ Obelisk in France, the Benevento city Obelisks in Italy, the Titus Sextius Africanus Obelisk in Munich, and the Obelisks in Rome. Obelisks can also be found in the civilizations of Assyria, the Aksumite Empire in Nigeria, the Kerala region on the southern shores of India, the Byzantine Empire, in particular in the present-day Turkey, or even in Peru, the Tello Obelisk which was discovered in 1919.

Place de la République
The back is the entrance of St. Trophime Church.
Its left is Arles’ City Hall.

To Freemasons in the 1800’s, the obelisk was an architectural symbol that they adopted. Some Masonic historians claim, Hiram Abiff is really Osiris reborn. Masonic ascendancy in the modern world is demonstrated by their copies of Egyptian Obelisks built by masons in the very heart of the the great cities of the West. These obelisks also symbolize Boaz and Jachim, the twin pillars which masons claim were built in front of Solomon’s temple, in imitation of two obelisks at the entrance of Egyptian temples. Irrespective of what they claim they symbolize, they clearly demonstrate their ascendency. For most, their existence is not known, even as they take pictures of the ‘Washington monument’ with its shadow over the White House. The Freemasons will have you blame and protest against anything but the Masons. Blame the 1%, the ‘white supremist’, BLM, the Muslim terrorists, the illegal immigrants, the ‘Jews’, the communists, or whatever is in the latest propaganda. To a certain extent, you are correct to blame these groups because they are against you because they have been set against you. I have Muslim friends but Muslim terorists exist and Muslims kill vast numbers of Christians. I have Jewish friends, but jews do this that and the other, but to say that will get me in trouble. The 1% influence and control the finance industry that clearly works for its benefit with rarely a care or the working man nor the poor, and so forth with a justified list of grudges against numerous groups including BLM, currently dragging white people out of cars and beating them.

And so nowadays, the obelisk has become a respected Freemasonry symbol. These Satanic cults spread them around in the world in recent centuries. To maintain secrecy, the Freemasons will deny any connection as in:

Freemasonry is a social fraternity. It centers around the building of King Solomon’s Temple – the First Temple. It has absolutely nothing at all to do with obelisks.

Piazza San Giovanni Laterano by Giovanni Battista Piranesi.

In the West, they are not denounced. When an earthquake occurred in Washington, DC, and the evil phalic structure sustained some damage, the government sought engineering entities to fix this Washington Obelisk as soon as possible. But in the East, a different thing happened.

In 2011, Iranian youth, made an innovative move that should surprise the world. It was something that nobody else in this planet would do nor even dare to think about. On the anniversary of the victory of the Great Islamic Revolution of Iran, the Obelisk was burned as a symbol of the devil. This revolutionary action has been repeated in recent years. You will notice that Iran is on the ‘hate list’ of the media and this obelisk burning is not relayed in the media. In many ways this makes the Shiite youth of Iran the revolutionary model for the rest of the world.

Iranian youth are not the only ones to decry the owners of the symbolism. Let us look at what Jesus had to say about these symbols.

The word ‘obelisk’ does not occur in the King James or in many other translations, but it does occur in the Jewish Tanakh and the New American Standard Bible.

The ancient Egyptian ‘Luxor Obelisk’ in Paris wearing a giant pink condom to advertise World Aids Day. Image: ActUp

If you want to know something about the history of the ‘Church’, meaning the Catholic Church, consider this: Caligula placed an obelisk on Mons Vaticanus. Legend has it that StPeter and StPaul were both killed in the circus where the obelisk stood. Years later in 312ad, the Emperor Constantine decided that Christianity would become the official religion of the Roman Empire. Who then took control of the ‘Church’? Don’t confuse Christianity and the ‘Church’. Christians are those that follow the ways of Christ using Jesus as the role model for their lives. The ‘Church’ is a hierarchical organization with bucketfuls of money, ornate robes, and rather rigid procedures. The ‘Church is an ‘institutionalized’ and ‘ritualistic’ command orientated Christendom. It is interesting to note that Constantine built the first basilica on the Mons Vaticanus, where Caligula had previously placed an obelisk.

The obelisk is a symbol of pagan power and authority. It was placed middle of St. Peter’s Square, in the same way that soldiers proudly and prominently display an enemy’s captured flag as a great prize in warfare. The flag might subsequently be presented to the King for display in the King’s great hall. To put an obelisk next to the Vatican is the ultimate insult. It is a very much in-your-face move.

There is a strange game going on here. The Catholic Church voices a ban on Masonry. This is the ultimate subterfuge. The Church has caused some confusion over the years as some cardinals and bishops along with a few ecclesial documents have, from time to time, given the impression that Masonry was no longer banned by the Church. When probed, the church subsequently issues a clarification re-stating its that its ‘official’ position is against Masonry. One can conceptualize that the Church could claim that it is ‘against’ masonry whilst being controlled by masonry. One has to get used to these double bluffs if one is going to understand history. Just as in war, both sides can be financed by the same entity. In fact, it is often that the third entity is the real enemy of the two waring sides that were coerced into war with each other by the third entity. And that third entity may have erected a tall pointy column in the capital cities of the waring nations. What a good way to get rid of all the good fit Christians of Europe. Give a fitness test to the men and send the fittest of each nation off to kill each other.

Obelisk at the Vatican

We can assume that Jesus was not under the influence of this hierarchy when we study the words of John:

“Jesus answered him, I spoke openly to the world; I ever taught in the synagogue, and in the temple, whither the Jews always resort; and in secret have I said nothing.”

John 18:20

From this, we can safely conclude that Jesus was not a member of a secret society.

Freemasonry, elite secret societies, the new age movement, all come from the ancient mystery religion of pagan Babylon and Egypt.

the Freemasons who built the towering churches, castles and cathedrals of Europe (and America) carefully ENCODED this SECRET WISDOM into the architecture of these monuments.

The real & obvious ongoing war against Christians, America in general, & all formerly White Christian Nations Worldwide, is perpetrated by Organized aka International Jewry (who have hated Christianity from its inception) & their created revolutionary arms such as the Vatican, the Templars, Freemasonry, the Jesuits, the Marxists/Bolsheviks/Nazis/ Fascists/Communists/Socialists, the ADL & SPLC, etc., but WND nor that Catholic blog will ever tell you that whole story.

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