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The Cancer of Homomania paves way for Pedomania as well

Written by Anonymous

Lies are common and all around us, like germs. As such, they are harmless. But when lies are sanctified, mendacity is favored over veracity. And the elevation of homomania did just that.

It is a fact that some people are born homosexual.
It is sane and sound that we should acknowledge this fact and allow homos to do their own thing. So far, so good.

But then, the lies began.
The lie said a homo man’s anus is equal with a woman’s vagina as a sex organ.
The lie said homos can be ‘parents’ and ‘have children’ even though homo ‘couples’ only pretend to be parents while taking children created by real sexuality.

As lies, they were disturbing but not necessarily fatal to society.
But the media and academia, controlled by Zionist-globalists, began to push these lies as the New Normal, as the Holy Truth in association with ‘rainbow’ colors. Thus, homo fecal penetration and tranny genital mutilation became synonymous with ‘pride’.
A lie wrapped in the cloak of sanity, health, and even sanctimony came to be adulated as and adored as a new religion. Furthermore, those who spoke the truth about homosexuality were denounced and demeaned as ‘homophobes’. In other words, those on the side of veracity were suffering from mental illnesses while those pushing the lie were on the side of doctors and angels.

And then, homosexuality and tranny business went from pride to spirituality, a ‘queer christianity’ or Queertianity. As the post-modern epiphanies of pride and miracles, their symbols were to be displayed in churches, and all groups were expected to seek benediction under the homo flag.

Now, things are getting even more dire. Since the pedophile community has close links with the homo community and since so many elites in Hollywood, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and Las Vegas lust after young kids as sexual objects, there is a gradual slide toward normalizing pederasty as well. Jews control globalism, and Jews chose homos to be their main right-hand man/woman. As masters of vanity and narcissism, homo & tranny domination of culture made celebrity & hedonism the centerpieces of world culture. And if society is all about wanton pleasure of the powerful and privileged, then the well-connected pederasts with close ties to homos who have close ties to Jews must get their jollies too.


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