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The danger of Family Courts

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John Fenn

Why did you leave the U.S. for Australia?

I was hounded out by my ex-wife and the Santa Cruz Family court. I am just one of many thousands of Family Court Refugees.

I was treated so badly by her and the courts I was headed for life on the streets. I had lost my home, my dental practice and access to my bank accounts. But I hung in there because I love my kids. But one day she got up in court and said that I was going to steal the children and abscond to Australia. So they took away my access, and increased my child support 4 fold. So within 3 months I lost my second home to foreclosure, because the child support was taken out first, and I had no access to my pay check. Nor my kids.

I came home to Australia, the Australian family court went to bat for me, set a reasonable child support and arranged for the Tax Office to collect it from me and pay my ex-wife.

In every country except the US, a divorce is final. But in the US a bitter woman can just keep going back for more. All she has to do is say “Conditions have changed”

After 10 years of not seeing my children they came to Australia to see me. I went to the airport and was looking for my daughter, who I has last seen as a 13 year old geeky redhead. So I am wandering about the airport looking for a geeky redhead when this beautiful woman came up to me and said “Dad? How nice to see you”. I was overwhelmed and started to cry. She said:-

“Hello Dad, I have no issues, and I have come to see how you are and how you are living your life”

Jackie came the following year. And a few years later we 3 did an epic road trip thro the Pilbara and the Coral coast of WA. Usually I go there for Christmas, but not lately.

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