The Definition of Fascism

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Author: Andy Chalkley

The definition of Fascism is not clear. Oswald Mosley and ‘British Union of Fascists’ have the best documentation. They have characteristics and a ‘strong’ leader. But what is not written in their documentation is that they strongly oppose ‘Communist’ influence and were prepared to use force if necessary. Communism at that time, including German Communists and the Bolsheviks, with their New York funding and support, was J**ish based and backed. And so you see pages such as ‘Jews against Fascism’. Fascists will stand against leftism, Communism, and Marxism. Marxism is not so much a system of governance but is effectively a procedure of destabilizing a nation and undermining its culture, practices and order.

The right wishes to have freedom of economics and control of social life. The left and socialism wants total control of economy but freedom of social issues. When Leftism and socialism drifts into Communism, total control of both economics and social life occurs.

Fascists attempt to prevent the drift towards total control by communists. Marx was J**ish. They need to be helped because they follow Moses who said: “You may not lend money to your brothers and expect more in return. (meaning your community) but you may lend money and expect more in return from foreigners.” This is the lending done by the usurers creating unpayable debt and thus enslaving people and nations. And: “You shall rule over many nations, but no nations shall rule over you.” – Apartheid (for white Christian nations in particular). And: “These lands that I give you, you shall kill the persons therein. This includes the Caananites, Amorites, Perorites, etc ….”

A strong leader is needed to stop this as it is easy to manipulate a modern democracy using media saturation of thinking. We need to protect the J**ish people by preventing this from happening as soon as people realize what they have done in the money system, United Nations undemocratic dominance, WHO controlled by Gates (J**i*h), and now control of the underground such as Antifa with its funding through ‘guess who’.

This aspect of Facism is not in the documentation, but when you look at their activities and the way the J****h forces attacked Oswald Mosley and ‘British Union of Fascists’, National Socialism, Mussolini, and debatably Franco.

Franco: “At his victory parade in May 1939, Franco vowed to remain alert to the “Jewish spirit which permitted the alliance of big capital with Marxism”, while, a few months later, he severely criticised England and France and justified the persecution of “those races marked by the stigma of their greed and self-interest”.”

The Rise of Oswald Mosley & British Fascism 1932-34

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