The Jewish Cycle!

Written by Andy

Nazi Germany’s most famous anti-Semitic film, (The Jew Süss), is actually a great movie. Jew Süss (1940) is a gripping depiction of Jewish-gentile relations. Set in 18th century Germany, the film centres on the Duke of Württemberg and a local ghetto-Jew, by the name of Süss, who gradually enamors his way into the duke’s court. Süss becomes the duke’s main adviser and benefactor. As Süss becomes more powerful, he engages in all sorts of abuses. His crimes finally catch up with him, and he is forced to face the wrath of the townsfolk. Irrespective of the political message, ‘Jew Süss’ is an engrossing and insightful story. It is an entertaining depiction of the Jewish life-cycle: financial scheming, attaining and abusing power, angering the gentiles, and, finally, pogrom.

Nazi Germany had a world class movie industry, as advanced at the time as Hollywood. Berlin and Hollywood were the two big centers for movies at the time. The talent was first rate. The writers, directors, actors, cameramen, studios, and technology were cutting edge. The German government subsidized the industry, and the studios produced movies right until the end of the war. Some of the best films made during the Nazi era were during, and even towards the end of the war.

Most of the films were non-ideological or political, rather they were human interest dramas and comedies meant to entertain the population during wartime privations. They provide a fascinating insight into daily life in the 3rd Reich. Because the Russians reached Berlin first, they captured the film archives, and brought them to Moscow. When the USSR collapsed, many films were commercially released on DVDs, subtitled into Russian, and were widely seen by the public. They are still widely available in Russia.

If you are looking for the film online, do not confuse it with the 1934 British film, Jew Suss (in the US it was retitled to ‘Power – Jew Suss’ ), which is, surprise, surprise, sympathetic to Jews. The German film has been wiped from YouTube, but is available on Bitchute and elsewhere.

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