The Jewish Onslaught – Prof Tony Martin.

In recent weeks, a number of Black people have come under attack from the Jewish community have been charged with anti-semitism.

This is not a new situation. Pan-Afrikan activists and historians have consistently come under attack for challenging the legitimacy of the State of Israel and highlighting the role of Jews in the Trans-Atlantic Enslavement of Afrikan People.

Baba Tony Martin was one such Professor, who would incur the full wrath of the Jewish lobby in America when he dared to add the book “The Secret Relationship Between Black and Jews” written by the research department of the Nation of Islam – to his History syllabus. Baba Martin documented the history of the attack in his book “The Jewish Onslaught” and the delivered many presentations on the subject.

We share this in the hope that it might inform others on the history of this battle.

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