The Jones Plantation

Written by Larken Rose

For your entertainment, here is an excellent portrayal of deception, mind control, and the psychological fear of the unknown that’s instilled in people from a very early age. Don’t forget to read the comments — they are illuminating.

The Jones Plantation

Please read the comments. They are interesting.


None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

Larken Rose
You think you can elect into office anyone you want? When’s the last time “we” elected a President that WASN’T one of the two choices given by the Republican and Democratic establishments? And if you think we get to keep what we earn, I want to hear you say that on April 15th. The difference is, you can see the lies in the video, but you still can’t see the lies you’ve been told.

Maynard Bechtel
Isn’t that what Carl Marx said…the worker should get all the fruits of his labor.

Jim Mooney
We get to choose between pro-war, pro-bankster neocons, and pro-war, pro-bankster neoliberals.

Chad Vance
We don’t choose at all. There is the illusion of choice. One plantation manager is changing hats with another.

Ralph Evans
Refuse to participate – and wait to get picked off, one by one.

Patricia Masci
As George Carlin so eloquently put it…”U have NO choice, U have OWNERS & they got U by the BALLS! It’s a BIG Club & we ain’t in it – from His “American Dream” show.

Our votes change all kinds of laws…well none of the ones that restrict the freedom of the rich…but we still get to decide about drugs, abortion, taxes, immigration, minimum wage, voting rights, working rights… really any law that the rich are not exempt from either way we get to influence.

Animal Black
Excellent portrayal of deception, mind control and the psychological fear of the unknown that’s instilled in people from a very early age.

Politicians forcibly rob us, and then spend the money for our benefit. Are we too stupid to fund the things we need, or is it just everybody else? “We need massuh forcing us to work, and taking what we produce and spending it for us, for our own good!”

First Last
Both parties are our slave masters.

Some Random
They both represent the same people, the ruling class.

The term “Government” is a brainwashing euphemism for an elite gang. This gang is employed by an elite cabal of fractional reserve counterfeiters who use this gang as their front and henchmen to man the cultivation of entire classes and generations of slaves. The most fascinating aspect is these slaves think they are free. And the slaves will scratch and claw at each other in order to protect those systems which enslave them.

It reminds me of all those muzzle wearing sheep who cheer at someone being arrested for not wearing one!

Casino Dave
This needs to be shared everywhere to everybody! So they know voting is just an illusion. Democrat or Republican, either way it’s the same for the bottom 99% that are the modern day slaves. Yes there may seem to be a lesser of two evils… But in the end, it’s just still more of the same. Modern Day Slavery.

Larken Rose
“This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.” (Plato)

Larken Rose
In between your emotional tantrums (since I insulted your god: the state), are you implying that right-statism equals private property and freedom? The ones who can watch the video and NOT get defensive are the ones who understand that institutionalized extortion and coercion do not become legitimate, simply because they’re called “law.” Obviously, you’re not to that point yet. You’re a slave, vehemently defending his own enslavement by saying that some other slave-master would be even worse.

First Last
Republicans and Democrats are the two slave masters.

Many slaves are confortabe in their servitude!

Luis A. del Mazo
Slaves to corporations and government!

Larken Rose
Then let them choose which of two whips to be beaten with, and call it “democracy,” and “representative government.”

Larken Rose
When someone’s message amounts to, “Here’s why we NEED to violently intervene in what would have been voluntary, peaceful interaction,” I don’t really give a damn what else they have to say. It’s not like we don’t have plenty of examples of voluntary interaction, as compared to centralized, forcibly-imposed collectivist authoritarianism. The latter is immoral and destructive, regardless of the excuses egg-heads fabricate.

Larken Rose
Actually, it’s really damn easy to logically prove that statism–regardless of the specific “flavor” (democracy, republic monarchy, etc.)–is inherently bogus. Trouble is, statists always run away from the simple questions that demonstrate that. It is the believers in “government” who are incapable of having a rational discussion about the topic; not me.

Plaga Killer
They’ve just changed the name of the plantation….now its called the united states of america, a corporation!

Let God Be True
“Tell the slaves they’re free and they’ll never revolt”

Taith Nanethcan
My favorite 😀 “taxes are voluntary! if you dont want to pay them, youre free to move to another country” as if which tax farm(country) youre standing on matters 😛
and, i prefer saying “you own the effects of your actions” implies both earnings, and everything else you do 🙂 good or bad, and ive yet to meet anyone who challenged it 🙂

Slavery never went away, it just evolved.

Larken Rose
Do you want an “authority” commanding you to do what you think is BAD?

Sandor Phoenix
“One cannot change reality by changing the words you use to describe reality.”

Larken Rose
Three questions:

  1. Can you delegate to someone else a right that you don’t have? (For example, assuming you think it’s bad for you to commit murder, can you make it GOOD for someone ELSE to commit murder?)
  2. Can you have a moral obligation to do what you think is wrong?
  3. Can human beings MAKE something bad into something good? (For example, can mere mortals make murder into a good thing?) For these questions, YOU get to decide what is good and bad, and what those terms even mean.

Larken Rose
How do you think ADVOCATING a coercive, parasitic gang of thugs is going to STOP violent domination?

Thanks for the vid! Reminds me of this story.

There was a man in a room with only a table, chair and a door to the outside world. The man got up and went to the door and opened it. He was met by a man with a baseball bat who beat him and threw him back in the room and closed the door. Over time, this process was repeated -until one day- the man went to the door, opened it and the man with the baseball bat was gone –so he went looking for the man with the bat.

Larken Rose
So when Sen. Robert Byrd (D) went from being a KKK Grand Dragon, to being a “compassionate,” liberal senator, you DON’T think he magically became a nice and loving guy? All the tyrants learned was that slavery was a lot easier to perpetually maintain when it’s not CALLED slavery. (I’m still in awe of Frederick Douglass, who realized way back that the equivalent of an “income tax” was WORSE than direct slavery, because it gave the ILLUSION of freedom.)

Charles Yih
Ah, the vicious cycle of human society.

1) People are sick of the crimes and lack of social order and suggest there be a government.
2) Temporary time of peace and freedom ensues.
3) Government now sees the people abide by all their rules, and get greedy.
4) People see this, and as time goes on when they can no longer stand their manipulation, disregards the law and cause chaos and havoc until the government is disbanded.
5) Back to 1.

Lesson here? People are corrupt and and only look after their own skin when they are in power.

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