The Left Will Destroy America to Regain Power

By William L. Gensert

“Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges.”

Defunding the police is all the rage.

The left is desperate. The lockdowns, Russiagate, and impeachment failed to rid them of Donald Trump. Hence the rollout of their militia, Antifa, with new uniforms and advanced tactics and BLM as propagandists.

Using Antifa and BLM now is also great practice — call it wargaming for November.

Because if the Democrats cannot steal the election “fairly,” they will burn this country to the ground.

The charge of “Racism” is both a weapon and a shield. Leftist mayors and governors arrest barbers and Jews while they kneel to the “mostly peaceful” looters, arsonists, and race baiters. The forced acceptance of surrender and collective guilt is to prepare Americans for what is coming.

We have white women kneeling and apologizing in New York City, whites gleefully washing the feet of BLM members, and pictures of little girls holding signs apologizing for their privilege — they are leaving nothing to chance.

Amazon Prime has a banner on its Prime TV streaming service,

Black lives matter

Amazon stands in solidarity with the Black community

The punctuation gives them deniability. It is not “Black Lives Matter,” it is “Black lives matter.” They center it as if it were the organization, but they stand with the Black community not BLM. Very clever, are they not?

When Barack Obama descended from the heavens to grace America with his presence, the left — “left” comprises Democrats, media, bureaucracy, celebrities, and academia — truly believed that they had won the right to “fundamentally transform” the nation.  

They were absolutely shocked when a businessman and TV personality squelched their dreams by winning the presidency away from designated heir, Hillary Clinton. No one, apparently, was more flabbergasted than she “herself.”

After all, leftist leaders believed the people supported them and they would be able to reorder the economy, government, and politics of regnant America into an oligopoly they would control for the betterment of humanity and in the process, exponentially increase their personal wealth.

Dreams die hard for true believers. It was then they decided that what the people wanted no longer mattered. They were through with trying to convince an ungrateful public embodied by the Clinton animadversion, “deplorables.” Americans were simply too stupid to understand that the left were “the ones they have been waiting for.”

Having dispensed with the pretense that convincing citizens was a prerequisite for power, they were free to proceed in any way they deemed effective. Released from the burden of democracy and with Obama administration emeriti and minions’ attempts at stealing the 2016 election and impeachment having failed, COVID came along at just the right time. The Chinese plague gave them an excuse to use their “experts” to immiserate the nation with “necessary” lockdowns.

These, however, were falling apart even before the left celebrated the rise of mobs mobbing together to break society’s will. In addition, they could not have the lockdowns fall apart because of peaceful protesters who respected property and civility. If their plans to keep the economy dead until November were swept away by peaceful protest, how would it look when they released the kraken? There can be no groundswell but their groundswell.

Having lost the KKK as the paramilitary arm of the Democratic Party, they had a choice, which would take the forefront in their “revolution,” Antifa or BLM. They originally wanted BLM because Antifa seemed to be just so many skinny white kids playing dress-up. BLM had a winning issue that resonates with liberals and America is a fair and just country whose citizens rightly have guilt when it comes to how blacks were treated in the past.

Antifa just likes to break things…all things. It is not a huge leap for Dems to realize that sooner or later they will come for them. In addition, regular people might follow BLM but a majority, or even an impactful minority will never follow anarchists.

BLM is not as large as Antifa and would be less effective as the main rebels in a rebellion. And eventually, they might object to burning down their own neighborhoods and it is not like they are going to torch where the leftist cognoscenti make their homes.

They spent the last few years training and organizing Antifa as paramilitary units capable of running planned operations at designated targets, while BLM honed the message explaining the reasons for the coming violence.

They parceled power out wisely, as a partnership, letting the larger and better trained Antifa run the military ops: breaking windows to start the looting, gaining access and setting buildings on fire, attacking police and police cars, and breaking whatever would be highest impact, both politically and publicity-wise.

BLM supplies the issues this revolution is purportedly founded upon, while running amok as well, thereby preserving the illusion that the pillaging was spontaneous and not organized. BLM is the propaganda organization whose ideas supply the backbone of this, “the black intifada.”

Democrats have the media, but people were catching on to that. They needed other people screaming their ideas to make the willingness to “surrender” seemingly grow organically as the citizenry’s expanding awe and terror at the spectacle worked to accentuate their guilt.

The murder of George Floyd was a stroke of luck for the schemers. Yet, everyone agreed that the cops involved were wrong and deserved punishment. They could not abide that either, they had to call out their militia. They had been rigorously training Antifa and needed to see how effective they could be. Well, they are pretty darn effective.

Now, it is BLM’s turn to spread the message: “Surrender, it is the right thing to do.”

It is in the tradition of Mao’s cultural revolution… kneeling… repeating prayers of self-blame and the 1619 Project to delegitimize the nation, the majority of which are white people. They do not want objections when they take over the nation in November. Once white people accept their intrinsic guilt and wrongness, it is a short step to accept change as necessary penance when the left either steals the election in November or deposes Trump afterward. Because they are not merely guilty, they are evil.

The riots will eventually cease, but Americans would be foolish to think this is over. Between illegals voting, and illegal voting, and illegally stealing votes, the election in November is compromised before it even happens.

That is why the left is adamant that Trump does not call out regular troops or nationalize the guard — they know if they can stop him now, it will be hard for him to deploy forces ever. And troops would put a halt to this nonsense immediately.

The only thing that can beat them and their insidious plans is “Law and Order.”

Deploying troops now will stop this anarchy and make it easier come November when they will be needed to safeguard the election.


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