The long-term consequences of the modern woman

Written by Lori Alexander

We are already seeing the long-term consequences of the modern woman and all that we see is destruction. Divorce has sky-rocketed. Children are devastated. Women have their babies slaughtered in their wombs which contributes to our culture of death. Children aren’t being raised by their mothers but by strangers instead in day care and in public schools. Church attendance is down. Many kids who are being raised in Christian homes are walking away from the faith while attending colleges which teach Marxist Feminism.

Nothing good has come from the “modern woman” and we see these modern women in the congress and how most of them are Left, meaning Marxists, socialists, Communists, which are anti-God, anti-family, and anti-traditional values. What possible good can come from women wanting to be men, actually superior to men, and wanting to do away with masculinity?

“Will men just have to accept this new normal and just adapt to high divorce rates, etc.?”

Yes, most men will because few are teaching young women the ways of biblical womanhood. If you’ve seen any of my social media platforms, you can see that I am ridiculed and mocked on a daily basis. Even most churches don’t teach what I teach so young women aren’t being taught truth anywhere these days, sadly. But there will always be a remnant who will want to live their lives pleasing to the Lord. I have many women who comment and write to me who love the Lord and His ways. I don’t see how any unbelieving men can find decent unbelieving wives in this atmosphere, however, unless they find a “golden retriever” type of woman who had a solid upbringing with a loving mother and father and doesn’t want to control her man. These types of women are rare.

“Will western society collapse as a result of this new perverse marital dynamic, i.e. dominant females and submissive males?”

Oh, yes, sadly. This is what God says about women ruling. “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths” (Isaiah 3:12). God made men to be the ones in authority and leadership. Now, we have women in leadership in every area of society, even in many churches. Women like Beth Moore are leading many women astray in her fight for social justice (which only leads to revolution and chaos) rather than teaching what God has commanded her to teach. A society can’t last long once it gives up all of God’s ways and turns to Satan’s ways instead. Satan’s goal is to kill, steal, and destroy. He is doing this to our nation and he is using women in mighty ways to accomplish his goals.

“Should single men just have to make do with the best female they can find?”

No, I don’t think so. Like I wrote, there will always be a remnant. Godly men need to find godly women in order to raise godly offspring. If men just marry the best woman they can find yet she is a feminist, this will be harmful to the marriage and the children. Godly men must seek out women who love the Lord and His ways. They want a wife who will raise godly offspring for him, and they are out there. I wouldn’t have so many women reading what I write if there weren’t any women out there who love biblical womanhood. Just as Elijah cried out to God that there were no other people who didn’t bow their knee to Baal. “I am left alone, and they seek my life.” God reassured him that there were 7,000 men who didn’t bow their knee to Baal (Romans 11:3,4). Praise the Lord for always saving a remnant for Himself. Find a wife who is part of the remnant.

Even so then at this present time also there is a remnant according to the election of grace.

Romans 11:5


Sadly Satan has a firm grip on most women.
Satan offered a lie to women and most of them eagerly embraced that lie of feminism.
Satan HAS ALREADY destroyed the family.
Very few women have escaped his death grip on them.
Women destroy their husband.
Women abandon their own children.
Women murder their children in abortion.
All while screaming loudly – ME! ME! ME!

Where are the remnant of real women?
I can tell you that they are not in churches.

I come from a background of very conservative church – no women preachers, women in dresses, etc, etc.
For many years I have also been around church people that still drive horse and buggy. (I’m not one)
Feminism is very alive and flourishing even in those groups of people too.
In public the women play submissive.
But out of the public eye, the women plainly boss the husbands around.
Even the preacher in the pulpit is not above getting “the look” from his wife during the sermon and he jumps in submission to her.

Where are the real women? (and men)

I am still looking for a biblical wife. I pray every day for a real wife.
Satan with his feminism has a firm grip on women of all ages, including older women in my age range.
But I keep looking.
There has to be one for me.
And I “burn” too much so I am not called to singleness.
But neither will I “settle” for a feminist woman.

Women I beg you.
Throw off Satan’s chains that you willingly bound yourself with.
Repent of your sins and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ.
Get into the role that God designed for you and watch life blossom for you.
The same passion and effort you put into destroying your husband and children, put that effort into being the help meet for your husband.
Instead of tearing your house down with your own hands, build your house on the foundation of God’s word as He said it.
Instead of murdering and abandoning your own children, eagerly enjoy the blessing of children that God bestowed on you.


I can see this in my sister. She is living mom’s feminist dream and her life has gone steadily downhill since she dumped her dear husband of over twenty years. Drinking, dui charges, and possible jail. She gets heartbreak from various men she has pursued. They use and abuse her financially and otherwise. She would find peace if she’d just repent and contact her husband. He would take her back and they could both live better. But mom has discouraged this. So sad that the feminist philosophy invaded the church. My sis is paying the price. Thanks for your writings exposing these errors. The american church has a lot to answer for. Praying daily for her healing and renewal.


The long-term consequence of Divorce is simple…

Your children will be unable to form monogamous relationships.

Thus lessening the number of grandchildren and leading to eventual extinction of your family lineage.

Extinction. That’s the consequence of divorce and female careerism.

But if someone’s not smart enough to figure that out on their own… Then well…Darwinian selection.


I was over 40 years old before I got married and I don’t have children but I know Gods word, so I focus on wife and home maker. People who are rude and hateful in their response, should be ignored unless you think they have misunderstood what you posted. Sadly a lot of women lie to both you and their church. Giving the impression they are poor when they are just greedy. Saying they were a good wife and their bad husband left them, when it was the other way around, the husband was wonderful and they, the wife, was in wrong. Some times the husband has tried to rebuild the marriage and the so called Christian wife won’t do it. I know this because I’ve known women in churches like that. To be honest I don’t know how they could call themselves Christian. Single Christian women, looking for a husband, often look for men that the devil would approve of, instead of men that God would approve of. A lot of Christian women reject Christian men on site, without getting to know them as a person. You get hate mail because you are shining the light on their sin.


Men should look for the best women that he can possibly get. A godly 20 year old virgin girl is the ideal.


Never fear! Time is on our side, because it is the couples with traditional values who have bringing up the next generation. Read Steve Turley’s discussion of demographics at https://www.christianpost.com/news/feminist-futility-why-the-womens-march-promises-a-conservative-future-173350/

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