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“The Necessity of Anti-Semitism”

Written by Anonymous

Andrew Joyce, Ph.D. 2019

“There has always been an abyss between Europeans and Semites, since the time when Tacitus complained about the odium generis humani.”

Heinrich von Treitschke, Ein Wort über unser Judenthum, 1879.

In 1989, the Jewish screenwriter and journalist Frederic Raphael was invited to deliver the 25th Anniversary Lecture at the University of Southampton’s Parkes Institute for the study of Jewish/non-Jewish relations. Founded by Rev Dr James Parkes (1896–1981), a neurotic Church of England minister who made a career out of the promotion of philo-Semitism in Christianity and the promotion of guilt narratives among Christians (in 1935 he was both celebrated by Jews and targeted for assassination by National Socialists), the Institute quickly became a hub for the production of scholarly-appearing pro-Jewish propaganda. Rather than offering objective analyses of Jewish/non-Jewish relations, the Institute furthered the familiar narrative that Jews were the blameless and catastrophic victims of an entirely irrational European hatred. Raphael, given the honor of addressing the 25th anniversary of this project, opted on the appointed evening to be a witty gadfly, choosing “The Necessity of Anti-Semitism” as the title of his address. It could be the title of a book, said Raphael, one that could sit in the Parkes Institute library but for the fact it had never been written, and did not exist.

In the meandering speech that followed, Raphael explored the putative contents of this imaginary book, suggesting its potential arguments, and what they might say about the author and about European culture. Confirming the opinions of everyone present, Raphael offered the assurance that although this ghostly and ghastly book did not exist, such a haunting product would not be out of place on a continent where anti-Semitism is “a constant and essential working part of Europe’s somber and unreformed logic.”[1] For Raphael and his smug audience, “The Necessity of Anti-Semitism” lay only in its utility in salving the pathological European mind. Anti-Semitism was in fact extremely illogical and, in a moral sense, completely unnecessary.

Since reading Raphael’s speech several years ago, The Necessity of Anti-Semitism has, in a sense, haunted me too. As a single book, of course, it does not exist. But it perhaps has existed, after a fashion, in the thousands of tracts, pamphlets and books on the Jewish Question that have been written by Europeans over many centuries. In this collected body of anti-Semitic apologetics, one finds The Necessity of Anti-Semitism inflected in varying religious, political, and social hues. But what would the book look like if it was in fact written today? How could any author distill the various aspects of the Jewish Question into a single volume? In the essay that follows, part literary experiment, part historiography, I want us to join Raphael in imagining that this spectral book exists, even if our approach is rather different.

I imagine our author to introduce his volume with the broad case for The Necessity of Anti-Semitism, namely the presence of Jews and their influence in the four primary cultures of White decline: the Culture of Critique, the Culture of Tolerance, the Culture of Sterility, and the Culture of Usury.

The Culture of Critique

The section titled ‘Culture of Critique’ is a both a nod to the work of Kevin MacDonald, and an expansion upon the same. Setting out this section, our author might recall the notorious remark of the Jewish historian Louis Namier (1888–1960) when asked why he did not deal with Jewish history: “The Jews do not have a history, they have a martyrology.” It is this martyrology that lies at the heart of the Culture of Critique. Whereas almost every nation possesses a history that is in most respects objective, the Jews alone possess a mere quasi-history, riddled with mythic and esoteric self-deceptions that give psychological permission for the most clannish and subversive of social behaviors and the most hostile of attitudes towards other peoples. The Culture of Critique, a kind of cultural revenge inspired by the Jewish martyrology, is the clearest expression of the corrosive nature of the disastrous Jewish/non-Jewish relations so mourned by the woefully misguided Rev James Parkes.

In the Jewish mind, the corrosive nature of their interactions with European peoples has always taken on a heroic aspect. The ruse is played out, for themselves and us, that in these interactions we see a unique and virtuous questioning by ‘insiders/outsiders’ uniquely and helpfully placed to show Western culture its own flaws. Jews believe themselves to possess special talents in this respect, and maybe in a perverse sense they do, but in any case, in their great charade they break us down to “benefit” us. David Dresser and Lester Friedman, Jewish scholars of the media, maintain the position that Jewish filmmakers have a unique, untainted objectivity because of their Jewishness. They write that “Jewish artists’ marginality allows them a vantage point denied other, more culturally absorbed, creative thinkers.”[2] This compares remarkably well with a writer in the Times of Israel who, commenting on the activities of the Jewish politician Alan Shatter in destroying the legal supports of the family in Ireland, has argued that Shatter’s Jewishness “appeared to put him at an advantage, freeing him from the baggage that weighed on his Catholic counterparts.” Just like the Frankfurt School, these cultural heroes know us better than we know ourselves, which allows them to help us see that we are irrational and evil, bigoted and in need of Jewish redemption. We are constantly and warmly assured by our Jewish helpers that this process is undertaken for the West’s own good. They free us from our “baggage.”

In truth, this process is undertaken for our destruction. The Critique, having no coherent objectives beyond the will to decay, never ends. It never ceases the search for novel and unsullied corners of Western culture to drag through the mud. The ‘Rabbi’s Speech’ from Hermann Goedsche’s Biarritz (1868) is a work of fiction, but it drew on a multitude of facts and instincts. In the Jewish cemetery of Prague, Goedsche’s Rabbi addresses a secret nocturnal meeting of thirteen Jewish elders, promising they shall “extirpate all belief and faith in everything that our enemies the Christians have venerated up to the present and, using the allurements of the passions as our weapon, we shall declare open war on everything that people respect and venerate.”

The direction here is accurate, but Goedsche didn’t get everything right. There are no clandestine midnight meetings, no gatherings of Elders of Zion, but instead a shared instinct defending shared interests in a spirit of bitterness and, in reality, the Culture of Critique is not a declaration of open war, but the pursuance of war disguised as friendship, as medicine, as liberation. Boas tore down Western cultural confidence while claiming to set Westerners free from the errors and burdens of chauvinism. Freud perverted everything that was sacred about sex and marriage, and called it a cure. Marx called on the workers of the world to unite, and unite them he did — in the lines for food, in the gulags, and in the mass graves of a starved Ukraine. War has been noisily and bloodily waged, but it has been only silently and subversively declared.

And still they wage it, even if they’ve already toppled “everything that people respect and venerate.” The churches are infiltrated, vanquished, mocked and disdained. The history of Christianity has been put through the Jewish intellectual meat grinder, and emerges today only as a tale of persecutions and slavery. It is a shell, co-opted for endless tolerance. Even discounting religion, no notable Western historical figure has survived the Culture of Critique. And when our uniquely insightful Jewish helpers tired of toppling reputations, they used their ethnic proxies to start toppling statues, removing names, and burning portraits. No aspect of Western culture was to be left standing. Its science, philosophy and moral systems were mocked, derided, and savaged, with every sonnet, concerto, and technological innovation leading obscurely but somehow definitely to a World War II camp in Poland where to this day, we are earnestly told, no birds sing.

Except that I’ve visited what remains of this camp, and the birds do sing. There is no magic there. Time does not stand still. The children, forced to be there by their schools, laugh and scrawl graffiti on old bunks and doors, while adults, clearly worried that someone is watching them, do their best to appear solemn and moved rather than cold and bored.

Our author might concur, pointing out in The Necessity of Anti-Semitism that this particular camp is the jewel in the crown of the Jewish martyrology, and perhaps even the engine of the most advanced form of the Culture of Critique. Almost 55 years after it was written, Jerzy Kosiński’s The Painted Bird is now back in the news. It’s a memoir about his experiences around this same notorious wartime Polish camp, and it is replete with child-rape, bestiality, and pornographic depictions of violence including the feeding of a man’s eyes to pet cats. It’s also a long-exposed fraud, a fanciful pastiche of Kosiński’s own psychosexual fantasies. This hasn’t stopped it recently being made into a film that is being roundly applauded by critics, nor has the fact it has induced viewers to vomit, faint, and remove themselves from movie theaters. Perhaps, in the age of the Culture of Critique, many Whites have learned to love being told how evil they are towards Jews, taking each condemnation like a dose of welcome medicine. Joanna Siedlecka, a journalist and author of writers’ biographies, studied the life of Kosiński and concluded “[The Painted Bird] has nothing to do with Kosiński’s real childhood; he invented those horrors, while he himself experienced only good, while the villagers took the risk to hide his whole family. (…) Kosiński is still treated as a victim, even though we now know a lot more about his biography. We know Poles didn’t torment him.”

Our author might point out in The Necessity of Anti-Semitism that the example of Kosiński and the Poles is wholly commensurate to the historical relationship between Jews and Europeans. A biographer of these two peoples can attempt to show the reality of the situation, but the Jew “is still treated as a victim.” And this “victim” elevates himself to the position of moral arbiter and arch critic. Armed with their very own sadomasochistic historical pastiche, Jewish activists direct the Critique into action for what one assumes to be a Racial Endgame. They deny this, of course, and call it a wicked conspiracy theory. But in reality, they are like the proverbial Irishman who denies he stole the bucket, adding the indignant criticism that it had a hole in it anyway. The Jews vigorously deny any role in the decline of Western culture, adding indignantly that Western culture is rotten, sick, racist, bigoted, and irrational anyway. Their denial is a form of admission. This is the essence of the Culture of Critique.

The Culture of Tolerance

This section might open with the remark that the Culture of Tolerance is itself a child of the Culture of Critique. When did Jews first start calling for Whites to abolish themselves in their own lands? Our author might argue that they began right at the first Jewish entry into European culture — not European lands, but European culture. Isn’t it Moses Mendelssohn (1729–1786) who is often held up as the first “assimilated” Jew, the first real Jewish intellectual who wanted to be ‘part of German culture’ and who advocated for “tolerance”? Well, what did Mendelssohn, the first “German of the Jewish faith,” actually ask Europeans to do? That much is clear, and a matter of historical record. He impudently and impatiently asked, “For how long, for how many millennia, must this distinction between the owners of the land and the stranger continue? Would it not be better for mankind and culture to obliterate this distinction?”[3] [emphasis added].

And there we have it —  the very first Jewish intrusion into Western culture was accompanied by a call for the obliteration of borders and the migration and settlement rights of “the stranger.”

From the very beginning of Jewish activism in Western culture, it was in the interest of Jews to undermine the position of the owners of the land and to promote “tolerance.” It was Mendelssohn’s 1781 work, On the Civil Amelioration of the Condition of the Jews, that is said to have played a significant part in the rise of “tolerance” in Western culture. But tolerance, despite all the glowing propaganda, is a curious word. Place it in a medical context, and tolerance means “the immunological state marked by unresponsiveness to a specific toxin or other foreign substance which induces an immune response in the body, especially the production of antibodies.”

And isn’t this exactly what Mendelssohn prescribed almost two and half centuries ago— that the owners of the land should be “unresponsive,” suppressing all natural “immune responses” even in the face of intruding toxins? We have to ask ourselves how tolerance ever became regarded as a virtue. The answer is that it became a virtue in the context of the Jewish intrusion into Western culture.

The Culture of Tolerance is now more than two centuries old. It matured slowly, but there can be little doubt that it has now come of age. Kevin MacDonald’s work has conclusively demonstrated that Jewish groups organized, funded and performed most of the work aimed at combating America’s 1924 immigration law, toppling it finally in 1965. Brenton Sanderson has shown that Jewish intellectual movements and ethno-political activism were pivotal in ending the White Australia policy — a policy change opposed by the vast majority of the Australian population. I have written on how Jews were conspicuous in the dramatic changes in Britain’s citizenship, race, and speech laws from the 1950s to the 1980s. A Jewish Minister for Justice transformed Ireland’s citizenship process, opening the country up to Africans and Pakistanis. Today, Jews dominate the mass migration NGO scene, demonstrably holding executive roles at the International Rescue Committee, International Refugee Assistance Project, the Immigrant’s Rights division of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), National Immigration Justice Center, Equal Justice Works, The Immigrant Defense Project, National Immigration Law Center, Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law, Northwest Immigrants Rights Project, the Asylum Advocacy Project, Refugee Council USA, the New York Civil Liberties Union, American Immigration Council, The Immigrant Learning Center, the Open Avenues Foundation, the Political Asylum/Immigration Representation (PAIR) Project, Central American Legal Assistance, Halifax Refugee Clinic, and the UK Refugee Law Initiative. The migration policy advisor for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is not a Catholic, but a Jewish woman.

Third World mass migration into Europe and the West is a Jewish project. It has been curated by Jews, promoted by Jews, explained and excused by Jews. It is driven by a Jewish need, as old as Mendelssohn’s tract and perhaps older, to dispossess the owners of the land and open up that land to the stranger in the name of tolerance.

Much like the Culture of Critique, Jews offer us the Culture of Tolerance in the guise of friendship. With broad grins and mellifluous tones, they assure us that we are doomed if we don’t obliterate “the distinction between owners of the land and the stranger.” After all, haven’t we been helpfully informed that our own culture is worthless, bigoted, illusory, tainted, and morally bankrupt? Why not import an array of new, vibrant cultures? That way we can experience a more exciting life and, what’s more, it would go some way to proving ourselves morally acceptable to our Jewish friends, the innocent martyrs of humanity. And we should listen to them primarily because their advice makes perfect sense. After all, we need unemployable Africans to fund our pensions, Islamic terrorists to care for our ageing populations, and millions more people in our countries in order to solve our housing crises. We need floods of cheap labor to increase our wages. We need poorly trained foreign sex criminals to staff our hospitals, perform our surgeries, and nurse us back to health. We need to tolerate the burqa to demonstrate how profoundly feminist we’ve become as a society. We need to express our patriotism by denying we exist as a people. We need more speech-gagging laws to ensure freedom. And, most importantly of all, we need to become a less racist society by eliminating Whites everywhere.

Our helpful friends deliver these messages to us in a number of ways. When they are feeling generous, they simply bombard us with screen garbage, portraying multiculturalism on film in a manner entirely divergent from the way it plays out in reality. Jewish cinematic magic is a form of cultural alchemy. Take Black crime and low academic achievement, dip it in Hollywood, and muggers and rapists are transformed into educated Black “love interests” fawned over by nubile blondes. Or, take the stability and tranquility of the White middle-class family, dip it in Hollywood, and what now emerges is a claustrophobic den of neuroticism, control and bigotry.

When our Jewish friends are feeling less generous, they force their way into your child’s school curriculum, and when they are angered they remove your right to free speech and imprison you. On the other hand, if you try to impede Jewish particularism by, for example, banning one of their tribal rites such as circumcision, the lesson of the ADL’s threats to the sovereign nation of Iceland shows that blackmail, slander, and unrelenting economic warfare are equally deployable tools in their armory. In this example, of course, we’re back to the Irishman and the bucket. The Jews deny they have outsized influence, adding that if you make that accusation again, their little club in New York will bring your entire country to its knees.

While the Culture of Tolerance is in full swing, one lingering problem is that White babies, for now, keep coming. Here our author might begin the third section of his book.

The Culture of Sterility

Jews are everywhere in the Culture of Sterility, an appropriate term for what the world’s leading scholars have described as the “rapid increase” in “levels of childlessness in most European countries.”[4] Our author could start with the fact the oral contraceptive was invented by the Jew Gregory Goodwin Pincus, but really Jews have everywhere in the West been, to use the Jewish historian Howard Sachar’s own words, “pioneers in the underground contraceptives industry.”[5] By plan, co-ordination, or raw instinct, Jews have accumulated in those areas toxic to the White birth rate — contraception, abortion, divorce laws, and the promotion of pornography, homosexuality, gender confusion, and promiscuity.

The pioneers of abortion clinics, birth control literature for couples, and birth control policy measures in America were, according to one scholar, “Anna Samuelson in the Bronx; Olga Ginzburg and Rachelle Yarros in Chicago; Sarah Marcus in Cleveland; Nadine Kavinoky and Rochelle Seletz in Los Angeles; Esther Cohen and Golda Nobel in Philadelphia; Hannah Stone, Marie Warner, Cheri Appel, Anna Spielgeman, Naomi Yarmolinsky, Bessie Moses in Baltimore, Elizabeth Kleinman in Boston, and Lena Levine in New York, Hannah Seitzwick-Robbins in Trenton, and Lucile Lord-Heinstein in Massachusetts.”[6] All of these women were Jews. Stone was particularly influential, working closely with Sanger and producing key birth control texts like Contraceptive Methods of Choice (1926), Therapeutic Contraception (1928), Contraception and Mental Hygiene (1933), and Birth Control: A Practical Survey (1937).

In the 1920s and 1930s, the primary lawyer for Margaret Sanger, the non-Jewish public face of the pro-abortion and birth-control movement in New York, was the Jew Morris Ernst. And when Sanger decided to move for Federal birth control legislation, she wrote to Rabbi Stephen Wise in 1931 asking him to use Jewish political influence and his own extensive list of political contacts to help make it happen, a request he happily obliged.[7] Of course, Sanger had married a Jew, and according to one biographer “surrounded herself with Jewish colleagues and friends.”[8]

In fact, Jewish influence is so tightly bound up with the origins of abortion in America that historian Daniel K. Williams has characterized the abortion debate of the 1930s as a “religious conflict because nearly all the doctors speaking out against abortion were Catholic while the most vocal proponents of abortion legalization were Jewish.”[9] Williams adds the fact “Reform Jewish rabbis also became early leaders in the abortion law liberalisation movement.”[10] The link between Jewish organizations and the more sordid (and often Jewish-dominated) corners of the medical profession came into stark relief during investigations into illegal abortions in the 1940s and 1950s, when the crossover was such that, according to historian Leslie J. Reagan, local authorities in New York, found “pro-birth control and Jewish organisations of particular interest.”[11] By the time Pincus developed the Pill, he was sufficiently aware of the potential for birth control and Jewish activism to be linked in the popular mind that he deliberately selected John Rock, a Catholic, rather than Abraham Stone and Alan Guttmacher, long-term colleagues and leaders of the birth control movement, to develop a contraceptive regimen in women, in order to avoid “anti-Semitic stigma.”[12]

The same pattern has been repeated in every other Western nation. Alan Shatter may have acted as chief propagandist for birth control legislation in Ireland in the 1970s, but even a century before Shatter’s actions a member of the Irish clergy reported:

There arrived in town a Jew with a lorry [ … ] and he started selling contraceptives made up as pencil holders . … Someone told the parish priest about the traffic . …  He notified the police who could do nothing. He then set up a court of his own and tried him and fined him £10. The Jew paid £10 and cleared out.[13]

In New York, Jews like Moses Jacobi and Morris Glattstine were particularly influential and conspicuous in the sale of illicit contraceptives and in the underground abortion scene as early as the 1870s.[14] Similarly, during the late nineteenth century, “Jews were among the leaders of the revolution in birth control in southern Germany.”[15] In interwar Germany, according to scholar Harriet Freidenreich, “Jewish women physicians played a very prominent role in the campaign to legalise abortion. … Jewish women physicians were disproportionately involved in the sex reform movement that promoted more widespread availability of birth control. They were very visible in the dissemination of contraceptive devices.”[16]

In the Polish Second Republic, the central pioneer of sexual education, contraception, the promotion of homosexuality, and abortion was Irena Krzywicka (née Goldberg). As well as founding Liga Reformy Obyczajów (The League to Reform Mores), Krzywicka wrote for the influential journal Wiadomosci literackie (Literary News) where she argued the case for civil unions, easy divorce, easily accessible contraception, female “sexual liberation,” and abortion.[17] In his Antisemitism and Its Opponents in Modern Poland, historian Robert Blobaum points out that the “anti-Semitic press” in Poland made the link between Jews and “the spread of birth control literature” as well as pornography, but is notably shy of discussing Krzywicka’s career or that of her many Jewish colleagues.[18] Ronald Modras notes that even the Polish birth control movement’s non-Jewish leaders stood out for their “philosemitism.”[19]

In France, the main body behind the legalization of contraception and abortion was Choisir (To Choose), founded by the Jewish lawyer Gisèle Halimi, and the relevant legislation was finally passed by the Jewish Minister of Health Simone Veil (born Simone Jacob).[20] In the United States, of course, Roe v. Wade was effectively the product of activism by the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws, founded by the Jew Bernard Nathanson. Nathanson worked closely on abortion legislation activism with Jewish feminist Betty Friedan, until he experienced an apparently legitimate crisis of conscience in the late 1970s and subsequently converted to Catholicism. By that date, he had personally performed more than 60,000 abortions, later explaining in an interview: “We fed a line of deceit, of dishonesty, of fabrication of statistics and figures; we coddled, caressed, and stroked the press. … We were calling ourselves pro-abortionists and pro-choice. In fact we were abortifiers: those who like abortion.” And Jews certainly like abortion. According to Pew data, Jews have a higher rate of support for abortion than any other religious group in America. In fact, Jews enjoy limiting the fertility of other populations so much that in 2013 Israel admitted giving birth control to incoming Ethiopian migrants without their consent.

Our author might linger on the subject of birth control and abortion only because the prevalence of Jews in other areas of the Culture of Sterility is now so well-documented. Jewish involvement in early sexology, through influential figures like Albert Moll, Iwan Bloch, Magnus Hirschfeld, Albert Eulenberg, Hermann Joseph Lowenstein, Julius Wolf, Max Marcuse, and Eduard Bernstein, was universally concerned with the need for “tolerance” and social pluralism. What they in fact promoted were pathological sexual aberrations, distant from reproduction and toxic to social cohesion. Hirschfeld, probably the originator of “Love is Love” propaganda, had “subverted the notion that romantic love should be orientated toward reproduction,” arguing instead for the acceptance of homosexual lifestyles and hedonistic, non-reproductive, sexual relations in general.[21]

Here it is worth stressing that Jews have not accumulated in the promotion of “tolerance” for homosexuals, gender-benders, abortion-seekers, and transvestites because they genuinely believe in the “rights” or “worth” of these people. Rather, Jews see in these people traits that it wishes to promote in the population at large and recruit them to the Culture of Tolerance. Society never really accepted homosexuality and transgenderism, but rather society itself first became ‘homosexual’ in its traits before it could tolerate actual homosexuals and transgenders. As the West became progressively more childless, promiscuous, hedonistic, and brimming with delusional self-confidence, the differences between the normal and the abnormal narrowed, and there appeared fewer reasons to continue to deny ‘equality.’ Societies with demographic concerns will have harsh penalties for both homosexuality and abortion/infanticide. The West, celebrating both, is in demographic free fall but, ignorant of the profound implications of this racial death, its people are actually in the process of indulging a culture cultivated for their demographic assassination. Homosexuality has never been more tolerated. Abortion has never been easier and less stigmatized. And Whites have never been closer to leaving the stage of history.

Promiscuity has replaced the pushchair. A glance at the modern generation of Whites of child-bearing age is sobering. Rates of sexually transmitted disease in America have never been higher. According to senior physicians, the U.K. is heading for a “sexual health crisis.” The same phenomenon has been reported in AustraliaCanadaIrelandFrance, and Germany. Meanwhile, the Gatestone Institute reports that: “Abortion has recently assumed epic proportions in countries such as Sweden or France. In France, there are 200,000 abortions a year. To put things in perspective, there are in France around 750,000 births a year. France, therefore, is aborting 20% of its babies/fetuses/embryos/cell clusters — choose according to your personal convictions — each year.” You can be sure it isn’t French Muslims who are aborting their babies by the hundred thousand, and this perhaps explains why they’ve been telling the Archbishop of Strasbourg that “France will be theirs one day.”

In The Population Bomb (1968), the Jewish biologist Paul Ehrlich wrote that the best method to reduce population is the legalization of abortion. That was without considering the effect of birth control or the broader Culture of Sterility that glorifies perverted, empty, childless visions of “love.” When Europeans began to legalize both birth control and abortion 40 years ago, a few years after Roe vs. Wade (1973), the Catholic Church warned of the risk of Europe entering into a “morbid civilization.” This is what we now inhabit.

The Culture of Usury

In a West gone wildly materialistic, it can be difficult to see the extent of Jewish usury. When you mention Jewish moneylenders to most people, the response normally relates to the Middle Ages. But Jewish usury is alive and well in modernity, and entire countries are in debt to Jewish financiers, who then pass on some of their wealth to Jewish organizations dedicated to the promotion of the three other cultures of White decline (Critique, Tolerance, Sterility). Paul Singer, of the Jewish “investment fund” has been described by Bloomberg as “The World’s Most Feared Investor,” but really he’s the world’s most feared exploiter of debt. The Democratic Republic of Congo owes Singer and his Jewish colleagues $90 million, Panama owes him $57 million, Peru owes him $58 million, and Argentina owes him $1.5 billion. When payments have been late, Singer seized and detained the flagship of the Argentinian Navy, and when South Korea put up a fight to prevent him getting control of Samsung, he drove the nation’s President to impeachment and imprisonment.

While these activities may appear very high-level, and distant from the reality of day-to-day life (unless you are a citizen of the Congo and Singer is blackmailing you for payment by withholding essential work on your water supply), Singer and his Jewish financial clique have a hand in almost every purchase you make, and every war your country wages. Singer, his son Gordin, and their colleagues Zion Shohet, Jesse Cohn, Stephen Taub, Elliot Greenberg and Richard Zabel, have a foothold in almost every country, and have a stake in every company you’re likely to be familiar with, from book stores to dollar stores. With the profits of exploitation, they fund the Culture of Sterility, boost Zionist politics, invest millions in security for Jews, and promote wars for Israel. Singer is a Republican, and is on the Board of the Republican Jewish Coalition. He is a former board member of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, has funded neoconservative research groups like the Middle East Media Research Institute and the Center for Security Policy, and is among the largest funders of the neoconservative Foundation for Defense of Democracies. He was also connected to the pro-Iraq War advocacy group Freedom’s Watch. Another key Singer project was the Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI), a Washington D.C.-based advocacy group that was founded in 2009 by several high-profile Jewish neoconservative figures to promote militaristic U.S. policies in the Middle East on behalf of Israel and which received its seed money from Singer.

Although Singer was initially anti-Trump, and although Trump once attacked Singer for his pro-immigration politics (“Paul Singer represents amnesty and he represents illegal immigration pouring into the country”), Trump is now essentially funded by three Jews—Singer, Bernard Marcus, and Sheldon Adelson, together accounting for over $250 million in pro-Trump political money. In return, they want war with Iran. Employees of Singer’s firm, Elliott Management, were one of the main sources of funding for the 2014 candidacy of the Senate’s most outspoken Iran hawk, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), who urged Trump to conduct a “retaliatory strike” against Iran for purportedly attacking two commercial tankers. These exploitative Jewish financiers have been clear that they expect a war with Iran, and they are lobbying hard and preparing to call in their pound of flesh. As one political commentator put it, “These donors have made their policy preferences on Iran plainly known. They surely expect a return on their investment in Trump’s GOP.” When Adelson and Singer first made overtures to Marco Rubio, Trump tweeted that Rubio would be their “puppet.” Trump has now taken money from the same puppetmasters, but has thus far refused to go “all the way” with their demands, even firing John Bolton, a favorite of the Jewish triad. How the latter will proceed in the face of Trump’s defiance on the matter remains to be seen.

The Intersection of the Culture of Usury and the Culture of Zio-Wars: Paul Singer, Bernard Marcus, and Sheldon Adelson

The Jewish triad behind Trump is a perfect example of the role of Jewish finance and the Culture of Usury in sustaining and advancing Jewish power and influence in contemporary society. Singer embodies usury and vulture capitalism, while Bernard “Home Depot” Marcus is symptomatic of bloated consumerism, and Adelson represents the sordid commercial exploitation of vice (gambling). There is nothing productive in the economic activity of any of these figures, their vast accumulations arising from sociopathic parasitism, ethnic nepotism, and the will to cultural decay.

We feel this decay lower down the scale, since we live in a society of conspicuous consumption, funded by ever-escalating household debt. Everywhere, people buy things they don’t need with money they don’t have. Household debt is rising yet again in the United States. According to the New York Federal Reserve, Americans owe $13.86 trillion in household debt, slightly higher than the total amount right before the 2008 financial crisis. In Australia, the household debt to income ratio is above 190%, among the highest in the developed world. The same situation is seen in the U.K. Jews, of course, were involved disproportionately in the development of department stores, the fashion industry, retailing business, and other aspects of the consumer society.[22] Jews in late nineteenth-century Germany, as they did in several other Western countries, initiated the “consumer revolution,” and “held, or at least started, the overwhelming majority of department stores and clothing and fashion houses throughout the country.”[23] Werner Sombart remarked at the time that department stores were the herald of a new, degenerative economic culture, typified by “the anonymous, objectifying forces of capitalism and marketing.” Contemporary anti-Semites saw these centers of the economic culture as “a consuming temple in two senses, as both a temple of consumption and a temple that consumes — that is, a place of destruction, a Moloch even, that greedily devours vulnerable customers and neighbouring businesses.”[24]

Today, largely worthless “branded” consumer products are overwhelmingly Jewish, are promoted via Jewish dominance of the advertising industry, and their purchase by consumers is funded by Jewish financiers. Calvin Klein, Levi Strauss, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole, Max Factor, Estée Lauder, and Marc Jacobs are just some of the Jews whose very names have become synonymous with debt-fueled consumer culture and the subscribing to carefully cultivated fashion fads, while Jewish-owned companies like Starbucks, Macy’s, the Gap, American Apparel, Costco, Staples, Home Depot, Ben & Jerry’s, Timberland, Snapple, Häagen-Dazs, Dunkin’ Donuts, Monster Beverages, Mattel, and Toys “R” Us have come to epitomize the endless and superfluous production of garbage for mass consumption on credit.

The consuming temple of debt-fueled consumerism is also linked to the cultures of Critique, Tolerance, and Sterility. So-called anti-racism, support for gender confusion, and the celebration of mass migration and multiculturalism have become mainstays of modern advertising as the Racial Endgame nears its conclusion and the West commences its death rattle.

You might ask what tortilla chips have to do with sodomy, but that’s only because you’re suffering from a tolerance deficiency, and the best way to correct that is to admit White privilege, buy a
Starbucks, and go try on a new pair of $200 jeans at Macy’s.


Critique, Tolerance, Sterility and Usury have converged. This is the necessity of anti-Semitism. As much as The Necessity of Anti-Semitism has haunted me, so too has the image of Goedsche’s Rabbi addressing the graveyard meeting of thirteen elders. It haunts me because it appears so antiquated and naive, as if the situation could ever have been so simple. The reality has always been much more profound, and infinitely more dangerous. The Jewish Question, such as it might exist for Jews, has always amounted to “Is it good for the Jews?” For Whites, it should always have been “Are the Jews good for us?” An answer might be found in their accumulation in their four aspects of White decline. Our opposition to this accumulation and its associated activities is perfectly logical, and morally necessary.

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from Occidental Observer:

“…No, not from without

Was the European soul’s redoubt

Overtaken, but from within the Enemy

Began to undermine it with an enmity

Unfathomed by the conscience

Of his host in depth and patience.”

Read more:

What a concise bombshell of an article. I doff my cap to the author and offer my humble thanks and gratitude. This is a masterpiece.

“Freud perverted everything that was sacred about sex and marriage, and called it a cure.” But how does Andrew Joyce adduce this as an example of Jewish hostility toward non-Jews, given that so many of Freud’s clients and followers were themselves Jewish?

“Freud took great pains to ensure that a non-Jew, Jung, would be the head of his psychoanalytic movement—a move that infuriated his Jewish colleagues in Vienna, but one that was clearly intended to deemphasize the very large overrepresentation of Jews in the movement during this period. To persuade his Jewish colleagues of the need for Jung to head the society, he argued, “Most of you are Jews, and therefore you are incompetent to win friends for the new teaching. Jews must be content with the modest role of preparing the ground. It is absolutely essential that I should form ties in the world of science” (in Gay 1988, 218). As Yerushalmi (1991, 41) notes, “To put it very crudely, Freud needed a goy, and not just any goy but one of genuine intellectual stature and influence.” Later, when the movement was reconstituted after World War I, another gentile, the sycophantic and submissive Ernest Jones, became president of the International Psychoanalytic Association.” (From Chapter 4 of The Culture of Critique)

“It is well known that Freud was hostile to Christian civilization, seeing himself as Hannibal leading the Semitic armies against Rome.” (

Thanks for the reply. I don’t dispute your evidence, but I don’t find it to the point. Joyce, like MacDonald, seems to think that Freud invented psychoanalysis as a weapon against non-Jews. I maintain that he saw himself as a true researcher and thinker and that whatever unpleasantness his work brought to the non-Jews was a side effect, not the principal aim.

Roger K
To my mind, Bob Roberts’s question has still not been answered. Psychoanalysis contributes to psychological disfunction of Jews as well as Gentiles. Perhaps someone here can make the argument that Freud was utterly indifferent to the fate of his fellow Jews as long as he was able to undermine Western Civ (in a similar fashion that the Zionists during WW2 were more interested in ensuring the Allies’ support for founding of Israel at war’s end at the cost of what was happening to the fate of Jews and assimilated Jews in Central Europe who had failed to emigrate to Palestine in the 1930s). I see a parallel as well in that throughout centuries, the few ultra-wealthy Jews have always been indifferent to the poor Jews among them and far more interested in seeking political influence and even more power. Perhaps one can say that the Jewish soul is such a dark place that it wills ultimately the destruction of everything. Maybe the scholars here can provide more precise evidence of these ideas.

Bob, You might find the answer to your question, that’s assuming you want an answer, by listening E.Michael Jones on YouTube channel Yoryevrah, video ‘Goy Guide to World History (Frankfurt School, ISR). Dr.Jones outlines how Freud was in the vanguard to re-define the soul- the tripartite soul; this Dr.Jones concludes was to invert the Greek philosophical ideal of Logos, Ethos and Pathos: Reason ruled passion, etc; so in time, the sexually aberrant became the norm and the traditional and heterosexual has become the heretical.
One example of this trickle-down the age-range is toy maker Mattel have introduced a new range of dolls that are “gender inclusive” – “I’m a Barbie girl….or perhaps boy”.
This tyranny of ‘tolerance’ will echo into future decades wreaking havoc and, may I say your important writing Dr.Joyce is a vital counter to the insidious and pernicious attacks on our fragile way of life.

I think you’ll find more about Freud’s real motivations in The Century of Self:

Thanks Trenchant. I do enjoy the Adam Curtis documentaries and his insightful analysis; one in particular, “Bitter Lake” stands out. Needless to state that in hindsight, post-learning of Jewish activism in anthropology and social engineering, that Curtis’s collective body of work ignores this big fat fundamental question.

Sophie Johnson
‘We have to ask ourselves how tolerance ever became regarded as a virtue.’

In some White countries, ‘tolerance’ still is not regarded as a virtue: rather, it retains its medical meaning. That meaning is implicit in a remark I have often heard my Hungarian relatives and friends make: ‘Jews always take that one step too far; at which point they cop a hiding.’

So Hungarians see themselves as (medically) tolerant of Jews, and to a point only, after which they regurgitate (cease to be tolerant of) them. Yet, oddly though, I see among Hungarians far more genuinely assimilated Jews than among Anglo-Saxons. Genuinely Hungarian Jews have learned to be Hungarian.

I am, since reading your first-class article, inferring freely that the ‘virtue’ sense of ‘tolerance’ is uniquely Anglo-Saxon, and hence the amazing level of impudence, and contempt for the host nation, of Jews among Anglo-Saxons. I.e., the Anglo-Saxon concept of ‘tolerance’ is responsible for excessive Jewish self-aggrandisement and contemptuous approach to the host nation.
I am serious: I have a fair grasp of several European languages, but ‘tolerance’ carries the ‘virtue’ connotation in none of them except in English.

‘Yet, oddly though, I see among Hungarians far more genuinely assimilated Jews than among Anglo-Saxons. Genuinely Hungarian Jews have learned to be Hungarian.’

This may explain why Hungary has the second most people with Ashkenazi ancestry outside of Israel according to genetic studies. There are apparently 150,000 half Jews in Hungary.

Jews do not respect those that are nice to them. To reverse an age old aphorism when dealing with Jews you will catch more flies with vinegar than honey. Many times I have made the mistake of being open, friendly and honest with Jews only to have it thrown back in my face. Try being a little tougher though and they will respect and like you. Remember Jews are a very craven and power worshipping people.

As for Jewish assimilation I would contend that there is no such thing. Merely mimicking another culture is not enough.

As a Hungarian I can confirm that most Jews are as hostile, and most influential Jews are as subversive here as anywhere else. I do know of apolitical Jews (and half Jews) that don’t care, and that would be as surprised as anyone else if they heard of what Jews are doing to the white world. They usually live and think like any person who is clueless about Jews. But if you look around the country we have a Jewish problem as much as anyone else does. Sometimes they even appear to hate us more, given that anti-Semitism is quite high due to the communist era of Bela Kun (original name Kohn, a variant of Cohen). (Though not nearly enough; they still manage to conceal the facts from most people.)

What is a Jew?
Genetic studies diverge.
How do Jews define themselves?
What makes them herd together?
What is the end-game?

Arlene Johnson
Brilliant article; I have saved it. To understand who semites are read

Not in my work, but an excellent description of Anti-semitism:

People who take up the sword against so-called “anti-Semitism” generally have no understanding of what they are saying. They are psychologically conditioned to react to a label, the bottle of which is without content but adduced as an instrument of dishonest political strategy. Approximately ninety per cent. of modern Jewry is not Semitic but of Ashkenazic central European origin. The numerically few Sephardim only are Semitic. Moreover the Arabic peoples, who comprise a large segment of humanity are Semitic. Many critics and commentators do not even spell the word correctly, which error speaks to their gross ignorance of the subject and the prevailing low level of academic rigour–or integrity, whichever the case may be.Anyone who is familiar with the writings of early Zionist protagonists will have observed that they adopted “anti-Semitism” as a primary strategic weapon essential to achievement of their ultimate policies and objectives. In other words, where it did not exist it would have to be created. The term must be inculcated incessantly in the public psyche by constant discussion in the information media and “educational” institutions. Guilt is a potent factor in determining human action. If it can be implanted in the human mind it can be employed as a powerful abstract instrument to influence human behaviour. Unless self-righteous zealots and/or sentimentalists, who are more reactive than rational in taking up the cause against the misnomered and abstract “anti-Semitism” can present a concrete definition of the chimera against which they imagine themselves to be arrayed, their basic intelligence, academic objectivity and ethical integrity must be subject to close scrutiny. At very least they are surely naïve souls who are mere uncomprehending tools in a political strategy which transcends their understanding.
Arlene Johnson
To access the rest of my work, click on the icon that says Magazine.

Superb article! Definitely the best of Dr Joyce’s uniformly excellent work. Usury and the general ‘love of money’ are the driving forces behind all the social evils that afflict European peoples. To break the power of usury we need some sort of moral re-armament, perhaps a modern equivalent of ‘bonfire of the vanities’ as happened all too briefly in renaissance Florence.

To those of us who have been paying attention it’s nothing too new.

However, my 85 year old mother said to me yesterday that most people don’t want to know because of they have been propagandised long enough to feel guilt that they even remotely contemplate jewish wrong/evil. The other factor is that real cognisance will force self admission and demand change in their comfortable ignorance.

To change all of this is a monumental task, akin to rehabilitating a heroin addict.

Thanks for the article.
One point of disagreement: consumerism is merely a derivative of monetary policy. The lending of money at interest is no more problematic than renting out a car. It’s the creation of money ex nihilo by the Central Bank and its commercial banking cartel, the root problem. If money loaned were actually money saved and not created by way of special privilege, the bulk of today’s programs and lifestyles literally couldn’t be funded. Wall St. would be the dwarf to the Main St. giant, and not vice versa.

It’s hard to be optimistic that a Trump victory won’t see his sponsors rewarded with their war on Iran.

“It’s the creation of money ex nihilo by the Central Bank and its commercial banking cartel, the root problem. The lending of money at interest is no more problematic than renting out a car. It’s the creation of money ex nihilo by the Central Bank and its commercial banking cartel, the root problem. If money loaned were actually money saved and not created by way of special privilege, the bulk of today’s programs and lifestyles literally couldn’t be funded. Wall St. would be the dwarf to the Main St. giant, and not vice versa.”

I agree the type of obsessive ‘consumerism’ and worthless objects that have no longevity by virtue of being made just to be replaced could no longer exist. So too will the advertising to lure people into the latest consumer fad disappear.

Labour would be important again, rather than just an ‘input cost’ workers savings will be necessary again to fund entrepreneurs and business expansion.

The present international monetary system allows for currency misalignment to persist over long periods, long enough to make it worthwhile for companies to move manufacturing and services offshore. Currencies can be manipulated to achieve policy agendas to the detriment and benefit of different groups without the exercise being perceived or understood by the layman.

What you call creation of money ex nihilo is little different than debt funding. It is planned in the same way. It is debt funding for the government.

In this article, Andrew Joyce explains the effect of Jews on Western culture. Jews are a toxin, and the deadly enemies of the White race.

Former VP Joe Biden agrees, although he didn’t use the word “toxin”, for some reason.

In a speech to a Jewish gathering in May 2013, Biden credited the Jews for their “outsized influence” on our culture. He likes it, though. He thinks it’s great that Jews are behind the tidal wave of decadence that has covered the West.

Do an Internet Search for “joe biden on jewish influence.” And locate Kevin MacDonald’s essay, “Joe Biden’s Faux Pas”, May 20, 2013

Brilliant article, great work by Dr Joyce, it says it all really. Maybe the only angle not explicitly covered here is the Jewish attack on and undermining of Christianity, since the Enlightenment at least and probably well before that….

The root of all our problems ..

There is one issue which should be clear for anyone examining the Jewish Tribe.:

In an end analysis their REAL POWER based on their POWER of the PURSE .. as one of their tribesmen has expressed it.
Without that .. they would be NOTHING but an irritating Mosquito .. easily squashed with a casual smack of the hand…
The acquisition of this power has correctly been connected to USURY.
And that has been true for many decades… even millennia.
Today and for the time being we have a minimal interest environment (except on Credit Cards and Loan sharking, a Business overwhelmingly in Jewish Hands)
.. and they still hold that Power..

WHY ? ..

Because in the end it is not Usury which is the Power…
Usury is just a TOOL to an end… and the end goal is DEBT…..
INDEBTED PEOPLE and NATIONS are at the Mercy of their Creditors.
It forces debtors to hand over their real tangible assets.

The real tangible asset of normal people is their labour.

Today, common People of the West are more indebted than ever before.
That .. even applies to Nations.
How did this happen?
It happened because the common people were enticed to buy a roof over their head
.. on CREDIT..
A roof .. purchased at irrational prices. A roof which generates no income. Additionally, being a taxation trap, from which normal people cannot escape.

Simultaneously, nations, due to incompetent and corrupted politicians, have allowed miniscule elites to fleece the public by an endless row of financial machinations, including Tax avoidance, an avalanche of criminal Accounting Practices as well as Market Manipulations and unrestricted flow of criminally obtained capital across borders.

All the while, the usurious clan has been busy transforming its criminally obtained fictional paper wealth and profits into real tangible assets. In this criminal scheme, they have purchased the majority of all productive assets available on earth. Tangible value which produces income. Anyway as long as there are any dumbed down buyers of their products.

And the globe is with lightning speed transforming into a NEO – FEUDAL world, just like in the decaying Roman empire .. as one of many historical examples.

In reality, they don’t need usury anymore to stay on top and wield power. Because wealth, just like in the Dark Ages of Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire is .. relative. And in the end, not what is desired. What is desired is power … over people!

I refer to three economic studies in this subject, the conclusion of which should be self–evident for anyone with a modicum of economic knowledge and still with their mental faculties intact ..

Vitali, Glattfelder Battison ; ETH , Zurich . Switzerland
The Network of Global Corporate Control–the-capitalist-network-that-runs-the-world.html#.UhDRS6Lfp9A

Conclusion of the study : approximately fifty named companies, mainly financial corporations control over 40% of all known 37 million companies on the globe.

The Price of Offshore revisited. New Estimates for missing Global Private Wealth. Income . Inequality, and Lost Taxes

Conclusion of the Report :
A handful of major private banking institutions now accounts for 62 to 74 percent of all offshore private wealth. The names mentioned are identical to the Names in Study No 1

A Swedish Research group A Folke et al
Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm, Sweden
Transnational corporations and the challenge of biosphere stewardship
Conclusion of study : Ownership of most tangible real Assets on the Globe is concentrated to a minuscule group of Corporations , where the names are more or less identical to the names in Study No 1 and 2

As a Grand Final in this series of financial Studies the last research Group , who has been financed by the same Group they have been “investigating “ frivolously and un-ashamed suggests to hand over more POWER to these miniscule Elites .. please consult the “Acknowledgements” of the Study



But saying so, could land me in Prison

Let me end this diatribe with a referral to a POEM
A POEM by an informed sensitive Human
Who has produced a scathing denunciation of “The Tribe”
On par with the best Ezra Pound has written.
Try and read it loud for Yourself …..
keep the flowing Rhythm of the Verses !:

From “Platos Guns” : “Jewish terrorism” :

PROsemitism —— what is it?
If there is an “antisemitism” you must ask: “What is PROsemitism?”
PROsemitism must be a supporter of “semitism”, which really means Judaism (though most Moslems are SEMITIC and most JEWS are NOT). So what are you supporting if you are a PROsemite? Well first of all we must define Judaism:
Judaism is neither a race or a religion, it is Xenophobic Tribalism.
A person unduly fearful or contemptuous of that which is foreign, especially of strangers or foreign peoples.

  1. The organization, culture, or beliefs of a tribe.
  2. A strong feeling of identity with and loyalty to one’s tribe or group. So right off the start, you hate all NON-Jews, NON-members of YOUR group (TRIBE). You “bundle together” for support and safety, the very definition of Fascism. THAT means, that if I am not one of the TRIBE, you do not like me.
    Jews have been practicing eugenics for 3,500 years. Jewish mother “makes” you a Jew. Jewish father decides your tribe. Both Mother and Father are supposed to be Jews for true membership.

Since Jews BRAND all NON-Jews “gentile” automatically denigrating them, to be PROsemitic one must by definition be ANTI-GENTILE. They hate all NON-Jews so fundamentally, that they have to specifically name “RIGHTEOUS GENTILES”.
Those are NON-Jewish HUMANS that went so far out of their way to help/save Jews that the Jews were forced to acknowledge the humanity of that specific ‘gentile”. You see, PROsemites do not acknowledge the equality of spirituality and humanity of “gentiles”. What the Jewish Rabbis think of JESUS: “As for Christianity, there is a dispute among Halachic authorities, but the vast majority consider it idolatry as well. Islam, on the other hand, is not considered idolatry.” Read that last bit again VERY SLOWLY so the “christianzionists” can follow: “ISLAM, on the other hand, is NOT considered idolatry.” ………..

According to the SPLC and ADL an organization is a “HATE GROUP” if it has “beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people”.
Jews have HATED Egypt for 3,500 years.
Jews have HATED Babylon for 2,500 years.
Jews have HATED CHRIST and his followers for 2,000 years.
For 3,500 years antiGENTILISM has been the glue binding Judaism
Israel’s entire being is predicated on the hatered of non-Jews holding “The Tribe” together.
Then non-Jews sat for tens of thousands of years waiting, waiting, waiting, for a Jew to come along, so we could all be mean for no reason. Sorry, what happened was Jews created a social system of Xenophobic Tribalism (look it up) wherein THEY hate all NON-Jews, and this hate of all non-Tribe members has, naturally, caused People to not like them.
anti-semitic … that’s what they called Jesus of Nazareth in the Galilee …
JUDAS ISCARIOT was a JEW beloved by the Temple Priests.
Judaism is neither a race or a religion, it is Xenophobic Tribalism.

David Ben-Gurion, one of the father founders of Israel, described Zionist aims in 1948: “A Christian state should be established [in Lebanon], with its southern border on the Litani river. We will make an alliance with it. When we smash the Arab Legion’s strength and bomb Amman, we will eliminate Transjordan too, and then Syria will fall. If Egypt still dares to fight on, we shall bomb Port Said, Alexandria and Cairo… And in this fashion, we will end the war and settle our forefathers’ account with Egypt, Assyria, and Aram” ………….. read that again
“and settle our forefathers’ account with Egypt, Assyria, and Aram”. They are still hating and planning deadly attacks after 3,500+ years. How do you think they feel about JESUS CHRIST whom they have HATED for 2,000 years.
Israel’s MOTTOES:
(1) Never forgive and never forget.
(2) By way of deception you will do war.
Their ONLY(monotheistic) “god” is a WAR god.
PROsemitism is antiGENTILEism and Gentiles are ALL NON-jews.

Jews HATE Christianity even more then they hate most Gentiles — The Jewish Rabbis hold ISLAM in esteem while spitting on Jesus “As for Christianity, there is a dispute among Halachic authorities, but the vast majority consider it idolatry as well. Islam, on the other hand, is not considered idolatry.”
Read that last bit again:very very slowly so the “christianzionists:” can keep up … “Islam, on the other hand, is not considered idolatry.” The Rabbis despise Christianity.
The World should insist Israel live by the standards Israel demands of others. Be judged as ye judge others. If Israel wants to be recognized, Israel must recognize the equality and humanity of all people. Quit calling non-jews “shiska, goyim, gentile”.

If Israel wants Hamas to ‘repudiate’ their charter, Israel must REPUDIATE their manual of hate, the TORAH, which openly proclaims that all ‘gentiles’ should be ‘hewers of wood, and bearers of water’ …….. for Israel.
Israel must recognize the native people’s right to a Palestinian state.
Israel refuses to sign the Non Proliferation Treaty or open it’s nukes to inspection. Israel should have the exact same sanctions that were put on Iran.

There are no adequate words. I’m simply blown away, not just by the massively-learned and complex bibliography, but more importantly still, by the breadth and depth of Dr Joyce’s profound understanding of those works, and the critical importance for our world of the message which arises from them.

Ironically, I felt initially that the new essay from the great man had started out badly – I struggle a little with medieval art, and lazily felt that the two phrases in Latin and German would have been better placed with a translation to hand. But almost at once, a name – Frederic Raphael – came to the eye, which happens to be a name I have only very recently discovered as that of yet another typically talentless, neurotic, sexually-obsessed, endlessly-self-promoting Jew “writer” – one of whose garbage plays recently invaded the BBC radio airwaves for two wasted hours.

Then I was sold, and I read on with anticipation, amidst the sobering, still-shocking accounts of their low, hypocritical, self-righteous, godless, satanic, nation-wrecking-treachery, and the ever-growing, near-endless list of the Levantine names which have cursed us already for generations. I’m not surprised anymore – only devastated, and murderously angry – by our failure as a people to rise up and finally remove them all, before it is too late.

Please God, Dr Joyce – write “The Necessity of Anti-Semitism” – and sooner rather than later. Our dying world needs it – much more than it has ever needed, or ever will need, those who are destroying us all.

… and though I have received critical comments from some individuals, my maxim still stands:

“Don’t only blame the Jews – also blame those that bend to their pressure.”

As soon as I started reading this article, “The Psychopath Next Door”, the book that helped me so much, came to mind. It’s a must read for all White people. The psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists are preying off a whole race of kind, unsuspecting victims. It is always safest to steer clear of them once you identify one because it can never be underestimated just how dangerous they are and what they’re capable of. But at this point, they are so deeply infiltrated in our societies and so heavily protected and privileged, that I can’t see how we will ever undo the damage they’ve done. Our societies are scarcely our own anymore so we’re not even a majority to a protect ourselves.

Truly, it is the best con-job the world has ever seen, the scope and the magnitude of it is incomprehensible, so infiltrated in almost every Western country, in every Western institution from banking to education, to immigration, to culture and the demoralization of culture, to everything that has bankrupted us spiritually, morally and financially and near brainwashed every mind… it doesn’t look good.

I’m reading Eustace Mullin’s ‘The Curse of Canaan: A demonology of history’, in an attempt to understand a somewhat scientific explanation of these people. It’s one of many books I have read to help me understand. And probably a hundred more won’t help me either because it’s beyond the scope of normal. I’ll never understand. It is a con job so perfectly orchestrated, so wide-spread, that literally the entire planet has fallen to or is about to fall to…Satan.

I am actually stunned to read this “scholarly” article titled “The Necessity of Anti-Semitism” by Andrew Joyce without finding a single mention of Adolf Hitler and his 1920 speech “Why We Are Antisemites.” This is a long speech, even for a man known for long speeches, and very detailed, covering a great deal of ground. [You can read it at

I waited to see if any readers would pick up on the fact that Germany in the heart of Europe was hardly mentioned in this article – let alone not even a hint toward Adolf Hitler – but not a single comment out of twenty has so far taken note of that glaring omission.

I would say that everyone who writes about Jews in the present day, including Andrew Joyce and even Kevin MacDonald, owes a great debt of gratitude to Adolf Hitler, who, throughout his career, taught us about the Jewish mentality with unerringly accuracy. If you haven’t read his 1920 speech “Why We Are Antisemites,” you should. If Hitler had been listened to, we could have avoided a whole lot of trouble and pain.

Carolyn .. You are right !
My guess is that the omission is tactical.
But, at the same time, realizing that the omission is self-defeating, in spite of all the learned and well-researched academia, from which I gratefully both learn and quote. It is high time for White Man to become again what he is: Proud, self-interested, and unashamed violent, if need be. Before that happens it will just be a long row of increasingly humiliating defeats!

There seems to be some problem with the link I gave to Hitler’s speech “Why We Are Antisemites.” If so, use this:

The only small candle in the darkness i can discover are the Young people behind Generation Identitaire. They dont just TALK .. they ACT.. and therefore I support them.. They deserve it !

Roger K
I also appreciate Carolyn’s tireless work. As a former decades-long liberal, I used to think that any appreciation for the era of National Socialism was a reflection of pathology. It has been only after much study, acquainting myself with verifiable facts of history (starting with Rhonhof’s The War with Many Fathers), that I learned to understand objectively the task that Hitler faced in 1933. I have learned to strongly despise the cravenness of Roosevelt and Churchill for creating a world war out of a border conflict. From there I was also able to convince myself of the hollowness of the alleged Holocaust, and finally, reasons why Hitler and crew correctly perceived the threat that the Jews did and do present Europe. My point: the majority of our fellow citizens are so ignorant of history and yet, so exposed to Jewish propaganda as distributed by Hollywood (Schindler’s List, etc, a new Nazi movie every year) or the History Channel that for them a direct lauding of NSDAP will set them into emotional lockdown. I favor detailed presentations such as this article as the only way to drive a wedge into the “Closed American Mind”.

We need to figure out what gets people on the pathway to being Jew-wise and act on it. We must have some people in the relevant university departments. They can disguise their work under the cover of what radicalises people. Or perhaps we can use some existing work on that topic?

Achilles Wannabe
No, sometimes others do read this stuff. I was, until recently quite unconverted. I am an old and “well educated” dog – meaning I got post war Jewish dominated social science and history up the kazoom. Three years ago, I came to this site almost as if it was pornography in the 50’s. I began my process of deJudaization. Others are coming too. This is going to take time. Hopefully we have it.

While Joyce and TOO churn out another brilliant summary, Jews are systemically depriving Whites of access to global communication. The Jewish response to perceived or conceivable challenges to their forward march is Action; the presumptive “leadership” of Whites responds to actual and violent challenges to their future existence with – – – another brilliant article.

There are many things that informed and motivated Whites could have done, and wanted to do, other than read articles. Unfortunately, the only person who was accepted–enthusiastically-across all lines of otherwise fractious White groups had been bitten by a bug — to create the “Gentile Intellectuals” on the so un-comparable model of the brilliant ones from New York. A lesser calling by far.
Twenty years of inactivity – a whole generation. So many good people who’ve wandered away … And so many who’ve hung on, saddened, frustrated, or embittered.

Correct!… Still .. something is better than nothing ,,especially if that something is as brilliant as TOO. In my comment to a lady here I have pointed at some young people .. who not only talk .. but who ACT – GENERATION IDENTITAIRE. … They deserve all the support ..we ” oldies can give them !

Opposition to Jewish ambition “to impose its rule on other nations”, be it Globalist, Communist, Mulitculturism, or Liberal, is not anti-Semitism, even if the Jews imagine it so.

Western nations have an equally solemn duty to prevent Jewish subversion of identity, faith, and morals. Jews have been hated since the beginning of time to the present and usually for the same repeated offenses against their host countries. Usury, subversion, subterfuge, revolution, exploitation, cultural pollution, goy hatred, tribal nepotism.

Yes a truly brilliant article. An extraordinary combination of rigorously documented verifiable factual claims with testable valid logical inferences, all expressed in a very readable almost literary style. It’s a virtual lesson plan for students of the decline and fall of Western culture (civilization), at the hands of the Jewish nation.

From its inception Western Civilization has beat back invasions from the Middle East (Phoenicians [Hannibal – Freud admired him], Arabs, Turks, etc.). Each time it succeeded in defeating them and survived. This time the Middle Eastern Jews have finally succeeded in conquering the West. But, unlike their predecessors, they did not confront the West militarily. Rather, they infiltrated within.

Great article, Dr. Joyce. I have no compunction whatsoever about committing all the Jews you named to a salt mine with or without a Starbucks. They could join the hundreds I’ve already sent there in cattle cars to honor their role in forced busing and the destruction of my public school, the overdose deaths of millions of white people courtesy of their counter-culture chic (later the Sacklers), and their documented propagandizing for pornography, our demographic displacement, interracial victimization and mongrelization. I grew up in the 60s and every white boomer I remember who fell in with their project uncritically is now either dead or a shambling brain zombie. And yet I personally have never met a Jew I hated–and I’ve met many, usually as fellow students. Indeed, many of them seemed as much victim of the Jewish program as we whites, sometimes more so. You may recall Himmler’s lament: “Every German knows a good Jew.” And so do I. And probably so do you. Maybe at some point you can fashion an article as to what we owe these decent, inoffensive Jews. (If you know no good Jew personally, think Stephen Miller.) If one of these good Jews asked me, I think I would tell them I’m acting in their best interest when I fantasize about remanding certain of their co-ethnics to salt mines, that I’m making distinctions on their behalf while distinctions are still possible—before all whites (not just National Socialist Germany’s) realize their fate is sealed.

I have known two extremely red-pilling Jewish people.

My aunt is Jewish, and her father was a NYC slum lord who ended up getting locked away in prison for his practices for like 20 years.

I met an old pervert at a gym I went to who loved to talk about his adventures on sugar daddy websites. He complained about the patriotism in the Olympics and the lack of news coverage of military developments in Israel in American media. He bragged about little cheap things he did. Once his vacuum broke and he demanded that he get refunded by bed bath and beyond. The vacuum was 20 years old, and the clerks thought the idea was crazy and had no way of checking that it was ever sold there. He forced them to look into inventory backlogs (probably took hours) until they found it, and got his money back. Once the nearby grocery store mailed coupons to residents in nearby apartments (typically each resident got one in their mailbox). He saw a stack of them and took the whole stack. He continued to use them for months, even well after the coupons expired, and lied to the clerks by saying the coupons were not delivered to him on time. He told me many stories of how clerks argued and doubted him, but gloated that he stuck to his guns and won his discount in the end. He also constantly changed bank accounts to get money bonus offers. Often he would terminate accounts early, costing him a fine described in the fine print, which he would then escalate to branch management until they just gave in and dropped the fine.

Great article except for this:

“The history of Christianity has been put through the Jewish intellectual meat grinder, and emerges today only as a tale of persecutions and slavery. It is a shell, co-opted for endless tolerance”

While Christianity has been attacked it is only because the shell casing is no longer needed, the bullet has already done its damage. Christianity was always a Jewish, moral inversion of European values, spreading among women and slaves. Christianity was the original Cultural Marxism, attempting to destroy everything it came into contact with.

Thinking on this further I think you have missed a vital bit of dot connecting. You say, “Just like the Frankfurt School, these cultural heroes know us better than we know ourselves, which allows them to help us see that we are irrational and evil, bigoted and in need of Jewish redemption. We are constantly and warmly assured by our Jewish helpers that this process is undertaken for the West’s own good. They free us from our “baggage.””

You then lament the attacks on Christianity, but fail to see this is exactly the Christian story.

Christianity is a story, written by Jews, about Jews, based on “Jewish history”, for gentiles. It is sold to us as, “You filthy goyim don’t understand how evil you are. You are born with a sin nature and you need to be saved. Boy do we have a deal for you, we know just the guy. He happens to be the son of god. God wants to love you, but he needs you to give up on your family and heritage heritage first. I mean, it is all wickedness anyway. Who would pick all this worldliness over eternal life?”

Does the New York Times allow Trump supporters who abide by this paper’s standards of courtesy, to comment?
If so, please let me say that I do support and admire this president though I hope that future presidents will take the next necessary step toward making America 90% white again.
For nearly 400 years, America was 90% white, or better, and those were the years during which our country developed into the world preeminent country. Now that the White portion of the demographic has been decimated and has been targeted for minority standing, the United States, (and the West generally) has precipitously deteriorated in relation to the rest of the world, the Far East in particular.

China, wise enough to avoid foreign wars, retains its monocultural dispensation and keep its minorities under tight control, is on track, I believe, very soon to preempt this country’s ruinous efforts at world dominance. An America reduced to third-world standards will likely prove very uncomfortable for those uninvited sectors of the population most especially promoted by this newspaper.


  1. USA is not going to revert its demographics. It is a crazy proposition. Advancing it will embitter our enemies. We would have better luck asking for a piece of USA/Canada
  2. Advancing the cause of white well-being with racist arguments (“the brown ppl will crash the ecomony and make us third-world!”) is also horribly destructive to our cause. For some normies, they get confused into thinking that this is the entire root of our desire to survive, when it is not even the root at all. After getting this idea off the right-wing, they then go on to meet perfectly fine and intelligent non-white people. They then are filled with rage that these people have to suffer through condescending, hateful thoughts and words from racists, especially since they aren’t even necessarily true. Racism has been the weak point of the right-wing for centuries.

After seeing the blurb about this Kosiński guy, I felt I had to search him online and to see what others are saying. Starting with Wikipedia, I saw some terrible and demoralizing bombshells:

The Painted Bird, Kosiński’s controversial 1965 novel, is a fictional account that depicts the personal experiences of a boy of unknown religious and ethnic background who wanders around unidentified areas of Eastern Europe during World War II and takes refuge among a series of people, many of whom are brutally cruel and abusive, either to him or to others.

Polish literary critic and University of Warsaw professor Paweł Dudziak remarked that “in spite of the unclear role of its author, The Painted Bird is an achievement in English literature.” He stressed that since the book is a work of fiction and does not document real-world events, accusations of anti-Polish sentiment may result only from taking it too literally.[11]

After being translated into Polish, it was read by the people with whom the Lewinkopf family lived during the war. They recognized names of Jewish children sheltered by them (who also survived the war), depicted in the novel as victims of abuse by characters based on them.[13]

The problem with saying that frustrated people are “only from taking it too literally” is that OF COURSE readers will take it literally! Are readers supposed to already know that this (((guy))) is massively exaggerating in his descriptions of the evils of the Polish people? And why might a man “paint” the Poles in such a bad light, I wonder? Most good goys don’t for a second suspect that the Jews, spotless lambs that they are, would misrepresent others!

Yes, people believe the descriptions of humanity given to them by movies and literature. This is why so many people, after seeing Hidden Figures, genuinely came to the belief that three black women basically put a man on the moon.

And all writers should accept this burden of knowing that they are the ones whose position it is to teach the society about the history and nature of humanity. This critic should know better than to say “the audience should know better!” You should not expect people to believe things contrary to what they are taught; it is evil to maintain a web of lies and blame people for believing them.

“Advancing it [racism] will embitter our enemies.”
Indeed, but I very much wish to embitter them. My desire is to so embitter our enemies that we may more quickly move forward to that belated racial war that will empower me to kill as many enemy as I may be able to accomplish.

From UNZ:

Ashkenaz – over 80% of modern day Jewry – are Europeans, not Semites.

Someone said “To defend Jewish power is a crime against humanity.” What do you think??

“On the other hand, if you try to impede Jewish particularism by, for example, banning one of their tribal rites such as circumcision, the lesson of the ADL’s threats to the sovereign nation of Iceland shows that blackmail, slander, and unrelenting economic warfare are equally deployable tools in their armory.”

This heavy-handed maneuvering, including explicit or implied threats, as well as legal challenges or lobbying, to block proposed legislative bans with regard to such elective cosmetic surgery being performed on infants, has not just occurred in Iceland (2018) but in numerous other jurisdictions years before.

For instance, an initiative in San Francisco that was cleared for their November 2011 ballot, which would have required voluntary consent by a person over eighteen years to have his foreskin amputated, was subsequently withdrawn by a judge, at the behest of the ADL, among others. A state law was ultimately signed by the governor to prevent such ballot measures in the future.

Details here:

In 2012 this form of genital mutilation was a big issue in some European countries too.

Wikipedia – legal aspects of male genital mutilation

The hypocrisy regarding different treatment for male and female is illuminating; in July 2013 the N.Y.Times featured an opinion editorial that urged: Taking Female Circumcision out of Existence

All we need is transparency. Conspiratorial Jews are a minority; even many of their co-religionists would abandon them if they knew the truth of their machinations. That’s easier said than done however in an environment where criticism is equated with hatred.

Stalinism is what happens when the golem (Marxism) turns on its maker.

The Dark Night:
I am a Halachic Jew and a commenter on a once popular anti-Jewish site, and I can assure that no one in the commune to which the author of this piece belongs is interested in a transparent talk. These people feed on each other’s hate.

I suggested to them more than once to help them understand the Jews and the Jewish thinking, I promised to answer whatever question being as honest as I can be. I offered them to get an insight into the most obscure corners of Judaism, which I know well.

Trust me – no one wants to know a thing.

The people in this commune of bottom-feeders are not interested in understanding what is going on. No one is asking questions. All I get in response is allegations of being a liar and insults. Their emotional and mental condition is disturbing me.

No one wants to know a thing.

80% of the American Jews support Israel genocidal policies. That tells you everything about the incredible double standard Jews have.

The ethnic Jew is the antithesis of all civilization. Until the Chinese eliminate the source, Satan will continue to possess his Khazar minions

Although I used my hourly ‘Agree’, it should be pointed out that the term ‘co-religionists’ is a tad inaccurate. I would go so far as to split world Jewry into at least four distinct segments –

  1. Ultra-Orthodox – usually dumb-as-fuck Osteuropaische-spawn who read the Old Nonsense and view it as a How-To, rather than a depraved fairy tale;
  2. Nerf-Jews – they wear a different type of silly hat, no tzitzit, and don’t tie a box to their heads and rock like a mental patient, but are still fairly comfortable with killing Palestinians and stealing their land (and some of them believe in the invisible sky maniac);
  3. (Almost-)Atheists – basically call themselves Jewish, but do fuck-all (except genitally mutilating their male offspring, and doing Peschach, Purim, and Bar Mitzvah);
  4. Actual atheists, who do none of the above, and call themselves Jewish because (a) some ancestor in a hovel somewhere actually believed in bits of the Old Nonsense, and/or (b) their parents and grandparents would feel miffed if junior renounced the whole box and dice.

Oddly, the most ardent anti-Zionists are found in group 1.

My best guess (knowing quite a few Red Sea Pedestrians, none of whom tie boxes to their heads) is that 3 and 4 are the vast, vast majority of all Jews. They don’t participate in, or benefit from, the aberrant behaviour of the sociopathic few who share (some) ethnocultural group identity.

In that sense, the majority of Red Sea Pedestrians bear the same relationship to the ‘bad actors’, as we all do to our own bad actors (the political and bureaucratic classes). Just as it is really retarded to tar Yanks, Poms, Aussies, Ay-rabs etc with a brush based on the behaviour of the worst among them, so it is a terrible idea to do the same thing to all Jooooooze.

Note that this does not apply when the aggregation happens in the correct domain: Israelis are a valid class to despise, because they and their anchor-babies are direct beneficiaries of an exterminationist policy, and they know it.

So a gay atheist or a moderate BDS supporter from Tel Aviv, deserves just as much calumny as the spittle flecked rabid UO nutbars from Beit Shemesh or the equally-but-differently insane fuckwits from places like Tekoa (an illegal settlement in the Occupied West Bank). Even folks like Uri Avnery (of blessed but tarnished memory), Shlomo Sand, and their ilk.

Yes, the perfect is the enemy of the good. Rightly so.

We wouldn’t give a concentration camp guard who was otherwise nice, a ‘pass’ for his participation in the unpleasantness visited on some folks in the 1940s (whatever form that took).

I will mock anyone puerile enough to believe primitive drivel – regardless of denomination or strength of belief. It’s a “bright line” thing: adults who make their life decisions based on rules laid down with reference to imaginary entities should be mocked and their beliefs laid bare as a historical nonsense. That’s not “hate” or even “spite”.

But I would view positively, any campaign by valid rights-holders (be they Palestinian, Irish, Hawai’ian, Maori, Aboriginal, Zulu, or whatever) that decimated invader populations in a bid to get the invader to sling their hook and take their anchor-babies with them.

Caveat: where property changed hands voluntarily, without coercion, and the transfer was accepted as such by the prior rightful owner(s): those people and their descendants have the same rights as the indigenes, and dispossessing them would be a moral wrong.

I add that because the white bits of my family fall into that category: they have unambiguously ‘clean hands’ with respect to their original arrival in Ao Tea Roa, and subsequent acquisition of a grant of land from a local iwi. They were granted (not sold) a large, fertile parcel as a reward for helping the tribe repulse an attack by the mythical ‘Crown’. This was before Te Tiriti O Waitangi, so Ao Tea Roa didn’t have a government as such. After 1845, the Crown spent 20 years trying to claim that the acquisition – being a reward for insurrection – was invalid, because the Crown wanted the land.

“But, I would view positively, any campaign by valid rights-holders (be they Palestinian, Irish, Hawai’ian, Maori, Aboriginal, Zulu, or whatever) that decimated invader populations in a bid to get the invader to sling their hook and take their anchor-babies with them.”

The problem with this theory is that it would dispossess the vast majority of the world’s population, as (almost) all of us are at least partly descended from conquerors.

The male line of the “original” inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula disappeared completely 4500 years ago when steppe tribes showed up and exterminated all the males.

The entire history of the world is similar. The Sioux obsess about the Black Hills being stolen from them, which it was. But less than 100 years before they had stolen it from the Cheyenne, who stole it from the Kiowa, etc., etc.

The “Palestinians” may have largely been present in what is now Israel when the Israelis started arriving, but they are certainly not the “original” inhabitants.

The process of determining who the “valid rights-holders” is beyond human capabilities. What about those, probably almost all of us, who are descended from both conquerors and conquered? Where would the billions of non-valid rights-holders go back to?

“I am a Halachic Jew.”

Why would you ever bother to find that out – and if true, why would you self-describe as such?

I’m descended (only ~4 generations ago) from savages who ate people, owned slaves, and thought that their country was a dead stingray fished up by Polynesian Hercules (Maui), and that personal magic was a thing (e.g., that a tohunga matakite could reliably forecast the future[1]).

However, since all those things are either abhorrent or preposterous, when I identify as part-Maori, it is solely by reference to bloodline, not to whether I satisfy some bullshit written down by some charlatan who made his living pretending that his schtick was real. (Halachically-Jewish is a reference to a specific aspect of bloodline as declared by professional grifters: switch which genitals the Jewish DNA comes from, and the halacha gives you a different answer… which is a big sign it’s horseshit).

Besides, it’s entirely possible to be halachically-Jewish, and an atheist (or even a member of the Westboro baptists FFS). A female descendant of a halachic Jew, is halachically a Jew, even if they renounce the Old Nonsense and wouldn’t recognise the Mitzvot if they were right in their face.

Conversely, if Momma was a shikse (Ed: Derogatory slang for white Christian female – as seen on Jewish-worn T-shirts – “Shikses are for practice.”), Daddy could be the most observant dude who ever tied a box to his head… but his kids would still be goyim.

Why self-define by reference to primitive ascientific gibberish? It’s 200 years since the Industrial Revolution, and 350 since the Enlightenment, and 700 since the Renaissance. Time to maybe think about updating your Weltanschauung and sloughing off values that are preposterous or depraved…

[1] ‘tohunga’ just means a highly skilled person, in some field of endeavour. Similar to ‘τέκτων’ I guess.

Exactly. It seems to me that the truth is much more complex and nuanced than “Jews are behind everything!” It reminds me of the ADL’s version of “history” which places all the blame on white Christians, or even black race hustlers who blame the “white man” for “always keeping the black man down.”

Never before seen Mossad this busy on the comment board – the ultimate tribute to this masterpiece by Andrew Joyce.

No doubt Jews as outsiders are free of the ties that bind the host people – culture, morality, honor – and have a perspective enabling them to see, evaluate and exploit the group behavior of the herd in ways that can not be accomplished from within the herd to the extent Jews so easily attain.

There are no clandestine midnight meetings, no gatherings of Elders of Zion, but instead a shared instinct defending shared interests in a spirit of bitterness and, in reality, the Culture of Critique is not a declaration of open war, but the pursuance of war disguised as friendship, as medicine, as liberation.

This sentence in an instant classic because it echos one of the most powerfully accurate ever written about Jew evil:

Chapter 16, The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire (1776–1789) by Edward Gibbon.

Humanity is shocked at the recital of the horrid cruelties which (((they))) committed in the cities of Egypt, of Cyprus, and of Cyrene, where (((they))) dwelt in treacherous friendship with the unsuspecting natives; and we are tempted to applaud the severe retaliation which was exercised by the arms of the legions against a race of fanatics whose dire and credulous superstition seemed to render (((them))) the implacable enemies not only of the Roman government, but of human kind.

Mention of the Jew ethnicity’s “shared instinct” ties in exactly with the initial statement of “Anti-termite” first posted among comments on a prior article by Dr. Joyce:



I oppose proactively hateful ethno-supremacist Jews behaving as termites gnawing often latently but ever unceasingly in instinctive concert at the cultural structure of White Christian society as they have been doing since arriving en masse in the United States circa 1880 pursuing their apparent goal to eradicate all people of European descent.

Yet the sentence disappoints in two subtle ways: it infers the inauthenticity of The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion, a view mistakenly held by invaluable human rights leader Dr. David Duke and possibly Dr. MacDonald when Waters Flowing Eastward (1933) by L. Fry irrefutably persuades the document is every bit as authentic as Henry Ford believed it to be; and mention of “medicine” as an area of Jew treachery gave rise to the unfulfilled hope that the article would shine Dr. Joyce’s always powerful light of truth on the hideous practice of Jew pediatricians, often unavoidable under today’s predominant medical care arrangements, poisoning our young boys with brain drugs and other devastatingly harmful treatments.

“proving ourselves morally acceptable to our Jewish friends, the innocent martyrs of humanity.”

As Dr. MacDonald so frequently emphasizes, always the moral appeal to which Whites are uniquely susceptible due to their pathological altruism which is another way of saying Whites are vulnerable because they strive excessively like no other race to act righteously.

Societies with demographic concerns will have harsh penalties for both homosexuality and abortion/infanticide. The West, celebrating both, is in demographic free fall. Ignorant of the profound implications of this racial death, its people are actually in the process of indulging a culture cultivated for their demographic assassination.


There is nothing productive in the economic activity of any of these figures, their vast accumulations arising from sociopathic parasitism, ethnic nepotism, and the will to cultural decay.

The path for overcoming the problems of Jew usury and Jew capture and weaponization of the money supply via control of the central bank is set out among the comments of MEFOBILLS here:

We have to ask ourselves how tolerance ever became regarded as a virtue. The answer is that it became a virtue in the context of the Jewish intrusion into Western culture.

I think tolerance is a central virtue to the Christian faith.

But that would be of Jewish origin as well.

The destruction that has been caused to the West by Jewish malevolence is substantial and largely indefensible.

I don’t get why Jews get a special category for racism or discrimination that is directed against them? Isn’t it simply racism if, say, you discriminate against Jews or Thais or Senegalese based on their ethnic background ?

If there is an attack on a bunch of Jews, why can’t it just be called “a racist attack”?

One can choose to serve himself or to serve others.

Jews have chosen to serve themselves – to realize this, one need not look any further than Israel with its culture of absolute selfishness.

Robert Dolan:
Well……Jews ARE behind pretty much everything that is damaging to White Christian people. Not all Jews participate in the subversion, but organized Jewry is a well oiled well funded nation wrecking operation, and the destruction is everywhere you look. Macdonald’s “Culture of Critique” is a devastating analysis of Jewish influence, and Joyce is mining some of the same gold. Macdonald never had an unkind thought toward Jews until he looked into Jewish influence on immigration and open borders. I bet Joyce followed a similar educational awakening.

All problems arise from the fanaticism of a sect infected with narcissistic delusions of grandeur:

“THEN spake Jesus to the multitude, and to his disciples, Saying: The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat: All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; but do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not. For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men’s shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers. But all their works they do for to be seen of men: they make broad their phylacteries, and enlarge the borders of their garments, And love the uppermost rooms at feasts, and the chief seats in the synagogues, And greetings in the markets, and to be called of men, Rabbi, Rabbi. But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren. And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven. Neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master, even Christ. But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant. And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted. But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves” (Matthew 23:1-15).

Three links for your viewing pleasure:

“How the West Ends” –
“The Honking of the Notre Dame” –
“Europe is Lost” –

And Lot believes in the laughable ‘Nazi gas chambers’ and the fake six million.
Jews have been claiming six million dead since at least 1823.

“it is necessary to recognize that the lack of traces involves the inability to directly establish the reality of the existence of homicidal gas chambers.”
– French exterminationist historian Jacques Baynac, Le Nouveau Quotidien (Lausanne, Switzerland), Sept. 3, 1996, p. 14.,3484482&hl=fr

Colin Wright:
‘…Best as I can tell, wannabe artists who discovered they were shit at painting things that looked like the actual thing, arbitraged over to painting weird shit and relying on cosmopolitan fashion/gullibility. Same is true of literary theorists and architects…’

Stalinism is what happens when the golem (Marxism) turns on its maker.

It’s an old problem. Philosopher Kings never worked out because there are so very few philosophers, too few to govern if they act like philosophers. They therefore have a choice: act as philosophers and be removed from politics, or act as thugs and at least continue to get political loot. Problem with this is that if they act as thugs, they get to compete with real thugs, who are much better at thuggery than are the philosophers.

Same with the Jewish Bolsheviks: there were too few of them, they had to include other ethnic groups, and moreover (thinking of non-Jews as essentially golems, who have no initiative) discussed abstractions and went into the field making the Russians work and die, while Stalin (former armed bank robbery specialist, an aggressive psychopath most likely) did the secretary’s drudge work and counted votes. Stalin won, the Old Bolsheviks died. In two waves, one before WWII, one after.

It’s a fundamental Jewish problem. Stalinism in some form was inevitable for the Bolshevicks. To use a card game analogy, it or something like it was “in the cards”, and was bound to be dealt sooner or later. By the same token, once the Democrats started a policy of genocide against the European population, it was inevitable that one of their own would turn out to be opposed to that, and that the genocide victims would support that man.

The very shared world view (absolute good (themselves) and evil (everybody else)) that makes them a cohesive group also makes them unable to govern. As I’ve mentioned previously, it was only the retreat of the Europeans into metaphorical catatonia that permitted the Jewish influence post WWII. I remember that metaphorical catatonia very well; one only had to say a few magic words to paralyze any European in his or her tracks. Europeans are only now partially emerging from that condition.

Trying to put Marx in the same pit as Boas and Freud is misguided at best. Marx is critiquing, but what is he critiquing? A system constructed by his racial brethren in collaboration with the self-interested white elites. Capitalism is a product of Jewish greed.

“Sexologists” seem to be nearly all Jewish and hold their annual conference in Tel Aviv. Before Doctor Ruth, there was Doctor Rubin and Alex Comfort. Amusingly, Doctor Ruth nearly had apoplexy when asked by David Letterman about her own sexual practices. Authors of smutty kids’ books also seem to be mostly Jews like the guy who pioneered “Captain Underpants”. I’m afraid it seems to be a Jewish specialty, even if a few WASPs have joined in the fun. The French have also distinguished themselves as sex fiends: a French intellectual cannot write on any subject without bringing up masturbation. Though many of these authors are Jews.

Of course the Jewish establishment is not weakly god-like. Circumstances favored them after WWII. Ashkenazi migration to NYC had spread. The Jewish establishment had NYC. NYC is a relentlessly commercial society, and has been since the Dutch founded it as a trading post. NYC is also adjacent to New England, dominated by Protestants who are a lot more like Judaism than they would like to believe, and still smarting from their defeat during Reconstruction. The two regions, NYC and the New England intellectual/religious establishment, formed an alliance that was instrumental in FDR’s election, and was extremely influential in US government during WWII.
After WW II, the entire West was badly hurt and unable to take initiative in much of anything. The notion that the West had not only devastated much of the world but also introduced nuclear weapons that could devastate what was left destroyed Western confidence. The NYC/New England coalition took over, told everybody that (a) they were sinful, and their only permissible activity was to pray unceasingly for forgiveness while paying no attention to what the coalition was doing, and (b) that the public should pray for secular salvation from the coalition while paying no attention to what the coalition was doing and the coalition would fight the Cold War and protect the West from the Russians. It was pretty clear at the time. Disobedience would be punished by WWIII. A common question was why anybody would want to destroy the United States as it was, since it provided such good quality of life. I had that question asked of me very seriously up until about 1990.

So, no, the Jewish establishment isn’t weakly god-like. The Jewish people I’ve met have all been rather transparent phonies. It’s just that the Jewish establishment has had no serious competition since WWII.

Having no serious competition since WWII doesn’t mean the Jewish establishment are the good guys, open to cooperation, or have feathers and fly like birds. It just means (in practice) that they’ve have third-generation-syndrome (they rely on routine and have purged their talent), and maybe that serious competition could win now. Look at Stalin — functionally a Russian nationalist. He was a lot quicker off the dime than the entire West has been since WWII, and he was in a far less favorable position than the West is in today.

Growing up in a Jewish neighborhood, I began to notice that most of the Jewish kids were about 60 degrees to the left of the gentiles, regardless of party affiliation, and many seemed to be rooting for the Soviet Union in the Cold War. They also seemed to be into everything modern: modern art, jazz, weird classical music, modern architecture, city planning, and sexual liberalism. In the late sixties, many of them joined explicitly socialist or communist groups and nearly all embraced the hippie innovations. They seemed to have a very dim view of the United States. The best students were nearly all Jews and were very vocal in disseminating their opinions. Since my own family was fairly conservative, this irritated me quite a bit, though I did have a couple atypical Jews as close friends.

The right’s main problem is that Jews are too powerful to criticize, which perversely causes rightists to attack blacks and other groups whose behavior would not be a problem were it not for the way Jews ‘weaponize’ it via their “Culture of Victimhood” and “Rainbow Coalition” strategy of bloc voting for Democrats who then implement a Jewish agenda.
Additionally, the White rank and file, for the most part, do not know what a “Jew” is, and see their oppressors as Blacks, Hispanics, or Muslims. If you told them Muslims only hate us because of our slavish support for the Jewish state they would stare blankly.
Racist-sounding rhetoric is a dead-end. Despite their high crime rate, Blacks are not plausible in the role of oppressor. They are too poor and powerless. Anyone alleging that blacks secretly run the Fed or the world would be telling a joke. Similarly for Hispanics, gays, and Muslims.
The right needs to find a way to critique Jewish power without endorsing or seeming to endorse Nazism and similar forms of primitive bigotry. It’s not unreasonable to join the late Rev. Billy Graham in noting that there are certain consequences to Jewish power that a non-Jew might honorably wish to avoid. Which is not to deny that Jews have made positive contributions.

Jews are at once a race, a religion, and a nation. To further complicate matters, the religion makes a distinction based on lineage. For that reason, hostility to Jews is different from hostility to other groups. Indeed, one cause of hostility is failure to distinguish these attributes e.g. thinking it nervy for Jewish atheists to call themselves “Jews.”

If you want any change of having an impact on society you are going to have to strip your language of ethnic designations like ‘Jew’, ‘Whites’ or ‘blacks’. The general public has nowhere near your knowledge of Jewish involvement so bringing it up will only make them think you are a conspiracy theorist, one step away from opening up the death camps.

I think ‘globalists’ will one group to fight, they want open borders, ‘tolerance’ and multiculturalism (what they really mean is multiracialism) for cheap labor, no restrictions on capital flow, interventionist foreign policy and financial control over government(s) (like Goldman Sachs with Obama) to make all that happen. This would be the fight against Tolerance and Usury.

The other group to fight is the ‘cultural Marxists’ (that would be Critique and Sterility).

Besides, both groups mentioned above also contain a lot of non-Jewish believers. Just yelling ‘Jew, Jew, Jew!’ won’t get you anywhere.

But I would view positively, any campaign by valid rights-holders (be they Palestinian, Irish, Hawai’ian, Maori, Aboriginal, Zulu, or whatever) that decimated invader populations in a bid to get the invader to sling their hook and take their anchor-babies with them.

The problem with this theory is that it would dispossess the vast majority of the world’s population, as (almost) all of us are at least partly descended from conquerors.

The male line of the “original” inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula disappeared completely 4500 when steppe tribes showed up and exterminated all the males.

The entire history of the world is similar. The Sioux obsess about the Black Hills being stolen from them, which it was. But less than 100 years before they had stolen it from the Cheyenne, who stole it from the Kiowa, etc., etc.

The “Palestinians” may have largely been present in what is now Israel when the Israelis started arriving, but they are certainly not the “original” inhabitants.

The process of determining who the “valid rights-holders” is beyond human capabilities. What about those, probably almost all of us, who are descended from both conquerors and conquered?

Where would the billions of non-valid rights-holders go back to?

John Regan:
More accurately, the Christian Church has been extremely intolerant throughout the vast majority of its recorded history. Protestantism no less so than Roman Catholicism originally. It used to be that public atheism or heresy were capital offenses in all civilized countries. And they were offenses recognized and punished by the law much more recently than that.

In milquetoast Great Britain, historically known as the paradise of all heretics, a homosexual was sentenced to prison for making anti-Christian pornography as late as 1979. The applicable laws against blasphemy, although no longer enforced, remained on the books until 2008.

Of course, there were both good things and bad about this. Christian orthodoxy undeniably served a useful function to preserve society from the depravity of its worst elements, native or invasive. (We can hardly imagine Messieurs Kinsey, Hirschfeld or Freud being suffered to live for any length of time in the Spain of Torquemada or the Germany of Martin Luther, for example.) What the recent absence of this defense mechanism (or other comparable ones) has wrought in our society is plain for all to see. On the other hand, the same Christian orthodoxy has also played a major role in retarding actual scientific and social progress (as opposed to the liberal “progress” which we more properly call degeneracy) by endlessly denying unpalatable truths in favor of comforting delusions.

Be this as it may; the topic is far larger than I can do justice in this little post. My point here is merely that the “tolerance” of the modern churches is very much a recent development, completely foreign to the Christian tradition of two millennia. It is an import from secular, atheistic philosophies, which have in turn been nourished by the usual suspects, not infrequently for the express purpose of destroying the hated Christian religion.

Whether we like Christianity and its heritage or not, or view it with some degree of ambivalence (as most of us here probably do), its decline is a sufficiently important factor in the development of our present situation that we must surely take great care to correctly diagnose its causes and mechanisms. Ascribing to historical Christianity the lunacies of the “Christian” churches of today makes rather less sense than holding Corporal Adolf Hitler to blame for Angela Merkel’s policies, or Virginia planter George Washington for those of B. Hussein Obama.

If there is an attack on a bunch of Jews, why can’t it just be called “a racist attack”?

That is a good question. Harming another individual out of racial animus or for whatever unjustified reason is immoral. Period. Attacks against Jews have a special status because they are in control and they have set up the system to favor their own against the interests of others. Tragically, this has been the case throughout human history and represents our moral failing as a species.

During the Roman empire, if a household slave killed the master of the estate all the slaves in the estate would be crucified, including women and children. Horrible barbarity and injustice that was written into their laws and sanctioned by a supposedly advanced civilization.

The Jews are the current masters of our world and their influence, although positive in some respects, remains deeply and disturbingly immoral precisely because of the special nature they have accorded themselves and demand the rest of us to follow. Your question is central to wresting some measure of control back from this most favored group of human beings.

Commentator Mike:
If there is an attack on a bunch of Jews, why can’t it just be called “a racist attack”?

Because Jews invented the categories and they are the most racist anyway. Even racist and hateful against Whites, against whom they’re now conducting a genocidal campaign through promotion of immigration, even though most Whites helped to defeat their worst enemies, the Germans/Nazis. And even now, those White countries they wish to destroy are the biggest supporters of their ethnic state Israel. Very ungrateful people. They think everybody owes them something and that because they are the smartest that they should be allowed to run things. We’ll see how it works out for them. The pity is that many others have to suffer too along the way.

“Boas tore down Western cultural confidence while claiming to set Westerners free from the errors and burdens of chauvinism. Freud perverted everything that was sacred about sex and marriage, and called it a cure. Marx called on the workers of the world to unite, and unite them he did — in the lines for food, in the gulags, and in the mass graves of a starved Ukraine.”

All of that and much more is true. And this is also true: none of it could have come to pass if not for the war against historic Christianity and Christendom waged by white Gentiles, triply most importantly by the English and the Continental Germans.

This is a spiritual, religious war. It cannot be won on any other battlefield. Everything that is not part of reviving Christendom is at best a waste of time, energy, and money.

That includes Vatican II/Novus Ordo Catholicism. It too, like Protestantism, is a war against historic Christianity and Christendom, which is the reason that Jews love it the way they love the Anglican Communion.

Of course, having no serious competition since WWII doesn’t mean the Jewish establishment are the good guys, open to cooperation, or have feathers and fly like birds. It just means (in practice) that they’ve have third generation syndrome (they rely on routine and have purged their talent), and maybe that serious competition could win now. Look at Stalin — functionally a Russian nationalist. He was a lot quicker off the dime than the entire West has been since WWII, and he was in a far less favorable position than the West is in today.

Then again, Stalin died (maybe he was murdered, maybe he was just old) just right about when he was planning his anti-Jewish purge. Afterward, the Jews he had persecuted became somewhat less visible, but remained extremely influential in Soviet society. (For the data, see “The Jewish Century” by Yuri Slezkine — a book that everyone interested in our social problems should read regardless.) And after the USSR collapsed, due at least in part to sabotage by the New York establishment and its own termites, dual-citizenship gangsters looted the assets of the former Soviet state and became billionaires overnight, even as the Russians themselves were reduced to third world living standards in the 1990s. Even today, for all that Russian fake nationalists and gullible Westerners love to laud the colorblind imperialist Vladimir Putin, the same cliques still make up a very powerful element among the famous “Russian” oligarchs.

Stalin was a monster in many ways. Full stop, for emphasis. He also, of course, did some things right, or he would not have been able to remain head of a superpower for decades. What he certainly did not do, however, was to solve Russia’s problems with ethnic infiltration, whatever metric one measures such things by. Today, ethnic Russians are not yet a minority in Russia (after it shed most of its Soviet empire), but the trend is moving in that direction.

National Action:
What is so “primative” about wanting your race and nation to survive? What is so “bigoted” about recognizing that some people are inherently inferior to others while some are superior?

Hitler questioned nature’s reason for giving us Jews. He thought maybe the reason was to force a reaction against Jews and for our survival the people would have to be united and strong.

Total absolutely brilliant article. Not too many people will read it slowly and attentively to understand it

There are only two way forward the Jewish way and the Aryan way.

Degrading humanity to the lowest common denominator mixing all beauty to extinction so Jews can rule unopposed in a world in ruins like are trying to do.


The Aryan way, all mutted Aryan around the world Indians, Iranians, and Europeans embracing technology and our Aryan ancestry to purificate ourself to be what we once were. We are angels mixed with mortals embracing Aryan transhumanism to reclaim our legitimate throne in this world and became ourself the ultimate ubermench to lead the world to the stars and transform this world in the garden of Eden.

Improving ourselves to an ubermench status to save this world or let the Jews degrade humanity and the world itself to an unrecognizable status .

Desert Fox:
Anti-Semitism is a Zionist trick to divide and conquer, and in reality all Arabs are Semetic and most of the Jews in Israel are not Semetic. They are Europeans and Russians. Read The ‘Protocols of Zion’. They laid out the plans of Satanic Zionism.

What he certainly did not do, however, was to solve Russia’s problems with ethnic infiltration, whatever metric one measures such things by. Today, ethnic Russians are not yet a minority in Russia (after it shed most of its Soviet empire), but the trend is moving in that direction.

Stalin conducted two purges, the final one after WWII, and I understand that the second purge was mostly complete when Stalin died. He didn’t purge every Jewish person in the USSR, and (from subsequent events) didn’t purge all of the influential Jewish people in the USSR, as you point out.

However, neither of Stalin’s two purges were victories for the Jewish establishment, and involved substantial Jewish casualties. Contrast this to the complete submission of the West to the Jewish establishment after WWII. The Jewish establishment in Russia may be powerful (remember that Putin’s coalition defeated the Jewish oligarchs), but not as powerful as the Jewish establishment in the West. The Russian population may be almost a minority now, but, well, it appears that the global zeitgeist is changing, and population curves are becoming nonlinear or even discontinuous [1].

And my basic point was that present Jewish dominance in the West is not due to the Jewish establishment being especially good, but rather to the Western establishment being unusually bad, almost completely lacking in “agency”. In the United States, the Jewish establishment is dominant in NYC (which gives it dominance in most large urban areas) and is allied with New England (what Woodward calls “Yankeedom” [2], actually the much larger area settled from New England) which has dominance over intellectual matters and corporate management, which believes what it was told in MBA school a bit too much.

As the effect of WWII diminishes in new Western generations, and as opportunities for the young in the industrial society the West invented and made diminish, you can expect a bit more “agency” to be shown. Trump’s fight (and related fights worldwide), which is now heating up about as I wrote that it would, offers considerable opportunities to the young and ambitious. We’re entering a time interval within which old things collapse almost of their own weight, and the young have great opportunities. Should the old ways win against Trump (or his foreign analogs), “social stresses” will increase until an even more severe cascade failure occurs. This appears to be happening in Hong Kong right now, even without a charismatic leader.

[1] Woodward calls NYC “New Netherland” to highlight the founder effect. Dutch merchants at the NYC founding were known for their willingness to sell to anybody under any circumstances and for not considering long term consequences — just like today’s NYC.


Anonymous[227] • Disclaimer:
October 2, 2019 at 3:12 pm GMT • 3.3 • 300 Words
As Ron Unz pointed out in his ‘Oddities of the Jewish Religion’

And while religious Judaism has a decidedly negative view towards all non-Jews, Christianity in particular is regarded as a total abomination, which must be wiped from the face of the earth. They’ve been pretty successful in this endeavor.

—according to the Jewish Talmud, Jesus is perhaps the vilest being who ever lived, condemned to spend eternity in the bottommost pit of Hell, immersed in a boiling vat of excrement. Religious Jews regard the Muslim Quran as just another book, though a totally mistaken one, but the Christian Bible represents purest evil, and if circumstances permit, burning Bibles is a very praiseworthy act. Pious Jews are also enjoined to always spit three times at any cross or church they encounter, and direct a curse at all Christian cemeteries. Indeed, many deeply religious Jews utter a prayer each and every day for the immediate extermination of all Christians.

— Israeli rabbis have sometimes publicly debated whether Jewish power has now become sufficiently great that all the Christian churches of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and other nearby areas can finally be destroyed, and the entire Holy Land completely cleansed of all traces of its Christian contamination.

Does anyone think it’s no coincidence that America’s second greatest friend and ally in the Middle East, whom we’ve gone to war for and promise to go to war for, and our government sides with over American citizens, bans all Christian religious practice and makes it punishable by death to convert to Christianity?

I ❤️ Jesus! Agnus dei, qui tolis peccata mundi.

Our manners in this late stage of white Christian civilization demand self-restraint by the majority. We feel compelled to pretend Africans are just like us. Any difficulties they experience, such as social breakdown and criminality, are a result of our past and present racism. It is not polite to call a spade a spade. Jews are a minority so we try to avoid identifying them as Jews or criticizing any Jew even if they deserve it. We politely applaud any new Holocaust museum opening even if we happen to think the event is at best wildly exaggerated and possibly a complete hoax. Latins are “family oriented” and entrepreneurs. Some among these minorities exploit our guilt for all it is worth. Who wants to be labeled a racist, anti-Semite or xenophobe? Does this self restraint indicate that we are all two-faced and our civilization is collapsing? Is it possible this attitude is actually a strength which will guarantee us another 500 years of racial supremacy?

“Besides, both groups mentioned above also contain a lot of non-Jewish believers. Just yelling ‘Jew, Jew, Jew!’ won’t get you anywhere.”

Agree. When capital flow to large urban areas stops (most likely due to failure of world trade) the outflow of their populations will more or less erase any question of politics, as it will be as impossible to support those populations in the hinterlands as it had finally become in the cities they fled. At that point, it’s going to be simple “inhabitants vs. refugees”, covert at first and then overt.

Impossible scenario? I thought so also until the “homeless” became a massive public health hazard (showing extreme poverty of city governments) and until the current financial problems (most recent one being a shortage of cash for overnight lending). You can add in the INS leaving foreigners at bus stations when it’s zero dark thirty, and doing so in such numbers that the local governments don’t have the funds to keep them minimally housed and fed to avoid the foreigners turning rogue from a simple desire to keep eating. These actions are ordinarily described as “insane”, but they are not, they are only desperate improvisations by people facing even worse consequences from any alternatives they can think of.

The economic resources thus obtained supported large families with less child mortality than experienced among the native peasantry.

Could you expand your analysis to account for Degeneration among Jews that both Vladimir Jabotinsky and Max Nordau observed, and that both sought to remedy by Zionism?

Crank into your analysis how those more-and-larger-Jewish-families (most of whom were in the impoverished Fiddler on the Roof caste) migrated to Germany shortly after German unification, to relieve the stresses of overpopulation among their tribes and to take advantage of the institutions that Germans created in their trade-off of larger families.

That tension — Jews from among overpopulated, under-industrialized, under-democratized and revolutionizing Russia and Poland flooding into newly unified Germany, supplanting native-born Germans in the universities Germans had sacrificed to create for their children — was one of the main causes of anti-Semitism in the decades before WWI.

Keep in mind the things that Jews are doing to the West are the very things that Hitler was fighting against.

On the other hand, the same Christian orthodoxy has also played a major role in retarding actual scientific and social progress (as opposed to the liberal “progress” which we more properly call degeneracy) by endlessly denying unpalatable truths in favor of comforting delusions.

Note, however, that non-Christian societies never invented science — all they had was technology, ability to build things with no systematic understanding of why the things worked. Geometry pre-Greek was a set of rules of thumb, no system.

The idea that there is an orthodoxy that exists independently of the individual orthodox person is necessary for the existence of science, which is simply a statement that the universe has an inbuilt orthodoxy in the form of invariant physical laws. If there is no orthodoxy, if politics is a matter of personal power networks only, then science becomes profoundly uninteresting [1] and may be disparaged as an impossible dream. In a way, Kuhn was saying exactly that in ‘Structure of Scientific Revolutions’ — his rule was that science didn’t accept new theories / data, but rather that the old scientist died and the young scientists accepted the new theories. Sort of like Russian politics in the 1930s, but involving old age rather than retirement.

So, you have to take the good with the bad. No orthodoxy, no science either. Which is what we’re seeing today in terms of replicability failure.

[1] I’ve had more than one student flatly say that they did not want to learn anything that might disagree with what a future employer would believe, and this included rules of grammar an various areas of engineering courses. They thought that firmly held opinions of any sort were a threat to their political flexibility.

The facts are:

Jews more than twice as likely to be gay, lesbian:
Homosexuality is part of Jewish tradition. Contrary to the common perception, intimate relations between people of the same sex did not always have a negative image in Jewish communities:
Israel is the gayest country on earth:
STUDY: One-third of Israelis are bisexual:
Welcome to Tel Aviv, the gayest city on earth:
Israel becoming ‘safe haven for paedophiles’ with laws that allow any Jews to legally return:

Here is a sample of TDK’s kindly offered reason and logic on the subject of Epstein’s victims:

No as far as I know the shiksas he was banging were about 15-16. At the age of 12 these soon to become prostitutes children were watching porno and dreaming about screwing a rich man such as Epstein.

Can you imagine how depraved you have to be to reject such deep learning, moral insight, and rigorous truth-telling?

There simply is no proof for any of the impossible “holocaust” claims. What DID happen to Jews was no different than what happened to Japanese-Americans, and less than what happened to those tossed into the much worse, real ‘death camps’, aka: Communist gulags.

Palestinians are the product of the historical waves, including the Kingdom of Israel/Samaria. Palestinian heritage features the ‘Lost Tribes’ of Israel, as well as non-Hebrew Semites from both Canaanite and Assyrian wings of Semitism, as well as dollops of other peoples who may not have been Semitic.

Jews hate the Palestinians with a genocidal wrath because they so hated the Samaritans: the leftovers from the destroyed Kingdom of Israel. Post Babylonian Captivity, Jewish ‘theology’ became first and foremost racist. Jews (descendants of the ‘southern’ Kingdom of Judah) saw Samaritans as half-breeds and quarter-breeds, which made them unclean in the Second Temple Jewish ‘theology’ of racism. And all that Jewish racist hatred for close kin came to a boil when Jesus the Christ preached to Samaritans and then when a larger percentage of Samaritans than Jews became and remained Christian.

Rev. Spooner:
These are some of the brands I will avoid, Many thanks.

Today, largely worthless “branded” consumer products are overwhelmingly Jewish, are promoted via Jewish dominance of the advertising industry, and their purchase by consumers is funded by Jewish financiers. Calvin Klein, Levi Strauss, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole, Max Factor, Estée Lauder, and Marc Jacobs are just some of the Jews whose very names have become synonymous with debt-fueled consumer culture and the subscribing to carefully cultivated fashion fads, while Jewish-owned companies like Starbucks, Macy’s, the Gap, American Apparel, Costco, Staples, Home Depot, Ben & Jerry’s, Timberland, Snapple, Häagen-Dazs, Dunkin’ Donuts, Monster Beverages, Mattel, and Toys “R” Us

Dennis Gannon:
Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy. The lady holding the sign about tolerance displays her ignorance of the Talmud which is full of bigotry and hate. Talmudism should be opposed and not tolerated. Like other church goers, they are ignorant of their creed. And so called Jews are not the only Semites, the Arabs are a Semitic people. So when they scream about anti-Semitism, they are again being hypocrites, as no one hates or kills more Arabs than Israel, the so called Jewish State.
Eventually, thanks to the internet, a lot of lies will finally be killed. The recent abbreviation Jew which was Judean in the Greek, will finally be fixed in all the Bibles. Today’s so called Jews are really Talmudists. They are not from Judea. And they do not have the faith of Abraham, nor the circumcision made without hands.

Let the Jews rejoice in their martyrdom, real or imagined. All minorities need grievances.

the exceptionalism of the Jews sounds like a reluctance to share some values with others. shoah instead of genocide, anti-Semitism instead of racism. Although Askhenazes are not Semitic. In “l’antisémitisme, son histoire et ses causes” from Bernard Lazare you can read this “If this hostility, this very repugnance, had been exercised vis-a-vis the Jews only in a time and a country, it would be easy to unravel the limited causes of these anger; but this race has, on the contrary, been exposed to the hatred of all the peoples in whose midst it has been established. Therefore, since the enemies of the Jews belonged to the most diverse races, they must live in countries very distant from one another, governed by different laws, governed by opposite principles, and by had neither the same morals nor the same customs, that they were animated by dissimilar spirits not allowing them to judge equally of all things, it is necessary that the general causes of anti-Semitism have always resided in Israel itself and not in those who fought him. It is to a harmful, perverse culture “that is the primary responsibility in the fate reserved for the Jews. And Bernard Lazare is a Jew who defended Dreyfus. And what to say about the testimony of Samuel Joseph Agnon Nobel Prize in Literature, interviewed by Israeli radio on his return from Stockholm, where he had just received the Nobel Prize for literature. He could said a lot of good of the Swedish Academy, but he hastened to add “I do not forget that it is forbidden to praise the Gentiles, but this time, my praise has a specific reason”: the fact that they had awarded the prize to a Jew. In the same way, it is forbidden to associate oneself with any popular rejoicing of the gentiles, except if this distant attitude risks to generate “hostility” towards the Jews, in which case it is allowed to express a “minimum” of joy. If a nobel prize for literature thinks so, what about the basic Jew completely immersed in his culture.

What is it that irks you about Israel? If you were president, how would you change things? As for $3.8 billion dollars a year for the next ten years the US has agreed to “give” them for military purchases, you do realize that the money is earmarked for buying American arms, so is actually as much a welfare program for our arms makers as a gift to Israel’s state budget. Israel’s military budget was $19.6 billion in 2017, the latest figure I found, 5 times the American aid, all for unproductive warfare material. Their sense of existential danger seems realistic based on being surrounded by hostile peoples.

So what is it that irks you about Israel? What would you do to them if you could anything you wanted to? Would you rain atomic bombs on them so as to kill them all? Or some lesser measure?

For Whites, it should always have been “Are the Jews good for us?” An answer might be found in their accumulation in their four aspects of White decline. Our opposition to this accumulation and its associated activities is perfectly logical, and morally necessary.

This is why I don’t understand why many concern themselves with Israel and “zionists” only.
Yeah, Israel does despicable and evil things, the core symptom is “Jewishness” and “chosenitis” sickness. However, the main concern should be the Jewish enemies within the gates of the countries they control. Israel is just safe haven for them. They don’t extradite the criminals.

The main question is besides, “are the Jews good for us?” is, “what are we going to do about the Jews not in Israel?”, who promote the degeneracy, multicult, climate panic, criminalization of speech, and all forms of Marxism. There can be only one solution, expel them to Israel, to the “Jewish state”. Trying to address Israel involves the to get rid of the negative Jewish influence outside Israel. The practical implementation would obviously raise questions, NS Germany tried to answer by acknowledging Jewish law. Eg should Ron Unz be expelled as well? Can we trust Jews, given the historic track record of deception?
The Israeli Jews have not ruined the US, the US Jews and their disloyalty have. Same in Europe.

Colin Wright:
‘—And the German intellectual and artistic and journalist classes, as well as the liberals who had near total control of the Lutheran church, welcomed those ‘eastern’ Jews with open arms.

I’m skeptical of that. It’s hardly conclusive, but consider Hitler’s description of his reaction to the Ostjuden he encountered in Vienna, as compared to his distant but tolerant response to the assimilated Jew he had been acquainted with in Linz.

Most of the Jews who ‘flooded’ (still less than 1% of the total population) into Germany in the late nineteenth century weren’t from Eastern Europe in general so much as from those regions of Western Poland Prussia had annexed at the end of the Eighteenth Century. I’d guess they were a good deal more Westernized to begin with than the Hasids et al further east. Indeed, Prussia had already forcibly Westernized its Jews to some extent, requiring them to take Christian names, etc. Hence all the Berliners and Konigsbergers.

So with German unification, these move into the rest of Germany — and may well have been tolerated. They were relatively tolerable.

Such, at least, is my impression.

Carl Jung might say we are fighting against dark primal powers of the unconscious that we have failed to integrate. Unfortunately, people tend to project in the flesh what are primal psychic forces, and everyone has their pet race or group that represents these things. Nah. The Jews have explicit, extant designs for genocidal supremacism and non-Jewish hate. As anyone who reads your books is aware of. Your religion is one large supremacist occult practice. Acting like it isn’t, and trying to attribute the same defensive reaction to it to some psycho-blather, merely impugns you further. Fighting against Jews is common sense survival, per the Jewish texts.

The Dark Night:
A Halachic Jew refers to a person whose maternal ancestors were Jewish. For example, if my grandmother, the mother of my mother, was Jewish I am considered a Halachic Jew. This means that if I want to practice Judaism I can do it without having to undergo the process of conversion, and if I want to marry a Jewish woman then a rabbinical court will recognize my marriage as valid, and if I die in Israel or some other place where there is a Jewish diaspora I am supposed to be buried on the Jewish cemetery. This is it.

In all other respects, a Halachic Jew is no different from a gentile. The rule of not drinking wine with gentiles applies to the practicing Jews and is a part of the set of rules meant to provide separation between them and other nations. A practicing Jew will not drink wine with a secular Jew for the very same reason.

The Dark Night:
These facts have nothing to do with “economic behaviour,” the reason is that religious Jews cannot use contraceptives and are obliged to have as many children as God allows them to have. For the very same reason the Haredi Jewish population in Israel is growing 3-4 times faster that the population of the secular Jews.

For example, this is considered normal for a practicing Jew to marry at the age of 18. He will have at least 8 children in the next 15 years or so. Some have 12. So here it is.

What is it that irks you about Israel? If you were president how would you change things?

What irks me?—.lets start with how the Jews used deception to get the US to support the creation of Israel to begin with. Then move on to how its is nothing but a midget Nazi state in violation of every international law regarding war crimes and occupation. Then wind up with how the parasites con and extort and steal billions out of the US. And are subversives, a hostile ‘fifth column’ that infiltrates our government to get foreign policies that damage US just for the good of Israel.

How would I change it if President? First thing I would gather the top nations leaders, including Russia and advise them that the US would no longer support Israel. Any who want to take the US place in support of Israel are welcome to do so but need to understand the US intends to end the Palestine occupation and Israel’s constant bombing of other Middle East countries.
I would then have a second meeting with Russia to suggest they ‘equally cooperate;’ with US in putting an end to any Middle East country playing off the US and Russia against each other and urge a ‘mutual agreement ‘on what are Russia’s interest and what are the US interest in the Middle East.
I would then meet with US military command and advise them that I am giving Israel sixty days to remove all their settlers from the occupied territories back into the legal boundaries of Israel as set out in UN Resolution 181. If Israel refuses, then the US military will undertake to peacefully remove them. Furthermore the US Navy will station an aircraft carrier offshore to ensure the Israeli airforce does not put any planes in the air during this operation to strike Gaza or any other country in an effort to create any Middle East chaos that would interfere with the US campaign to end the Palestine-Israel conflict.
I will not seek congressional approval and if threatened by Pro-Israel politicians I will take to the bully pulpit and explains to the American people how the Palestine occupation and Israel-Palestine conflict is a ‘existential threat’ to the US and the world’s economic interest interest in the ME.
Naturally all US financial aid and UN support of Israel is ended.
What the US will give Israel is a unwritten agreement to come to its aid if attacked ‘for no reason’ — meaning a attack that was ‘not provoked’ by either covert or overt Israeli actions.
Israel will abide by all the requirements for its creation as set forth in UN Resolution 181 — or it will not even get US help if it is attacked. This is fair and as close to justice as we can come to in Israel-Palestine.

It’s not hatred of Jews that is prevalent, but the recognition, that as a group, Jews are not our “friends” and are doing everything possible to eliminate our white “birthright”. This, by no means removes blame from the hasbara and evangelical elements of our society who elevate the Jews above all others.

On an individual basis, I don’t think that there are too many human beings that would hesitate to help other individual human beings in need. Helping other individual human beings in need is the right thing to do.

If I see someone who needs assistance, I will not ask them whether they are Jewish or any other ethnicity; I will offer help as needed. THAT is the HUMAN thing to do—

By the same token, I (and many other white gentiles) realize that (collectively) Jews ARE a “problem” and DO have the destruction of white gentile culture as their goal.

Richard B:
Treason against Jewish Supremacy Inc. is loyalty to humanity.

Richard B:
Like a pack of autistic children, Jewish supremacists zero in on one point, misrepresent it, call their misrepresentation “the truth” and use that “truth” to dismiss an idea, article, essay, book, etc. It’s the reason Jewish supremacists have to control everything and abolish freedom of speech. Because it’s so easy to reduce their explanation of anything and everything to rubble. Not that that will have an impact on them. It would most definitely have an impact on the many people they’ve been working tirelessly for ages to not only brainwash, but brainsoil. And now we’re back to why they need to control everything and abolish freedom of speech. As Schopenhauer once put it, and as Andrew Joyce’s excellent essay makes clear — “Nothing about Judaism can be confused with reason.”

And the German intellectual and artistic and journalist classes, as well as the liberals who had near total control of the Lutheran church, welcomed those ‘eastern’ Jews with open arms.

My assessment, that eastern Jews flooded German institutions to the dismay of native Germans, is based on an essay hot-linked under “flooding into newly unified Germany”.

Jacob Raisin’s study of the Haskalah Movement describes Jewish movement in the same time-period, first, to secular learning, then to universities in Germany and Vienna
The Haskalah Movement in Russia. As described in the 1881 essay, patterns of German migration to USA support the notion that native Germans felt pressures to leave their homeland:


The largest flow of German immigration to America occurred between 1820 and World War I, during which time nearly six million Germans immigrated to the United States. From 1840 to 1880, they were the largest group of immigrants. Following the Revolutions of 1848 in the German states, a wave of political refugees fled to America, who became known as Forty-Eighters. They included professionals, journalists, and politicians. Prominent Forty-Eighters included Carl Schurz and Henry Villard. **

** and the interrelated Brandeis-Wehle family, who are identified as among the “’48 ers” but who did not participate in the revolutions in Europe: they migrated to USA seeking economic opportunity

“And the vast majority of them hated and despised Slavs as racially inferior”

The evolutionary origin of that hatred is what I am theorizing about. It is easier to exploit someone whom you hate or at least don’t empathize with. Within any society, that is how sociopaths function.

“And the German intellectual and artistic and journalist classes, as well as the liberals who had near total control of the Lutheran church, welcomed those ‘eastern’ Jews with open arms”

And so did American intellectuals. However, despite the initial welcome in Germany, lack of restraint by Jews soured the German populace on them. The same process is playing out in the U.S. today.

Tie all of this together, and none of this was random. Jews have ways of making certain industries trend probably through financial incentives. Probably much Jewish wealth goes to funding enterprises like these till they become viable on their own.
Has anyone noticed how TVs have come down in price and up in quality for the last 50 Years? I am assuming that Jews know we don’t need this stuff and they want us to have it. TV is where most of the mind control programming goes out. Phones are a stepping stone to an inserted chip with the idea that when they decide to do it, most will go get in line the night before its available to be the first in their neighborhood.
Food housing, cars, skyrocketing — electronics? cheap- new stuff is cheaper than outdated stuff and that’s because everyone needs updated shit to implement the chip programming. Jews get the goyim to pay for most things which leaves Jewish money to fill holes where its needed for their Jewish utopia NWO they’ve been putting into effect since Paul started preaching about Jewsus.
Your depressing essay makes one wonder why you keep trying.
(I wonder when Jews are going to acknowledge the word “goyim” in Jewish spellcheck)

Robert Dolan:
The problem is not simply that Jews pursue their own interests. The problem is that not only do Jews pursue their own interests at the expense of the rest of humanity. Jews also do their best to prevent other human groups from pursuing their interests. Jews seek to reign supreme over the entire world, and seek to cause disunity for all other groups on earth. It’s really quite insane. In one sentence Barbara Lerner Spectre will announce that Europe “has to accept” replacement level immigration — . In the next sentence she admits that Jews will be blamed for the “transformation”.

It’s absolute lunacy.

The normal person listens to this nonsense and thinks, “What the hell is wrong with this crazy old witch?”

White elites have to be self-interested or they will be eliminated from the privileged and that basically means never crossing lines Jews say not to cross.

Twodees Partain:
It doesn’t seem to me to be “beyond human capabilities” to determine property ownership in Palestine in the post WWII decades, and by what means the property was transferred. It isn’t as though Israel was established in the tenth century and the chain of transfers is therefore hopelessly muddled. That isn’t the case.

Barbara Spectre never explained why Europe must become multicultural to survive?

The Jewish texts directly express a goal to destroy all non-Jews, rule the World, and induce a form of slavery for any non-Jewish survivors. That’s a fact stated in the Jewish texts. Ignoring that fact is insane.

No Jew can cite scapegoating with a straight face. The scapegoat mechanism is central to Judaism.

‘The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.’ is an old, but holding, piece of folk wisdom.

How do you explain Theodore Kaufmann?
How do you explain Henry Morgenthau, Jr?
How do you explain Elya Ehrenburg?
How do you explain Erich Mendelsohn?
How do you explain Bernard Baruch?
How do you explain Louis Brandeis?
How do you explain Rabbi Stephen Wise?
Had these men been tried a la Nuremberg but with a full measure of equity, vast documentation would have convicted them of some of the worst war crimes the world has known. They would have deservedly been hung by piano wire over a cess pool. But they are lauded by large swathes of the Jewish community. That indicts every Jew who not only turns his eyes away from their crimes but praises them and celebrates their “contributions to the Jewish people.”

Many Palestines refugees who fled have deeds to their former homes and lands that were issued in the Ottoman reign. There was a good documentary on this about a Palestine man who tried to claim his land by having a lawyer present the Israeli court with the deed. He was arrested for his effort and deported from Israel. Too much to get into now but example below.

Ottoman-era deed saves Palestinian village in West Bank —

Aryan transhumanism:
This joke has gone too far. There is nothing else to say or explain anymore its time to prepare for war and purge the parasite once and for all.

Please tell me how easy it would be to get a research ethics board to approve research on Jewish ethnocentrism? I can just about guarantee you that Jewish applicants to law firms have a major advantage over non-Jewish ones. Which university would sanction a study examining this issue? You aren’t going to see ‘science statistics’ (whatever the hell that means) on such issues as these. Jewish interests make sure that controversial topics disappear. There are a few studies that slip through, including the one on ethnocentrism in peer review that found Jewish cliques (oddly enough, written by two Jewish professors at UW in Seattle). Any significant effort to study Jewish group strategies is going to be hammered pretty quickly.

China is not becoming powerful because their “Communism” works, but because of the treason by Jews and their war on their hosts in Europe and America, ie spying and technology transfer, in the same way they did it for the Soviets.

Astuteobservor II:
I am really curious, why do people think China is also under Jewish control. You got anything I can read on this subject? This is completely new to me.

No. I just pointed out the parasite that destroys the US, UK, France, it has destroyed my country too, and impoverished Russia and Eastern Europe, and always seeks to establish tyranny.

I know what communism is, I lived in it, and had enough time to study its evilness.

I am really curious, why do people think China is also under Jewish control. You got anything I can read on this subject? This is completely new to me.

How about Sassoon, a Rothschild branch, and the Opium wars, east India company?
The east India company flag has much in common with the US inc (war) flag.
The control was further solidified with Mao later.

Same mechanism as in Europe, they disposed of the emperor, established banking beach heads, and brought communism and the destruction of heritage and culture.

Our present situation and the devolving into the morass of “multiculturalism” and “diversity” is no accident. The Jewish talmud and that Jewish invention-communism has “rules” for the debasement and eventual elimination (genocide) of (white) civil society. I came of age during the first so-called “civil-rights” movement and saw for myself the underhanded dealings, the demonization of decent, law-abiding whites, and in general, the deterioration of civil society, spearheaded by leftist communist Jews. Almost all of the “civil-rights” workers and demonstration “handlers” were of one persuasion — New York based leftist communist Jews. They cared not one wit about true “civil rights”, but were there to create hate and discontent among their black charges (who were too stupid or naive to see that they were being used to suborn and destroy legitimate government and society — a favorite communist tactic). These New York-based “carpetbagger Jews” fomented their hate and discontent, only to become future “civil-rights” attorneys, race-hustlers, and America-hating leftist communists — and the ADL and $PLC being invented.

Those of us whites who were in the middle of this “civil-rights” revolution had a saying: “Behind every negro, there is a Jew”. No truer words were spoken.

Let’s not forget their infestation of the nation’s education and entertainment systems, (which continues to the present day), in which they can spread their Jewish supremacist poison. The so-called “non-violent civil-rights demonstrations” were anything but “non-violent”. Robberies, rapes, and other criminal acts were common, but never reported, as even the “mainstream media” was “in on the game” and conveniently turned off their cameras during the acts of violence. You see, even then, “creating crises” was a part of the agenda.

The ‘beginning of the end’ of America was the use of federal troops against white Americans, which, in itself was a violation of “posse comitatus” — the prohibition on the use of federal troops for domestic “law enforcement” purposes. As most Whites were (and still are) law-abiding, they (we) were ‘steamrollered’ by the use of federal troops to crush honest dissent. We never recovered from those unconstitutional actions. It was all downhill from there.

The next step may be “civil-war” in which us whites will have to take back our birthright by force.

Ploni Almoni:
Ashkenaz is Akkadian or Babylonian and refers to the Scythians and Cimmerians who came down through the Caucasus through the Darial pass in Georgia or the Bab al-Abwab at Derbent in what is now Chechnya to periodically invade Urartu, Mesopotamia and Egypt. Thus it refers to peoples north of the Caucasus mountain range and is related to the word Scythian itself.

During the time of the Assyrian ascendancy (when the Northern Kingdom of Israel and the Ten Tribes assimilated) Yahweh was out of favor with the Kings of Judah for being ineffective. In 626, Scythians from beyond the the Caucasus invaded, attacked Damascus and Egypt but, following the Via Maris did not attack Jerusalem. The Priesthood of Yahweh probably took credit for this and began a resurgence which produced the so-called “Josiah Reforms” and the Book of Deuteronomy in 621 BC. At this time Moses was first invented. But this resurgence, which was very aggressive, ended badly with defeat first at the hand of the Egyptians at Armageddon and then the Babylonians who destroyed the First Temple for good measure. The Babylonians exiled some Jews to Babylon to keep an eye on them. After Cyrus conquered the Babylonians, the exiled Jews were allowed to return, and Ezra was actually late on the scene, following a hundred years after Zerubbabel the Sadducee, who already opened the Second Temple franchise in 517 BC.

Ezra, in an attempt to get his share, put his own spin on everything and called the setback and defeat by the Egyptians at Armageddon, and the subsequent Babylonian Captivity, the “Bondage in Egypt” episode and the return from Babylon, which was actually due to the liberal policies of Cyrus and the Persians, he called the “Exodus” from Egypt. Ezra wrote the Torah as his spin on history around 397 BC and introduced the Passover as complement to the Sheep sacrifice (which it replaced completely when the Second Temple was destroyed by the Romans). He also introduced living in Booths as a reminder of being nowhere without Ezra.

Ashkenazi Jews are called Ashkenazi because they were one of these trans-Caucasus groups. In their case they were Turkic Khazars, who came from the East and dominated Ukraine and the Caucasus until they were finally subdued by the Viking Rus around 968. But around 728 they came under pressure from the Moslems. As a strategic measure they converted to Karaite Judaism around 732 in order to maintain independence from both Byzantines and Moslems. Then most, but not all, were converted a second time to Pharisee Judaism by firemen from Spain around 850, which is the so-called Obadiah reform. One of the incentives to become Pharisee rather than Karaite was they would be given a Jewish soul which they were told was worth a great deal (the Karaite one being Traif) and made into descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The story is in the account called “the Kuzari” meaning Khazars written in Toledo and attributed to Yehudah Halevi, an imaginary Sephardi superhero.

The Jews were the first people to question traditional morality and traditional culture, not the Europeans.

The Enlightenment attack on faith and tradition has nothing to do with our current situation.

The Talmud is not the elucidation of religious principles, but actually a philosophical destruction of tradition based on rationalistic principles.

Christianity and Western religion is based on the Greeks, and the rationalist attack on tradition is caused by the Jews.

Its all true.

All you have to do is eliminate the Jew and everything will be perfect for you and the world.

It couldn’t be that a rational person is disgusted watching a barbarian shitting in the streets. No. It must mean that the rational person is projecting. I advocate that people who are naturally virtuous, like Europeans, are rationally disgusted by other races. Ever watch Blacks line up for fried chicken on $2 Tuesday? They are all counting their change. They can’t pay the regular price because they had to get a car that made them look ‘cool’ to the ‘otha bruthas’. They often lease and can barely afford gas let alone insurance.

Racial stereotypes exist for a reason. People from stupid cultures tend to be stupid people who re-create stupidity.

This article correctly identifies a group of people who are universally disliked even despised for a reason. It has nothing to do with ‘projection’ but the simple fact that they are disgusting people with a disgusting culture who re-create the same disgusting culture wherever they go. Ask any Chinese who left China to do business in the world and is reasonably intelligent: ‘Hey, are you guys looking forward to millions of Jews moving to China?’

The reaction you get is priceless.

“Stalin conducted two purges, the final one after WWII, and I understand that the second purge was mostly complete when Stalin died.”

Agree generally with your comment, specifically with the West’s corrupt political establishment’s role in converting most countries into a Jewish fiefdom.

Regarding Stalin’s drive to remove the leftover Jews from their elitist perch — for which he was maligned by international Jewry as an anti-Semite — he started with the long-term strategy of imposing a quota system for all public institutions, mainly access to higher education.

When he died he was working on a plan to create a new generation of public officials to replace the apparatchik old guard. His working model was the French Ecole Nationale d’Administration (of course with suitable adaptation to the Soviet system) which, when implemented, would be equivalent to another purge.

Perhaps, had he lived a bit longer, the USSR would still be with us and the Neocons still in their ratholes.

How has America, Russia (USSR), Europe been shaped over the last 150 years or so due to Jewish influence? Here is one such take:

Introduction by Revilo P. Oliver: A century ago, the Americans still had a country of their own, although they were admitting in droves the cunning enemies who were going to take it from them. They still had an educational system, as distinct from a machine to inculcate Marxist superstitions and the ignorance that goes with them. They had a number of large monthly magazines of literary quality, edited to standards that seem incredibly high today: Harper’s, Scribner’s, The Century, The Atlantic Monthly, The Pacific Monthly, The Forum, The Bookman, Lippincott’s, and their less viable imitators. And in those now far-off days, the solidly established periodicals for highly literate audiences could publish articles that did not have Kosher approval, and could sustain such covert pressures as the Jews were then able to exert on them. Truth was still an objective in high-quality journalism. And so it was possible for Americans to read such articles as the one reprinted below.

The article is reprinted from The Century Magazine, Vol. XXIII, No. 6, April 1882.
The Jews even used the ‘pogroms’ as justification for their stealthy capture of the Russian Empire in 1917-1918, and the massacres by which they began their rule of open terror over the population they had deluded and captured.

We repeat — since an American of today will find it almost incredible — that this article was published in a major American periodical, widely circulated and highly esteemed, when our press had not been subjected to the stringent Jewish censorship that prevails today.

Now, looking back along the line of ages, we find that no historical event recurs more surely, though at irregular intervals, than popular outbreaks against the Jews. Wherein lies the cause of this singular tenacious phenomenon? Historians are quick and ready with their answer: “In religious intolerance, with its attendant spirits of fanaticism and persecution and in the antagonism of race.” Such an explanation may pass muster for the ages of mediaeval darkness — but sweeping assertions seldom exhaust a subject, and this can be proved to be no exception to the rule. When the same phenomenon is reproduced periodically in our own time, under our eyes, and we are still told that “its only cause lies in religious intolerance and the spirit of persecution — more shame to our enlightened nineteenth century,” and when this is made the burden of a general hue and cry from the so-called progressive and liberal press of most countries, we become slightly skeptical, and desirous of looking into the matter for ourselves and more closely. We hope better things of our own time; we are familiar with it, being a part of it, and we know that its ruling spirit is not that of religious intolerance. We also know, from the teachings of modern philosophical school of history, that the popular mind and feeling, however abrupt and unreasonable their outward manifestations may be, are strictly logical in their development, and that the masses, when they appear to be swayed by nothing but caprice, or a sudden gust of passion, or at best by a blind and defective instinct, are in reality ruled by irresistible hidden currents of historical life, not the less powerful because they act at great depths below the surface. To dive into those depths, to reach those currents, to ascertain their direction and force, is the task of the inquirer. Sometimes chance steps in, and by the discovery of some unexpected clew lightens the task. It so happens that such a clew, in this particular case, has been offered by a rather peculiar combination of circumstances in Russia several, and the interest in the subject has been strongly and somewhat painfully revived by the widespread tumultuous occurrences of the last twelve months or so, it is surely worthy of a few moments’ serious attention, under the guidance of these revelations, which, though they concern specially the condition, power, and act of the Russian Jews, will be found to possess more than strictly local importance. A convenient introduction is afforded us by the general rising against the Jews which took place last spring throughout the south-west of Russia, and of which scarcely more than a bare mention was transmitted at the time to this country.

Astuteobservor II:
October 3, 2019 at 3:34 am GMT • 3.3
But that provides nothing about how the Jews were controlling Mao or is controlling China now. Just details how that family made its fortune through opium and such.

Robert Dolan:
“Communism has not been tried.”

Fuck you.

Marxists slaughtered over 100 million innocent people in the 20th century.

Commies wrecked Russia, Germany, Korea, Vietnam, China, Poland, Hungary, Cuba, Ethiopia, Venezuela, etc.

Hasn’t been tried!!!!

You do know that idiotic phrase is a meme, right?

Communism is Jewish internationalism, which means torture, gulags, and lots of dead people.

anon[323] • Disclaimer:
The Sasson family changed the economy of northern India. It infiltrated multiple aspects of British Indian administration. The loot and the profit from opium and cotton led to local misery, depopulation, destruction of Indian economy and enriching of British. This massive project based on force, corruption, destruction, and introduction of alien choices to local population earned Sassoon various British titles, peerage, and access to British Royals and finances.

From 1800 to 1917, all the wars the British fought came from revenue made from Opium. Sassoon was thrown out of Iraq’s court. Through drug in India, he made it to British court. He destroyed Chinese economy. He was more involved with Chiang Kaeishek than he was with Mao. Mao destroyed the business. Drug business moved to Burma Chinese border after 1949

There is still a monument in Shanghai dedicated to drug problem drug related death and the destruction that it caused. There the name Sasson is invoked with hatred and pity. He was a scoundrel and he polluted this world. HSBC bank was started (name was different) to make the drug money white. It was British Hongkong institution invented to launder money.

Robert Dolan:
The Jews are shitting their pants.

Why do you think they are shutting everything down?

Why do you think they are trying to take the guns?

Why do you think Schiff and Nadler are telling lies to remove Trump/Hitler?

The Stormer and the Shoah and Nehlen blew up and educated millions of whites.

The strategy of using humor and telling the truth always wins, and that’s why the Jews will lose.

If they don’t care about dissent, why do are they trying to shut down every bit of dissent they can find?

Desert Fox:
Agree completely, anyone who doubts this should read The Protocols of Zion.

Then ask yourself why anybody with a name or reputation to protect is constantly running away from these types, not towards them. Do you think the public is more or less favorably inclined towards “the alt right” now or before?

Everybody gets besmirched by idiotic fanatical Jew hating. Jews themselves don’t care as it just leads to sympathy and more pro-Israel charitable donations plus new Zionist immigrants.

Jews aren’t going to let themselves be shoahed again, like it or not, NS toadies.

The reason violence isn’t used is because it isn’t necessary to use it.

Robert Dolan:
More and more people are waking up everyday, and they are not “sympathetic” to Jewing.

Jews can’t be “shoahed again” since the narrative regarding WWII is total bullshit to start with.

Whack a mole isn’t going to work because the numbers are too big.

No—..the truth has a way of leaking out, and the truth is NOT good for the Jews.

Robert Dolan:
Antifa has been using violence against whites for YEARS. The Jews have used the violent police state against white people for YEARS.

Astuteobservor II:
No games. I am genuinely curious. The articles and wiki details how the Sassoons made their money through opium trade and cotton. Where is the connection to controlling China? I read through all of the links I found, nothing came out. Are the sassoons still operating in China? That would lend a huge boost to your claims.

Astuteobservor II:
October 3, 2019
Now the million dollar question, are they still operating in China? Aren’t they universally hated in China?

Through some crack in the European psyche, these dark forces of the human collective unconscious broke through to spread chaos and disorder across the world. Europeans are victims as well, and are paying the heaviest price. White people as such are certainly not the bane of the world. They certainly did not genetically evolve to destroy beauty and love, a la MacDonald with Jews. And for most of history they had a beautiful traditional culture like everyone. However, in the centuries following the Renaissance, white Europeans certainly were involved in wars against literally all of mankind, and their philosophies literally destroyed beauty across the world. But this isn’t the “essence” of white people.

I stated that Sassoon married into Rothschild, which is an easily verifiable fact.
Full control over China came with the communists, who soon developed into a counter balance to the Soviets. They came close to full scale nuclear war in the 1970ies, due to ideological disagreements, which is approximately the time the Jewish grip on the Soviet Union weakened, and many Jews enjoyed the privilege to leave the Soviet empire to the US, Israel, UK mainly.

Wherever the 5 pointed star is on a flag or military vehicles, it is worth to do some research.

Robert Dolan:
Politicians on the left constantly find ways to employ and pay family members, and the Obama’s took advantage bigtime. I don’t care if his wife worked on his campaign and got paid.

Lack of shame is a common Jewish trait.

Colin Wright:
‘—Only somewhere around two-tenths of humanity is Jewish.’

For ‘two-tenths,’ read ‘two tenths of one percent.’

The US did not support the creation of Israel to begin with. The Zionists Jews with their armed underground armies (there were 3 armed Zionist groups in Israel) decided to make the British occupation of Palestine so difficult and costly that the Brits would abandon their trusteeship over Palestine, the Brits being quite broke after WWII. That the Zionists did and the Brits set a date (May 15 1948) when they would be leaving and turned over to the UN the question of deciding what would happen to Palestine when the Brits left. The UN, in November 1947, voted to partition Palestine into two parts. The Zionists accepted the UN decision. The Arabs did not and went to war to take all of Palestine. They lost a hard fought war in which the Zionists, now Israelis, lost over 5000 dead in a total population of about 450,000. The Israelis fought off the Arabs with a ragtag collection of arms, purchased from whomever, improvised mortars, Piper Cubs, a few surplus British Spitfires and German Messerschmitt Bf 109s. Only the Czechs would sell them small arms.

American arms aid to Israel is about 1/5 of their military budget and is essentially a welfare program for American arms manufacturers for all the aid is earmarked for buying American arms.

As for their genocide of the Palestinians, that is a preposterous accusation, for Arab Palestinians make up 20% of the population of Israel, and the population of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip has grown considerably in the 70 years of Israel’s existence.

The Israeli settlement in the West Bank, numbering around 500,000, excluding East Jerusalem, commenced after the 1967 Six Day war. The religious took the victory as a sign from God that Jews should return to where they lived in biblical days. Many, perhaps a majority of Israelis consider the settler movement a pain in the ass, not that they can do anything about it, for it is a fait accompli. It should not be overlooked that historically, way back in the late 19th century, the Zionist platform spoke of Israel from the sea to the river (Jordan river). Which is the position of mainstream Palestinian opinion today: Palestine from the sea to the river.

October 3, 2019 at 6:45 pm GMT • 3.3 • 200 Words
I read this and I want to say “Not all Jews”. Look at ultra-Orthodox, like the Satmar of Kiryas Joel, New York. They have no involvement or interest in promoting Islamic immigration or transgenderism. They aren’t perfect, of course, if you lived in that part of New York you’d have good reasons to be upset by their bloc voting and geographic expansionism. But, I don’t think they have any interest in changing our culture, they just want to keep to their own kind and lobby for concrete things that benefit their community. The problems they cause are local, not national/global. The pushing of all things LGBT, feminism, mass immigration, etc, is done by those at the more “progressive” end of Judaism-seculars, Reform, Reconstructionist, Conservative/Masorti, even (but to a somewhat lesser degree) Modern Orthodox-but the ultra-Orthodox Traditionalists aren’t involved in that stuff, and even despise it.

Jews have their own demographic crisis, but only at the “progressive” end that causes the most trouble, who are shrinking due to low birth rate, intermarriage, and assimilation. The ultra-Orthodox who are much more inclined to keep to themselves are booming. So the Jewry of the future may behave differently from the Jewry of today.

Colin Wright:
Jews are hardly the only example of a group that tends to exclude and exploit outsiders while cooperating with each other; just about every ethnicity does this to some extent.

In America they are very often are quite open and ‘color-blind’ in how they treat gentiles. Go see a Jewish doctor, and my betting is he’ll give you the same level of care whether you’re Jewish or gentile, black or white.

On the other hand, in Israel, Jews have become almost fantastically hostile, manipulative, and exploitative towards the rest of humanity, and it only seems to be getting worse with the passage of time. It all sometimes reminds me of the Nazi episode for Germans. It’s not that Germans are particularly bad; but Nazism did create an environment that displayed their various cultural traits in the worst possible way. In Israel, we have an anti-Semite’s dream: everything characteristically Jewish, shown in as unflattering a light as possible.

The Dark Night:
And who doesn’t want and isn’t making effort to gain economic success? You are accusing the Jews for being more successful? Your problems. Keep working on it, become as intelligent as the Jews, understand how the world works and be the man. The Jews control the diamond business, for example. The Jews are good at banking and are the best lawiers, good at medicine and arts and own popular newspapers. Do the same!

The Dark Night:
The Hungarian scientist who discovered germs was considered insane. He said it was important to wash hands. No one believed him. This is the reason of high count of children deaths in Europe among gentiles. The Jews wash hands because the Talmud prescribes this. The fact that in the Jewish ghettos less people were affected during the mass epidemics in Europe is well known.

You don’t comprehend the Rothschild quote as to how you control entire countries?
The communists created a “new Chinese man”, detached from his own history and roots, in the same sense the Soviets attempted to create a “new soviet man”, but failed. The Chinese communists created quite masonic in a sense, worker bees and kind of hive mentality.

It is interesting to note, that the cultural destruction did not take place in North Korea to such an extent as in China’s “cultural revolution”. In North Korea, it was done by the democratic UN in the Korea war.

The control is via private central banks, the legal fiction of the person, insurances, and the private entity UN, EU and similar criminal organizations. “The world” is a freaking business, almost all countries are run as corporations, those who refuse will be bombed to it. And corporations/companies have always owners.

Artificial selection on plants and animals, both for economic purposes and as purely scientific investigation, has found in hundreds of cases that genetic variation exists for virutally any trait. That variation is usually polygenic, that is, many genes affect the trait. So if the selection applied artificially is strong enough, some change in the desired direction can be achieved.

Dog breeds, artifically selected in far less time than was available for evolution of Ashkenazi behavioral tendencies, can differ enormously in their innate behavior (pit bull versus lab). Back in the 1980’s E. O. Wilson and Charles Lumsden articulated the concept of gene-culture coevolution wherein culture can favor genes controlling certain behavior and then the presence of more of those genes causes futher elaboration of the culture in which they succeed. This is the kind of thing I personally believe happened with the Ashkenazi.

Looking at another ethnic group, British Borderers were exposed to constant raiding and warfare for over 300 years. Much of my descent is from those people, and my innate internal reaction to personal aggression is pretty extreme. But I don’t even raise my voice when actually dealing with inter-personal conflicts. Yet if the environment I lived in were one of war-lordism, I could deal with that better than most. Human behavior is context dependent. I’m not saying that Ashkenazi are today, in America, all bad-actors.

You have to also consider in America the process of “boiling off” when an Ashkenazi who lacks negative ethnocentric tendencies decides to marry a gentile. The Ashkenazi gene pool in America is being modified by that process. My family physician is Ashkenazi, married to a person of English descent from a famous line of Southern military men. She is a wonderful doctor.

Also note I have not included Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews in my hypothesis. I think that they did not experience the same selection pressures (huge opportunity for exploitation of native peasantry) that the Ashkenazi did.

Correction of sorts. For comparing behavioral evolution in dog breeds with human behavioral evolution, what matters is number of generations, not years. The Ashkenazi were in an environment that rewarded exploitation of East European peasantry for about 40 generations. A similar number of generations under selection can create a new dog breed.

However, such a trait can be either exaggerated or ameliorated according to the environment.

This in-group preference among Europeans was actually something that was dissolved over centuries of (what I can only think of calling social engineering) as their clans and tribes were dismantled. A good read is here:

“In 1059, Pope Nicholas II issued an encyclical which required that “if anyone had taken a spouse within the seventh degree, he will be forced canonically by his bishop to send her away; if he refuses, he will be excommunicated.”
In 1215, the Fourth Lateran Council reduced the number of prohibited degrees from seven to four. Still, the cummulative effect was to encourage exogamy — i.e., marriage outside one’s native community — and the growth of regional marriage markets.”

And here:

“The medieval church instituted marriage laws and practices that undermined large kinship groups. From as early as the fourth century, it discouraged practices that enlarged the family, such as adoption, polygamy, concubinage, divorce, and remarriage. It severely prohibited marriages among individuals of the same blood (consanguineous marriages), which had constituted a means to create and maintain kinship groups throughout history —
Among the anthropologically defined 356 contemporary societies of Euro-Asia and Africa, there is a large and significant negative correlation between Christianization (for at least 500 years) and the absence of clans and lineages; the level of commercialization, class stratification, and state formation are insignificant.”

Furthermore, there were more recent policies like one in the US that may have had certain intentions at the outset, but may have gone a little too haywire at this point (I haven’t read this book, though I have seen it referenced in plenty of articles on related topics):
“Forbidden Relatives challenges the belief — widely held in the United States — that legislation against marriage between first cousins is based on a biological risk to offspring. In fact, its author maintains, the U.S. prohibition against such unions originated largely because of the belief that it would promote more rapid assimilation of immigrants.”

Anyway, it is an interesting subject to explore. Are White societies paying the eventual price for these kinds of policies that have rendered them vulnerable to groups that have a stronger in-group concept and the resilience that comes with it.

Is it time — and even possible — to attempt to revive the concept of clans and such things based on blood heritage (as opposed to a amorphous and mongrelized concept of “White”)?

Louis Brandeis, Chaim Weizmann, Baron Rothschild in collaboration with other arch-Zionist Jews in USA and in Britain, negotiated with British leaders and with Woodrow Wilson and Col. House, among others, to draft and assent to the Balfour Declaration. It was not just a piece of paper, it was a contract, the quid pro quo being US entry into WWI. USA complied with those terms. Jews obtained from the British that which they did not have the right to give; and Jews promised to British leaders USA actions that they had no right to pledge.

Colin Wright:
Most of the Jews I have actually known haven’t been particularly exclusivist, exploitative, etc. They have had their quirks, but that’s a different matter.

The set one encounters here — the mighty warriors for Zion — and the set that infests Washington may or may not be as representative as the sample I have know personally. After all, those I have known have by definition been Jews who are willing to interact with gentiles socially.

Colin Wright:
About all that’s really required are some relatively modest measures. Say:

  1. Bar immigration. Countries can do this. They really can. They have. It’s not hard.
  2. Restore jobs. Around here, that would take the form of discouraging the export of raw logs; only sell the finished product after it’s been milled by the locals. Korea can buy all the 2×4’s she likes; she can even specify what she would like. She just can’t have the raw logs.
  3. Go back to mandatory commitment for the severely mentally ill. This floating population of loons is getting to be a real drag.

Notice that all of these measures are things we were perfectly capable of doing in the recent past. There’s no reason we can’t resume doing them.

The Balfour declaration was made in 1917. If the Brits and Americans thereby created Israel, how come they did nothing to implement that dream for 30 years? And the Brits for exactly 30 years actively resisted Jewish immigration into Palestine, arrested those they caught and imprisoned them in Cyprus. And favored the Arabs at every turn with for example the Peel Commision which recommended that a small number of Jews be admitted and then all Jewish immigration to be banned.

Plenty of people choose other priorities than economic success. For you to think otherwise is very telling. But no one denies the right of someone to focus on economic success. The question is whether Ashkenazi are especially willing to disadvantage people of other ethnicities to achieve economic success.

Raj Tattle:
It’s funny how the ones that currently populate the state of Israel today lay claim to it because of their geneology but, haven’t they undergone centuries of blood dilution with non-Isralites. So that would make them far from being pure Isralites and they know this which is probably why they settled on the word Jew as an encompassing identifier.

I would agree with you that the Israelies did win the six-day-war against several Arab nations which tried to conquer lone Israel at the time and they lost, quite embarrassingly. So Israel won and in respect of this win as per ‘might is right’ they did what they were now afforded to do being entitled to the specific part of the land they had won. However, there is a good way of doing might-is-right and a bad way of doing it. The Israelies have clearly chosen the bad way by turning oppressor and using underhanded means of kicking ‘The Other’ off of their land.

Also if the Iisraelies truly believed they own the land, then why are they not following in the footsteps of religious orthodox Jews and doing things like outlawing homosexuality (which is widespread in Israel). Obviously, the original inhabitants were religiously minded but the current Israelies are far from being religious. Surely, you would act in accordance with your ancestor’s religion if you really believed you were from them. Isn’t that more important than the land?

Perhaps the ones who comprise the recent Hebrew Isralites movement (mostly among black Africans in the West) are the true inheritors of the land as they seem proud of their religion.

I mostly associate a notion of a “promised land” with religion and nothing but religion and clearly only a small minority of Jews in Israel are religiously motivated so shouldn’t Israel be accommodating the Hebrew Isralites movement. Most Israelies are atheists and very liberal so would be better off in Europe and America.

Why should it be the obligation of the Brits and Americans to implement the Zionist dream? Wasn’t it enough that Americans spent their blood and treasure to achieve that which was of no interest to the American people?

Second: In that intervening 30 years, the list things done exceeds my willingness to spend the time to enumerate.
-Germans contributed mightily to building up the Balfour gift.
-Numerous organizations in USA were created and Jewish leaders toured the country selling Zionism and collecting funds.
-Louis Brandeis and Felix Frankfurter abused their status as Supreme Court Justices to inveigle favors from the British and from other US institutions, as well as US Jews.
-The British posted troops to quell tensions between restive Arabs and belligerent Jews.
-Large swathes of land were acquired, frequently by stealth, by Jewish agents in Palestine, where they were protected by those British troops.
— In 1930, Rabbi S. Wise and Jacob de Haas, Louis Brandeis’s PR frontman, wrote a book complaining that the British were not doing enough to fulfill “an agreement she entered into with the allied and associated powers, including the United States, whereby the establishment of the Jewish National Home was publicly avowed as one of the aims of the World War.”
— Luxury homes were built at Rehovoth for the Schoken family and for Chaim Weizmann.
— Sam Untermeyer spewed hatred of Germans to squeeze funds from wealthy New York Jews to build Hebrew University.
— Jews built up near Jaffa, in order to undercut the Arab trade in oranges and other revenue production.
— A prolonged war, 116,500 American killed; 700,000 British killed — that’s not enough for your lot?

From Wikipedia:

“The first Jews arrived in the territory of modern Poland in the 10th century.”

“Another factor for the Jews to emigrate to Poland were the Magdeburg rights, or Magdeburg Law, a charter given to the Jews, among others, that specifically outlined the rights and privileges that Jews had coming into Poland. For example, they could define their neighborhoods and economic competitors and set up monopolies. This made it very attractive for Jewish communities to pick up and move to Poland.[34]”

“Magdeburg rights (German: Magdeburger Recht; also called Magdeburg Law) were a set of town privileges first developed by Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor (936-973) and based on the Flemish law,[1] which regulated the degree of internal autonomy within cities and villages granted by the local ruler.”

Here is a pretty good article on the subject as well:
“In the early days of Europe’s darkest age, the Church waged a tireless war against the clans of Western Europe. The first step was broadening the doctrinal definition of incest to include marriage to almost all kin relations. Starting with the Synod of Agde in 517 AD, more than 15 synods on the subject were held in France, Spain, and Northern Italy over two centuries.

In kingdoms where the Church was strong, kings were eager to incorporate the new Catholic understanding of marriage and incest into their laws. By the end of the seventh century, legislation against incestuous marriages was written into the Merovingian, Visigothic, and Lombard legal codes. No one, however, was as active a promoter of the new understanding as Charlemagne. He decreed that all prospective spouses must undergo interviews by local bishops or priests before they were allowed to marry. These churchmen would investigate the family relations of both parties; if they were found to violate Church statutes, Charlemagne’s decrees empowered authorities to end the marriage. The power of the clans was being destroyed one marriage at a time. What followed was one of the greatest social transformations in European history: Western Europeans stopped thinking of themselves as kinsmen and started thinking of themselves as neighbors.”

The National Socialist-Zionist (NaZi) agreement “Haavara” (Transfer) came out of necessity, and it met the objective to get Jews out of Europe, but it was not the primary choice Germany would have taken. It was a German concession to appease the warmongering US Jews. The German Jews begged the US Jews as well to tone down the rhetoric, but they were ignored.
Jews paid in Berlin’s Paltreu Bank their assets, and Haavara bank in Tel Aviv paid them out. Transfer, and 60,000 Jews moved to Palestine between 1933-1939, the war terminated this.

Consider this statement made by ex US foreign minister James Baker in “Der Spiegel”:

“We made a monster of Hitler, a devil, that is why (therefore) we could not say otherwise after the war. We had personally mobilized the masses nevertheless against the devil. Thus, we have been forced after the war to play along this devil’s scenario. We could not have possibly made it clear to our people, that the war was only a preventative economic measure.”

He basically said, over sixty million people had to die only because of a preventative economic measure..

Colin Wright:

  • There was the Lavon affair, when Israel planted a bomb in US facilities in Egypt in an attempt to make it appear Egyptian nationalists were attacking the US.
  • The attack on the Liberty. Israel attempted to sink a US ship and make it appear the Egyptians had done it.
  • At least one terrorist bombing in Iran when Mossad agents pretended to be CIA operatives to make it appear the US was mounting terrorist attacks against Iran.
  • There was the Iraq war, when Israel fed the US false intelligence to get the US to attack Iraq.

Israel is the global leader in the illegal human organ trade. She’s a major player in the international White slave trade. Zionist donors were the leading contributors to the campaigns of both candidates in the 2016 US presidential elections.

Should I think of more? Syria, of course. Israel has boasted of how it arranged for the coup in Egypt.

Jews resent their host societies since they are dependent on them. Dependency breeds resentment. I have had Jews stab me in the back for no other reason than it helped aleviate their resentment at being even partially dependent on me. Once you see it you really can never stop seeing it.

Also an over-production of professionals and clerks was one of the causes of Zionism so that Jews could have a balanced workforce in their own territory and stop placing themselves into zero-sum competition with the non-Jewish middle classes.

Israel in the Mind of America : Peter Gross
It shows the infiltration and manipulation of various American social religious academic and political institutions by Jews preceding the American support of creation of Israel.

The book shows the pressure on Truman, threats, blackmails, and threats to Asian, Latin American, African countries, and to France to fall in line carved out by Zionist in USA

Francis Nicosia records the activities of Mossad el-Aliyeh bet in persuading, then escorting Jews from Germany and other European cities from their homes and, illegally, across the British blockade into Palestine. (Zionism and Anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany)

Edwin Black notes in Transfer Agreement that in the midst of the Depression, the flow of German Jewish wealth into Palestine made it the most prosperous place on the planet.

Etan Bloom’s Arthur Ruppin and the Production of the Modern Hebrew Culture (PhD diss. at TelAviv University) offers a chronology and roadmap of these activities.
Ruppin was born, educated and mentored in Germany by some of Germany’s finest academicians;

Although Ruppin obtained a law degree and had a promising career in the field of law,… his real intellectual curiosity and his first academic success lay in the new interdisciplinary field which become known in the following years as “racial hygiene” (Rassenhygiene) or “eugenics.”

Ruppin drafted the requirements for “human material” that was to form the “New Jew;” by ~1923, at least four sets of European Jews who had met the requirements made aliyeh and populated the kibbutzes Ruppin established. One set — the fourth aliyeh, in 1923, — had to be sent back to their East European places of origin, as they failed to measure up to the demands of settlement.

Ruppin acquired land and built Tel Aviv in a style that would appeal to sophisticated German Jews, although many settlers resisted the demands to maintain larger spaces between houses and for streets.

David Ben Gurion’s 1937 letter to his son also offers an insight into the thinking of Zionist leadership in Palestine, and their intentions against the chafing restraints of the British Mandate.

Ben Gurion was also at the helm in 1944 when the Jewish Agency in Palestine discussed whether to request that Allies bomb Auschwitz. At the time — June, 1944, the committee recorded that they believed that “Auschwitz is a labor camp,” and they “did not wish to be responsible for harm to a single Jew.” They did not place the request. (Rafael Medoff studied this event in a paper for Wyman Institute.)

In 1914, Palestine had a population of 59,000 Jews
In 1922, Palestine had a population of 84,000 Jews
In 1931, Palestine had a population of 175,000 Jews
In 1947, Palestine had a population of 630,000 Jews

One last mention:
Zionist Terrorism and Imperial Response: British Policies towards Jewish Resistance in Palestine 1944-1948 by Robert Lackner

“During the 1920’s and 1930’s, the growth of the Jewish population due to Zionism and National Socialism [see Germanicus / James Baker, # 249, above] had a negative effect on the Arab-Jewish relationship in Palestine.
Considering her own strategic position, Great Britain as the mandatory power restricted Jewish immigration in order to appease the neighbouring Arab countries.
As a consequence, the Zionist terror organisations Irgun and Lehi declared war on the British in early 1944, killing or wounding hundreds of soldiers, policemen and colonial officials.
Until its very last days in Palestine, the Empire found no appropriate policy either to break up the underground or at least to stop the attacks on military and civilian targets.”
This book describes the guerrilla tactics adopted by the Jewish terrorists and examines the failure of Britain’s political and military strategy, highlighting the reasons for her inability to stop terrorism.

Among the terror attacks British troops suffered at the hands of Zionists was the Sergeants affair in 1947, when Zionist terrorists hung two British soldiers.

Marx coopted early socialism and turned it into a doctrine of hate aimed at the European middle classes who were in competition with the Jews. He may have been slightly critical of Jews but ultimately he poisoned the well of socialism with hostile pseudo-science.

Not naming the Jew was tried by the John Birch society and many other vastly more respectable outfits on both the left and right. It never works. You have given in to Jewish intimidation from the get go.

Vatican 2 was done by crypto Jews. Joyce has an article on that too.

Until 14-15 century all Jews who happened to be in Poland were engaged in three occupations only:

  1. Buying and selling slaves and transporting slaves to major slave markets in Europe (Prague, Lyon, Venice)
  2. Running mints
  3. Usury

Magdeburg rights had nothing to do with it.

In the fifteenth century, Jews approached Polish king (Casimir IV Jagiellon) with a copy of Statute of Kalisz of Jewish rights in Poland that allegedly was granted in 1264. The king has rejected it believing that it was a forgery and another example of Jewish chutzpah though this word probably did not function in Polish or in Latin yet. Nevertheless Jews kept claiming that the Statute of Kalisz was ratified by many Polish kings and some people believed it. In the nineteenth century, Polish historian and lawyer Romuald Hube, after researching the issue, concluded that the Statute of Kalisz is a forgery and has no legal standing and never had any legal standing. Unfortunately, in Jewish Haggadah, the Statute of Kalisz continues to be used as an example that Jews were in Poland and enjoyed exceptional privileges from the very beginning of Polish statehood.

The privileges given by the alleged Statute of Kalisz are outrageous. No sane country would grant such privileges to anybody. English Wiki does not list all 36 articles.

What is interesting that one of the articles of the Statute preemptively forbids any accusation of Jews for the blood libel.

But it is true that at various times Polish Kings granted Jews many privileges and used Jews as their tools against the burghers who often were in conflict with the crown and gentry. The most important privileges were that concerning legal autonomy so Jews collected their own taxes and had their own courts in their local Kahals. Only the final partition of Poland in the eighteenth century abolished the Jewish privileges of autonomy by Russia, Prussia, and Austria.

The role of Jews in weakening of Poland in 17-18 century that lead to final collapse of Polish state is disputed among historians.

The defense of that entire area for centuries was managed by quality Ottoman garrisons, manned by Turks and soldiers from the Balkans), with capable Turkish officer corps (sometimes even borrowing a German or two) backed by Arab auxiliaries. The Turks also had a ton of experience in combined-arms tactics and had evolved experience from going toe to toe with European armies. There was little chance the Arabs were going to make up for all that experience and aptitude in their trial by fire. The losses were expected — it would have been a miracle if they had won.

We’re a few years out from a full system upgrade, at which point the ADL will announce that calling Jews Whites is hate speech. This is planned to coincide with the official banishment of Whites from political power in their own countries — consult Mark Potok’s wall chart for specifics.

Only if by some horrible accident of virulent anti-Semitism, Europeans unexpectedly retain power in European countries — Jews will be confirmed as Europeans.

There was no official Catholic Church position on contraception until 1588 when Pope Sixtus 5 issued an order claiming contraception was homicide? and those practicing contraception be charged with murder.

By this time, Eastern Europe was orthodox and didn’t recognize the Pope as an authority. Western Europe was half Protestant by then and extremely anti Catholic and even more against that scarlet woman of Rome who called himself Pope.

Both church and civil authorities in the Catholic countries ignored Sixtus’ order. Three years later, the next Pope rescinded the order.

In the late 19th century maybe 1865 1875, after research by British physicians revealed that thousands of British women were legally aborting babies every year, the Catholic Church issued an absolute ban on abortions. So did every Christian government in the world, mostly Europe and the Americas.

The British Doctor’s research consisted of observing all those British women who married at 22, lived in the same house as their husbands and by age 45 had born only 2 or 3 children. Physical exams of late 30s pregnant woman showed many had abortions previously. British Doctors also looked at all the ADs for health spas that promised guaranteed treatment to “restore the menses”. This was partly an outcome of the battle between male Doctors and woman midwives to control the obstetrics business. Midwives were abortionists as well as assisting in childbirth. The British Doctors anti abortion movement was part of their drive to drive the abortionist/midwives out of business.

Interestingly, the late 19th century, Mrs Buttinsky feminists suffergates prohibition crusaders and women’s clubs all crusades to make abortion illegal in Europe and the USA.

100 years later the feminazis, Mrs Buttinskies, and crusaders advocated legal abortion.

It was not until 1930 that Pope Pius wrote an absolutely binding on all Catholics papal order forbidding any kind of contraception including avoiding the 5 fertile days of the month.

Some say the Pope was worried about the low birth rate in the Catholic countries of South America and Europe. Who knows?

So nothing untill 1588, that order ignored and rescinded 3 years later, 1870s anti abortion order 1930 anti contraception

4, 2019 at 9:10 am GMT • 3.3 • 100 Words
@The Dark Night
Everyone of all faiths washed their hands when their hands felt dirty (something we can all perceive), and probably before and after handling food. It’s a human instinct. Meanwhile, shit only contains digestive bacteria and has sometimes actually been fed to people with unbalanced digestive flora.

Yes, horrible plagues happen, but it was the delivery of Zyklon B to Auchwitz that lowered the Jewish death rate there. No extra washing of their hands saved them from the typhus epidemic.

That something as totalitarian and legalistic as the Talmud includes a demand to wash your hands adds nothing to population growth rates.

Yes, self-isolating in a ghetto might reduce infection rates there, but that would have nothing to do with cleanliness.

And washing your hands in oil wouldn’t make much difference. It was the Germans who invented soap.

Margaret Sanger and Betty Friedan didn’t invent birth control and contraceptives. Birth control has been used for thousands of years. Sponges and other things have been used to block the cervix for thousands of years. Now days the device is called a diaphragm. Dr Joyce should have typed “When did contraception become illegal in Europe and America” into any search engine before he wrote this article blaming Margaret Sanger and her Jewish friends for legalizing contraception.

I dislike Jews because 1 affirmative action 2 black in White crime 3 their roles in Brown vs Topeka Griggs vs Duke Power and Kaiser vs Weber.

Blaming Jews for legalizing contraception and abortion is about as useless as blaming them for killing Jesus.

The sudden increase of Jews in Palestine up to 1947 came about in only 2 years.
It is a chapter the official narrative carefully avoids.
The many crazy, aggressive eastern European Jews, tens of thousands, had been put on ships by the Allies. Patton describes them well.
These ships waited on the Baltic and North sea originally for passage to Palestine, and the Brits unloaded them in Germany first. These looting, fanatic Jewish hoards were soon loaded back on the ships again by the allied military, because they also attacked their allied protectors, besides massacring German civilians in totally destroyed and occupied Germany.
The Brits and UN resorted to sink some of the ships to get some sense in these people, and others made it to Palestine, eg the ship “Exodus” the ex “President Warfield” refitted on order of the Haganah by Potomac Shipwrecking Co in Washington. The “holocaust” narrative conveniently includes these Jews.
The price for the ship was funnily $60000, and it carried about 4500 terrorist Jews to Palestine, escorted by British destroyers.

Imagine this, the Jews terrorize and attack their British protectors, and the British take losses, humiliation and still carry on.

It almost invites to draw parallels to Russian losses in Syria caused by Israeli missiles.

I’ve read the for centuries only Jews were tax collectors. Custom of the times, they weren’t state employees. They were independent contractors. Like bill collectors they worked on commission and kept a percentage of the taxes paid. The Jews kept most of the tax money.

By the time Poland was partitioned Poland had no army, no foreign service and not enough money in the treasury to send an ambassador to the conferences Russia Prussia and Austria held to decide who got what part of Poland.

The Jew tax collectors kept it all.

They’re still complaining about how Prussia Russia and Austria oppressed them after partition. Their own fault. They destroyed Poland by embezzling the taxes necessary to pay an army to defend the borders.

Satmar are strongly anti-Zionist, they are opposed to the existence of the State of Israel. They don’t lobby in support of Israel, or in favor of wars against Israel’s enemies.

Most ultra-Orthodox Jews tend to be either anti-Zionist (opposed to founding of State of Israel) or at least non-Zionist (taking a neutral stance). Only a minority of ultra-Orthodox are pro-Zionist. This is different from non-ultra-Orthodox Judaism, in which pro-Zionism is the majority. It is the pro-Zionists who lobby in support of Israel and its interests.

Modus operandi behind pushing feminism or proto-feminism was very clearly to rip females away from the protection of their fathers, husbands and brothers, so that they might succumb more easily to fulfill the aforementioned fellows’ perverse libertine fantasies.

On the other hand, while Hefner was also not a Jew, I would certainly concur that the ‘Playboy Philosophy’ and its “new alpha” ideal of the sterile, metrosexual “man” would never have gotten as far as it has without the endorsement of the Jewish entertainment and media moguls. And then of course we could talk about the peculiar social and cultural priorities (notably with regards to feminism, homosexualism, immigration and intersectionality in general) of “official” institutions in the West nowadays, and note their historical and current dependence on capital not too far exposed to one or another Rothschild. I don’t mean to dispute that the Kevin MacDonald thesis that theirs was a conscious or unconscious interest in undermining [White, Christian] America’s morals and self-confidence (and those of the West in general) is more than a mere ad hoc hypothesis.

Post-Alexander the Jewish population all over the known world, Hellenistic, Roman, Persian, was very large, perhaps because that whole world was Greek-speaking (at least among the educated) and large empires brought safe travel. There are many ancient writings that say that, including the Hebrew Sibyl of the Maccabean era, around 150 BC. The Jews were thrown out of Rome at least three times in the two centuries before and one after the time of Christ. Acts 18:2ff. mentions Aquila and Priscilla, who were in Corinth “because Claudius had commanded all Jews to depart from Rome.” The reason for those expulsions was the social troubles caused by their aggressive proselytizing. We also have at Matthew 23:15,

“Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.”

Those proselyting rabbis made it clear to their converts that conversion did not make them Hebrews, that they remained Askenazim. Whichever end of Europe they were in, the Crimea-Caspian region in the east, or later the Rhineland region of the west, the rabbis told them they were Ashkenazim. That is, Japhethites.

Poles complain about the damage Jews did in medieval and early modern times. But the history is clear, the sovereign and aristocrats basically turned the administration of the country over to Jewish immigrants who ran the country into the ground.

That decree of Pope Gregory you cited had nothing to do with contraception. It was one of the many many grounds for annulment of marriage. The Catholic Church forbade divorce. But it allowed annulment. There were as many grounds for annulment as there are grounds for divorce.

The basic Catholic idea is that marriage is a legal contract. Both parties must make a fully informed consent. Informed consent offered endless grounds for annulment. Both parties must freely consent to the marriage without any coercion of any kind. Parties seeking annulment can make up any bogus reason.

A common reason for annulment was and is that the bride was pregnant or thought she was pregnant. That’s coercion. Not necessarily a shot gun marriage. The coercion is that society expects couples to do the right thing; get married and raise the child. The pregnancy is what coerces the couple into marriage. Key concept is the bride thinks she’s pregnant. And if she realizes she’s not pregnant two weeks after the marriage, well, in those days there were no pregnancy tests other than not menstruating. But women are often late, some are irregular and if a woman thinks she might be pregnant that’s enough for an annulment.

The easiest way to get an annulment was if the couple had no children. No children is “in and of itself clear and present evidence” it was never and is not a true marriage in the eyes of God and the church.

Women over 45, 50, 60 got married all the time. Obviously they couldn’t have children. If that decree you cite was was about having children instead of providing more of the endless grounds for annulment; women past childbearing would have been forbidden to marry.

For more information, get off Wikipedia and get yourself to the nearest university library. Preferably a Catholic university. Wikipedia LOL

Then Poles should complain about how stupid their rulers were in medieval times and learn what not to do in the future.

Sometimes I see a really, really stupid trends or strains of thought or practice in certain European history.

Step 1: “I’ve got it, let’s let Jews run important parts of our country.”
Step 2: “Oh my GOD! Jews are running important parts of our country!”
Step 3: “Let’s kill them and burn down their houses!”
Step 4: “Oh man — perhaps we shouldn’t have done that, we kind of lost our cool — hey, how about we invite Jews back in to help run our country!”

Start again at step 1 — it’s really bipolar.

Jeff Stryker:
The Jews never returned to Poland. There was an exodus to Britain in the late 19th century (Jack the Ripper may been a Polish Jewish butcher) and then to the United States and then WWII.

Also, historically, Jews managed to coexist with Muslims better than with Christians. It is now assumed that Jews and Muslims were always bitter enemies but over history this was not true.

Remember, Jews absorbed much of the sciences and mathematics that Muslims as a conduit to Europeans.

Robert Dolan:
Those nice Jews dindu nuffin!

109 times.

And now they dindu nuffin for the 110th time.

It’s all your fault goy!

Colin Wright:
Sephardic Jewry emerged and developed in the context of gentile cultures at least as sophisticated as the Jews themselves, while the whole history of Ashkenazim has been set against the background of a more or less primitive gentile peasantry. Obviously, this would lead to two completely different sets of cultural attitudes towards ‘the other.’

I’ll add that since Ashkenazim and Sephardic Jews are two completely different genetic pools to begin with, even if there was a genetic difference, that would demonstrate little, since there would always have been a genetic difference.

Colin Wright:
To start with, there weren’t ‘five Arab armies.’ The only two powers that seriously intervened were Transjordan and Egypt. Transjordan confined itself to securing the West Bank and then stopped; it never attempted to overrun the part of Palestine allotted to the Jewish state.

That leaves Egypt — and the British had ensured the Egyptian Army wasn’t a threat, either to them, or as it turned out, to the nascent state of Israel.

So there was one army — and a universally agreed bad one.

Shall we move on to arms? In point of fact, Israel was facing a genuine military threat only through the first cease-fire. Thereafter, her forces were vastly superior in every respect to those of her opponents.

It was a really stupid move by the various Arabs. They helped Britain and France dismantle the Ottoman Empire and paid the price for it on the battlefield. File under: own goal. Well, at least they got to lose under Arab leadership instead of win under a Turkish one.

Colin Wright:
I don’t think the late Ottoman Empire was anything to hold on to. I’ve read accounts of goings-on in nineteenth century Syria or Iraq. It was not government so much as survival of the fittest, with the local Ottoman governor-and-troops as big dog on the block.

In any case, the Ottomans themselves were increasingly seguing into the modern Turkish ethnic state. It’s not like the Arabs were going to be equal partners in whatever came next.

The Ottoman Empire was a fascinating institution. Has there ever been a state as long-lived? After all, ‘Rome’ et al went through successive incarnations; the Ottomans were one continuous dynasty for seven hundred years.

By the early twentieth century, it really had run its course. The Arabs would have been shackling themselves to a corpse if they’d tried to stick with it.

Colin Wright:
The custom of having all your siblings strangled as soon as you ascended to the throne was set aside with Suleiman the Magnificent. Thereafter, younger brothers were merely confined to the harem — a custom which proved singularly deleterious, as it led to sultans coming to the throne who had all but literally never been out of doors in their adult lives.

What is remarkable is that the Ottoman Empire soldiered on anyway — through the Selim the Sots and the Hakims the Mad, and so on. As late as the eighteenth century, it was still a formidable military power, too — as the Russians, Austrians, and Venetians all discovered.

There was some glue there. What is was, I dunno — but there was more to that state than meets the eye.

Take heart— there is a proposal for ending anti-Semitism.

“Anti-Semitism Will End When They [Jews] are a Light on to the Nations”

Translation: “When the Moshiach comes, Anti-Semitism Will End”.

The irony is, the Goyim won’t have any say in it.

—not until I started noticing being replaced.

The rest will be history if more of the dumb goyim don’t wake up to this realization fast!

The (mostly) Western European Crusaders were beaten back by armies made up of Kurds, Turks, Arabs, various Caucasians, Persians and even Nubians.

But if you have already put aside other basis for unity, then you have to grasp for something. And since clans and tribes aren’t around anymore, you can’t really use those as a basis for unity by blood heritage so, again, you are forced to grasp for something less qualitative but hope nobody notices the seams and patches.

Identity and unity is forged out of ideas — physical facts mean nothing without ideas to give them significance.

I’d generally agree here. Even “unity through race” is an idea that a more amorphous “race” concept deserves more loyalty due to blood heritage than one’s own clan, tribe or ethno-linguistic grouping.

But there is an aspect of a natural blood component as well — one has to find a sweet spot. For instance, the Rashidun armies that rolled over Persia and Byzantium were often organized in units composed by tribe. Khalid Ibn Walid (ra) found that having the various fighters fight cohesively under their own tribal banners worked more effectively than mixing them up in units.

Colin Wright:
What doesn’t mix is egalitarianism and ethnic diversity.

The Turks were able to trounce multiple unified Crusader-style armies. Actually if you look at the history, there was little to stand in the way of the Ottoman juggernaut rolling through Europe after defeating a united Crusader force at Nicopolis. The Crusader army was nearly wiped out and there was little chance the various kingdoms would have been able to raise replacement armies in time if the Ottomans pressed forward.

What stopped them was an attack by Tamerlane from the East which led to the capture of the Ottoman caliph and the brutal civil war of succession in the Ottoman Empire. After that, even though they recovered enough to take Constantinople, you had the rise of Persia under the Safavids, Qajars, etc. and the Eastern front was constantly at risk and repeated wars going well into the 19th century. Interestingly, Persia proved pretty much a match for the Ottomans, they were constantly struggling relatively evenly over their shared border winning and losing and not really budging all that much either way. With the Ottomans losing the ability to concentrate fully on their European front ever again, history was thus written.

Israel defeats the racially similar Arabs who have lost the ability to effectively unite.

Tolerance is not practiced or believed by Jews. It is ordained by the US government to promote social stability. I as a Jew get annoyed when outsiders invade my space, and am not a tolerant Jew. My Jewish employer expected all his workers to be tolerant. His motive was to prevent blacks and White workers from quarreling instead of producing goods.

I studied early Christianity. I came to admire Christianity. That didn’t stop me from seeing how the Church later competed against and destroyed clan/tribe structures. I didn’t end up concluding Christianity was an evil but that at a certain point the Church filled a power vacuum and was inevitably corrupted.
I studied satanism and Luciferianism and found them to be very specific and evil types of pagan religions. I consider myself an anti-satanist and anti-Luciferian.
I also studied early Judaism and it’s evolution into Talmudic Judaism. I consider the Talmud to be an evil hateful book, proposing an evil hateful ideology. The people who follow it and those influenced by it engage in evil. No post hoc fallacy here.

The Roman Empire in the East. It is called Byzantium for purposes of obfuscation.

Constantine 1 hated Rome. Visited once and never returned. He was a Roman from modern day Dalmatia — the Virginia of Rome. They fought the Roman Empire into existence. He moved the centre of gravity in the Empire to Constantinople. It remained there for 11 centuries.
In many ways, the Anatolian people are the Roman Empire with a Turkish superstructure on top- language and religion. The Ottoman Empire was very similiar to it’s ancient enemy, the Roman Empire. It absorbed it over time: 700 years.

Colin Wright:
The various Jewish groups in Israel aren’t actually united at all, and a good many would like to leave, but have that for the moment. You do treat those you perceive as different worse than most countries treat dogs. After all, just try shooting a dog out of hand in a civilized country. There isn’t a more racist state on the planet than Israel.

There’s also the minor point that whatever its internal inequities, the Ottoman Empire was composed of people actually indigenous to its territories, and it was a place where whatever your background, you could participate in the state. Neither one of these applies to Israel.

When you call somebody a Nazi, you can make the argument that you’re inciting violence. And here’s how: As a country we all agree that Nazis are bad; we actually invaded an entire continent to defeat the Nazis. It’s normal to say hash-tag punch a Nazi because there’s this common thread in this country that they’re bad and that they’re evil and that they should be destroyed. You’re operating off of that premise. What you’re implying is that it’s OK to use violence against them.

Hitler is a name that you can’t christen a baby anymore in Europe and culturally is prohibited to be used as a normal name in American social circle.

Hate speech was all to it when America was repeatedly reminded by people like Kristol and Joe Lieberman reminded the American that 17 Muslim hiJackers attacked USA on 911.

Their purpose was global war against Muslim
Their logo was War on Terror.

The Arabs were betrayed by Britain. T. E. Lawrence was betrayed by the Brits, despite being one.

The 3.8 billion really is a gift and a larger one than we give any Christian country. Israel imposes large costs on the US in that every other country in the region hates us for all the stuff we do to support Israel. Some of what we do is good, but a lot of it is morally questionable, including rigging elections, assassination, and mass starvation. This is supposed to teach the locals about our free and democratic way of life, which can be theirs if they let us run their affairs. Our policy is that no country shall be run by sincere Muslims, even though most of the people in the region are Muslims. So we prop up a wide variety of playboy sheiks, military dictators, and thugs in order to keep Islam down, all because corrupt Arabs are easier for us to control.

Your experience was very different from mine. I grew up in a mostly Jewish part of Queens NY in the 1960s and was very aware of Jewish community activities and predilections, e.g. the political and cultural leftism. I had quite a few Jewish friends, but I did notice that they all seemed to have communists or socialists in their family trees, whereas none of the gentiles did. I’m not saying that’s bad, but it did set them apart, and they had a very strong sense of community and solidarity, which again is not necessarily a bad thing. I just can’t imagine not knowing if your girlfriend is Jewish. While there are Jews who don’t come across as Jewish, they were a minority among the teenaged girls of my acquaintance.
I’m sure the impression depends on the generation and the locale. Even within the local Jewish community in Queens there was a large difference between the more affluent Jews who lived to the west and the less affluent ones who lived in the housing projects. The latter seemed to have a stronger sense of identity and were more critical of the larger society.

I think there needs be able to differentiates between big Jews and little Jews. Now to be honest, almost all of them have an element of eccentricity about them (perhaps did to their upbringing and maybe due to perpetual feelings of victim hood even as the big Jews have been top dogs for a while now)

But it’s those Jews at the top making all those decisions about invade the world invite the world and unlimited “diverse” immigration etc. As for the little Jews, we need to evaluate them on a personal level and make a decision.

However, we don’t have time for that now. The immigration disaster is heading in full speed for a while now

Flint Clint:
Can someone on the UNZ Review do a story about Jews in Australia receiving interest free mortgages and loans from Jewish brokers? I am simply appalled. I found out from a friend who worked at a bank. Everything we’re told about Jewish excellence is an effing lie. Of course these parasites can obtain capital monopolies at every level of an economy. They simply play by completely different rules to the goyim. People should know that Jews are getting interest free loans. How incredible. You spend your life paying off the interest on your mortgage principal. The Jew is free of his own usury. I despise it. How can we be free of this.

Colin Wright:
I’d say it’s an East Coast/West Coast thing (or perhaps a Northeast/rest of the country thing). The first frank anti-semite I met came from New Haven, Connecticut. Before that, I thought of anti-semitism as kind of like a belief in ghosts — a delusion that had afflicted people in the past or in exotic places, but that no longer existed in the pedestrian, modern world.

I grew up in Northern California, and my family had been there since 1864. The Jews were a lot less Jewish, and indeed, ethnic identities in general were obscure. There were blacks and Chinese, of course — but failing that, you were White. There weren’t even Mexicans — not in Northern California.

The Strausses across the street were Jewish — Caroline Strauss always made a big deal about Passover. But it was just a fact devoid of significance. Like what kind of car they drove, or whether their house had a basement.

Just some nerd:
Hitler exposed the Jewish role in catalyzing decadence (stressing a similar kind of emphasis on pure breeding that the Jews follow), and the transformation of Germany under his guidance within one decade suggests to me that perhaps it wasn’t too late even in 1940 to save Europe from its impending downfall. But such speculation is probably pointless because, who can really know. Also, I get the impression that whatever the case might’ve been 80 yrs ago, it’s probably too late to turn things around now.

In the game of empire you seldom get to make a critical mistake and recover. The Ottomans let Peter go after his forces surrendered and he was captured after having him sign certain terms. Had they kept him as a prisoner and demanded ransom or more, history may have taken a vastly different trajectory. You snooze, you lose!

I’ve never come across a so-called big Jew. Outside of my observations of comics, activists, media types, academics, financiers, etc, from afar, my personal observations have been of small Jews, and they generally conform to the worst stereotypes. None of them oppose the big Jews, or seem to care one whit about the destruction of America. Most have been typical lefty SJW types. And all of the little synagogues and Jewish community centers that I drive by display Israeli flags or signage supporting Israel. Little Jews generally support the big Jews, and vice-versa.

I don’t understand people who make a big deal out of perfectly logical and healthy reactionary anti-Semitism, and totally ignore the aggressive and toxic nature of Jewishness. The existence or nature of Israel are symptoms of the real problem.

Franklin Ryckaert:
“United polyglot empires” have the curious inclination to fall apart in their constituent ethnic parts. That is why the Arabs, the Greeks, the Serbians and Bulgars fought their Turkic masters for ethnic independence. The same happened with the Austro-Hungarian Empire, with Yugoslavia and Czecho-Slovakia and the Soviet “Union”. How “united” do Whites, Blacks, Hispanics and Asians feel in the US? How “united” are Israel’s Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Mizrahi and Ethiopian Jews? Did the founding Ashkenazis not discriminate against Sephardi immigrants (remember the Ringworm scandal?) and what about racial discrimination of the Ethiopian Jews (remember the Depo-Provera scandal?).

It is not “ideas” that unite but common ethnic identity and that includes race. Multi-ethnic and multi-racial states may stay “united” for a while due to internal or external pressures, but once those pressures are gone disintegration sets in. Ignoring race and ethnicity for a “higher unity” based on ideas is unrealistic.

Franklin Ryckaert:
There are several layers in identity : 1) Race, 2) Ethnicity, 3) Class. Identity on every level can be a source of conflict. “International Solidarity” based on class but ignoring ethnicity and race proved to be an illusion to the Marxists. People of the same race but of different ethnic identity can also have conflics. The fact that multiple identities are a source of conflicts does not suggest that the “solution” is ignoring identity for artificial ideological constructs. The solution is more not less homogeneous societies.

But homogeneous societies also proved to be an illusio, as we see from all the civil wars throughout history.

What is clear is that race, on its own, is not enough of a unifying factor. History is clear on that lesson. Close racial kin constantly fight each other.

Even immediate families, brothers and sisters, fight each other. Its proverbial.

Conflict is unavoidable, internally and externally. There is no “solution” to this problem. It can only be managed.

Occasionally, a society will come together on the basis of shared culture, religion, ethnicity, interests, and it will work for a shorter or longer time — until it stops working.

Jews are seen here as united ethnocentrists, but there has always been tremendous internal conflict among Jews even in ancient times. Jews couldn’t even remain a single tiny kingdom but split up into the kingdoms of Judah and Israel in ancient times when they were the same ethnicity and religion and culture, and the factions at the time of Jesus and before that, the Roman Revolt, were many and hated each other fiercely. Read Josephus. There were alsways — as today — Hellenistic Jews and Traditional Jews who hated each other.

In Jewish tradition, we lost Jerusalem — the last exile — because Jews hated each other for no reason — i.e, divided into pointless factions and fought each other.

Today, Jews are more united than Whites or Muslims or most other groups, so they do better. But today, the ethnic basis for Judaism, especially in Israel, is weakest, and the ideological basis, strongest. Today’s Israel is more united than the ancient kingdoms of Judah and Israel, who were the exact same race and ethnicity and culture and religion.

I suspect that’s true for Jews in the American south as well. The ADL stereotype of southerners as letting no day pass without lynching at least one black and one Jew is likely a response to the southern anger at Leo Frank’s defense team blaming his conviction on anti-Semitism, and later the obvious presence of radical Jews in the civil rights movement and Communist politics generally. In general, southerners, despite their tendency to Christian fundamentalism, did not see Jews as alien or objectionable. In fact, I suspect most Americans do not have any particular stereotype of Jews unless it’s something they picked up on TV.

I don’t see how anyone can be a conservative or reactionary (unless limited to Austrian economics) without noticing and being irritated by the strong leftward tendency of Jewish politics and its incredible effectiveness, which in turn seems largely a result of the “Rainbow Coalition” strategy that Jewish groups pioneered. However, one can hardly begrudge Jews their support for Israel. Perhaps they should be a little less dogmatic about it, but I could say the same thing about Irish Americans who support the IRA, or did back in the day when that conflict was raging. It’s up to gentiles to set reasonable limits to American support for Israel, though they don’t seem good at doing that.

That doesn’t explain the Jewish revenge on Germany for doing God’s will.

Colin Wright:
‘In general, southerners, despite their tendency to Christian fundamentalism, did not see Jews as alien or objectionable—’

Except when they get going on the theology, they don’t even seem to recognize them.

One of my internet interlocutors is from North Carolina. He’s not terribly well-educated, but extremely sharp.

He seriously did not realize Bernie Sanders was Jewish.

@Jack daniels

Colin Wright:
Forty percent of the Jews in Israel say they would leave if they could. Most belong to some party that represents their particular ethnic tribe; you’ve got your party for Russian secularists, your party for the Mizrahi, your party for the Ashkenazi Ultra-Orthodox, your party for—

They hate each other so much they won’t even send their children to the same schools. The contempt felt for the Ultra-Orthodox in such organs as Haaretz is almost palpable. That’s part of the reason why Israel is so compulsively hostile to her neighbors — or failing her neighbors, anyone within a thousand miles. She needs an enemy at the gates. Any prolonged interval of peace, and the various flavors of Jew in Israel start to turn on each other. She has literally provoked clashes with the Palestinians to head off internal strife. I recall watching this very clearly happen about ten. Jews in Israel are united solely by their hate and fear of everyone around them — and they take good care to perpetuate that hate and fear.

Jews in Israel are united solely by their hate and fear of everyone around them.

This really was the fault of the Arab nationalists that played right into their hands. If you read some quotes of the early Zionist, you realize how frustrated they were with Jews in places like Morocco, Egypt, Iraq, etc. because they were like; “Yeah, no thanks, we’re good.” These groups that been settled in those places for centuries upon centuries really weren’t that hot on the idea of relocating their lives due to some prodding by some godless (that was another frustration the Zionists had, these guys were too religious) European Jews.

Had the Arab nationalists not miscalculated on a massive scale, every time Israel would have piped up about it being the only homeland for Jews in the Middle East, it would have been met with collective laughter by millions of Jews in the Muslim world. This move also bolstered Israeli manpower by almost a factor of two in a relatively short time.

Flint Clint:
Where a presumption of anti-Semitism will be smeared against anyone who competes with Jewish commerce — because not trading with a Jew and not buying the shitting mal-ware infested Israeli camcorder and buying the Japanese one instead will mean you’re an anti-Semite. I mean it’s a farce. The fact any Israeli or Jew can possibly support this egregious disgusting set of laws proves that Jews simply have no place in the West.

Flint Clint:
Here is how strong the Jewish common purpose. Jewish mortgage providers and money lenders in Australia provide other Jews and exclusively Jews interest free mortgages and interest free loans.

Google it. You can find it.

It’s absolutely incredible.

That’s disgusting. You say ‘everyone is alienated’ as if it has nothing to do with Jews. Well that’s one reason effing Australian’s might be feeling alienated. They can’t afford houses because of Jewish national debts owned to Jewish private banking cartels. They also can’t get access to capital. And the capital they get access to they have to pay interest on.

So Jews in Australia can afford houses very young — because the *unts don’t have to pay interest on their loans. So they also escape debt and can buy even more capital.

It’s disgusting. Everyone involved in that should be imprisoned. It’s good you’re going back to Israel. That’s where all Jews belong — where they can provide themselves interest free loans at their leisure.

Racially modulated interest free loans.

Unz has showed that even in 1944 something like over half of all German capital was still owned by Jews.

Well this is how.

I bet you think you’re really hard working and intelligent. No, you’re a userer, and you benefit by your people’s blatant theft and supremacism and corruption. Those interest free loans, you absolute Cun* are what create those ‘vibrant Jewish communities’ in the nicest parts of Australia. And these absolute parasites then have the temerity to tell Australians they need to just pull themselves by their boot straps. If any White mortgage lender were to try the same thing, it would be Jews suing them immediately for racial vilification, hate-speech, racial exclusion and White supremacism.

Interest free mortgages Aaron. Go to hell. It’s ‘The Enlightenment’ it’s ‘Romanticism’ it’s ‘Evolution’.

No, you moron, it’s Jews gaming the system and providing themselves interest free loans — even as the Chinese just give themselves state printed monies to launder into western property.


‘Healthy balanced European nationalism’ means all European nationalist movements are Zionist, and governed by the Jewish finance/media/military-intelligence complex.

BDS boycotts are nothing. None of the senior democrats support BDS. But by seeking to abolish the first amendment, even as Jewish groups libel second amendment proponents as ‘hate groups’, it is simply declarative of Jews as enemies of the the United States.

It really does suit Israel to hold in economic bondage all US citizens so they are prohibited from competing with Israeli interests. But that is an infraction on American freedoms that is of terminal impact.

Americans are already slaves to Jewish private debt, now we are apparently to be slaves to Israeli consumer preferences.

And it’s so abominably hypocritical, given Jewish penchant to use economic sanction against anyone or anything they dislike.

Why not pass a law making it illegal to boycott White people? Yes, lets do that. While we’re at it, why not pass a law providing a debt jubilee on all debts owed to Jews?

Colin Wright:
If the Ashkenazi were commanded to study the Torah, etc, they certainly didn’t obey.

I am grateful for the Anti-BDS movement because it shows what lengths American politicians — even Harvard Law graduates like Ted Cruz — will go to in service to the Israeli and Jewish lobbies. This legislation is beyond indefensible and must surely be embarrassing or would be if properly spotlighted. I’m sure some Jews disapprove of the legislation but they need to be more vocal since the gentiles are unable to risk being labeled anti-Semites. So this situation is really a microcosm of where we’re at as a society.
Of course, America is already nearly the only “democracy” in the western world not to jail citizens who “deny the Holocaust.” Don’t Jews sense the danger to their cause from backing this sort of stuff? Whose doing is “anti-racism” anyway?

Unlike Christians, Jews consider anyone with a Jewish mother to be a Jew, albeit sometimes a wayward Jew. Pew Research confirms that most American self-identified Jews see no contradiction in the notion of an atheist Jew, whereas “atheist Christian” is a more problematic concept.

Colin Wright:
Jews aren’t a community defined primarily by genes.

There are many, many Muslims in the Middle East that have trace Jewish genetics/ancestry from the past. Having 10% is fairly common, up to 25% is less so.

The Dark Night:
A Jew can pray in a mosque. Jews recognize Islam. Rambam, a great Sephardic rabbi, said that it is better to enter a mosque and pray there than praying on the street and that there is no problem with Islam as far as Jews are concerned. Muslims understand the idol worship the same way and this is the main issue the Jews have with Christians and Hindus. Muslims are monotheistic and Sufi Islam is not much different from Kabbalah. Sharia laws are the same as Halacha, based on the sacred text. Lots of parallels.

You know the Jews had always been friends with the Muslims until the war in 1948.

There were good times and bad times and it depended where one lived. Jews in Turkey and Egypt lived fairly well, while in Yemen, they were pretty much destitute (not that the rest of Yemen is all that rich) and isolated, and if you went to parts of Central Asia the Jews were bullied and slapped around. Certain parts of North Africa had a pogrom once in a while, truth be told, but overall Jews were granted more concessions (and often refuge) in the Muslim world in the pre-modern era. So it all depends; it’s a big subject covering lots of ground and over many centuries.

The advent of Israel in the area (mostly at the hands of [not local, but] settler European Jews) and the secular ethno-nationalism of the time (on the part of both Jews and Arabs in the area) has really screwed things up. I really hope we can walk this thing back before it gets out of hand and cooler heads prevail, because the current trajectory is not good.

Anyone who has spent time in Israel knows that Jews aren’t monolithic, but U.S. Jews are pretty monolithic, at least the elite Jews are. And even among Israelis, Jews relate to diverse Jews more that they would relate to a non-Jew of similar background.

Jews are very tribal, and there is no way around that. The problem is that they are also very aggressive collectively, and have little regard for the societies that they live in. Where are the Jewish institutions that openly support the social, cultural, or ethnic cohesion of their hosts, or that work for the overall health of their host society? They don’t exist anywhere where Jews are in the minority, so it makes sense to oppose the Jewish collective.

And who cares if Jews are more intelligent on average? The West produces more than enough native genius to do well without Jews. The fact that Gentiles in the West produce a more layered society just means that they are able produce societies that function. And it’s not like Jews tower above Gentiles on average, anyway. Gentiles aren’t latching onto Jews.

No wonder, Maimonides was perfectly conscious that Islam was a creation of the Jews. Always united, despite occasional scuffles, in their common hatred for the ‘idolaters’ (akums/mushrikun).

Colin Wright:
11, 2019 at 1:05 am GMT • 3.3 • 500 Words
We’re all ‘tribal’ — to varying degrees. One naturally chooses people who are more likely to share your values, to understand your outlook, to want to help.

Colin Wright:
Jews had always been friends with Muslims until Christendom pulled ahead.

Then we got to start hearing about the ‘Judeo-Christian heritage.’

Colin Wright:
One comic bit I recall from, oh, fifteen years back — somewhere in the general post-9/11 festival of Islamophobia ‘n hootenanny. The Judaic Islamophobes got all excited about a mid-nineteenth century pogrom against the Jews in Syria; publicized the hell out of it.

— until it transpired that it was Christian Syrians who were the primary instigators and participants in it.

Sudden silence.

This cynical manipulation of the historical record by hardcore Zionists in their 24/7 propaganda campaign to vilify Islam really, really pisses me off. It’s a level of absolute Machiavellian deceit and treachery.

We can agree on the extreme beastiality of a state actually ruled by Jews. But the hate, hate, hate of the unrestrained actions of the Jews of Israel and of the illegal settlements has exposed to the world Judaism as such. More are realizing that it stands for hate, hate, hate
The victimhood is a cultivation of hate. The screams of “anti-Semitism” are hate speech. Holocaust memorials are expressions of a uniting hatred of non-Jews, nothing else.

Jews are united solely by their (cultivated) hate and fear of everyone around them, all non-Jews. And they take good care to perpetuate that hate and fear. It was all left behind by Christianity, with its “love your enemy” and “turn the other cheek”, but preserved in Talmudism.

Judaism would disappear in a generation without that cultivation of hate. And of all the deception, which tries to keep hidden the idiocy of their concocted mindset and religion.

It seems to me that the progressive/secular Jewish organizations speak for most Jews in Europe and America and have succeeded in overturning freedom of speech in every western country save America. They successfully lobbied for laws against denying the Holocaust, broadening into laws against any sort of revisionism or anti-Semitism, broadening into laws against ‘hate speech’ of all kinds including speech endorsing nationalism, traditional views about women, gays, racial minorities, and so on, the broadening process being supported at every step by Jewish activists and plutocrats. The censorship of all ‘hate speech’ masks the fact that all the views censored are ones opposed by secular Jews, and seen as typical of nationalist or anti-Semitic elements.

Much of the pressure against Russia, IMO, is caused by Russia having the will and the military power to resist this forced imposition of progressive opinions on historically Christian, not-so-progressive populations, which were formerly censored by Communist parties but now free to return to their nationalist and religious roots and accompanying social attitudes. In effect, Jewish progressivism would restore Communist censorship in a post-Communist world.

Flint Clint:
But they’ve accomplished it in all of Europe the UK and Australia. I think they’ll keep pushing.

Colin Wright:
Isn’t the need to bar Holocaust Denial largely because it is so useful as a justification for Israel and blanket excuse for its crimes?

Flint Clint: — Jews are trying to replace Europeans in their own countries. That’s what Jews have always done, to the extent it is within their power.

At the same time, you inveterate liars and hypocrites do the opposite in the case of Israel.

You are such a pathetic liar.

Even your own Jews probably despite you, because you’re such an obvious liar.

Here is the effing Jerusalem Post “Candidly Speaking: Pseudo-liberal Jews are causing unspeakable damage”

So even Jews at the Jerusalem Post, you cretin, you stain, you worthless pig, know that you are lying and state the argument that cun*s like you say is a ‘conspiracy theory’.

Jews are flooding Europe with the third world and Africa in particular — says the Jersualem Post.

Here are more Jews, observing the consequences of Jewish subversion, lies, double-standards and crimes:

“So, what of the political future of American Jewry? The one thing that 2016 has made clear is this: Jewish Americans are not welcome among the political elite on the Left or the Right. For the first time in my lifetime, Jewish Americans who make no bones about identifying as Jews, whether they are Orthodox in practice or Zionist in outlook, are being given the cold shoulder by the political establishment at large.”

You are an absolute moron. Other Jews can see very clearly the future. The left of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib who only persist in the US because of Jewish immigration policy hate you, despise you, and regard you as White supremacists.

The Right now understand you are the implacable enemies of American liberty, as demonstrated by the anti-BDS laws. There will always be some evangelical donkeys bamboozled by Genesis 12:3. But they are an ever shrinking minority.

Here are more Jews Kvetching about the logical consequences of their retarded illogical impulses and preferences — totally foreseeable, completely their fault.

“History is a harsh and unforgiving bitch and one ignores her lessons at one’s peril. The economy is not going to improve. The demographic time-bomb is not going to self-defuse. Gen X and the Millennials are impervious, at best, to crying Holocaust. There are now more Muslims than Jews in Europe and the USA. Nationalism is growing rapidly in reaction to the abuses and injustices of globalization and transnationalism. The debt limits are being stretched perilously thin everywhere from the USA to China.”

You are a Jewish cretin.

You are going to removed from your jurisdiction in the next 20 years. Not the gentiles — you. You, you, you.

It’s going to be incredibly painful for everyone — diversity + proximity = war.

Even Australia isn’t going to be safe for Jews. The Chinese want to supplant you, not partner with you. And your own Jews insist on mass muslim immigration into Australia. And once muslims get to 10%, they detach from the Jews and enforce their own preferences.

You are an absolute cretin.

109 different locations and counting through no fault whatsoever of the Jews.

Here is Jew Rich Cohen being dishonest, but seeing why it is the Jews, not the gentiles, who will have to leave soon.

He left out a three reasons:

  1. Jews are disproportionately affected by the dyscivic and dysgenic consequences of their own social policies. Jews love to be gay and have sex with men and wear dresses.
  2. “Jews had re-imagined the nation,” according to Rich Cohen. Of course, they didn’t merely reimagine it, they helped remake it more to their liking out of the mistaken belief that a multi-ethnic America would be better and safer for them than an Anglo-Saxon America. This is turning out to be wildly untrue, as the genteel disdain they so resented on the part of the elite White Anglo-Saxon Episcopalians is considerably milder than the way in which they regarded by nearly every immigrant group that the Jews have sought to import, from Central Americans to Eastern Europeans to Asians.
  3. The third is that a number of elite Jews in America have increasingly attempted to use America’s military on behalf of Israel’s foreign policy. This is increasingly resented by Americans across the political spectrum; for example, neither Right nor Left is even remotely interested in invading Iran as the neocons have been demanding for the last 13 years. Their efforts have not yet boomeranged, as Dr. van Creveld fears, but at some point they most likely will if they do not cease.

One could go on, and on, ad infinitum on why you are wrong. But I’ll leave it there.

Get some land in Israel Sagi.

Jerusalem: 800,000 Haredi Jews attend anti-IDF draft rally.

Hundreds of thousands of Jews have emerged in recent years to protest the Zionist State.

Jews do not need an army. IDF cannot be the protector of the Jews.

I’m a Jew I don’t need an army.

Flint Clint:

“100 years after the Spaniards kicked out the Jews, they ruled over the wealthiest, most powerful empire on Earth. Irrelevancy on the world stage? The Spanish empire didn’t even reach its apogee for another 300 years! To the contrary, barely 100 years after the USA first permitted mass Jewish immigration, it has lost its global power, it is deeply in debt, it is demoralized in literally every sense of the term, it has been invaded by tens of millions of foreigners, and is now on the verge of complete political collapse.”

That’s one basic example of why Jews have to leave. You are in an endless, unending, ceaseless campaign of lies and deception to destroy the minds of the next generation of westerners. You want us to believe that YOU are the West — no, you are inimical to the West.

You are once again, allying with Muslims to try and destroy the people who give you safety, prosperity, absolute freedom, prominence, power and monopoly.

Your people are mentally ill. You have a destroyers impulse.

Here a Jew says that Stephen Miller can’t be considered an American. He absolutely could, and is. But the problem is that he doesn’t overtly display dual loyalties, and always ask first, ‘is it good for the Jews’ instead of ‘is it good for the United States and my neighbours’.

Goldberg is correct, it’s time to leave Sagi. Because your people’s ill thought policies and dishonesty and nepotism and hubris has laid the conditions for catastrophe — and all it’s going to take is one major push, just one. One more big terrorist attack in France of Germany, one more economic contraction.

“Goldberg’s predisposition is correct. There is no future for the Jews in Post-Christian Europe now that the great experiment in diversity and multiculturalism is ending. The various European nations trust the Jews no more than they trust the Europeans. What is happening in Europe now is going to be happening in the USA circa 2050, and I doubt the results will be any different.”

There is still time — if people like you repent, stop spouting lies and retarded nonsense, start making common cause with the people who saved you from the fractions of the Holocaust that actually did happen, as opposed to most of it which didn’t, the pending catastrophe can be averted.

You have to stop standing in the way of Europe defending itself against Islam & Africa, and the United States defending itself against Hispanica and Asia.

If you don’t, I will not support it because Jews are wonderful in their own quirky way, history IS going to repeat itself. Not the deadly version, but the travelling version.

This Holocaust survivor died because of Jews — because you have pushed immigration into the West for, on record, as long as 100 years.′

You are in your Twilight. You best pray it is a peaceful one.

You’re too low IQ evidently, despite the Jewish proclamations to ‘115’ to the contrary, to bother iterating why it might be that Europeans have cause to resent Jews.

Just keep thinking it’s all completely random behaviour of sub-humans and live your merry little life.

Pre-WW2 there was quite a gulf between German Jews and usually Yiddish-speaking Polish ones or those from further east. Franz Kafka encouraged his circle to support a wandering theatrical group of Polish Jews. His father and quite a few other Prague Jews were hostile. Kafka quoted his father as saying that “he who lies down with dogs gets up with fleas”. Kafka’s father actually grew up speaking Czech in an impoverished village in Bohemia but switched to German as it was more a prestige and official language.
More recently a non-Jewish work colleague had a woman friend who was Jewish or half-Jewish. She was very secular. I asked him what she thought of the ultra-orthodox or Haredim to be found in Stamford Hill, London. He replied that she had told him those people were very inbred.

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