The Powerful Moscow Rabbi Who Wants Draconian Censorship of Any Criticism of Jews

Written by Mike Walsh

Moscow Chief Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, president of the Conference of European Rabbis, hosted a high-level debate at the Munich Security Conference titled ‘Combating Hate Crime’. During the debate, he protested that people use their unregulated freedom of speech in social media to say things he and his fellow Jews don’t like:

The panel focused on the dangers caused by social media, including rampant anti-Semitism (exposing Jewish malpractice), far-right extremism (ethnic nationalism as practiced by Jews) and Islamophobia (opposition to Jewish fuelled migration), all of which have found new life online.

A key agenda point addressed how social media channels spread messages faster and more efficiently than ever before and that more needs to be done to regulate these channels. The speakers concluded that tech giants are unable to deal with forms of racist hatred (White preference for their own kind) and the dissemination of extremist (spreading truth) views across their platforms.

Goldschmidt called on governments around the globe to regulate social media to avoid what he calls ‘its misuse’. This would make it a crime to expose holocaust related fraud and Zionist atrocities committed against Palestinians and other non-Jews.

During the debate, many agreed that technology has, to a certain extent, broken democracy. As a great writer once observed, Democracy is now currently defined in Europe as a ‘country controlled by Jews.’

Alex Samos, former Chief Security Officer at Facebook argued that, ‘there is no broad alliance of states against right-wing extremism (ethnic-European nationhood).’

Why the fuss? Undeniably, Jews have enjoyed a virtual monopoly on the press and media for the last 100 years, but the free internet changed all that. The last thing Jews involved in malpractice want is an open, level playing field of public opinion because they know they will lose.

An observer says, ‘they have it completely backwards: that so-called hate speech is still allowed in social media is proof that democracy is still alive and well.  If all criticism of Jewish malpractice is removed, there is no democracy, there is only totalitarianism.

But we are dealing with a Jewish definition of democracy here.  And in a Jewish form of democracy, any criticism of Jews is strictly forbidden, outlawed, and preferably a jailable offense.

From ‘The Ethnic-European‘.

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