The racist definition of racism!

Written by Andy

The definition of racism rather requires the belief that that humans can be divided into separate and exclusive biological entities called “races”. If one is prepared to accept that races exist and that one group might act towards others in different ways, then one can study differences between these entities. We already accept that Muslims go to mosques, Christians perhaps go to churches, Jewish persons go to Synagogues, Hindus go to their temples, and that is supposedly above criticism. The Americans support their Olympic team and Australians support theirs. The internationally distribuetd media encourages us to like people from certain countries and hate those in other countries and the government dutifully follows their guidance propaganda. Sometimes the propaganda becomes so intense that one country encourages its young to go and shoot the young from the other country.

I asked a Somali immigrant to Australia: “Do you get prejudiced against by white Australians?” or similar. He replied. “No. This is great. Where I come from, black man shoots black man.” I don’t have a problem here. The country making most noise about racism has a net migration from Africa to America and almost no migration from America to Africa, even though one African nations has invited all the Africans in America to return.

I always considered racism to have a definition close to:

Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism by an individual, community, or institution against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group.”

They seem to have added an assumption to this:

“so as to distinguish them as inferior or superior to one another.”

These items are not directly linked. If I go to church, that does not mean that Christianity is superior. If I talk to a white person, that does not mean that white people are superior. I travel the world as a backpacker each year. I get on great with all the different peoples of the world. I have no concept of superiority. But I belong to the white tribe. I sit at dinner tables around the world and discuss the differences between our cultures, beliefs and differences. The Muslims love it when I crank up about the problems with Islam and they crank up and tell me some uncomfortable truths about Christian society. The most memorable being: “You Christians cannot keep your families together.” And they are totally correct. But I don’t become a Muslim because of this. We pass the greetings of the day and say our goodbyes in an amicable manner. There is nothing to do with which one is superior. I’m Christian and I wont be apologising for that. I am white and I wont be apologising for that. When persons crank up about slavery, I remind them that it was the Christian West that abolished slavery, whilst it continued in other countries. In simple terms, The West had one renegade colony that had slavery, and great effort was made to eliminate that. But do not ignore that there was also great trade in white slaves. Do not ignore that it was black that enslaved blacks and sold them primarily to Jewish slave traders and that the slave auctions were never held on Jewish holidays for an obvious reason.

Neither is anybody responsible for the actions of their grandfathers. Australians, as individuals, are proud if their great grandparents were transported to Australia as convicts.

Christians do not go around claiming they are the ‘Chosen Ones’, although, other religions take umbridge that Christians claim the only way to heaven is though Jesus Christ. Yet, Christmas has the message of ‘Goodwill to all mankind’. We don’t say: “Are you Christian?” If so: “Merry Christmas.” Else: “Get stuffed!”. The message of Christmas does not accept that “some races are innately superior to others.” Supporting your local football team even when it has lost every match for the last three years does not require a belief that they are ‘innately superior’.

There is now a dangerous move towards suggesting that one cannot be racist against white people. I have met white Chinese people. Many Middle Eastern peoples are fairly white. So the definition of ‘White’ is poor. Then there is the controversial question whether Jews of Kazarian origin that have no Middle Eastern blood in them and fail the ‘must have a Jewish mother’ test are White or Jewish. But White people are only a small portion of the world’s population. Josh Franklin did a comprehensive analysis of truly white people in the world and came up with: “The final number is 760 Million.” [1] If we take the world population at 7.9 billion, we get 9.6% White. The Han Chinese are the world’s largest single ethnic group, constituting over 19% of the global population in 2011. India, itself has more black people than the total number of white people in all the countries of the world. That does not consider all the other Black peoples of the world including Africa.

The Jewish run ADL has turned the definition into hate speech:

[1] https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-number-of-White-people-in-the-world


It lost meaning when it became an umbrella term. It went from something serious to “I blame all of my shortcomings on my race not being this.” They always sound envious when they try to say this.

They do it to hide their crimes and keep making money.

Changing language to further their goals….

“Only this racism is racist. The other racism isn’t racist, it’s ✊🏿”

My uncle once said their lies will collapse under their own weight.

Their lies didn’t collapse in 1917 Russia. It was Russia that collapsed.

“Can’t be racist against white people!” Sounds like racism to me.


This is when they are not “fellow whites” anymore.

People wonder why I don’t take the ADL seriously anymore

Nick Keen
They have been garbage since their founding.


The ADL wants us to go to war with each other while they profit. The ADL is trying to psychologically prepare us for massive ethnic conflict. And by psychologically preparation, I mean bait us into ethnic War.

It’s also mainly white liberals I see pushing this. The difficult thing is leftists are taking real grievances from things like our economy, judicial system, and education. They take that, and push socialism, CRT, and ideology as the answer. When that is most definitely not the answer. It’s a manipulation.

Jack Basil (((White Liberals))) —- ed: the triple bracket is code for Jevvi$h.



This definition is so awful. Calling someone the N word would not count as racism.

The doublethink is astounding.

ADL is a very racist organization. The ADL is the epitome of racism.

“It’s not hate when we do it”. They have changed the definition of racism so they can promote hate and racism!

“Racism” today (aka “climate change denier”): Winning any argument against a liberal (which is easy), regardless of what you or they look like.
Liberal: “I love Communism”
Common sense person: “Funny cuz it denotes extreme government over-reach and 100Million were killed under it in a single century”
Liberal: “You’re a racist/climate change denier!”

The definition was recently changed.

The “new” definition, is RACISM.

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