The sale and trafficking of aborted baby parts.

Aborted foetal tissue and aborted body parts has become a worldwide lucrative market? The sale of foetal tissue & body parts is legal, not only in Australia but worldwide and I believe, is a form of trafficking children and should be classed as a criminal offence. Opponents argue there are alternatives to using human fetal tissue for vaccinations and research.


Using it, they say, encourages late-term abortions, which produce more developed babies, that are more lucrative when sold for research. That means abortion doctors receive incentives to use techniques that preserve babies and all their parts for science experiments.

“So, often the only way they can do these abortions is through a live dismemberment or a medical induction which according, to the Society of Family Planning is very likely to produce born-alive infants,” – CBN NEWS

As in the time of Nazi Germany, sick and evil “research” occur regularly today, like “humanizing mice” in which the reproductive tracts from aborted 13-week-old twin girls, were stripped out and implanted into mice.

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BILL GATES FATHERS, the founder of the US ‘Planned Parenthood’ advertises “No Shipping Costs” For Fetal Parts Sales.

The Washington Post reports;

“It’s an ugly scene. The issue is less the sale of body parts than how they are obtained. The nightmare for abortion advocates is a spreading consciousness of how exactly a healthy fetus is turned into a mass of marketable organs, how, in the words of a senior Planned Parenthood official, one might use “a less crunchy technique” — crush the head, spare the organs — “to get more whole specimens.”


How have we been sleeping through this absolute evil? It is now almost a year ago that the NSW State Government passed a new Abortion law that saw ALL, including full term abortion, now decriminalised. Cheers and screams of delight were heard on the floor of parliament, when this bill was placed and accepted by the upper house. Ask your state member how they voted, and remember to vote them out at the next State election!!!

Dr Rachel Carling, CEO of Right to Life NSW, was disappointed that the government rejected a number of crucial amendments – including one that attempted to ban the sale and trafficking of foetal tissue and aborted babies’ body parts.

“The amendment about the selling of foetal tissue and banning that trade, that failed,”

Dr Rachel Carling, CEO of Right to Life NSW

Also rejected was an amendment that sought to give anaesthetic to late-term babies, before they are subjected to abortion. MP Tanya Davies considered this a “sensible” amendment, and said it was a “serious flaw” in the bill not to include it.

Yes, you heard right anaesthesia is denied to late term babies during a full term abortion.

The amendments that did pass included..

  • Babies who are born alive when an abortion procedure fails, will now be protected under the new legislation – with doctors required to give them medical care.
  • Gender-selection abortions are opposed in the legislation, and over the next 12 months a study will be done into whether the practice occurs, with a view to taking measures to prevent it.
  • Statistics on abortion will now have to be collected, meaning that for the first time, NSW will have solid data available on abortion rates. Data is not collected in most other states.
  • Late term abortions (from 22 weeks onwards) will now be more restricted, and doctors will be required to make counselling available for women who request an abortion at that stage of pregnancy.

Meanwhile in New Zealand…..

On 18 March, during COVID 19, New Zealand MPs voted to introduce the world’s most severe abortion law in the world by 68 votes to 51 – a much narrower margin than at the first and second reading. The new law scraps the previous 20-week limit and will allow terminations on-demand, for any reason, up to birth. Additionally, there is now no requirement doctors must be involved with an abortion ‘procedure’ and MPs – including Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern – voted against an amendment requiring medical care for babies born alive after a ‘failed’ termination. YES, you heard correctly, NO medical care will be given to babies who survive a failed termination.

The new law has also legalised sex-selective abortion.


What is wrong with those in our government who profess to represent the people?
Should we tolerate that aborted baby’s body parts be sold?


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