Silent Wars

The Transgender Agenda Destroys Gender.

Written by Andy

In 2005, gay marriage was a debate. Ten years later, they are working on destroying the family, destroying real sex, destroying gender, and imposing a ‘liberal’ agenda of identity politics. Thankfully, many parents are fighting back against this gender identity doctrine. This gender identity agenda is terrifying. They think it is acceptable to administer damaging drugs to confused children – children confused by adherants. There are places where the state is forcing teachers to teach a sexual identity doctrine to students in a politically motivated, agenda driven curriculum.

It is sexual abuse to sexualize children before their minds and bodies have come of age. Children should grow as children rather than dealing with concepts over which they have little comprehension. This early sexualization has the potential to affect children in profound and destructive ways. It is not appropriate to imposing transgender ‘alternative’ lifestyles on children. Transgenderism is ruining children’s innocence. We cannot stand by and let this happen. Feminism destroyed women’s status in society and reduced them to barren working ‘cocksuckers’ and play-toys for males in the land of the ‘easy-lay’. Communism destroyed half of Europe and Asia and killed millions in doing so. Homeschooling has become significantly more attractive even if the children miss out on socialization as schools have become centres of indoctrination. We are guilty of putting our vulnerable children at risk and that makes us guilty of being negligent parents in the moral world. It is up to parents to determine what is safe for their little ones – not the state with its corporate controllers. Children have no power to stop this agenda and so it is up to us to do so and rid our democracy of its corporate controllers and lobbyists so that the government listens to the voice of the people and not its corporate funders.

Those pushing the agenda are flat-out denying biology and are given the stronger voice in media. So we get propaganda in our Hollywood films and television programs. We have been getting this propaganda for a long time. So many propaganda ‘programs’ have little bits of transgender and LGBT treated as normal. It was never normal in nature. It disappears quite rapidly. The ‘left’ is pushing Satan’s ‘Progressive’ agenda. There is a Satanic war on families that has been running for a long time. It has now escalated to our limit of tolerance. It is not the women that are the target, nor the males as fathers. Our children are now the target. We need to stand up for our Christian values and beliefs passed through to us for centuries by our parents, their parents, and their parents and so on. History lives on in us and we must protect that culture.

There is a bible quip, but this is not its original meaning:

A wise man’s heart inclines him to the right, but a fool’s heart to the left.”

Ecclesiastes 10:2 English Standard Version

We can recognize that transgender people exist and we can be tolerant of their existence, but we do not have to be tolerant of their designs on our children. When it comes to the toilet issue, we are not denying them access to a toilet. All are denied access to a toilet when no toilet exists in a facility, we are pandering to those that abuse the situation. It’s those that who are not transgender but claim transgender status to gain the advantage advantage to abuse others. We are giving opportunity to sexual predators who have become more innovative on how they abuse children and take advantage of the tolerance shown to transgender persons. Predators may use this Christian attitude of tolerance to claim ‘transgender’ rights to use female toilets thus giving them access to female bathrooms for the purpose of harassing, molesting, or raping a children and woman.

We have developed a framework where a male might lose his job because a glance causes a female to complain that she is uncomfortable on the workplace. If we then put a man in a women’s toilet, how is a young teenage girl going to feel? This is not just about the rights of those claiming transgender rights. Females also have rights. We must be concerned about them and how male and transgender entry to toilets affects the concerns of those traditional users of female toilets before transgender persons demanded access to female toilet facilities. Young girls are going to feel particularly uncomfortable to the point of being scared. Logic will not alter their fear. Even if you once changed your daughters diaper does not give you the right to walk into her bathroom when she becomes a teenager. A girl upset by her father accidentally entering the bathroom is far less intimidating than male strangers entering her public toilet. The fact the women fight for women’s rights as oposed to male rights or everyone’s rights shows that they, as a group are concerned about women, over men. Their main target of vitriol is men. They clearly identify as a separate group to males. If declaring your own gender is acceptable, then how are we ever to find who is just a male pretending to be a woman? If someone is a biological male, there is nothing wrong about that, however, if you are a male pretending to be a woman it doesn’t make you a woman. It is the ‘pretense’ that needs to be corrected, not the bodily functions. It is an issue of the brain, not the sexual organs.

Jesus told us to “be good to women” as they were having a hard time two millennia ago. The concept of equality should not be allowed to over-ride the Christian requirement of caring for women and children. Women were given a very strong position under Jesus and women responded by not abusing the situation. The shouts of equality has undermined the special status afforded to women under Christianity. There is a historic reason why there are separate women’s toilets. We have a historic Christian respect for women and girls who wish to maintain a level of privacy in an such an intimate environment. I remember a toilet when traveling by bus in Tibet. The cubicles had no separating walls. There was simply a row of toilets all fully exposed. You sat down and did your business in an open room.

So many ‘ism’s causing us problems over recent centuries. Socialism thrives in an environment containing broken stricken people. They are creating the condition for Socialism by the dirty route. Attempts will be made to legalize pedophilia and the enemy called the media is helping the agenda along.

Sex has all to do with these things:

The male body has its mysteries. Males are forever scratching their balls. They are reminding the male that they exist with a mild hint that they are supposed to be used. At that, used for their intended purpose. They are housed on the outside keep the at an optimum temperature. They are transported along by fluid that’s produced by different male sex organs ad only an interesting female can bring the system to life. It is the presence of the female that brings the system erect and functional. There is nothing more that males enjoy than women that bring their systems to attention. There may be four hundred million sperm, but only one is needed to get the female pregnant. Nature disposes of those that don’t work to plan. Farmers dispose of those that don’t work to plan. We are tolerant of those that don’t work to plan, but in so doing we did not expect to be subjected to unleashed forces suggesting that this was to be encouraged as an alternative lifestyle. The neocortex helps us with logic, but it also creates a lot of illogic, most of which we reject as per our training. If we allow this illogic to transcend logic, we shall suffer. Keep logic in it prominent position and stop the illogic of transgenderism. God created male and female. Errors occur. We can be tolerant, but do not allow this to become centre-stage.

When a male has sex with what he perceives to be a virile female, he is given a feeling that he has done some of his duty as a human. Females will get a similar internal ‘reward’. It is why god or nature made sex enjoyable. To enable civilisation, male access to sex was controlled such that civil work was performed before access to sex. Civilization created a carrot and stick approach to sex and learned to harness the sexual energy of males by tying one male to one woman and requiring him to toil for the woman and her offspring. He was trained by young mothers of his role in this female-centric society where he was required to acquiesce to females, work and toil, and devote his entire life to the running of society for the benefit of women and children. His life had a lower value than any woman’s value. This nexus is being broken by communism dressed as feminism, individualism, welfare-ism, refugee-ism, and now transgenderism.

We need to recognize that there is a war on the family. The strong nuclear family is their targeted enemy. They want us to be reliant on the state rather than the family, the extended family, and the community. They are targeting Christians as they did in the Bolshevik revolution.

People have been justified being ‘homophobic’ and ‘racist’. Nationalism caused wars but was not denounced. It was lauded as ‘heroic’ because it prevented invasion along with language change, culture destruction, religion change, and race genocide. But when the real invasion starts, anyone opposed to the invasion with its language change, culture destruction, religion change, and race genocide is strongly denounced with freshly invented slur words. Isaiah had a few words on the subject:

The earth is defiled under its inhabitants, because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant. Therefore the curse has devoured the earth, and those who dwell in it are desolate.”

Isaiah 24:5-6

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