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The War on the West

Written by Andy

Douglas Murray discusses the current assault on the West, slavery, gratitude, racist mathematics, whiteness, (non-Western) accomplishments, and individual sovereignty.

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“The deconstructionists always attempt to deconstruct everything but their tenured university jobs.” OMG that slayed m

Chris Duncan
Thank you both so much. I’m quite sure there is a war on free society, our history, family and community.

Poop E.pants
“What ‘multiculturalism’ boils down to is that you can praise any culture in the world except Western culture – and you cannot blame any culture in the world except Western culture.” – Thomas Sowel

Anna McGough
I loved this so much I watched it twice!! I am currently studying in my sociology class and of all the constructs to discuss, race is again the most prevalent berating the white person. I am a white female and when you spoke about haveing to be “polite and courteous” it was as if you were reading my mind. It irritates me that I have to keep defending myself when I have done no wrong and wish to do no wrong to anyone. Thank you both so much for sharing your wisdom. My hope is that somehow society as a whole will learn to understand each other as unique individuals and focus on the things that really matter. But how can we do this? I am so buying this book. Many blessings to you both.

As an immigrant in America, I have to say that Douglas’ analysis is spot on. People like me come here because the West is awesome and gives the highest equality of opportunity to diverse groups. It used to be puzzling to me why so many born and brought up here don’t see it, but then fish don’t necessarily realize they’re in water…it’s all they know.

K.L. Hollister
I am so sick of hearing how racist I am just because of my skin color. I grew up in Oregon which is not a racist place. I had zero idea of racism until I attended college in Waco, Texas where I was shocked by the way I was treated by black people. I remember my first week there I went to the movie theater and when we were leaving after the movie, a group of black girls yelled “white bitches” at us as we walked by. There was one black girl on my dorm floor as a freshmen. She was from Washington, another very non racist place, she and I were good friends our first semester. She went through rush and joined an all black sorority the first week of second semester. Within a couple of weeks she totally changed. She would not speak to any of her white friends anymore. It was so bizarre. She went from being a normal acting friend to a hateful, angry person towards all of us on her dorm floor. It’s very sad. I know I did not understand what they had experienced in the South, but, it seemed completely irrational to me. How does a person hate another person simply because their skin color is different. I will never forget that experience. I have always wondered what she was told to make her turn on friends because of their skin color.

Saffy Janes
Before I watched this video a month or so ago, I wanted to burn it all down. I was a victim. It only took this one 2 hour conversation between these two men to find what I needed and to let go of all that shit and appreciate and feel amazing for being part of the history of my culture. I have been infinitely more productive since I watched this as I now know that if I want things to be better, its on me to make it so, rather than wanting to just burn it all. So I am on my second time watching this video and got to the bit about gratitude and wanted to let you both know how grateful I am that I found this conversations. Its been a paradigm shift in my life and I haven’t been this full of life for years. Thank you.

Awakened Man
“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

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