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Trans – Of Irony and Bigotry.

Here is an Irony: Oftentimes, the one who cries “Bigot” is actually the walking definition of the word “Bigot”. You cry for respect, and yet on many occasions, you fail to project it to others. You demanded tolerance, and yet you cannot tolerate others’ dissenting views. What did you do to that poor Christian baker who politely refused to make a wedding cake with two male figurines on top for you as it was against his religious convictions? You sued him, embarrassed him, harassed and threatened his family, and you wanted his business shut down. You maligned the poor old man in public and in the media. The baker tried to accommodate you by offering to make a cake despite knowing your orientation. But you insisted on two male figurines on top, and that was when he drew the line between your right and his right to exercise his religious convictions. Do you also remember what you did to the Chic-fil-A fastfood restaurant when the christian owner replied about his stand against same-sex marriages? He simply replied to an inquiry by saying that this is not the kind of value he espoused as a Christian and he does not endorse it. What did you do in response to his personal views and convictions? You vandalized their chain of restaurants, rallied people to your side, and threatened to shut down the business.

You easily cry “harassment”, and yet you turn a blind eye to the women who cried harassment when you insist on invading their private spaces like their restrooms. You want the world to open its mind, and yet you are close-minded when the opinion is not in harmony with your views and the interests that you try to advance. I find that ironic.You want acceptance, and yet you can’t even accept who you really are when you came into being. You hate prejudice, and yet you are very prejudice to those who do not conform to your rainbow-colored values. Boycott is a weapon of your choice, and media is your megaphone.

Don’t get me wrong. I respect you as a person. But I cannot, in the life of me, understand why you cry “wolf” when you, yourself, are howling and showing your fangs. Just as in the case of the baker who tried to accommodate you as far as his religious convictions and religious rights would allow, don’t cry discrimination on certain situations when simply there is none. You only accept what conforms to your views and you reject the rights of others to also espouse views and convictions of their own. When things and people don’t agree with you, your knee-jerk reaction is to dig deep and bring out your “homophobia card”, and then slap and beat them with it until they submit and pay homage to the rainbow altar. So, to you friend, I ask, “Who’s really the BIGOT?”

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