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Tyranny: From Global To Local

Tyranny: From Global To Local The Great Reset, which aims to concentrate all power and wealth into the hands of a select few, has coined the phrase “From Global To Local”

From Global To Local Means that the members of the WEF at their meetings in Davos make decisions that affect the health, freedoms, and finances of all the people of the world.

Then those GLOBAL decisions are implemented immediately at the LOCAL level by local councils, bypassing the democratic process and public scrutiny in the House of Commons.

For example, the Green Agenda and Net Zero is being implemented in Gloucestershire by local councils without consultation with the public and without their consent.

Roads are being ripped up and narrowed to make way for wide cycle paths, which are barely used. The net result is huge traffic congestion and chaos with huge cost and no benefit.

No discussion These decisions were made at the local council level without discussion, and were implemented and imposed upon the public.

Global to local is a non-democratic action. This is an anti-democratic, coercive form of authoritarian government.

Its root is the Great Reset: The government officials, MPs, and Cabinet ministers who have signed up to this monstrous Great Reset have betrayed British democracy and the British people.

Luckily, “From global to local” has an inherent weakness. The WEF villains are remote from you and me as they make their decisions, but the local councils and politicians who implement these decisions live locally and they ARE within reach.

These people now are complaining, bitterly of the backlash that their actions have inspired from angry residents. I’ve have no sympathy for them.

Pressure is needed Let’s put pressure on local councillors. Any council or councillor that implements WEF policy without the consent of the local public is guilty of betraying the people they are supposed to serve.

We should put pressure on these individuals who live amongst us and let them know that we will not put up with Great Reset policies.

Let’s make a decision. Let’s now decide to stop the WEF’s “from global to local” dictatorship.

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