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Ursula Haverbeck “The Hooton Plan and the Migrant Crisis.”

Written by Andy

Ursula Haverbeck

The Hooton Plan and the Migrant Crisis

Translation by Alfred Schaefer

Dear fellow Supporters near and far, dear Friends, first I want to thank you for the overwhelming flood of support following the Panorama-Interview. I did not even expect that at all.

Today we have a new topic to discuss, namely the flooding of Europe with strangers. Seldom, one can say, does a century carry a name. Usually we are satisfied to give it a number, for example, we call the last century the 20th century even though the number begins with 19.

This 20th century, surprisingly has two names. A Jewish Russian historian teaching in the USA, calls it the Jewish century. And then, in his extensive book that he has written, he adds that this is also the century of anti-Semitism. Yuri Slezkine, he has described the history of the Jews in the world in this over one thousand pages book, half mythically but very real, especially when he writes about the jewish century in Germany. This has been available in Germany since 2006.

I always have to conclude that jewish literature is seldom read by the Germans, which is rather dumb that we do not read it. When one examines whether Yuri Slezkine was right with his naming of the century a jewish one, that this century began with the 100-year Memorial Congress in 1889. The memorial for the French Revolution, which happened in 1789. We know about this Congress, from the protocols and especially from a publication in an English magazine, named “Truth” that was published in 1890. In this Conference they set the plans for the coming century.

This included, for example, the wars, the breaking up of Germany after the war, and the abdication of the three emperors: the Austrian, the Prussian, and the Russian Tzar. And over the Russian Empire on this map, and that is 1889/90, we see the words, “Russian Desert”. On another map that appeared one or two years later, the area for Russia is labeled, “Land for social experiments”. From that we may conclude that this was the design for the revolution, the Bolshevik revolution. That was the first part of this Jewish century and it continues like that.

In 1933, the takeover of power through the National-Socialists, and what happened in March? Many will recall that, this was the first Jewish declaration of war on Germany as published in an English newspaper. A full page declaration in the Daily Express, where it is stated that “Judea declares war on Germany”. And in August of the same year this is declared as a “holy war against Germany,” that it is bloodthirsty and aggressive, and the most militaristic land, and must be fought with all means.

And then, there are the claims that Germany is responsible for both of the world wars. For the first world war that has been proven wrong, Christopher Clark wrote a book last year “The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914”. But, Sebastian Huffier recognized that much earlier and said it. The second world war and Adolf Hitler are a result of Versailles.

And then in the second half of the last century, this Jewish century, we have the biggest crime of all times, namely the Holocaust that the Germans are supposed to have committed. So if we examine the larger movements of this history then you can see that Yuri Slezkein was right.

The second name for the 20th century comes from a German by the name of Hugo Wellems, and has the title, also published as a book, “The Century of the Lie” [available only in German I believe]. This book was published in the year that the wall came down [Berlin, East-West] which is 100 years after the Memorial Congress for the French revolution. And here it is very easy to determine, and this is clear in Wellems book, that before the first world war, and even more so during the first world war, and after, the most horrible atrocity propaganda was being disseminated about the Germans.

The worst of these barbaric lies, this was the chopped off hands of the Belgian children, because this was supposed to prevent these children from ever becoming soldiers. But, after the first world war, this must be acknowledged, at least there was the admission that this barbaric propaganda consisted only of lies. This admission came, very candidly, from an employee of the London Daily Mail, that on the day the first world war started on August 14, he was told, by telephone, to publish atrocity stories, particularly involving children and women, and to use his imagination for this purpose. And “Mr. Wilson,” he said, “yes, this is what I did.” So this is very clearly an admission that these stories were not based on facts. For the second world war, there has not yet been an official admission.

The admission for the first world war can be found in the series “Historische Tatsachen” [Historical facts] by Udo Walendy. This has the number 22, and was published in 1984 in a magazine with the title “Allierte Kriegsproganda 1914 – 1919” [Allied War Propaganda]. Here he has gathered, from the different newspapers of the time, the most horrible texts and pictures, drawn as cartoons, pictures of the most barbaric Germans, who were blood thirsty and who wanted to make one war after the other.

And what is so grotesque, when one knows that another man of Jewish ancestry, we always call him the Prussian, Hans Joachim Scholl, the father of the lying son, he did a study, and determined that the Germans were the least warmongering. The French and the English were at the top of the list. These magazines, that is why I am referencing them, that illustrated the Jewish lies of the first world war, were confiscated by the police in the year 2013, which was almost 30 years after they were published. They were confiscated and removed. And a complaint at the court had no effect on this. Mr. Walendy has not received his magazines back from the court to this day. So one asks the question, how can it be, that 30 years after the publication of these magazines, he did have a large inventory of these, who ordered that these be taken away? Who is responsible?

The very worst are the condemnations of the Germans for the second world war. I always say world war 1 and world war 2, because this must be understood as being one, they are part one and part two. And for WWII, there are three publications from respected American citizens, that deal with the question: “What do we do with the Germans after the end of the war?” So they assumed, of course, that they would win this war. So these three sat down, and answered this question.

Now, in chronological order: The First was the anthropologist Dr. Earnest Hooton — he lived from 1887 till 1954, and was a prominent University scientist. He wrote the so-called Hooton-Plan, which I have here. This is now available, only parts of it of course, translated into German, at the Hanse-Buchwerkstatyt, in Bremen. This has the title, and this comes from Mr. Hooton “Breed the desire for war out of the Germans”. That was this anthropologist’s theme, how one can accomplish that.

The second is a prominent lawyer, a member of B’nai B’rith-Lodge, Louis Nizer. He lived from 1902 till 1994 and wrote a book with the title, simply with the question: “What To Do With Germany? ” This book has also been translated into German. “Was sollen wir also mit Deutschland machen? ” The options that Nizer stated were the following: either replacing the population with another, or exterminate the people, or a selective breeding program, or depending on political opinions, forced expulsion. All very friendly measures, that they wanted to do to the Germans.

Then, the third was Theodor Kaufman. He lived from 1910 till 1978, and then this book, this is really tops, “Germany Must Perish”. It was already translated [into German] in 1941. So we can assume that the German Politicians, and the thinking people of Germany were aware of all this. The only option for Kaufman was a total punishment of Germany. Germany must disappear, not only wishful thinking, but in reality, in fact. And this is how this was reported in many publications in the USA, what shall be done with Germany.

And now I ask, has there ever been a charge against Nizer — he lived until 1994 — has there ever been any prosecution or extradition charge against him? Who is inciting? Who is guilty of “Hate Speech”? All three of these German-haters were Jews. And the Germans knew that, what they wanted to do with us [Germans]. And these books were not only known to President Franklin Roosevelt, who lived from 1887 till 1945, but Roosevelt distributed these books to his administration and officers and, ordered them to become familiar with these lectures. So this was not only an isolated fringe position. No, it was the real political answer to the question, what shall be done with Germany after the war. And if you draw the conclusions from these three publications, then we can outline the following 5 points:

1) Germany shall be divided up into several pieces. We have that now, you only have to look at the maps.

2) All of the German education shall be destroyed. We have that. We know the chaos that “Gender Mainstreaming” is creating in the schools.

3) Destroy the National-Socialism in Germany. That has been done.

4) Birthrates, and by that is meant pure German, to drastically reduce these. We have that now. We have hardly any children any more compared with in the past.

5) Having millions of foreigners coming into the country with the aim of genetically mixing the Germans, thereby breeding the Germans away. So we are right in the middle of this.

Points 1, 2, 3, and 4 are completed, and now we recognize point 5. So then, when we observe this in the greater context, our blindfold is removed and we can see that this is all part of the larger plan. It is all by design. And when we see on the Television the pictures of mostly young men, who are coming in the hundreds of thousands, either alone or with their young families, into Germany, then it becomes clear. This is the plan that was devised.

To summarize these observations, if you understand the earlier parts of the story we see unfolding, then the phenomenon we see happening now fits in very nicely in the picture as a whole. We are now in the final phase, the last phase. Then all five points that were presented to President Roosevelt will be fulfilled.

To excuse us for not taking action sooner, this plan has been unfolding in complete secrecy. And that is why, I have been told, there is nothing to find about any of these three authors regarding these plans, nothing in Wikipedia or in the internet. Only that Hooton was an Anthropologist, and worked on something that has nothing to do with the Hooton-plan that I have presented here. When people, who remember these things from the time of the Third Reich, have ever mentioned any of these plans, they have always been denounced or ridiculed as “conspiracy theorists” and made to look ridiculous. And if they still persisted with this information, then they were denounced as hate-filled racists and fascists. So here, we see how that what one does oneself is projected onto the other side.

And then we come to 9/11. 9/11 and the mass migration of refugees. We must see 9/11 in this same context. It is alleged that on September 11th some Arabic people from distant Afghanistan or wherever did this. And then, after 9/11 the world was divided into good and evil.

The axis of evil was used to define those countries that wanted to preserve their independence, politically as well as economically. Some of these countries were set up quite modern and cohesive, better than other African countries. But these countries, from Libya to Afghanistan, this entire belt of North Africa to the Middle East, have been bombed into the stone age and chaos by the same people who want to free Europe through globalization, free them from National Statehood, and in particular free them from the Germans. And the two successful National Leaders Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi were murdered. Of course it was easy to find rebellious young people in these countries, as is always the case of people at a certain age, who will revolt and protest about everything that they don’t agree with, who want to be independent. These people were easily manipulated to become the destabilizing force that led to this chaos.

Already in this first phase we saw the first refugees fleeing from war and violence coming to Europe. But only after the Islamic State, the IS, spread their brutality and terror, and engaged Syria in a long and horrible civil war, did the waves of refugees take on a new and uncontrollable dimension. And only today it was clearly stated that we have lost our oversight and ability to control these events. It has escaped our control. I assume that, one can claim, that not only those who were waiting in camps, who were fed up, but especially the ones who have been in the camps in Turkey for a year or longer, that these have offered or been offered money to get organized smugglers to get them to move on, and make a good business out of that.

So we can now say that everything has gone to plan. It is hard to imagine how to accomplish that millions of foreigners, who would rather stay home, to get these to move to Germany. With this detour, we can see, how to accomplish this plan, over a long period of time. They have accomplished this plan in only 70 years, from the end of WWII until now, to get people native to other countries to migrate in large numbers to Germany. And they were probably told, that Germany is the place that they should go, how they will be welcomed. How else would these people, from some little African country, or even the people from Syria, know to come to Germany?

But then, we only have to think back and remember the plans of Hooton, Nizer, and Kaufman and the execution of their plans to understand the big picture. Of course one must say, that these migrants and asylum seekers have no idea of these background information and plans. For them, the only thing they know are the horrors of the wars, and the wonderful picture of the welcome they will get in Europe, especially in Germany, where one can expect a friendly reception. They don’t know, one must admit that, that they are only pawns in a very nasty game. Still, I think, they must be made to understand these facts and we must undertake everything in our collective power to invest the millions of taxpayer money, for their settlement in their home countries.

That is something that one of their leaders said, a few days ago, that if they could have only a fraction of the money that we are spending here for these refugees, for the education, for the housing, integration, healthcare, pocket money, in the countries where they are coming from, that then they would never have a reason to leave their home countries.

So that means that even for these people we are actually contributing to the destruction of their future. Since those people that come here, and we even invite to come here, which is amoral, these people are often those that had some money and some education, and could afford to go on the trip, which is quite expensive. Also, it is the young working age people. And if anybody could bring about a positive change in those countries from where these people come from, it is these very people. But not those corrupt people in politics, these people will never fix conditions at home after all these people have left.

There are a number of European countries that do not want to play along with Germany’s “Welcome Refugee” culture. Whether these are aware of the nasty game that is being played, I don’t know, and it does not matter anyway. In any case, they are closer to reality than all those politicians who are stooges in this evil game.

I also want to point out that if you look at the globe, and if you look at the huge continent of Africa, and the even bigger continent of Asia, and then look at Europe, it is very small. And where is Germany? On a normal globe it is only a dot. And where do all these millions of people want to go? That can not possibly end well. It will end in a collapse.

So one can say that the politics of the new Global World Order, since they are the ones behind this, that their plan to destroy the German people will succeed. But not only will they destroy the German people, they will also destroy the qualified refugees and asylum seekers, who are also being led to their own destruction. The economic collapse that this is creating, everyone can see that, can not support these millions of people without having resources or enough agricultural produce to support them, and resentment when things become scarce. So, those do-gooders and young green people who think they are helping anyone, need to change their way of thinking. Those who use people as a weapon to further their political goals, those who destroy their own country with the weapon of people, that is the very worst weapon possible.

So I must say, that this culture of “welcome refugees” for millions of people is either megalomaniac or plain hubris and the worst possible sin.

If you feel proud of how the German people are so generous with the refugees, and they are so generous because they do not understand the hidden agenda, then it is most important that we end the jewish century of lies as quickly as possible.

For those who want to see at least one of our cases, there is a booklet that was published last year by the Hanse-Buchwerkstadt Bremen, “Ziichtet den Deutsche Ihre Veranlagung zum Krieg aus” [Breed the warmongering out of the Germans]. I imagine this can be found in the Internet. But here is the address where this can be ordered: Postfach 330404, 28334 Bremen.

Also I want to comment on how the Germans are now seen by others, by quoting a regular newspaper the Westfalenblatt on Wednesday the 9th of September 2015, only a few days ago. Under the title, “Hippie state Germany” we read the following: “The British Political scientist Anthony Glees has defined Germany’s behavior with regard to the refugee crisis as undemocratic. The decision to take in those refugees that were stranded in Hungary does not conform to EU rules.” He stated that in the Deutschlandfunk [radio] also. He said that in Britain they get the impression that “Germany has lost its common sense. You may think what you want about Hungary, but if Germany does not abide by the rules of the EU, then the EU will break apart, ” says Glees. “Germany is behaving like a hippy state, that lets itself be lead by emotions. ”

That is the assessment of a British political scientist, and he is correct with this assessment.

I believe we must all change our thinking, and we must do it fast!

Ursula Haverbeck

In November 2015, at the age of 87, she was sentenced to ten months’ imprisonment for Holocaust denial.[6] Since 7 May 2018 she is serving her latest 2-year jail sentence.

In the ARD television broadcast series Panorama (German TV series) [de] produced by NDR in March 2015, and despite proceedings prohibiting, Haverbeck-Wetzel again denied the mass destruction of the Jews and discussed her views.[15] She described “this Holocaust” as “the biggest and most persistent lie in history”.[3][4][15][16]

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  • Jonathan (USA)
    The United States is following like sheep to the slaughter. I have listened to Fraulein Ursula Haverbeck on The Hooton Plan and 100% agree on the outcome for Europe. I see the same thing happening in the USA. America has never had a southern boarder and anyone with bad intent could come in , if the sleeper cells are not already here! America was never intended for Muslim to come in here. They can put a mosque to worship but should some Christian organization want to put a church in Iran or one of those other countries that would not be allowed. I think our President is doing all he can to try and reverse all the bad that our first Muslim President did to America in the eight years prior to President Trump, and Bill Clinton before him did to the country.

  • Sturmgewehr

    Jailing an 80 year old plus Grandmother for daring to raise questions about the official story of the holocaust is the most disgusting act imaginable. I hope the traitor officials in Germany who are responsible for this end up hanging from the gallows. In the meantime, Ursula deserves a flood of letters and flowers. I cant wait for the day when the bulk of the people there say enough -you jail one more of us for daring to question this crap and you will be torn to pieces.

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