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Viktor Orban on the LGBTQ issue

Written by Andy

Here is Victor Orban , the Hungarian president, speaking on the LGBTQ issue. This is occuring as EU wants to start another procedure against Hungary. The ‘Woke’ brigade do not want Viktor Orban

“I understand those who choose to live differently (LGBTQ); they also need a place under the sun. But, they cannot demand that they should be the base or starting point of regulations. They are the exception. We have to make sure that they can live their lives in dignity, so that they are not discriminated against. That is ok. We agree with this. The difference start here. We will not accept that they want to educate our children – we will educate them . We do not want them to tell us what should be in schools – we, the parents will determine that. We have to make it clear that a small minority cannot be the base of general regulations. This needs to be understood by those who live a life different from the norm. I ask them to be satisfied that we offer them a life like any other human being, where they are accepted, and we do not discriminate against them in Hungary. We do not need them to tell us how we should live and how we should grow our own children.”

I now give you a quote from ‘Strategic-Culture’:

But looming famine is not the only thing worrying the Hungarian leader. Viktor Orbán, fresh after winning a fourth successive term as prime minister in April, issued a warning on the “suicide waves of the Western world,” largely comprised of mass migration and an anti-Christian fixation with transgender ideology and the LGBTQ movement. These radical ideas, which took root in the United States in the 1940s with the ‘Cultural Marxist’ revolution, are now making their way around an unsuspecting planet. This presents the gravest threats to the survival of Western civilization, and Budapest clearly understands that.

Andrew Breitbart Explains Cultural Marxism

In 2015, German Chancellor Angela Merkel essentially destroyed the very essence of her country and the European Union as a whole by accepting over 1 million refugees from the Middle East and Central Asia. Many of these fleeing peoples were spurred on not by the plight of their situation, but from attractive inducements – shelter, food and clothes – handed over to these refugees ‘free of charge’ by various other European governments. This is nothing more than, aside from national suicide, the EU bowing to one of the major tenets of ultra-liberal ideology, known as multiculturalism, which Viktor Orbán clearly understands to be an existential threat to the Western way of life.
Yet today, as once tranquil European cities and towns are grappling with unprecedented crime and violence, Hungary remains a bastion of relative order thanks to a security fence Orbán had constructed that now separates Hungary from Serbia and Croatia. Yet in doing what should be seen as fundamental border work, the prerequisite demand of any nation, the Hungarian leader has been vilified as some sort of xenophobe.
The fact is, any leader who is vilified on a regular basis by the likes of George Soros, the ultimate globalist, then you can take it to the bank that they are doing a good job in defending the interests of their country.

In 2010, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his Fidesz party came to power. Within a year, they passed a new constitution that explicitly banned same-sex marriage. Later, the document was amended to bar same-sex couples from adopting children.  Hungary has also passed a new law forbidding content for minors that depicts homosexuality or divergence from gender at birth — including in films, television shows, advertisements and sexual education programs in schools.  In addition to the same-sex marriage ban, revisions to the constitution also enshrined heterosexual marriage as the proper family unit. The constitution now reads: “The basis of the family is marriage and/or the parent-child relationship. The mother is a woman and the father is a man.”

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