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What is a woman? Matt Walsh

Written by Andy

Audiences are raving about Matt Walsh’s new Daily Wire documentary, “What is a Woman?” This is genuinely a great film. It is fascinating how Matt Walsh handles some crazy people. Christians need to understand the depths of depravity behind the Marxist, ‘woke’ mentality. Christians must stand against these corrupt ways to protect our society and children.

What is a woman?

This is almost the question that we are not allowed to ask. Are gender roles merely a ‘social construct’? Can we ignore biology? Can a woman be ‘trapped in a man’s body’? If a man can claim to be a woman, does being a woman mean anything at all? How can you have Feminism if a man can claim to be a woman? We are apparently misled if we think that being a woman was a biological phenomenon. Apparently, the nation’s experts keep assuring us that us rational people are misled. Matt Walsh talked with the experts and asked them directly. Matt discovered that no one — not doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, or politicians — can actually define the word ‘woman’. Matt Walsh uncovers the shocking and horrifying roots of radical gender ideology and learns exactly how activists and ideologues are trying to brainwash our children. He reveals a strategy to defeat the colaberative insanity that has taken root in our society.

Matt’s wife confirms, at the end of the film, in the family kitchen, a woman is “an adult human female, who” — here she hands him an apparently woman-proof jar — “needs help opening this.”

Humorous as the video was, we have no problems with jokes like this. Even if there is a suggestion of sexism, as males, we don’t dislike women for this type of reason. I sometimes ask the old blokes: “How often do you say to your wife: ‘That is illogical’?” The answer is commonly: “Quite often.” But, as males, we do not like our wives less because of our answer. But we are also sure who has the penis and who wears the pants. Which is a play on who controls all activities in the house.

Considering how Feminists have gone along with the hate speech generalization that “men are toxic”, I think men have taken it rather well. It is the sort of shit comment that we let go over our heads. It was my mother, a female, but not a feminist, that taught me: “Sticks and stones will break my bones but calling names won’t hurt me.” A female gave me the weapon to guard against Feminist vocal attacks.

Matt Walsh and other commentators on the gender boundary, trans-women are a contamination risk. They stand accused of infiltrating physical women’s spaces like toilets along with the concept of the category “woman”. This contamination is both transphobic in nature as well as a claim that they are toxic men who fraudulently claim to be women.


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