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What was Jesus telling us?

Written by Andy

I have tried to work out what Jesus was telling us. He did not teach a set of rules, but gave us what I call: “The Philosophy of Jesus”. He taught by example and through his use of stories. He wasn’t telling us to follow a rigid set of rules but taught us a method of working out ‘right’ from ‘wrong’. I say the real Christianity is the rules passed down to us by our mother.

So far, I have identified these rules:

  1. Be good to others. This lives on in various sayings such as: “Do the ‘right’ thing .” and “Do unto others … “
  2. He particular told us to be good to women.
  3. He told us to ‘stand up against wrong doing’.
  4. He told us to be wary of ‘tricky’ people – the money-lenders, who will manipulate us through the use of financial power and will hold us in debt through usury.
  5. Avoid excessive greed. Don’t take more than you need. Don’t be greedy.

There are other things, but they tend to include characteristics such as: ‘compassion, forgiveness, common-decency, honour, honesty, kindness, respect, friendliness and so forth. Some say that these can be condensed down to one guiding rule: “Love”. A ‘good’ person is one who has these characteristics.

How does this get transferred from generation to generation? It appears to be women that have the controlling influence here in that they train the young from birth to youth. They set the ‘tone’ of society. They are in effect teaching, in particular, the little boys to act in the ‘image of Jesus’. they use Jesus as an example and role model for little boys.

We can’t have a society that is safe for women, unless males are taught to be respectful to women. That can only be done when the males are extremely small. These young children are completely dependent on their mothers for support and sustenance as an early age and mothers say to them: “You are not scared of the dark, are you?” and “Boys don’t cry.” and “You never hit a girl.” They don’t say: “You never hit.” They say: “You never hit a girl!” So females train males to defer to females.

Jesus did not create a set of rules nor a rule-book. He gave us a method of working out ‘right’ from ‘wrong’. I can sit at a table full of atheists and agnostics and a young person will exclaim: “That’s wrong!” The young person was not referring to a rule-book but possessed an instinctive ability to determine right from wrong. That originates from the teachings of Jesus. Fifteen hundred years before Jesus, Moses created a set of rules: “If you do this, we hang you from a tree until dead. If you do that, we bury you up to your neck and throw rocks at you.” If you flick through the book of Deuteronomy, which is the speeches of Moses, and open at any random place, you can see his rules. They are all negative: “Don’t do this. Don’t do that.” We have the same in the nation-state. We have laws and laws and laws. More laws everyday. So many laws that we cannot know them all. The problem is that people start to think that if they are not breaking the law or if they won’t get caught, they their actions are acceptable. We get a heard-hearted, dog-eat-dog, selfish society. The well of even go as far as making laws in their favour so that they can gain advantage over others. Our justice system is no longer a justice system. People go to court if they think they can make a quid.

Jesus came along and basically said: “You people are doing it wrong. You need to be nice to each other.” He condensed everything down to one rule: “Be good to each other.” He then gave examples what ‘being good’ meant. It is the same when mothers teach their children, particularly the little boys, as they have the potential to be more troublesome as they were before civilization. Before civilization, we had no rules. Murder, theft and rape were normal parts of life as they are in the natural world. It is the taming of the males that enabled civilization. As such, we need to work under a framework. We can keep making up new rules called laws and we can keep breaking the rules or we can have a framework of common-decency. And that is what Jesus gave us. He gave us the formula – “Just be good to each other.

The atheists say to me: “But, Andy, we don’t need a religion to give us a moral framework.” I say: “You can only say that because you were brought up in a region of common-decency. In nature, the strong take advantage of the weak. They eat them. It is only under the ‘Philosophy of Jesus’ where one is trained at youth to be good to others that you can have such a moral framework. In our society, we already have the breakdown. The well-off and the political class are at ease taking advantage of others. The ‘Philosophy of Jesus’ and common-decency is already disappearing. Even in the Church, Satanists have infiltrated and are showing wicked behaviour. The Church must be cleaned out of the wicked Satanists that are not following the ‘Philosophy of Jesus’.

If we don’t support this ‘Philosophy of Jesus’, our society will become very heard-hearted. People will demonstrate self-interest and life will become unpleasant. It is the problem with bringing people into a country from far-away places. They have a different outlook on life and do not follow the Western rules of common-decency. Even Jesus denounced the Pharisees in no uncertain terms: “You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?” Some say “Jesus was a Jew.” But here he is denouncing Jews for their despicable activities.

Written by Andy.

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