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When will Antisemitism against the Palestinians be properly addressed.

Written by Andy

So Israeli hate crimes against the indigenous people of Palestine should be overlooked? Even though the native people of Palestine are also technically Semitic ? When will Antisemitism against the Palestinians be properly addressed? and now the Israeli Regime want to recruit public media to hide their human rights violations and crimes against humanity behind a false veil of media generated sympathy for their cause. This hypocritical regime has no sense of justice or integrity or conscience in their relentless conquest of the land of Palestine and the opinions of the public. When will the world wake up and demand justice for the beleaguered native Palestinians and stop the wholesale brainwashing of the mindlessly gullible citizens of the world with pro Israeli dogma?

Read more: https://jewishcurrents.org/israel-advocacy-groups-urge-facebook-to-label-criticism-of-israel-as-hate-speech/

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