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‘White martyrdom’: Mel Gibson blasts Catholic bishops for persecuting priests who preach traditional beliefs

Movie star and ‘The Passion of the Christ’ director Mel Gibson has blasted Catholic bishops for ‘canceling’ priests who dare to teach traditional doctrine, suggesting they represent a “parallel counterfeit church.”

Gibson delivered his rant in a video message posted on Sunday for a rally held by the ‘Coalition for Canceled Priests’ (CFCP), a group set up to support clergymen who have been run out of the church or persecuted for teaching orthodoxy. The Hollywood star said it’s not hard to believe such a coalition exists because he personally knows many priests who have been cancelled.

“But not for the reasons you’d think,” Gibson said. “It’s not like they did a hit-and-run drive and left the scene of the crime, or embezzled church funds, stole the altar wine, or committed some other heinous crime. No, not at all. And who’s persecuting them? Well, their own bishops.”

Gibson went on to describe the bishops as “a pack of men who generally, passively sit by and tolerate any kind of nonsense, but if one of their priests utters something that resembles orthodoxy, well then they spring into action, they reprimand him and they bully him and do their best to cancel him.”

Such crackdowns typically succeed, as the offending priest is forced out of the service, Gibson said, adding, “I’m really sorry about that. It’s a grave injustice, and it’s a kind of white martyrdom.”

The actor called the trend a “symptom of a very deep sickness that afflicts the Church.” He quoted Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano as saying the “seeds of erosion of the church” were sown with the Second Vatican Council reforms of the 1960s.

Gibson recalled that when he directed ‘The Passion of the Christ’, the 2004 box-office sensation that depicted the crucifixion of Jesus, he sought support from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, but “those men couldn’t get away from me fast enough.”

“All but a few of them turned their back on me,” Gibson said, “and it was pretty telling about who they were – pretty insipid bunch. And it doesn’t look like anything’s changed.”

Catholics can discern “the good guys from the bad guys” by judging the fruits of church leaders, Gibson said. “Anybody seen any good fruit lately?” he asked. “It’s tough.”

He added that he’s “a pretty sinful guy, I’m as venal as the next guy, but I know the difference between a shepherd and a hireling. And I think that the vast majority of these bishops are just a bunch of hirelings.”

My question is, who’s hiring them? I don’t think it’s Jesus. Is it (Pope) Francis? Who’s hiring Francis? Is it Pachamama?

Gibson again quoted Vigano, saying, “There was a parallel, counterfeit church set up to eclipse the real one. He’s suggesting usurpation or an inside job. It seems that way.”

The message came amid rising tensions in the Church over prominent Catholic politicians, such as President Joe Biden and US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who have been accused of violating core teachings when they supported abortion rights. Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco earlier this month criticized such leaders, saying they sought to expand “a government-approved right to kill innocent human beings.”

The CFCP said 61 US bishops stood in the way last May when some church leaders sought to discuss withholding Holy Communion from politicians who support abortion. “Such churchmen bring to mind the image of a commanding officer who, when the battle turns against his troops, goes over to the enemy and betrays his men,” the coalition said. “Or perhaps the apostle who left the Last Supper early for urgent business elsewhere.”

Source: https://www.rt.com/usa/534743-mel-gibson-rips-catholic-bishops/


Paul Carline
Well said Mel! None of the current so-called ‘christian’ churches represent true Christianity. Most ‘Christians’ appear to believe that Mosaic Law (i.e. the Ten Commandments) is a part of Christianity – whose founder gave only two positive ‘laws’ or injunctions: Love God, and Love your neighbour as yourself. That was a clear break from the ‘negative’ Thou shalt nots! Unfortunately, this revolutionary message has largely been forgotten.

Richard Egan
Was the Catholic church ever any good…..I believe in God but organized religion is a fraud.

The bishops are disciples of Satan. They chase out those opposed to murder of the unborn and protect paedophiles. Gibson is right. If anyone finds virtue in Pelosi or Biden, I say look harder.

The Real Roggenbrot
A woke church is no longer catholic.

I believe part of the problem with traditional catholics is that they are always antifreedom and support controls/restrictions. They are also the least likely to listen. At least in anglocountries.

He is absolutely right!

Big Megina
Mel has done battle before with the Synagogue Of Satan and has always come out on top.

Catholicism is the worship of the church. Nothing more. They actually pray to idols fashioned by the hands of man. They chant rather than pray. The priest dress in costumes to set themselves above the commoners in pews.

That Church, or least its visible structures, was taken over by the Cabal that rules over us now. The one true Church and “Ark of Salvation” still exists in pockets here and there where Catholic tradition has been maintained. Being “nice, respectful and helpful” will not get us into heaven when we die and face Christ our Judge. We must repent of all our sins and strive to live a pure life, and repent again if we fall, and pray for enlightenment, guidance, and strength.

The current Catholic church today does not even try to hide that they are a tool of the international banksters and their cult.

“The current Catholic church today” is actually a “counter-church” or as Mel says, a “counterfeit church.” See my other comment about the papacy being usurped by the chosenites and their subordinate assets in 1958. The real Catholic Church adhering to tradition in all things is a relatively small but growing number, most of whom are attached to the SSPV or CMRI. The WhiteSmoke1958 site explains what happened and how it is the fulfilment of numerous prophesies, a spiritual chastisement or punishment permitted to happen by God by means of men aligned with the Evil One.

To find out who rules over you, just buy Mel a couple of drinks, he knows what’s going on!

There has been a relentless crusade to destroy traditional families in the west, and they are succeeding. No longer can one have a stay at home wife, all must work to make the mortgage payments, so the children are passed off to someone else, and now it is an economic decision for the first time in history in the West. I have no hope for planet debt because a tiny group of evil people are ruling the globe with money printed out of thin air! I applaud you Mel!

Give it up Mel. Your beloved church is full of disgusting pedos. You should be smarter than that, to support that. Stay away from Catholicism. It is rotten to the core.

Jim Beauchamp
God bless Mel Gibson, one of the only Hollywood celebrities with a moral compass. Too bad the Jews destroyed his career for telling the truth.

Greg G
Moral compass? He betrayed his wife and seven children. Then fornicate and had two bastard children TWICE over.

One of the few in Hollywood who didn’t have to be Jewish to get a job there, but the Jews have since black listed Mel in the land they own….Hollywood, pravda for mass consumption!

P Relgne
The Catholic Church is part of the world religious system. The “world” includes a Satan inspired man-made religious system that has deceived its followers to adhere to its doctrine with “The spirit of Religion”. Religion is: When certain men take hold of a “belief” and turn that belief into a religious doctrine of dos and don’s. They usurp control and authority over the people that seek to worship a god or deity. Most of the religious system is under the control of the enemy of God’s creation – Satan. Satan has used and still uses Religion as a tool to divide unsuspecting people who believe in our Creator to control and divide the Faithful through Denominations.

Peter Roberts
Christians are afraid to shoot strangers so they choose to mass murder with plane bombs and drone strikes.

Mass immigration is just another way at diluting the power of white Christians in the west & Europe. If we really don’t want these huge migrations of people perhaps Nato and the J.U.S.A should stop bombing all the Arab Muslims out of their own homes, at the behest of Israel! Simple Stop bombing where they live! Don’t bomb the city to the ground and complain about a migration of the people who once lived in said bombed out city!

Is in the hands of la kosher nostra is a shame and degenerated Business…rooted by Jews.

Jim Daneke
The church is a Roman creation. The Bible is stolen astrotheology. Jesus never existed.

The Romans had a census and written accounts of history unlike barbarians. Some minor details may not be 100% but that does not erase facts. The people who hate Jesus are Masonic Satanists and the Judean cult.

Luis Ilheu
The Conciliun Vatican 2 was a terrorist act.

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