“white privilege” or “Jewish privilege”.

Written by Andy

This person works to promote the theory of “white privilege”.

However, when “Jewish privilege” is mentioned, it makes him ‘feel sick’.

He knows that the expression ‘Jewish privilege’ is prone to inciting hatred against Jews, yet he unflinchingly promotes “white privilege” theory? He is inciting hatred towards whites. The word ‘hypocrisy’ was invented to cover this scenario. One has to wonder if his surname ‘Stone’ is a cover for ‘Stein’. Here is a rundown on the situation:

What happens when you criticize that group of people?

It is good to find a black man who is red pilled and intelligent. And does not play the race/victim card. We wish there were more like them. In the video, he appears to ‘bleep’ the word ‘jew’? This is new world order censorship. Try typing “(((_____))) are ugly and smelly” and see if ______tube deletes the comment. Hit refresh and the comment will probably disappear. If the dead Allied soldiers could see their countries now, they would have thrown down their weapons and fought with the Germans. He states in satire: “White people funded every major war since Napoleon”. He is wrong, because (((they))) also coordinated that from (((the City of London))). He jokes: “Even Jeffrey Epstein was white” – not true. Epstein has ((stein)) in the surname which usually indicates a persons religion. If you want a fun evening, tune into his channel.


You did of course notice that all the actors are himself!


Every day – all we get is alleged Jewish persecution or survivors of holohoax again and again and again. Which is why I treat MSM TV & News the same way I do used toilet paper.

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