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Who Controls the Treasury Department?

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Of the twenty-six U.S. Treasury Department senior officials, eighteen are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is 69%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore Jews are over-represented among the U.S. Treasury Department senior officials by a factor of 34.5 times times. Our friends at ‘The Zog Blog’ have compiled a treasure-trove about who controls America. Anyone wishing to learn about the parasitic hi-jacking of a nation and a world dominance should read on. The Zog Blog discusses the staggering Jewish over-representation in the power structure. It is a must read for those that wish to end to the horrible existence that has been inflicted on what used to be a great nation. How do we break-free from this domination? I have no blood-lust towards these people, just a desire to return to the values of the Founding Fathers!

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  • Read the next paragraph slowly:

    “Over representation in the economic elite of a visible ethnic minority of the degree found in Poland and Hungary was certain to cause trouble regardless of the identity of the group: if Belgians, Bulgarians, or Bolivians had constituted 62 per cent of the highest income-earners of Hungary, rather than Jews, that would certainly engendered resentment against them … To us [Jews], European antisemitism appears to be a weapon of the strong against the weak, a kind of ideological sadism. To European right-wing nationalists of the post-1870 period, however, antisemitism appeared to be a weapon of the weak against the strong, an attempt (as they saw it) by a downtrodden nation to regain control over its resources from a separate, distinctive minority which appeared to dominate the economy — an aim not unlike that of anti-colonial movements in the Third World vis-a-vis the Europeans and foreign entrepreneurial minorities (like the Chinese throughout South-East Asia). The Zionist movement understood this perfectly well, however disturbing such a perspective may seem to us viewed with post-Holocaust eyes.

    Moreover, research is most likely to demonstrate a very considerable actual Jewish over-representation in many other social and political areas which figured largely in the litany of continental antisemitism of the post-1870 period, especially Jewish participation in the radical left, the liberal professions, in journalism, and in the media.”

    W. D. Rubinstein, Jewish Journal of Sociology, Vol. 42, nos. 1 and 2, 2000, p. 18-19

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