Why did you become an anti-feminist?

Written by Andy

From ‘Women Against Feminism’.

IamZak Mouhoumed Djama
Personally it was the #killallmen #metoo and a French mouvement named #balancetonporc which is “denounce your pig (referring to all men)” that’s how I became anti feminist

Brandon Haygood
It had been something that bothered me for a while but it wasn’t until I got “cancelled” from a certain group who decided to spread around that I was a misogynist because I dared to point out a double standard when it comes to attraction. Then I just dug a little deeper and realized just how awful modern feminism truly was. Of course being on here and learning of other people’s stories only solidified my disgust with the movement.
Funnily enough it also led me to a greater appreciation of women. Particularly the non feminist kind. And it proved to me that I wasn’t a misogynist in any way and that I have nothing against women at all. I adore and cherish women in fact, and not just in a sexual way (that’s only reserved for certain women) but as human beings and individuals.

Myles Fox
I was skeptical of feminism from a very young age and used to ask all the wrong questions with very little answers. It was when I left college and found Erin Pizzey talking at university of Toronto 2014 on YouTube that I finally snapped and finally became staunch antifeminist. She in a sense liberated me. And then I found Karen Straughan and never looked back.

Annalise Lacey
Just from seeing the amount of sexism, double standards and hatred that comes from them.

Nicole Enders
For me, it was the angry, hateful narrative. The divisiveness, and man hate. And in particular, the horrible treatment of women who didn’t think the way of the feminist.

Carl Reinhold Augustsson
Growing up as a boy in the 80s I noticed a number of examples of sexism against males. I started to make a list in my head. Schools could be particularly bad. I even took legal action against my school in the 6th grade. It was 1989. At the time, I thought that feminism was the answer. I believed that they had males covered too. It didn’t take long to hear their misandrist quotes. Also, the way they trashed Clarence Thomas while defending Clinton was the last straw.

Lisa Keenan
The complete double standards. The way women being violent to men was laughed at was a huge factor because a man quite close to me was abused by his wife and nobody seemed particularly concerned for him.
And women using kids as a pawn with their exes.

K’La Thomas-King
The hatred. A group that promotes progress and personal growth for anyone can never do that by always blaming someone and enabling toxic behaviours.

James Bell
It is the serious double talk and lack of logic that does it for me.

Elizabeth Jack
I was never a feminist, but here’s what really got me on my soap box.
I was in a string of abusive relationships, and most of them were with women. When I would talk about my male abuser people would trip over themselves to show me empathy, offer me … See More

Miyah Cisele
When a number of them told me I deserved to be gang raped daily because I didn’t support criminalisation of men who buy sex.

Miyah Cisele
That was the final straw for me! I’ve never described myself as a feminist but the stance in sex work and females working as ring girls etc is gross.

Say Resse
Men can not legally buy sex that can legally be sold by women. Rrrright.
Who is there to speak on behalf of all STW’s? (sex trade workers)
Why does media tell spooky tales of some fictional rape (that only rich politician’s wifes benefit from, in court of legal money extortion), when the reality of the job is far more organized, respected, and normal. STW have just gained freedom to self manage without the ring of organized crime behind them, freedom to pay taxes, and the government had criminalized the purchase. Really? This isn’t much different from massage.
Feminists make Government hate individual women. Feminists have monopoly of legal systemic abuse. Feminists are very small group of very powerful b%tches, formed by every girl bully you have ever met. The state caters to onlyfans and other centralized corporate walmarts of human needs.

Miyah Cisele
I am a sex worker. Apparently I’m getting rich off the backs off exploitation…..
Obviously it was a massive reach, I darent even try and explain how she came to that conclusion.

Kent Sorensen
It’s the relentless drive to create legislation that either omits men from equality law policies, disregards their experiences entirely and ignores their pain or condemns them as a group all together while railing against and trying to cancel anyone who dares to point out their hypocrisy and flat out lies.

Maria Bourne
I became anti feminist after seeing all the kill all men and all men are bad stuff around the internet also the lack of justice when it comes to domestic violence against men they get nothing.

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