Why does modern man avoid the family union?

Written by Andy

Translated from Russian and adjusted.

Women often torture the Internet asking why men so avoid marriage.

Let’s make analogy with the relationship of business partners. Imagine that some businessperson offers you to invest in a joint business under the following conditions:

  1. You finance the project for 70-90% of your own funds.
  2. However, when distributing money and making decisions, your voice is tolerated, but your partner’s voice is decisive.
  3. If a project fails, you get nothing back, you lose your investment and most of your assets. And you still pay your partner a fine for many years.
  4. Most males who agree to these conditions burn out, and their “partners” make a profit.
  5. If you disagree with the partners proposal, your partner will find you rude and spread rumors about your dishonesty.
  6. The bureaucracy constantly adopts new laws, making the project more and more risky for you.

Will you be delighted with such a prospect? Would you sign a contract with such conditions?

A legal man in a modern matriarchal marriage has few rights. He has no right to make reproductive decisions, but is obliged to execute them. A special scenario occurs in divorce when the property and children are taken away from him, and himself is “left out to dry” and becomes completely dependent on the arbitrariness of the ex-wife.

The man is neither blind nor stupid. He either knows from experience or from the experience of his comrades, or just hears that marriage is a bad deal for males. In the moment when he is blinded by love, he is not afraid of nothing.

At marriage, the marriage stamp serves as a launch mechanism for the female instinct. A woman begins to insist on her demands. She overtakes and takes over the man psychologically. Men don’t like this very much.

After such an explanation, you can stop wondering why a man does not want to marry and avoids fatherhood!

I give you the above picture to illustrate the perception of the power structure in the married relationship.

Here are some answers to the question:

Why many men avoid marriage or simply do not want to get married!

  • Because we know, once we are married, not only does she have us by the balls, so does the state.
  • Because, after she gets what she wants (marriage, kids, security) she doesn’t need us anymore and sex is almost non existent and in other cases, they come here on G@G and ask if she should divorce her man because she loves him but she is not in love with him anymore. after he gave her everything she wanted.
  • Because you say it isn’t about the money but you won’t sign a prenup.
  • Because divorce statistics almost guarantees we will be divorced sooner or later.
  • After marriage, it’s harder to get sex from her because she has this uncanny ability to spring up a headache on command.

I don’t give you this to justify the situation but to analyze the situation. Here is comment:

It is no longer a smart decision for men to get married.

In the past, marriage benefited men and women equally, albeit in somewhat different ways. But over the last fifty years or so the benefits of marriage to men have steadily declined while the risks and costs have steadily risen.

Add to that the fact that casual sex is much more freely available to men today than it used to be.

With all that in mind, it’s pretty clear that it’s simply a bad idea for men to get married anymore.

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