Why Goyim Cannot Expect Jewish Elites to Tell Them the Truth — Jewish Elites Talk to Goyim Like Adults Talk to Children

When adults talk to children, do they always speak the truth? No. Even though children are taught the virtue of honesty, they’re deemed mentally and emotionally unfit to receive the truth and nothing but the truth. Of course, good adults try to be as truthful as possible, but they believe, with good reason, that children are too ‘innocent’ and/or immature to handle certain truths. A child who can believe in Santa Claus can be made to believe just about anything.
While lying-to-children is problematic, assuming adult faculties in children would be foolish. So, there are certain truths that we don’t share with children. And if children ask inconvenient questions, we resort to half-truths or explanations(or even concoct lies) that we feel to be appropriate at the moment. Only gradually do children mature into adults in their intellect and emotion. It’s been that way forever among humans all around the world.

However, the adult-children dynamic often exists even among adults or between groups of adults. Some groups feel more intelligent, more knowing, and more deserving of power/influence. They believe they know and understand more. Therefore, while they themselves can ‘handle the truth’, they believe other groups cannot. Such group dynamics can be along educational, class, racial, religious, or ethnic lines. Obviously, those who attended and/or work for elite institutions feel they are smarter, more capable, and more deserving of More Truth.

In contrast, the less intelligent, less informed, and less sophisticated are deemed undeserving of the raw and unfiltered truth. They must be fed the official line processed by the so-called ‘mainstream media’ which is an industrial complex of the Deep State and oligarchic corporations. So much of state documents are redacted and kept secret. And Big Media is as much about hiding, twisting, or spinning the news as investigating leads and disseminating the findings to the public. New York Times and such publications sometimes go the extra mile to expose secrets that the government wants suppressed, but more often than not, they cooperate with the Power to decide what the people should or shouldn’t be told. Often, much of their reporting is simply what they received from the government, with which they have special relations.

Furthermore, even when the Big Media exposes inconvenient secrets, they do so less for the public good or for truth-for-truth’s-sake than for partisan reasons. When MSM broke the Watergate scandal, it was working with elements of the Deep State to oust Richard Nixon. And when the MSM pushed the Russia-Russia-Russia Hysteria, or Russysteria, to discredit Donald Trump, it was in collusion with the globalist Deep State that feared populist-nationalism as a threat to their neo-imperial ambitions. The so-called Fourth Estate is less in service to the people than to the elites. Even when MSM spills the beans, it is less to inform the people than to manipulate mass opinions so that one elite faction can undermine another elite faction. It’s about using mass opinion to boost one elite faction against its rivals.

People in the MSM believe they must be the gatekeepers of truth, facts, and opinions. They believe there are too many lies, falsehoods, fabrications, and ‘conspiracy theories’ in the alternative news-sphere and online opinion world. To a large extent, they’re right about the innumerable cranks, charlatans, looneys, and nutjobs on the internet spreading half-truths, false rumors, and fake news.
And yet, it’s disingenuous for MSM to get on the high horse when it’s been guilty of the same failings and violations of ethics, and on a much bigger and more consequential scale. While so-called ‘liberal democracies’ offer more venues and outlets for news than totalitarian systems do, they are essentially ruled by oligarchies that are more concerned with power, prestige, and privilege than with truth, honesty, and integrity.

Elites have always regarded themselves as better and more deserving than the masses. They see themselves as the ‘adults in the room’ or the ‘best and the brightest’ and sneer at the masses as simpletons who ‘cannot handle the truth’. Still, even elitism could be fused with genuine idealism, i.e. elites must strive to know more, understand more, and responsibly craft news & opinions for the good of the people. They may be vain and conceited but also sincere in their goodwill toward the masses.
Such is usually the case when the social ‘adult-children’ dichotomy(one that takes place among adults) is along class-lines. The higher classes with better education feel they should make an effort to know more and have more power to do what is good for the lower classes, the hoi polloi. Such class dynamics have played out in the US, Russia, China, Iran, France, and etc. The CCP believes it knows what is good for the Chinese people. The Russian government guides the news and narrative for the national interest. The leaders of Iran think they know best and suppress certain truths while highlighting or even exaggerating others.

But when class snobbery combines with racial supremacism, the ‘adult-children’ dichotomy among adults becomes more problematic. Consider the Deep South where white elites considered blacks to be not only economic and cultural but racial inferiors. They believed the problem wasn’t merely that blacks had less education(if any) and knowledge but that blacks were innately less capable of thinking like adults. Blacks were regarded as childlike and naturally animal-primal in their emotions and thought-processes. As such, blacks could be told some truth but not all the truth, as they were deemed unfit to process or handle all of it. Besides, as blacks were bigger, stronger, and more aggressive, giving them the equal rights and freedoms could be dangerous to whites, elites and regular folks alike.

As history amply made clear, a lot of white fears and anxieties about free blacks with equal rights proved to be valid. Biologically, it’s true that blacks are less inhibited, less rational, more impulsive, and wilder. As such, blacks aren’t capable of handling the truth in the same way as whites. (That said, the bigger problem was that white elites were not honest among themselves about the threat posed by blacks. Abraham Lincoln was candid about the black problem and hoped for a permanent separation of the races by means of repatriation or creation of a black republic. If white elites had spoken the truth about blacks to one another loud-and-clear and spread the same message to the white masses, the race problem could have been brought to an end. Imagine if white elites had spread the following message far-and-wide-and-loud-and-clear: “Blacks evolved to be more muscular, more aggressive, bigger-donged, and more psychopathic. Without permanent separation, some may call for racial integration one of these days, and then blacks will destroy white manhood and conquer white women, and that will turn white guys into a bunch of ‘faggot-maggots’, spelling doom for the white race. Also, as an idol is worth a million individuals in prestige & fame and as idols in America are determined by athletic feats and musical prowess, blacks will likely dominate idolatry, and white boys and girls will effectively grow up worshiping Negroes as demigods.” If white elites had spoken such truths, most whites would surely have agreed for radical measures to bring about racial separation when the US was still a virile and healthy race-ist nation for white folks.)
Now, if blacks were smaller and weaker — like Gary Coleman or Emmanuel Lewis — , there would be less racial neuroticism. White Guilt about past wrongs done to blacks could afford to indulge a weak non-threatening race. It might be a stupid cult but wouldn’t be a complex. The current neuroticism is a racial complex because whites are instilled with collective guilt for a victim race(an object of sympathy) but also fearful of blacks as the thug-beast race. To complicate matters further, even as white guilt is premised on historical or systemic denial of racial equality to blacks, white addiction to Negrolatry is based on white adulation of perceived black superiority. Today, as blacks are tougher, louder, and stronger, white folks are now scared half to death to say anything that might trigger blacks into rage.

At any rate, even if white folks had good reasons to maintain an ‘adult-children’ dichotomy between themselves and blacks, many of their lies were self-serving. Worse, it’s often been the case that those who lie to control others often come to (half)believe those very lies, if only for emotional comfort. The ‘white lie’ can become the official myth.

In the current US, Jews and Goyim are like whites and blacks in the Deep South prior to the Civil Rights Movement. Just like white elites in the South felt they deserved to rule because they were better educated, more cultivated, and more civilized, many Jews feel they should rule because they are more intelligent, more engaged, more informed, and wiser.
Southern white elites were the ‘adults’, and blacks(and ‘white trash’) were the ‘children'(or chillun). Southern white elites were privy to certain truths whereas the blacks(and ‘white trash’) were fed simple narratives and fairytale-like myths… though in their vanity and self-aggrandizement, many Southern elites came to believe, at least in part, the myths peddled to the masses.

Historically, most of the elites have been occupied with money and/or politics and left it to OTHERS to define the Truth(or the shared myths); as the cultural elites mostly write books for the public and as the children of the elites also read these books, they too come under the same kind of manipulation, the kind that prints legend as fact.

The childlike masses are deemed undeserving of the whole truth, which they would surely misinterpret, mishandle, and mangle even if served on a silver platter, or so say the ‘adults in the room’. Therefore, the privilege of unrestricted truth must be reserved for the approved members of the elite, the kind of people who understand what is in the best interests of society.
It’s like what parents say to one another may be kept from the children. It’s like Movie Ratings forbid kids from watching R-rated movies without adult supervision. It’s like special archives that are accessible only to the credentialed. The rest of us must rely on MSM and public libraries. Even the internet doesn’t allow access to state secrets and the like.

Furthermore, monopolies like Google manipulate algorithms to favor Jewish-controlled ‘mainstream news’ over alternative sources that dare speak truth to power. Jewish globalists are like the Southern white elites in believing that they know best and deserve special access to knowledge denied to most people. The rest of us, being childlike and ‘dumb’, need to be spoon-fed what is ‘good’ for us. We need to be told what to believe and how to feel. After all, Jews are the ‘adults in the room’ while we are ‘children in the classroom’.

But then, there is a Catch-22 kind of logic to Jewish Power over us. Jews say, because we don’t know enough, we must be kept from knowing too much. But if we don’t know enough, shouldn’t we be encouraged to know more so that we may be deserving of the whole truth someday? If a child must be kept from the truth because his mind isn’t ready for it yet, then shouldn’t he be intellectually and emotionally prepared so that he will be ready in the future?
Then, the same logic should apply to adult goyim. If too many adult goyim are currently ill-informed and childlike, thus unqualified to handle truth and nothing but the truth, then shouldn’t they be instructed in the art of critical thinking so that they will be more knowledgeable and understanding of whatever the truth may be?
And yet, a Jewish Paradox comes into play to deny such possibility for growth among goyim. Notice how, over the years, our culture(even at elite levels) has gotten less adult and less critical, more infantile and more manipulative. Schools don’t teach kids how to think but what to think(which isn’t thinking at all) and what to feel.

Instead of leading us toward more knowledge and critical acumen to be deserving of More Truth, Jews say that because we don’t know enough, we should know even less! In other words, we might as well just give it up and entirely outsource our sense of history and the world to our Jewish Masters in the MSM, entertainment, academia, and Deep State deem as ‘acceptable’.
Not that those predisposed to genuine intellectual pursuit fare much better than the hoi polloi when it comes to the truth. Academia, as the ladder to the elite institutions, is such that the only chance of advancement is to never raise ‘inconvenient’ questions, which means critical inquiry is all but dead in many departments.
And the Jewish-controlled publishing media will usually reject anything worthy of real controversy. Their ‘controlled controversy’ is just another form of the official line packaged as ‘radical’ when it’s completely aligned with the agenda of the Jewish-run Deep State.
If the hoi polloi are too dumb for the truth and if the intellectually inclined are discouraged to think critically, where does that leave us? Indeed, isn’t it shocking that some of the most delusional, dogmatic, and stupid people are those with advanced college degrees. Consider the mania over gender-pronouns among the ‘well-educated’. All those years, they learned to swallow and regurgitate Political Correctness, not to think and raise questions.

For Jewish Supremacists, it’s not a matter of truth vs falsehood but ‘acceptable’ vs ‘unacceptable’, with their ilk deciding what is acceptable or not. For sure, the way Jews see goyim is worse than how adults see children. At the very least, adults expect children to eventually grow up and handle the truth. They also sincerely care about the children.
In contrast, Jews want goyim to remain stupid children forever, all the better to control them emotionally, politically, and ideologically. Jews do not want the stupid goyim to have agency or attain autonomy of mind. Jews don’t want goyim to find and explore their own truth. They are to decide what is ‘extreme’ or ‘hateful’ or ‘baseless’ or ‘meritless’. They get to say, we are to obey. Their attitude is like that of the pigs toward other animals in George Orwell’s ANIMAL FARM.

Now, if Jews were at least sincere in their commitment to truth and justice, their concerns would be more understandable. If the Jewish elites were truly moral and decent, we could understand why they would be concerned about young, impressionable, gullible, and/or boorish goyim falling under the sway of stupid Neo-Nazi or white-supremacist nonsense.
While I’m for freedom of speech and free exchange of ideas, who can deny that many young people have come under bad influence as the result of propaganda from both left and right, readily made more available via the internet? Whether one turns into a skinhead or an Antifa goon, obviously such a person is a stranger to thought: intellectually decrepit and emotionally crippled.

However, even as Jews feign concern for justice and truth, they themselves are arch-tribal-supremacists and full of hateful extremism. Also, they not only denounce white supremacism or some form of goy extremism but target for destruction any virile sign of white/goy consciousness lest it seek independence and liberation from Jewish Supremacism. Just ask the Palestinians about BDS.

Again, Jews as Master-Racists are similar to the white gentry of the Old South. Even as the white elites justified their privilege and control of narrative/myth as a means to maintain order and stability over black savages and ‘white trash’, they were trying to keep the power and wealth for themselves. They wanted permanent privilege on both racial and class grounds. They not only felt that blacks and ‘white trash’ weren’t, as yet, ready for the full truth but sought to maintain the existing power structure as long as possible. The lower elements deserved to know less because they knew less. Hardly any effort was made to urge the lower elements to know more so that they could know even more and eventually the whole truth.
But then, the white elites weren’t merely cunning and deceptive. Many of them came to believe in their own myths, if only to feel better about themselves. It was like getting high on one’s own supply.
In a way, even the elites were unwilling to face the whole truth as it implied an insurmountable burden of race relations, something with no solution in sight. Thereby, the best-seeming option was merely to preserve the order as long as possible, one which has now faded into history as the White South, rich and poor, no longer has any will to resist the coming transformation. But then, the new reality in the South isn’t about past falsehood finally being rectified with the truth but about one lie being supplanted by another.
As for the Jewish elites, they may be unwilling to face the whole truth as it portends a disturbing future for them as well. The danger isn’t the rise of Neo-Nazism but that Jews have become the very thing they’ve condemned about ‘antisemitism’. The current rulers not only forbid the Truth to the People but mutes it among themselves as well. Thus, we’re trapped in what Vladimir Putin characterized as the Empire of Lies. Falsehoods from high to low.

Especially pertaining to blacks, the white elites in the South believed that the differences weren’t merely a matter of education and cultivation but race and blood. Even though some of them did mouth platitudes about blacks gradually rising up to higher civilizational standards, they mostly wished that blacks would always remain ‘children’ vis-a-vis the white ‘adults’ who knew what was in the best interest of the Negroes.
Now, history has proven that blacks indeed do better in societies ruled by whites who are more intelligent and even-tempered; black-run societies have gone to pot, be it Haiti, Detroit, Zimbabwe, and etc.
And yet, such social dynamics, even if based on some degree of truth, were bound to be untenable in the long run because it demeaned black pride and betrayed American principles. While it seems factual that childlike blacks do fare better under whites in the role of ‘adults’, what people would choose to believe that they are best off serving as obedient ‘children’ under the guidance of another race?

It was especially tough for blacks to swallow because they are an intensely physical people who judge worth mainly in terms of who-can-whup-whose-ass? Because blacks ‘think’ so viscerally, they have a hard time accepting the fact that ‘faggoty-ass white boys’ are better than them in anything.
Now, if the white race was tougher, bigger, and stronger than blacks, then blacks would have less problem accepting the white race as the master race because black psycho-hierarchy gauges worth in terms of ass-whupping prowess.
Indeed, the main sense of racial injustice among blacks isn’t so much that they were enslaved by whites. It’s that they were enslaved by a weaker and wussier race. As such, blacks feel that THEY should have been the master race over the whites: THEY should have been kicking white boys’ ass and humping white women.

In contrast, the short brown people of Latin America have more or less regarded the bigger and taller white Conquistador elites as the rightful rulers. A similar dynamic pervaded the Aryan invasion of India and rule over the indigenous folks. Furthermore, the Aryans manipulated Hindu religion to ‘sacralize’ themselves as the more sacred class/race. By spiritualizing their power over the darker native folks, they made it a crime against the cosmos to challenge the existing social order.
In a way, Jews see eye-to-eye with the Hindus because they’re constructing a caste system in the US with themselves as the Holiest Race based on the combination of Covenant myth and Shoah cult. Jews push a kind of ‘Merito-karma’ that would have us believe that Jews, with their superior intelligence and wisdom, deserve to be at the very top. And as many elite and wanna-be-elite Americans are obsessed about IQ and status — despite their bogus PC noises to the otherwise — , they do look upon Jews as the super-brahmin caste.
Yet, not all Americans share in the conceit. White Nationalists, for instance, are more into aesthetics and beauty. While they believe Jews may be smarter, they believe whites are more attractive. And they believe that the white race has a right to preserve its beauty in white lands; as such, those most invested in the preservation of the white race and white beauty are most deserving to rule. This is why Jews see white beauty as something they must own, control, and commoditize. It must be turned from a racial preserve of the white race to a globalist product to be sold around the world by Jews. It’s also to be degraded via Jungle Fever and race-mixing.

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While Jews may be smarter than white goyim, the Jewish-White dynamic is nevertheless markedly different from the White-Black dynamic. While we can understand how the ‘adult-children’ dynamic between whites and blacks was deeply offensive and hurtful to blacks(especially as it deemed whites to be racially more advanced than blacks), there is no denying that, without whites, blacks wouldn’t have modern civilization, or much civilization of any kind. Without whites, most blacks would be nothing but Jafro-Jivers chucking spears at hippos and running like mofos from lions or gorillas when not beating on bongo drums and shaking their booties. In contrast, despite higher Jewish intelligence and notable Jewish achievements, history has shown that whites can do just fine without Jews, indeed even better.

Paradoxically, higher Jewish achievements can be WORSE for white societies. Why? Because even though Jews use their high IQ for advancements in various fields, especially science, medicine, and technology, they use the profits not for the general good but to boost and reinforce Jewish Supremacism, and this entails the mental and emotional enslavement of the goy population.
Judeo-centrists will push any agenda or product, regardless of how harmful it may be to the general goy public, to strengthen themselves by weakening the Other. Take ACOWW or Afro-Colonization-of-White-Wombs. Why are Jews using the media, academia, entertainment, and advertising to push interracism, especially the kind where white wombs are colonized by black seed? It is to demolish white male pride and white unity. Jews seek to turn the goyim into mulatto-mestizo who are so confused in identity that they won’t be able to unite against Jewish supremacist power.
Furthermore, there is no guarantee that Jews will use their high IQ mainly for noble ends, such as finding cures for diseases or exploring deeper philosophical truths. A lot of Jews are smart but shallow, and all they care about is money, money, money, and like gangsters and crooks, they will use ANY MEANS at their disposal to rake in more cash… like Jordan Belfort and his fellow Jewish pranksters who were the basis for the film THE WOLF OF WALL STREET. Of course, Hollywood being Jewish, Martin Scorsese took care to de-Jewify the story somewhat, but it’s pretty obvious what it’s all about.

In some ways, Jews are justified in feeling like ‘adults’ over white goy ‘children’. Even though the differences between Jews and white goyim aren’t as stark as the differences between the white race and the black race — Jews are Caucasian like the Arabs and, like the Europeans, a people with a deep history of civilization and achievements — , Jews(at least the Ashkenazi ones) are thought to be smarter than whites on average(and indeed even by one standard deviation in IQ). Also, Jewish personality is wilier and more cunning, crafty, clever, sneaky, and shifty.
As such, Jews are more prone to be in the mind-game mode than whites are. Whites, especially those of Northern European stock, tend to be more obedient and one-dimensional in personality. In some ways, Jewish personality is to white personality what white personality is to East Asian personality. Jewish personality is more passive-aggressive, more multi-faceted.

Arguably, Jews had to develop such a shifty Zeligish personality as an adaptive mechanism in hostile goy societies. As a people who came to prominence with both prophecy and profiteering amongst various goy groups, Jews could never be just one thing. It’s like a salesman or a politician needs to have more of an adaptive personality than a farmer or truck driver. They must be chameleon-like; they must play different roles. Because Jews are more adept with multi-faceted personalities than white goyim are, they tend to look upon whites as overly earnest, trusting, or simple-minded.

By implication, whites can be made simple-mindedly anti-semitic or simply-mindedly philo-semitic. Whites can be made to go ‘full retard’ as either ‘nazis’ or ‘shabbos goyim’. Same is true of children. Children can be made to believe anything. They can be taught to be 100% Nazi or 100% Commie. Young ones can be made to believe in God or not believe in God. They can be made to believe in Santa or the Tooth Fairy. Boys can be made to believe they’re really ‘girls’ and vice versa.

The Jewish Mind thinks strategically at all times and never lowers the guard. It’s always on the lookout for the soft spot. It’s a house of games, like the title of David Mamet’s film. Jewish Mind is inseparable from Jewish Pride(as well as paranoia and resentment), and this makes Jews defiant.
So, it’s not easy for whites to convince or persuade Jews to go easier and make nice. Even when whites are decent and well-meaning in their interaction with Jews, the latter thinks, “What is the white goy REALLY after?” The Jew wonders, “Is the white goy trying to push his ‘truth’ onto me to control me?” Even if he realizes that the white goy is genuinely well-intentioned, he wonders, “Why is the white goy being SO DUMB and sharing his secret and/or dropping his guard when I can trick him and abuse him?” The Jew asks questions while the white goy seeks answers from the Jew who asks and answers to himself, “Why is this goy so dumb?” and “I have to exploit his stupidity.”

In a way, the Jew-Goy ‘adult-child’ dynamic is natural because it’s generally true that when a smart person is with a less-smart person, the former is more inquisitive whereas the latter is more trusting. The smarter person tries to figure out the ‘dummy’, whereas the less-smart person feels flattered to be in the presence of the ‘genius’ and gets oh-goshy.
Indeed, there are too many examples of uh-shucks-oh-goshiness among white goyim in the presence of Jews. Consider Charles Murray who wets his pants in the presence of Jewish Genius. Even Jared Taylor, though insulted, defamed, and excommunicated by Jews from social platforms and financial services, is always sucking up to Jews, deferring to them, and banning any criticism of Jewish Power & Israel on his site American Renaissance. The combination of higher IQ and wilier personality makes Jews feel more ‘adult’ in the presence of ‘childlike’ white goyim.

But of course, there is the added element of spiritual mythology and/or Holocaustianity. Among simpleminded Evangelicals, Jews are the original Chosen, the holy People of the Book. There was a time when Christianity said Jews killed Jesus and are stained forever with Christ’s blood(like Lady Macbeth), but the New Narrative blamed it all on the Romans, and most Christian pastors are the biggest cucks of Jews in the world.
For the secular goyim, there is the neo-spiritual faith in the Holy Holocaust that would have us believe no people suffered as much as the Jews and for NO GOOD REASON at all because, apparently according to the new historiography, Jews were pure-as-snow innocents all throughout history, and it was ALWAYS the goyim’s fault when Jews were met with animosity.
On the one hand, Jews denounce the superstitious-ness of goyim who were prone to BLAME THE JEW. And yet, we are to believe that all those goyim in all those places all throughout history just lost their minds and went totally cuckoo in the presence of totally innocent Jews.
So, who’s being superstitious? The real superstition is the Jewish Lie that Jews were always innocent and Goyim were always guilty. It’s statistically impossible that all throughout history, in all the outbreaks of violence between Jews and non-Jews, it was the Jews who were always innocent and it was the goyim who were always guilty.

Unfortunately, Jews tend to fall into two categories. What both have in common is self-worship but in different ways. One group believes that Jews are indeed pure-as-snow and always right and so goody-good, and therefore, it really must have been the fault of goyim. These Jews believe that the Tribe is holy because its members are morally superior to the rest of humanity. Such Jews are Moral Supremacists. They do believe in morality but are blind to Jewish immorality toward goyim and only see the ‘evil’ of hostile goy reactions to Jewish bad behavior. Even though they call for Jewish unity in pride and prestige — all Jews deserve to share in the achievements of great and good Jews — , they are the first ones to say that the behavior of bad Jews does not reflect on the Jewish community as a whole. So, when Jews act good, all Jews deserve to share in the pride of goodness. But when Jews act bad, it is ‘evil’ and ‘anti-semitic’ to notice certain patterns pertaining to Jewish ethnic tendencies. (Italian-Americans once tried to pull a similar stunt by demeaning anyone who noticed the prevalence of their kind in organized crime.) That said, the moral supremacist Jews do believe in some kind of code of ethics.

In contrast, the other kind of Jews, the Nihilist Supremacists, believe Jews are superior just because. In other words, Jews are better, superior, and more deserving simply because they are Jews, the ultimate Tribesmen. Jews are right even when they do wrong because… they are Jews. So, it doesn’t matter if Jews do good or Jews do bad. As Jews, they can do as they please to lord over goyim and exploit them. They have the mentality not unlike that of the hoodlums in GOODFELLAS. They regard themselves as the Made Men, and the Covenant gives them license to act as the World Mafia. To these types, the Covenant is purely ethnic and has nothing to do with God, whose existence they don’t believe. They’ve become the god.

While it’s inconceivable to imagine a social order in which all people are equally deserving of power and truth — even if such were offered to everyone, most people will likely reject power and truth in favor of escapism and comforting myths — , we must nevertheless strive for a society where most people are adult-like and demand to know more truth and handle more responsibility. People mustn’t be mindlessly trusting of the Power, and this goes for the US, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, India, and etc. There are no philosopher kings or wise-men among the ruling elites. Power has its own logic: Self-perpetuation by any means. Societies cannot do without the concentrations of power, wealth, and influence, but the people must insist on knowing more and asking tough questions. They must support a system of education, cultivation, and communication where people are encouraged to be more mature, rational, factual, and inquisitive. They need to be on the side of critical thinking, the will and courage to speak truth to power, or at least, ask truth of power.

Jewish Supremacists regard such as a threat. Why would they want people to think critically when, in the Current System, they are positioned as the ‘adults in the room’ while the goyim are relegated to ‘kindergarten’ status? Why would they want us to feel, think, and speak as adults when they prefer us to remain like children or cattle? This is why Jews push PC and worse ‘wokeness’ in schools at an early age. By pushing ‘anti-racism’, Jews seek to suppress white racial consciousness and identity. By pushing hysteria about ‘antisemitism’, Jews seek to suppress the truth that the reigning supremacist ideology of the West is Zionist tyranny over Palestinians, Wars for Israel, and nihilistic Jewish gangsterism throughout government & the economy.
Jews play it clever. They pretend to be ‘anti-racist’ by denouncing ‘racism’ but then shield Jewish ‘racism’ or racial supremacism by invoking ‘antisemitism’ to suppress criticism of Jewish monstrosity against Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims. And of course, Jews push Globo-Homo on kids as early as possible in schools. Jews would have us adult ‘children’ believe that Homo-Mania is all about Human Rights and Justice when it’s really about inculcating toddlers with mindless worship of Minority Supremacism.
After all, kids aren’t merely taught that homos are born that way and do odd ‘sexual’ things. They are taught that homos and trannies are the holy ‘rainbow’ angels who deserve extra love and adoration. By making goyim worship homos as eternal minorities, Jews seek to condition goy minds to favor the minority-elite over the majority-norm. Sadly, the fact that SO MANY goyim have fallen for this shtick and even take their kids to libraries for reading sessions from drag-queen trannies goes to show there is some truth to the notion of Jews as ‘adults’ and goyim as ‘children’. Adults lead, children follow. Jews lead, goyim follow. Whites are so dumb.

This is a habit goyim must break free of. Goyim must not be like Charlie Kirk the cuck for whom ‘conservatism’ happens to be whatever Jews say it is. Kirk is more dog than human. He barks and rolls over accordingly. If Jews say NO WHITE IDENTITY, then Kirk says NO WHITE IDENTITY. If Jews say WHITES MUST SERVE JEWISH IDENTITY, then Kirk concurs and says WHITES MUST SERVE JEWISH IDENTITY. If Jews say ‘GAY MARRIAGE’ IS A CONSERVATIVE VALUE AND ‘LADY MAGA’ EPITOMIZES CONSERVATISM, then Charlie Cuck says the same. He really is a child. It could be he’s just an opportunist who says whatever to get a leg up in a Jewish-controlled system, but his childlike cuck-self really seems to believe in the ever-morphing ‘truth’ peddled by Jews who’ve taken control of Conservatism Inc. For such fools, truth is not a matter of WHAT but of WHOM. Truth is whatever that is insisted upon by Jews. So, if Jews say A is true, A is true. If Jews say B is true, then B is true. All that matters is WHO says it. If Jews(or one of their favored proxies) say it, it must be true.

While no genius, Kirk doesn’t seem like a retard either. So, why is he such a ‘child’, why is he such a dog? It’s because he has the emotions of an eight-year old who is so eager to please the ‘adults in the room’. Charlie Kirk the Cuck looks upon Jews as the holy ‘adult’ race and regards himself and fellow goyim as ‘children’ who must defer to the ‘grown-ups in the room and gain their approval’. It’s all so pathetic.

One of the most important projects among white goyim must be to create a culture of adulthood. There is a reason why adults are adults and children are children, but there is no good reason for a bunch of adults to remain childlike at the feet of other adults. It smacks of Oriental Despotism or Jerry-Springer-ism.
Individualism used to be a means by which Western Man stood out from the herd and stood up to think, feel, and act on his own. But over time, with the rise of Youth Culture and Pop Culture, individualism came to be degraded into mindless addiction to sensory overload via electronica that promoted impulsive behavior as being ‘liberated’. But liberated from what? Rational self-control, critical thought, skepticism, and restraint? It’s like a car being ‘liberated’ of its brakes. It will eventually go off the cliff. A truly free mind has control over both accelerator and brakes.
The use of individualism to rise above the herd, gain self-autonomy, and question the Power can be ennobling(and genuinely empowering), but individualism to self-indulge in drugs, sex, and lunacy at the expense of responsibility is no freedom at all. It is enslavement of the mind to the senses, but such is the kind of individualism pushed by Jews who control most media, entertainment, casinos, and drug industries.

In the end, Americans mustn’t rely on Trumpism because its brand of populism(like that of glutton Rush Limbaugh who gorged himself to death like a pig) ultimately infantilizes the populace with mindless slogans such as MAGA. That’s for the kids. The real adults should ask Trump, “If you’re so much about freedom and American nationalism, why do you keep sucking up to Jews who hate you and have done most to spread globalism around the world?”
Even though Ann Coulter has a long way to go, she was adult enough to ask tough questions of Trumpism once Trump became president. He promised the Wall. So, where was it? And Michelle Malkin took it upon herself to be more principled in challenging the bogus lies of Conservatism Inc with Charlie Kirks of the world as its fronts.
Adults must ask tough questions, not just chant slogans like childish tards at Trump-Chump rallies. In the crazy present, while adults are urged to become more infantile and childlike, children like Greta Thunberg are elevated to guru status.

In the Jewish-controlled world, illegal is legal, and legal is illegal; sin is virtue, and virtue is sin; and adults are children, and children are adults. And even though Jewish Power is the most murderous in the world, we must look upon Jews as helpless victims in need of protection. How many times have we heard that Oct 7 was the deadliest crime against Jews since the Holocaust. This from the same Tribe that was okay with Madeleine Albright saying it was ‘worth it’ to kill half a million Iraq kids. The same Tribe that watched gleefully as a Neocon-instigated war in Syria devoured 400,000 lives, a war in which Israel lent aid to ISIS terrorists. If you’re a true adult, go ask the Palestinians about the real nature of Jewish Power. And if Jews treat Palestinians that way, why would they treat you any better?

Perversely, goyim in elite circles and Deep State almost consider themselves as ersatz Jews. Even though they consider themselves not as ‘wise, worthy, and intelligent’ as the super-Jews, the holy race of geniuses and Shoah tragedy, they nevertheless see themselves as good enough to have attended elite schools and reached upper ranks of power where they get to rub shoulders with the super-Jews. Deep State is utterly Philo-Semitic in this manner.
Because they worship Jews and feel flattered to be working with and under Jews, there is a kind of ‘super-adult-and-adult’ dynamic between Jews and elite goyim. Jews are the ‘super-adults’ and elite goyim are ‘adults’. And the rest of us are mere ‘children’ who must be managed by goy elite ‘adults’ who defer to Jewish ‘super-adults’.

Because goy elites have access to the inner circles of power, they of course do know the truth of Jewish Power and Perfidy. And yet, as they were instilled with Jew-Worship from the cradle, they can’t think rationally about the Jews(and blacks and homos, two other groups Jews have ‘christened’ as especially holy).

Also, we must keep in mind that the kind of people who are most eager to reach the top are less interested in truth, honesty, and integrity than status, privilege, and power. Social climbers are really vain narcissists and nihilists at heart. They may flatter themselves that they want power and/or wealth for the higher/larger good, but it’s mostly a self-justifying myth.
Just like adults are often as foolish as children and believe in stupid things, there is no guarantee that the ‘adults in the room’, the so-called well-educated elites will favor truth, reason, and integrity over lies, cults, and mendacity. Most members of the elites won’t dare say something true or do something courageous IF it means loss of status and reputation among peers, most of whom are no less vain social-climbers and status-preeners.
This has always been the case with all peoples in all places at all times. So, even though it is generally true that the better-educated are more deserving to rule than the less-educated, it’s not a clear-cut case of the good-and-wise ruling over the bad-and-dumb. Rather, it’s fools with more education ruling over fools with less education. And for that reason, the elite justification for the suppression of truth is more often self-serving than for the common good.

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