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Why is racism so difficult to get rid of?

By Anna Hag

Racism is an American cultural fetish that is absolutely legal and protected by the US constitution. The BLM Global Network Foundation, KKK, CRT are protected by the American constitution as a freedom of speech and supported by the government. Racism is accepted as personal freedom, freedom of speech, and it’s a matter of legality. Also, racism is a big profitable business.

Today it has become obvious that racism is a trademark of American politics and not a sign of social immaturity. America has a culture where race defines people above all else, helping to protect their personal identity in order to keep up diversity. Everyone in America must identify themselves as a part of some racial group. The polarity of blacks vs whites is ingrained in the language and how people are perceived. America seems to be stuck in a loop of racial identification, everything seems to be in terms of black or white.

Racism cannot be erased as it’ll always be in certain people’s nature, that’s why attempts to get rid of it are futile. Tribalism is very profitable because members of some tribes have additional social and tax benefits. America is mired in tribalism/racism but some people are hopelessly trying to make the country a cohesive culture where these superficialities do not overrule cultural substance; it feels like this won’t ever happen. Tribalism helps to protect the tribal identity and cultural diversity which is a good thing for those who love diversity. Imagine how boring it would be to live on earth if races did not exist and all people were the same. Our differences are our joy, not our disappointment.

What is racism?

The question is, what is racism and who do we call racists? Is racial classification widely used by scientists in genetics, anthropology, biology, sociology, police, scientists in medical research considered racism? Are scientists racists because they classify humans according to biological characteristics? If so, then racism is a good thing, and not a negative one, because the goal of scientists, police and doctors is to help people. The reason ‘racism’ is considered a “bad” word is because people who use the word intend to insult. If you embrace the term, it holds no power to insult.

Racial classification has been known already for 5,000 years since the time of ancient Egypt. According to the freska, ancient Egypt had four different races:

Should we label ancient Africans racist because they had a racial classification? If not, then we shouldn’t worry about modern American classification. If yes, then we shouldn’t blame modern society for racism because racism has been a common fact inherent in human society for many millennia, long before the establishment of the USA. The racial classification is an ancient tradition peculiar to every racially diverse developed society, which does not carry any negative connotation.

Some people dislike the idea of human classification. Maybe it is time for them to accept it because fighting against it is meaningless? Racial classification is not racism. Nothing is wrong with classification, science cannot avoid it. Racial classification is not something terrible until dishonest politicians begin to use it for their dirty purposes. Classification for science isn’t the issue; discrimination and mistreatment of people based on race is. That’s what’s meant by racism. Technically, the American law protects citizens against racial discrimination making real racism basically impossible in the USA.

I don’t think the American political elite wants to get rid of racism. On the contrary, for some reason they want to divide people into racial groups. I don’t know the reason. I’m not American and don’t understand them. But because America is the world’s political leader, we are all destined to follow these American trends and become racists. As disgusting as it is, this is our reality.


Dennis Lee

Division breeds unrest and inequality. When this happens people tend to blame or at least focus on the “other” as the cause for their deficiencies or unhappiness. It is also utilized with Democrat v. Republican, Liberal v. Conservative, LGBTQ v. Evangelical Christian, and so on. By socially pitting opposing clans against each other, with media continually stoking the flames, the Masters of Society are free to maintain their power structure and funnel wealth continually upwards unhindered. Whenever the people seem to be getting along, the risk of the poor uprising increases, and the Oligarchs must inevitably “stir the pot” to get the heat off them yet again.

Wali Morris

I’ve been a black man for, almost, 31 years. I’ve run into one, MAYBE, truly racist person that I know of. People could’ve been racist without me knowing, but it hasn’t had any affect on my outcome. As far as black and white goes, in my experience, I’ve witnessed way more prejudice from groups that are non-white. As in, white people have mostly been good people throughout my life. I also grew up in child services. Most of the case workers were white, while most of the children were black. Let that sink in. Not to mention America fought a civil war, many who fought against human capital were white. So, in my opinion, any talk of racism between whites and blacks – or whoever – seems to be forced.

Jon Michael Sakamoto

Stop dividing people by race. Get rid of multi-culturalism. No more African Americans, no more Asian Americans, no more Hispanic Americans. We are Americans…period. We don’t teach school in different languages. We teach them in the national language…English! Peoples head will explode over that one but to unify the country, we need a national language to help unify us.

We stop segregating into little italy, chinatown, little mexico etc. Live where ever you want…!

Racism divides us by race as though we are different. Reverse discrimination is still DISCRIMINATION! Treat everyone equally…the same rights, the same responsibilities.

Get rid of black history month. Teach black history with white history, asian and hispanic history. Its called “History.”

In short, the way you combat racism is by not making everything about race. And for the people who like to label other people as racists…that is quite nearly impossible for them!


Do you think there is racism in the USA today? Of course there is. There are Klanner assholes who hate black people just because they’re black. And there are SJW assholes who honestly think that you cannot be racist against white people because of a highly tailored redefinition of racism that excuses their racism because they claim it isn’t racism. There are also Hispanics who hate blacks, blacks who hate Asians, Asians who hate whites, and whites who hate Hispanics.

Darius Liddell

How do African-Americans living in the US experience racism?
Disclaimer: These are my experiences of being an African American living in the US – but I will try to generalize where appropriate.

  1. Being thought “suspicious” or “dangerous” out of the blue. Do your research on the sheer number of “normal” black men stopped and frisked in our big cities. I am righteously scared of the police; I doubt I will ever call them if I get in trouble. Women of all colors clutch their purses when passing black men on the sidewalk at night. I don’t wear hoodies at night anymore, especially not dark ones. And god, this Trayvon Martin episode is downright disgusting.
  2. Non-black girls are surprised when one black guy happens to be bad at sex or have a small penis.
  3. Every “achievement” is usually disrespected and begrudged because everyone thinks this black person got ahead because of affirmative action (diversity, blah blah). And this makes many blacks doubt most their achievements. When I got into Stanford, many people told me to my face that it was only because I am black. I laughed it off, but sometimes laughing helps the dagger go deeper. Don’t you love being sardonic? There should really be a separate question just for affirmative action.
  4. Other cultures (Indian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc) that emigrated here may not want their children to date a black person simply because of the bad portrayal of them in the media worldwide – and because of the universal idea that every living, breathing soul in Africa is a malnourished child, a tribal freak, or a corrupt despot. Or because they really are just ignorant of black culture, so they fear it – totally natural response. Of course, some want all progeny to marry within the race but others jump at the chance for their child to date a white person. Check out all those skin lightening creams in Asia. And how some top Chinese companies want to have a white face as a CEO. <– Digressions. I had this personally happen to me on two occasions: An Indian girl that I liked told me her parents didn’t like black people. A white girl told me that her dad wouldn’t let her talk to black guys on the phone (shame, the cell phone hadn’t come yet for high schoolers). Maybe these could have been half-cruel/half-clever tactics to divert my advances, but I knew both of these girls actually liked me – isn’t this awesome? And it’s funny when kids try to act black or talk black or whatever, because I know they would never want to actually be black and be the brunt of American stupidity.
  5. Fitting black hair for cultural norms is such an insidious and unnoticed form of racism. The first black female entrepreneur is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madam_C._J._Walker She basically made “black hair” what it is today. So why is this racist? Because most black hair products are called “relaxers” – which means that they get it out of that “annoying” afro, “natural” state and put it into semi-straight, flowing, luxurious (and all those other adjectives that go on your shampoo). Most of these products are made to make black hair behave just like white hair – which is impossible so the mission failed from the start. Today, black hair is a multi-billion dollar business. Back then they were trying to assimilate to two things: standards of “beauty” and whatever whites thought would be best – but now they just do it out of tradition and assimilation. And because some men, especially black men, prefer their hair the unnatural way. In other words, black women had been taught to hate their own skin, and even their natural hair. I doubt any other race has had to deal with such nonsense. And every black woman growing up has tales to tell about her hair and the first time she got it “done”. Ask her about her hair – first she’ll be suspicious, like she is of all those whites asking “oh wow, can I touch your hair? it’s so awesome” – but hair is very important to black women.
  6. Being accused of pulling the “race card”. With the advent of political correctness, you can’t be black and discuss racism at the same time without being called a race-baiter. And so now there is a whole crowd of schmucks who believe that every time race is thrown into an event, it loses all honesty and forthrightness. These people have historical Alzheimers. They really think America can deliberately practice all types of racism for several centuries, then eradicate LEGAL racism in 1964 – and 45 years later, all incidences of personal and communal racism will be pure fantasy. Really, I wish you were right.
  7. People think poor black life in the “ghetto” is worthless, and therefore place a very low premium on those lives. Middle-class teenagers playfully embrace mainstream hip-hop (and the insipid “thug life” in the “hood”) with a healthy sense of irony, without realizing that living in the ghetto sucks. People are dying, drugs are taking over, children are growing up without a father. Nowadays, anything that is messed up, torn, or just plain works in a roundabout way is “ghetto” – and the word always has black connotations.
  8. The vast majority of blacks (and Hispanics) in jail for minor/petty drug offenses. How many middle-class whites are out there popping pills and smoking joints? – Don’t even get me started. But perhaps this is more of a class issue than a race issue.
  9. A white guys grows out his hair and beard, not caring whether he is unkempt or looking sketchy – he is hipster, artistic, edgy. A black guy does the same and he is sketchy and suspicious – especially during nighttime.
  10. Nowadays, blacks are scared to do things that might be stereotyped in front of non-black people. I know blacks who won’t eat fried chicken or discuss race because they are with a non-black person. This is outrageous.
  11. There is tension around blacks speaking proper English. What some are unwilling to accept is that black people just sound different than whites. Many people are tired of blacks not speaking properly or standard English. This has generated much tension in the media, because some are pushing to teach black English as an actual language in schools: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oakland_Ebonics_controversy

What many non-blacks don’t know is that blacks code-switch between standard English (when around non-blacks) and speak the vernacular when just around blacks. Many blacks feel more comfortable speaking this way, and they know many non-black friends won’t accept their “improper English”. Funny thing is that black vernacular is a different language with its own distinct grammar and rules – but still many today write it off as slang and “hood talk” – yet frankly this emphasizes a broader philosophical question, which is, “How many people can speak a language, before it is no longer a dialect or slang, and it actually merits the term “language” and the cross-cultural respect that naturally follows?” It’s really a matter of numbers, when you get down to it.

Stereotypes blacks are afraid of exemplifying:

anything “ghetto”
enthusiastically liking fried chicken, watermelon, etc
not being smart enough in a group of whites
not being black enough in a group of blacks
being lazy, shiftless, Sambo-types
letting racism rule their emotions by always getting angry
athletic just because they’re black (Sidenote: the reason that blacks comprise such a large percentage of the NBA and NFL is because black boys are working their butts off to be good at these sports in record numbers – just as hard as Asians work in school – it is not because they are just better jumpers etc) this is one of the most tired myths out there.

And there is so much more to add…

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