Woke Weakens Nations

Woke Weakens Nations Woke culture is weakening Great Britain.

The British culture, traditionally, is strong, stoic, and resilient. In difficult times, the British would say, “Keep calm and carry on.” This mental toughness and endurance is what made Britain great.

Woke Weakens Britain Woke culture is designed to weaken nations. In order to control populations you must first weaken them. It’s hard to control a nation if the individuals comprising it feel strong, independent, educated, confident, and free. It’s easier to destroy a nation if you can make each individual feel weak, uncertain, confused, and isolated.

Woke culture weakens us in the following ways:

Woke Weakens Masculinity Woke culture dislikes strong men. It attacks men with the concept of “toxic masculinity.” All the attributes associated with the male hero are derided as toxic. This critique of men’s strength is purposeful and is designed to weaken them.

Woke Dislikes Femininity Woke culture hates feminine women. Woke encourages men to dress as women, claim they are women, and enter women’s spaces such as changing rooms, toilets, and sporting events, thereby undermining women’s safe spaces and chances for success on the sporting field.

Woke hates the Nuclear Family All societies are based on the traditional nuclear family of man + woman = children.

Woke culture is revising the concept of the nuclear family and replacing it with “diversity,” in which a family could be any combination of individuals, regardless of gender or childbearing.

Woke Culture Destroys Education Woke culture has reached a point where even intelligent people are confused about basic concepts like “what is a woman.”

Woke culture weakens language, and since knowledge is conveyed through language, when words lose their meaning, it becomes impossible, to understand or gain knowledge. The muddling of key terms such as “man,” “woman,” “vaccine,” “fair,” and “free” disrupts clear thinking.

Woke’s destruction of language and free speech is part of a broader strategy. It’s designed to sow confusion and make even the most intelligent people confused about the basics!

Woke destroys public services It’s reported that men in the East Midlands Ambulance Service can now receive a year off for their menopause-related issues. As men get older, their testosterone levels inevitably drop. This is a fact of life and a part of aging. However, woke culture allows men a year off on full pay to deal with menopausal symptoms.

What Happened to ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’?

Woke culture is chipping away at the nation’s cultural strength. Woke critiques masculinity, undermines femininity, undermines the nuclear family. And it is destroying our public services

This isn’t accidental. It’s an attack on Western culture, including Great Britain.

We Must Be Strong, Confident and Free! The people of Britain are strong, confident, and free, and we reject woke culture.

We want strong men, women, families and services. The way to achieve this is to reject woke.

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