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Women with high body counts crying in their forties about choosing career over family.

Written by Andy

“The scary part for women is that men are adjusting to the game the women created!”

Many women put their efforts into education and career in their twenties and thirties. They are free to do so. They may achieve academic success … … whatever that means! They may get a well paying job. They may even think this is important.

Whether the job is satisfying or soul destroying is another matter. There is an element of randomness to the process. They may enjoy the company of males in their bedroom. They may sleep with many men, and they are free to do so. However, simple logic is enough to recognise that it is not a woman’s right to expect a man to commit to her. A woman cannot expect a man to commit to marry in her twenties, nor in her thirties, nor in her forties, or at any age for that matter. Neither can a man expect a woman to commit to him. The man needs to demonstrate certain characteristics to be appealing to a woman and the female needs to have characteristics appealing to the man. Those characteristics are much more than simple appearance.

Consider the whole of the animal kingdom. The male of every species needs to be attracted to females and conversely, females have to be receptive to male ‘attention’ for species continuance. In reality, sex is as natural as breathing, although, a lot more emotions are involved. Emotions are so involved that they can reach levels that may inhibit action. Males go quite weak when in the presence of a female they perceive as interesting. In the animal kingdom, that would enable the female to manipulate the male. Rarely do animals fight to breath air, although they might brawl over food, but they may fight to the death over the right to breed. When it involves mating, we take every aspect of life to the extreme. Even as humans, we can be devoured metaphorically just as some spiders get eaten after the event. The male spider is sacrificing the entirety of his earthly possessions to support the production of offspring.

This rather crude diagram with its replies suggests male human preferences with regard to female body shape:

Here are the first few lines of the replies:

Salvatore All
Shiz 234
Toby 4 and 5
Eugene All
Chuck Any type
Dan Blunden Preference is 1-3, but the more I drink, the more broad that range becomes.
Robert 4 and 5 are preferences, but every woman is beautiful in their own way, and so is their body.
Neil between 2 & 3
Trevor 2,3
Jeff 4
Cliff 4
Charlie 5 all day baby, love the big girls
Roger 5 if you lower your standards then your average will go up 😂😂😂
Timothy I prefer a solid number 1
Oussama 1
Joe 3-5
Ted DeLelys Like me 1 or 2
Matt Mahon Rebecca Durham 😻😻
Anthony Boley 1-5
Trin Stoudy 2 with the breats and ass of 1
Eduard Unruh 1 & 2
Robert Lowrance Y'all 5's holler at me. 😏😂
Kirstin Ebbrell #5 thick thighs and pretty eyes 👌
Logan Paynter They all need lovin lol
Josh 3 with 5s chest
Todd 3 to 6 ! The thickness is my weakness!
Conroy All sizes are good for me woman are beautiful.
RaBah 3
Ricky 5 love that, more to love and grab.
Tb 1
Tim 1,2,3
Aaron Cunningham 4’s and 5’s got all that extra to grab on👋🏻💥
Brian Faust 1
Alexander Cheng 3 or 4
Paul Rice 3 and 4
Chris Smith Any
Mark Brown Wife is 5
Brandi Gaenzle I'm a 1
Rich Watts I’m in for all!! 😜
Jimmy Burdette 1 through 5
Michael Goldthwaite My type would be 1 through 4
La Prima I’ma 5 💋
Krissy Rios 3 with 2's tits lol
James Burger All 5
Shawn Michael Honestly it doesn't matter.. personality and vibes hold value
Derek Cantu 2 or 3 for me. My girl is perfect for me!😍
Cesar 1 y 2
James 1-5
Joey 2
Lewis Pitcairn All of them
Lewis Pitcairn It's not how they look it's who they are 2
Lewis Pitcairn I don't care how she looks as long as she makes me happy and I make her happy.
Jeffrey. All types with the right personality,
Mette 2
Tony 3-4
I prefer 1-5 all is beautiful
Hays I'm good as long as she doesn't have a penis. 4
Jason All. I love all shapes and sizes
Nicholas 4/5
Martyn 3
Jason 1 thru 5
Joseph 1
Frank 1
Sean 2 3 4
Kent All. Heart and attitude is most important!
Tyler Any size. Personality Is what matters.
Matt Thighs are delicious!!!

What is interesting is that the replies do not echo the media’s portrayal of beauty being that of the catwalk model. Of interest, I favour ‘1’. So girls are not out of the dating contest due to their body shape. Girls: Don’t be concerned about your body shape. Some male will love you. That was the main reason for me saving the information a few years ago for your perusal.

When perusing male chat columns, males have worked out that there are hierarchies of desirability. I expose these in the chat column comments below. It is very much ‘man talk’ and should be taken as such and with a pinch of salt when necessary. The males in these discussions use a term ‘Sexual Market Value’ (SMV) to indicate a woman’s bargaining power. The term also applies to males. Learning from male discussions, women’s prime age is approximately 18 to 23 although it continues to around 28. For girls, it may start at sixteen, but this is illegal, and considered highly immoral to even mention so in a Christian society, (but not in other societies). Female desirability falls quite dramatically rapidly from the mid twenties. This ‘Sexual Market Value’ is not just based on physical appearance and breeding potential. Factors such as attitude are included. The attitude of an eighteen-year-old girl is entirely different to that of a twenty-eight-year-old girl. It is not just looks that drop off as a girl ages. A girl’s ‘value’ declines from about the age of 21 onwards. An eighteen-year-old has a much more joyful attitude that can deteriorate to a sour attitude by twenty-eight. Males are pathetically hopeless at eighteen, particularly when compared to the simply wonderful appearance and vibrancy of the eighteen year old female. However, the boys catch up and have ‘manned up’ by twenty-one. By twenty-eight, they have reached their peak attractiveness. They have got their future sorted out, they have a few assets behind them, they have future potential, and they have life skills and experience. Twenty-eight may be the peak for males, but their value, if it declines at all, falls much slower.

The nobler and more perfect a thing is, the later and slower it is in arriving at maturity. A man reaches the maturity of his reasoning powers and mental faculties hardly before the age of twenty-eight; a woman at eighteen.

Arthur Schopenhauer, a German philosopher. 

You will find younger women attracted to quite old men but never the other way around. Here is somebody’s definition:

Sexual Market Value is an individual’s level of attractiveness to the opposite sex. It is equivalent to one’s own dating power.

When it comes to age, it’s fascinating that God tied fertility with attraction. God must have been a genius. Fertility and attractiveness rise and fall in tandem.

Here are comments to illustrate male thinking on the topic:

  • “Many studies have shown men overwhelmingly prefer women 18-24 as far as looks go. That is their ‘prime’. For men, your prime doesn’t start until your mid thirties.”
  • “The Sexual Market Value (SMV) of a woman decreases with age while that of a man increases with age.”
  • “In my experiences 25+ women generally already have an attitude, and they want to ‘profit’ from their sexual interactions in one way or another, so it starts becoming more and more transactional.”
  • “SMV theory also posits that women’s desirability decreases with age and that by the time she is 35, her value is null.”
  • “Like it or not the truth hurts! Ladies, I am afraid men will decide when you are in your prime not you. No matter how much you kick, scream, stamp and yell “that’s misogyny” that’s “sexism”, the sexual marketplace doesn’t run on feelings, and this will never ever change.”
  • “By the age of 27, women’s SMV decline has begun in earnest.”
  • “Sexual market value is not solely determined physical attractiveness. It is a total sum of what you offer in a relationship.”

Here is one graph giving an opinion on SMV verses age:

Here is another group’s opinion:

These graphs are only opinions. However, they strongly support the notion that women are most powerful between 18 and 28. In reality, it may be 18 and 23. If a girl is walking down the street, at eighteen, all male heads turn to look at her. They still turn their heads to look at a twenty-three-year old girl and a twenty-five-year-old girl. By twenty-eight, the girl approaches invisibility. By thirty, no male turns the head to look. The thirty year old female is invisible on the street. She blends into the background. She does not turn heads! The only girl at thirty that is not invisible is the one pushing a pram. She will also be thee one with the biggest smile. Men will open the door for her, pickup her dropped coins, and stop at the crosswalk and wave her on.

As one thinking girl who was close to ‘missing the boat’ said to me: “Andy. I think we have got this the wrong way around. It should be family first and career second!”

I think the male mind chooses a female that his brain perceives to make a good mother. Virility is a priority component which is primarily detected as perceived age, but health and fitness are involved. A gentle, caring, well spoken, moral girl, with homely skills and a good family background is going to win over a girl that is loud, obnoxious, argumentative, a drunkard, or addicted. A male will reject girls with characteristics that might make them poor mothers. A male will reject girls that look like ‘hard work’. A male will reject a girl that makes herself ‘easy’. Girls with a low body count of zero will automatically be recognised as stable family mothers. Body count matters to the male. This choosing of low-body-count girls is instinctive and cannot be dismissed by screaming the same feminist propaganda that caused females to change their sexual habits. No propaganda is going to dissuade men from prioritizing fertility. A man will invest his time into a girl that appears worthy of investment. Men have a god-given right to make their own decisions on these matters and articles written to appease female and feminist audiences have no influence. You cannot alter male mating preferences with logic. Comments abound about male preference for low-body-count women:

  • “Because women who have a body count higher than 6 or 7 are apparently already ‘ran through,’ ‘used-up,’ and ‘not worth marrying.’ Because they clearly must have no ‘self-respect.’ And ‘their fathers never loved them.’”
  • “But while having a lot of sexual partners for women is a point of shame, for men, it continues to be a point of pride.”
  • “The sexual double standards that just won’t die.”
  • “Why are we still obsessing over something as silly as the number of people we had sex with? And why are women still judged more harshly for having multiple sexual partners?”

One commenter gives the male thinking very well:

There are studies that show women with higher body counts lack the ability to pair bond, but besides that, it’s just an emotional instinct men have. As a result of evolution, the man requires sexual purity to ensure his fatherhood, since before DNA test we couldn’t determine who the father was unless the woman dedicated her body exclusively to her male partner. We usually estimate a woman’s sexual experience by certain behaviors. With us men, there’s not much logic that goes behind the disgust of a promiscuous woman, just like we’re instinctively disgusted by saliva from a random person’s mouth, there’s a reason for the reaction, but we don’t consciously think about why, we just react.

I will add some logic that men pass to each other. Previously promiscuous girls tend to break relationships more readily and are more likely to be promiscuous in the future.

From the graph, you can see:

  • The more sexual partners a woman has had, the less the marriage is stable.
  • Women with ten or more partners were the most likely to divorce,
  • Women with 3-9 partners were less likely to divorce than women with two partners,
  • Women who were virgins when they met their husband had the lowest divorce rates,

Happiness is also an issue. A study has found that women who have several sexual partners before getting married are reported to have less happy marriages. This is not the casee for males that have ‘played the field’.

According to new research by the National Marriage Project, more than half of married women who had only ever slept with their future husband felt highly satisfied in their marriage.

But that percentage dropped to 42 per cent once the woman had had pre-marital sex with at least two partners. It dropped to 22 per cent for those with ten or more partners.

But, for men, the number of partners they had appeared to have no bearing on how satisfied they felt within a marriage.

Not only are promiscuous men more emotionally stable and contented than promiscuous women, they are also happier spouses.

Researchers state that sex with many different partners ‘may be risky’ if the woman is in search of a high-quality marriage. [1]

Young males will also have heard from older males: “I got done over by a woman.” It matters not whether it is true, the story sticks. Girls are suffering for the behaviour of the women that went through twenty years before them as these older women thought is was clever to take an man to court and financially ruin the male victim.

Men now fear marriage. Girls that would like to settle may never find a male willing to commit. Many times I have had twenty-eight-year-old girls say to me: “Andy. We can’t find males prepared to commit.” meaning commit to marriage. Illogical females will suggest that males are ‘commitment-phobes’, without considering the female penchant for divorcing a male that was feverishly committed to them, at least initially before the sourness set in.

So we have discussed female age, female size and shape, female body count, and promiscuity. These combine to make sexual market value of a female. It is a crude term, but it serves well to study the social dynamics of mate selection. The term is similar to the economic market forces of supply and demand as they are self-regulating.


We must add faithfulness to the list. Men put a high expectation on fidelity.[3] Infidelity is one of the most devastating events individuals face in romantic relationships. [4] Even in relatively open-minded and modern societies, faithfulness still matters. Even the suspicion of a partner’s infidelity can be detrimental to people’s overall health and well-being. [5] In one survey, men evaluated faithfulness and sexual loyalty as the most valued trait out of sixty-seven possible characteristics.[6] Men rated fidelity at the incredibly high 95%. [6]

rites evolutionary psychology researcher David Buss:

Loyalty is important to men because it helps them ensure paternity. And the single best predictor of extramarital sex is premarital sexual promiscuity. 
People who have many sex partners before marriage tend to be more unfaithful than those who have few sex partners before marriage.

David Buss The Evolution of Desire

The Madonna-Whore Complex

When a male sees a female, the brain instantly makes a decision without conscious effort, ‘would’ or ‘would not’. A slightly longer gaze might finalise the decision. If the result is ‘would’, the brain then decides ‘keep’ or ‘lay and leave’. So the brain makes a first decision as to whether he would mate, then it makes a subsidiary decision, whether it would be a short term mate-and-run or a long-term mating strategy. This Madonna-whore complex is a binary way with which men judge women as either ‘wife material’ — the Madonna — or as ‘sex material’ — the whore — .

Women hate the Madonna whore complex, however, it exists, so girls will have to deal with it. It places a constraint on girls to act more like Madonnas while they have to suppress their more sexual side. Girls tread a fine line between being seen as ‘respectable marriage material’ or ‘whores’ suited to ‘one night stands’.

Much as women may wish to scream and yell, when push comes to shove, you can be confident that men prefer to marry the least sexually experienced woman. To paraphrase Robert Wright, author of The Moral Animal:

The Madonna-Whore Dichotomy is based on the idea that if women do differ in terms of the likelihood of cheating and sleeping around, then it makes sense for men to divide them into Madonnas and whores.

And it makes sense for men to spread their genes sleeping with whores while they marry and invest in the Madonna who will never cheat on them“

The Moral Animal“ by Robert Wright


Let us consider the influence of divorce on male willingness to commit to marriage. Here are some typical comments:

  • “Men aren’t avoiding marriage. They’re avoiding divorce!”
  • “Prenups DO NOT WORK. Just be her boyfriend and when she pushes for marriage don’t be afraid of losing her!”
  • “Some courts are now overturning the prenup agreement, The woman may say that at the time she signed she was emotionally unstable or coerced by the man. The only way for the man is to not get married.”
  • So for me the answer to your question is = No it is not wise to marry.

It’s one thing to keep reading articles that basically blame men for being commitment-phobes as if the fault is one sided, but we must remember that for men to desire marriage, there have to be practices in place that will make them feel that there is a benefit to them in tying the knot.

Marriage potentially provides men with freedom to enjoy a wider range of life opportunities and freedom to have sex as much as they desire with a loving spouse. The extent to which marriage actually provides men such freedom affects men’s willingness to marry. There are jokes around to the effect that the best way to stop a woman having sex is to marry her. A familiar scene is the group of men meeting for happy hour, bemoaning their situation as married men who’ve accepted the ‘fact’ that women lose interest in sex after they’ve been married for a few years. In any male-dominated space, you will hear of wives turning cold. I talked to one woman that said she would not let here husband have sex on the wedding night because she believed that he had too much to drink. I asked: “Did the marriage last long?” She replied: “No.”, unaware that I was clashing with her high and mighty attitude that she decides whether sex was to occur on the wedding night!

Marriage potentially provides men with freedom to enjoy a wider range of life opportunities and freedom to have sex as much as they desire with a loving spouse. The extent to which marriage actually provides men such freedom affects men’s willingness to marry.

A friend was chatting. I hadn’t realised that his marriage had collapsed. The child is now shared between two homes. (You can’t divorce the children.) When questioning, he said: “I got caught cheating.”, as if it was ok if he didn’t get caught! I asked: “How long had she banned sex?” The answer was two years! I said: “What did she expect?” He married her. He goes to dating apps. The only marries women he can’t have sex with is the one he married. This is madness! But she will invariably come up with some illogic to justify here action. For the sake of a lack of sex, the child is brought up in a broken family illustrated by this meme:

Last night, I was talking to a Cambodian woman that owned the the hotel I was staying in. In conversation, she said: “Since I had children, I not so interested in sex. I no need! You know. But I never say no to my husband. If he want sex, I let him have sex. He buy this hotel and give me good life. He good man.”

Women will complain about ‘commitment problems’. Let us be clear: men don’t have commitment problems. This is made-up nonsense. There is no commitment obligation at any point in the relationship. Past culture, religions, and traditional views might claim that commitment is a respectable, honourable and virtuous thing to do, but the rulebook got thrown out of the window when women dragged feminism into the equation.

The natural inclination of the male may be to spread his seed around whilst fooling reality with condoms. Just as a female decides who she will date and sleep with, the male decides who he is prepared to commit to. Females are the gatekeepers of sex whilst males are gatekeepers of commitment. Claiming that a guy you like ‘has commitment problems’, is being dishonest to yourself. The truth is that he is not into you enough to commit. He is consciously deciding not to commit to you. There is something about you and the way you operate that is causing him to see enough red flags to avoid committing his life to you. You will need to get over it. Strangely enough, dropping him may make him realise that you were the best thing he ever had! He may come crawling back on his hands and knees claiming that you were the best thing he ever had! However, if he doesn’t see you as good wife material, he is just going along for the ride, so to speak. He is ‘getting his rocks off’ without the baggage of commitment. The problem is the girl not the boy. If you were wonderful, he would be on his knees! One commentator says: “Feminist have brainwashed you into believing that there are no innate differences between the genders, and thus, you project the female imperative of securing commitment onto the male mind.”

Random male comments about commitment include:

  • “A man looking to commit will want to see ample signs of honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, thrift, sensitivity, sexuality, physical fitness, wholesome values, non-sluttiness, and other character traits.”
  • “The sad truth is that the vast majority of American women are simply unworthy of commitment. They are washed up party girls, who spent their attractive years drinking and sleeping with every good looking douchebag that hit on her. When she realizes her looks are starting to fade and she doesn’t like working that corporate job, only then does she start looking for a sucker to rope into commitment. By then she is nearly worthless as a wife and mother.”
  • “Women in other countries (non-western) seem to get that if they expect a man to make the major sacrifice of commitment, they need to give him her prime beauty and reproductive years.”
  • “Men do not want a hard-bitten corporate warrior who can’t stop competing with everyone in her life. Your degree means nothing to us. Your ‘independence’ means nothing to us (except as a red flag).”
  • “If a man is going to risk half his wealth to divorce theft, you better be a high-quality woman. Otherwise you should be expecting to get pumped and dumped nearly every time.”
  • “Men don’t commit because women don’t value commitment. 70-80% of divorces are from women who just aren’t ‘happy’ anymore (not infidelity).”
  • “Women are the one’s who tossed the marriage tradition, not men. If you are the typical American woman who gave it away freely in high school and college without ANY expectation of marriage, then that’s you.”
  • “To put it bluntly: too many sluts have lowered the value of having access to vagina so low that it can not be offered as exchange for all of a man’s material and immaterial resources.”
  • “This has happened because feminists told you it would be empowering to sexually behave as men. Guess what? Access to a penis has no value. You can get penis anywhere any night. Feminists lowered the value of access to vagina to the same low levels.”
  • “Yep, Marriage is a fools game in the American court system.”
  • “The only way a man can exist in a relationship or marriage is on a level of extreme double standards.”
  • “This country had made it impossible to be traditional due to shenanigans. A man is thinking about the liability of a women’s lies that can destroy him.
  • “Especially when all it takes is one allegation. And it doesn’t have to be true.”
  • “That’s because men have watched other men be ruined by the ‘me too’ movement out of spite.”
  • “A man can easily go to jail over bullshit charges.”
  • “For men, what they gain with marriage does not seem to compare to
    what he can lose with divorce.”

Marriage a bad deal for a male.

I put this here because, without changes, girls will continue to have problems finding males to marry them.

Marriage is a contract where men have to pay everything they have available, whilst women pay as much or as little as they want. And when the woman decides to stop contributing, males still have to pay. A woman can leave the male and move in with another man, and the male still has to pay to the woman.

The male will have to pay her as much as the judge says, for as long as the judge says, even if she seduced the man’s best friend and divorced the husband when he found out. The reason she quits is not relevant, but the contract goes on for the male.

Any contract that can be terminated by either party at any time, but only one party has to keep paying after it’s terminated, is a scary contract.

Business partnerships make sure that obligations are clear from both sides, and it’s always written in such a way that the other partner cannot just quit and make the other party keep paying them.

Ask any business attorney if you should sign a partnership where they bring in nothing, and you owe them a severance and indefinite installments if they quit for any reason.

After breaking the hearts of good men, they now get dumped and ask where the good men are.

Society, law, media, and tv have destroyed the sanctity of marriage. Add the divorce rates, and marriage is no longer a respected lifetime union and something of integrity to work hard for. Access to vagina is also devalued. Enterprising males can get regular cheap pussy, simply because it is given away so readily. Men of my father’s generation (1940s) would have to wait until they married the girl. Girls that played around were called sluts. “Women tend to be the gatekeepers of the word slut. We’re most likely to be slut-shamed in the first place, and we’re most likely to be slut-shaming other women.” [2] Men like sluts. Men are quit happy sleeping with a long variety of women. I meet men that have slept with thousands of women. The task when we became civilised was to change men’s habits and leverage them to supporting women. Religions and societies that achieved this flourished and those that did not vanished. Those that pushed feminism put us on the ‘vanish’ spectrum to be outbred by those religions that force males to support females. Our current system will last until welfarism collapses or there is a society breakdown such as occurs during war or revolution. Under revolution, society tends to go back to the rule of the jungle and societies rigid rules on theft, rape, and murder become null and void. Actually, when society collapses, we will all lose our civil rights then and there, rich or poor, black or white. It will be survival of the fittest. The physically strong and the mentally smart will have an advantage. The half-century feminist attack on males with their chants of: “toxic masculinity” has destroyed male respect for females and women will not get male protection, but male retaliation.


The logic is that sluts devalue sex by giving it away cheaply. If a man has to wait until marriage, he is committed to giving a wage packet for the support of his wife and family for the remainder of his life. This amounts to millions of dollars. Our grannies had the men tied up totally. “No nooky, until you get on your knees and grovel for me to marry you.” Patriarchy was the best weapon that women ever had to control men’s behaviour. Under patriarchy, men had to run the whole of society entirely for the benefit of women and children. The last thing the feminists want to do is smash patriarchy. Even the definition of ‘good man’ is a man that has all the characteristics that women want in a man. He looks after his wife and children. He is selfless — he puts women and children first. He is kind — he gives the woman what she wants.

One problem is that girls got sent to schools designed for boys. This was called ‘equality’. Boys were taught to use words and logic to communicate. They were taught to ignore their emotions. You really would not want men chucking tantrums like little boys. Society needs males to be restrained. One problem is that girls think they should communicate using words and logic, yet females have a kaleidoscope of emotional skills that males do not know and neither do they know that females have these emotional skills. Man is physically stronger. He tends to use very straight forward logic. He makes a clear cut decision ignoring emotion and will come to a conclusion even if it is to his detriment. A woman will consider what Mary will think, what Jill will think and is likely to give a conclusion that favours herself even if the logic is faulty. A good man will look after his wife better than she would look after herself. The wife will often say: “I let him make decisions. I trust him.” The man has strength and physical endurance but the woman takes him on an ’emotional roller-coaster’ from which he cannot escape. She adds a dimension to his life that he cannot provide. She uses her emotional skills to steer him in an appropriate useful direction for the betterment of the family.

This has been messed up and men have gained the skill to game the new rules developed during the rehashed Bolshevik feminism. The chorus of rap songs has a typical chorus of “Get on your knees, bitch, and suck my dick.” or “bouncing on a nigger’s pole”. I heard one a couple of months ago: “I’ve been fucking your girlfriend and there is nothing you can do about it!” Porn is men telling females what to do to satisfy a male. We cannot hide from the influence of porn on our society. Some call it a ‘porndemic’. According to global website traffic data from Statista, the top three porn sites in the world receive a combined 5.81 billion website visits per month. That is three websites out of thousands. There is also the ‘dark web’. Goodness knows what that holds. Women call men toxic in a hail of hate speech, but do nothing about their virtual alternative that men have embraced by their millions or billions. Rap music has major social and cultural significance for youths. Along with other media, it is believed to play a major role in shaping adolescents’ beliefs, attitudes, and intentions related to sexuality. The objectification of a woman’s body has become a norm in the rap music genre. I listen to girls singing along to this music that degrades them. A random blog:

I think male rappers use their music to seduce women into being their sex objects, and too many women willingly comply. Like I said, a microcosm of this role play exists in the club. The misogynistic music gets blasted, the women start acting like sluts, and the men take advantage of them.”

“As a whole, it is difficult to deny that rap music does not encourage males to commit sexual violence against females.”

Dr. William T. Hoston told

Time to ban the rap music girls!

Hitting the Wall

The Wall is point at which a woman is no longer desirable to men. Her looks and figure have faded. She no longer has the power to command attention. ‘Hitting the Wall’ is a worry for women. There is not strictly defined age for ‘Hitting the Wall’. Looks are beginning to fade at twenty-eight. Demeanor is beginning to be come sour and bitter. By thirty, the wall is real or imminent. By thirty-five the biology is becoming critical.

When youthful and virile, the mere hint that sex might be available is enough to motivate men with testosterone to do almost anything she wishes them to do. The manipulative female can play games with gullible young men and get everything she wants. I was in Russia, and a girl asked me: “Do men give present in your country?” I said: “No way. They have to give something to me if they want me!” She said: “Why would girl go out with man?” In conversation, I asked what sort of presents. She listed mobile phones, holidays, and cars. She did say that she would fell embarrassed if the present was too expensive. The hint of sexual relations allows her access to vacations, material items, and general help. In the limit she will obtain the ultimate male sacrifice —, marriage. The truth can be tough. Women who have hit the wall will deny that it exists. They know that they are no longer attractive to men. I am seventy-two. A lady of about fifty tried to make a move on me and got quite bitter when made my escape! The task is for girls to recognise that their looks will fade and that their demeanor will become sour. The time to tie a man down is when she is in her twenties. It is difficult in her twenties but will be almost impossible in her thirties. Girls. You either follow this good advice, or you keep listening to this lot:

These women that have hit the wall will make anti-male claims such as suggesting that her success ‘intimidates’ men. No. Men just don’t like obnoxious women. If a man wants to date with the possibility of settling down, he needs to be reasonably sure that she is virile. However, there are likely to be younger women hinting to him that they might be interested. The twenty-one year old girl will have suitors from twenty-one to thirty-five. The thirty-five-year-old male will have girls from twenty-one to forty interested in him. The thirty-five-year-old girl will have very few interested in her. Even if she does find a man interested enough, how long will they go out before he trusts her enough to ask for marriage? You will be lucky if he decides within two years, such is the magnitude of the decision for the modern male. If he runs away, how long will it take to find another bunny? A dishonourable twenty-five year old female may twinkle her eyes and he will be gone. Don’t expect any loyalty from your fellow females. To all those girls wanting husbands, the only solution is to make marriage safe for men — and thus good for women.

Choosing your Man

Girls have been sent to schools designed for men. Girls are using simple logic. Such girls are likely to draw up a list of the characteristics of the male they wish to date and marry. The problem is that all the other girls have drawn up the same list. Any male that fits the list will be sleeping with every girl in town. You need to find a man that adores you. You need to be adorable and that is a lot more than looks. You have to be the type of girl that a male would be happy to take back to show his mother. Approval from the mother is your first major obstacle. Mother can break or make the relationship. Mothers have a strong influence over the lives and behavior of sons. It is one thing to look for in a man. If he reveres his mother, he will adore you, provided you don’t do anything stupid. Win him with peace not aggravation. Quite clearly, you want somebody that can support you through the tougher times ahead — pregnancy, birth, and upbringing. But, if you set your demands too high, you not only limit the supply of suitable males but you might eliminate the list altogether. Here is a graph showing the effect of hypergamy:

This topic is endless, so I will end here.

The solution seems to be a combination of the following.

  • It is better for girls to marry when they are at peak beauty in their low twenties. The man is before his peak. He is then trapped into a contract. The girl then has the best years of her man’s life as his peak comes later. Of interest, our brain saves information as icons. So the man remembers his wife as she was thee day he met her. He will also remember what she looked like thee first time he saw her naked. When the couple age, he still sees the cute girl he first met. He still adores the wrinkly woman because he sees the cute young version.
  • Marriage needs to be made attractive to males.
  • Marriage needs to be made safe for males. This may take heavy demands from women.
  • Society must make efforts to support marriage. My usual statement is: “Nothing must be done to break this marriage. Everything must be done to keep this marriage together.”
  • Marriage problems should be dealt with other than by the courts. In Islam, there is a court of friends, a court of family, a court of the church, and then a court of the nation. On a hen’s day, there is a group of females from both sides of the family and these are effectively the support group for the female in marriage. The same goes for the male ‘stag’ night.

Consider this comment from a Christian supporting blog page:

Men Prefer Young Women
“I always question the mindset of men like this when they used to tap me with their elbow to put my attention to young women when I was in my 20s. You’re right, but we aren’t supposed to make our life choices based on the choices of these kings when talking about the Bible. I’m guessing you don’t have a daughter.” — Anonymous
A five-hundred-year-old king would still find her attractive if my daughter was twenty-three and beautiful, despite her youth. Nay, because of here youth. In reality, men aged fifteen to ninety prefer younger women. The average ideal age for a woman from a physical standpoint is her early twenties. This range is universally preferred among men across time, place, and space. It’s indisputable that men are drawn to youth, beauty, purity, and fertility. Must you agree with it? No. Are you an exception? Perhaps. But there is validity in generality. We are talking about rules, not exceptions. The Red Pill is about actuality, not morality. Again: the Red Pill is about actuality, not morality. I don’t make the rules; I report them.
“Just like a young man is useless to most women, an old woman is useless to most men.”
— Red Pill Maxim

Girls, you really cannot get around it. Virility is the most attractive attribute of a woman. It is the same throughout the animal kingdom. Virility is reflected in youth. It is why there are so many items for sale to make women look younger. If you want to tie a man down into what for him is perpetual slavery, you need to do it when young, which means before your mid-twenties. After your mid twenties, your youth is fading, but also your character is likely to become unattractive.

Comments on the above comment include:

  • “Men, collectively are attracted to youth which also means peak of beauty. It’s pure biology. Shaming them doesn’t change that DNA program.”
  • “It’s biological. If I earn enough money later in life (after 30) I want to start a family and have 5 kids. I can’t do that with a 30 y/o. I can with a 20 y/o.”
  • “Mohemmed: Clearly, it’s a shaming tactic from women to force men to marry old women so that they won’t go to waste.”
  • “God tied fertility with attraction. Genius design.”
  • This is not a question of hotness. Being too hot hurts a woman’s credibility. Sweet spot is like a 6-7. Anything more than that and people start assuming she’s dumb or attention seeking. It’s also not because she’s White, although it helps. Other races wouldn’t get the same benefit of the doubt, except possibly some Asians. This is about the whole package she presents. Attractiveness and race are only pieces of the whole. Other things like age, vocal quality, perceived genuineness, etc. all affect her credibility.
  • “I think young women are pretty but I don’t want the headaches that go with it, a woman closer to my age who’s health conscious can be very attractive too and we have more in common. Regardless of age, meet her family before getting too involved, there’s exceptions of course but usually apples don’t fall far from trees.”
  • “I have similar issue with this. They’re mostly not stable emotionally to commit to any relationship because they believe they are young and can attract any man of their choice.”
  • “Are women who want financially stable men gold diggers?”
  • “I always have been attracted to younger women. Occasionally, I have been attracted to those closer to my age or even a little older. When I was around 40, there was a girl half my age that was attracted to me. I went for it just to see what would happen. I was in between several breakups. I guess it was partially a challenge to see if I could even do it.
    The problem with age gap (especially young 20’s) is you’re at different places in life. You want different things. Different things motivate you. It can be a problem. I’ve never figured out the balance. The younger they are, the dumber they are about life. They do they know what they want out of life. If you can’t be their best option, good luck keeping them.”
  • “On the flip side of this, I found it difficult to cope with the confused state which the much younger ladies tend to showcase in a relationship. While they’re young, they have this self important aura of believing that so many men are on their inbox wishing to have them and why should they throw away the fun by just sticking with you in a committed relationship. I know this from my experience dating ladies in different age brackets so far.”
  • “From a biological standpoint it’s more logical for a man to have a child with a younger woman. Her fertility is at her highest. Why would he want one with an older woman when ninety percent of her eggs will be dried up. I’m not going to be shamed for not wanting a child with a woman who’s been ran through and infertile.”
  • “I love younger women, period.”
  • Here’s an article from Kenya about older women. Rich older women. What man is prepared to deal with this nonsense?

This need for women to set their families up early is backed by this study: ‘Rich women in their early 40s top depression index’ [7] Here are some sentences:

Wealthy, post-secondary educated women aged 40 to 44 and living in urban areas are the most depressed group in Kenya, a new report has shown. …
Women aged between 35 and 39 follow closely in the category of age, with those aged 15-19 being the least depressed.
Focusing on the level of education, women with post-secondary education are the most depressed, followed by those with no education at all, with those having primary and secondary education in the middle.
In terms of wealth, women in the highest quintile are the most depressed, followed by those in the middle, with those in the fourth highest level least depressed.
The survey results showed that women were more depressed than men, but for both genders, those aged 40 to 44 were the most depressed.

Here is an article about male prefreeences: “Men, regardless of their age, will always be attracted to women in their early twenties” [8] Here are a few sentences:

No matter how old a man gets he will always be attracted to very young women, according to a study.

In short, heterosexual men will find 20-year-old women most attractive regardless of how old they are.

Women, on the other hand, tend to find men of a similar age to them most attractive so as they get older, women will generally start to be into older men.

The graphs show a worrying sliding scale where both 20-year-old and 49-year-old men both cite women aged 20 as what they find the most attractive. The age of a woman men find most attractive never makes it above 24.

Conversely, a 20-year-old woman will be most attracted to a 23-year-old-man but a 50-year-old woman will lust after a 46-year-old man.

[1] Counterintuitive Trends in the Link Between Premarital Sex and Marital Stability
[3] Buss & Schmitt, 2019
[4] Fincham & May, 2017
[5] Weigel & Shrout, 2021
[6] David Buss

Although some parts of this article may make females angry, it was designed to make girls think and better understand male thinking. If one looks at the whole of the animal kingdom, the main task of a male is to chase females. There is almost no other task for a male. Women have different interests in a male. They need him to hang around through the tougher times being pregnancy, birth, and upbringing. Women are equipped with emotional skills unknown to men to enable them to manipulate the male into her desired path. When we became civilized, rules were placed on men in a sort of ‘taboo’ controlling their behaviour. This was broken by male funded, feminism. Male behaviour has changed to match the new rules ushered in by feminism. It can be seen in the Rap music where the typical chorus is: “Get on your knees, bitch and suck my dick.”

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