Zionism (Jewish Tribalism)

Written by Peter Myers

by Peter Myers

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James Bamford on NSA bugging, and outsourcing to Israeli companies linked to MossadBamford-Shadow-Factory.doc

Compulsory dununciations in the Soviet Union – even of one’s family; the League of Militant Godless: How Russia is Ruled

Solzhenitsyn: Banned All Over Again – Solzhenitsyn-200YT.html
200 Years Together: Russo-Jewish History
by Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Volume 1. The Jews Before the Revolution
Volume 2. The Jews in the Soviet Union

The Ukraine Famine: an Eyewitness Account
Six Million Ukrainians – the other 6 Million – don’t seem to count. We don’t study them at school, we are not punished for denying their suffering. No one has lost his or her job, or been jailed or bankrupted, over it. Why? It was a Political Famine, a Genocide, a Holocaust (note the subtitle of the book). In the end, it was a factor in the breakup of the Soviet Union, as Ukrainians sought independence. However, the Russia of today is not the Russia of those days. Ukrainians have more to fear from joining the EU, given the way it has treated Latvia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland.
EXECUTION BY HUNGER: THE HIDDEN HOLOCAUST, by Miron Dolot – Ukraine-Famine.doc OR (zipped)

An American Black in the Soviet Union (from 1930 to 1974). What was it really like?
Robert Robinson, a (Black) toolmaker at the Ford Motor Company, was enticed (like a lot of other Americans) to go to Russia to work on industrial projects during the 1930s. He renewed his contract there, because of the difficulty in finding work in America during the Depression. The US Embassy cancelled his American passport, so he had to become a citizen of the Soviet Union. When he wished to visit his dying mother in Jamaica, he discovered that it was much harder to get out than to get in, and came to see the USSR as a prison. He narrates his experience of racism both in America and Russia, but pays tribute to Black and White individuals who helped him escape and return to the United States. NB: the America of today is not the one he returned to; all the good jobs have been Offshored, and the 1% have cornered the wealth of the country for themselves. It’s more like the 1930s.
BLACK ON RED: MY 44 YEARS INSIDE THE SOVIET UNION, by Robert Robinson with Jonathan Slevin – Black-On-Red.doc OR (zipped)

“How can we tell who is ruling the world? Normally, the conqueror imposes his religion on the conquered. What is the dominant religion in the world today? I submit that it is the Religion of the Holocaust. I submit that in this way we can tell who rules the world.” – Phil Eversoul (born Phil Podolner – from a Jewish family): 09 01 14 – holocaus.html.

The Memoirs of Rudolph Hoss, Kommandant at Auschwitz: Hoss-Memoirs.html.

The Origins of the Final Solution – Christopher R. Browning. How Nazi policy changed from Ethnic Cleansing to Genocide: browning.html.

The Holocaust Denial debate (from my mailing list): holocaust-debate.html.

Red Cross document “disproving Holocaust” is leading Internet Dissidents astray (from my mailing list): holocaust-Red-X-Report.html

Herzl describes in his diaries an interview with Chamberlain in April 1903 … He told Chamberlain, he says, that ‘we shall get [Palestine] not from the goodwill but from the jealousy of the Powers. …'” (p. 25) – Leonard Stein, The Balfour Declaration (Vallentine-Mitchell, London, 1961), p. 25: balfour.html.

Is Zionism allied with Liberal Internationalism, or with Communism? Did Stalin ruin the plot? Was there a Cold War between Moscow and Jerusalem, over which would be the centre of a socialist world? moscow-vs-jerusalem.html.

When Trotsky applied for asylum in Britain, he was supported by Sidney & Beatrice Webb, H. G. Wells, Bernard Shaw & Keynesdeutscher.html.

Stalin’s Purges were directed at the Left Opposition, led by three “dissatisfied Jewish intellectuals” Trotsky, Zinoviev & Kamenev. The evidence presented at the Moscow Trials was 90% fabrication, but 10% genuine: there really was a Trotsky-Zinoviev bloc aiming to remove Stalin: stalin-purges.html.

(major update) The Black Book of Communism, by Stephane Courtois et al. The Communist terror in the USSR prior to Gorbachev, and in China under Mao (covers the Great Leap Forward). Why can’t its death-toll be memorialized? Was it deemed of little weight, compared to the visionary goal being pursued?
Why is Nazism uniquely Evil but Communism respectable? It is because, however it went wrong, Communism is seen as Idealistic or Universalist?
Although Stalinism fell, have different kinds of Marxism – the Fabian, Green & Trotskyist kinds – conquered the West? Is this why the sins of Communism are being denied & forgotten?
After Mao died, China under Deng abandoned Communism, adopting “Market Socialism” instead. courtois.html.

Arnold J. Toynbee was a leading historian of civilization, but also a propagandist for the “British conspiracy” One-World goals of Cecil Rhodes’ Round Table group.

He wrote, “Judaism is a development of the Pre-Exilic religion of Judah that was created in and by the Babylonian diaspora and was imposed by it on the Jewish population in Judaea. … There has also been the aim of converting the gentile world to the worship of Yahweh under the aegis of a world-empire centred on Eretz Israel and ruled by ‘the Lord’s Anointed’: a coming human king of Davidic lineage.” (Reconsiderations, p. 486).

The guilt – or merit – of having put Jesus to death is ascribed in the Talmud to the Jews, not to the Romans.” (p. 481) : toynbee.html.

David Lloyd George, Prime Minister of Britain, explained in his Memoirs why his government made “a contract with Jewry” (the Balfour Declaration) in 1917. Leopold Amery, author of the final draft of that contract, acted for the British side but secretly identified as Jewish. Could he represent both parties simultaneously? If so, why keep his Jewish identity secret? Was a conflict of interest involved? His son was executed as a Nazi collaborator: l-george.html.

Dostoievsky’s non-fiction work The Diary of a Writer, published serially from 1873 to 1871: “… it is not for nothing that over there the Jews are reigning everywhere over stock-exchanges; it is not for nothing that they control capital … and … are also the masters of international politics … what is going to happen in the future is known to the Jews themselves: their reign, their complete reign is approaching !”: dostoievsky.html.

Trotsky explicitly promoted Radical Feminism, Youth Rebellion, Communal Childrearing and the Destruction of the Family, in his book The Revolution Betrayed. He describes the attack on all tradition launched by the Bolsheviks, and Stalin’s reversal of its extremes. Seeing the real Trotsky: trotsky.html.

Yuri Slezkine’s book The Jewish Century tells how Communism began Jewish, but, through Stalin’s seizure of control, diverged from Jewish nationalism: slezkine.html.

Marxist policy on farming: small private farms cf communal farms and state farms: marx-vs-the-peasant.html.

(1) Judaism and a Universalist World Order
(2) Revolutionary Equalism as a Project of Judaism
(3) Stalin vs the Trotskyist-Zionist Alliance
(4) The Death of Stalin: a Coup d’Etat
(5) Gorbachev and Convergence between the USSR & the West, towards a World Government
(6) Jewish Power in Capitalist Countries
(7) Jewish Particularism in Israel (8) Jewish Engagements with non-Jews
(9) Jewish Christians
(10) Gandhi on The Jews
(11) Guy Rundle: Not a Holocaust, just Ethnic Cleansing(12) Ron David, Arabs & Israel For Beginners

The overlap between Zionism and Communism makes it difficult to treat these as entirely separate movements. A faction of atheistic Jews set up the Soviet Union, and instituted the despotic reign over non-Jews, but Stalin, a non-Jew who got to the top, later stole their conspiracy, for which he was eventually killed. There was an going struggle within the Communist movement between the Jewish and non-Jewish factions; one might say that the Jewish Question created the USSR, but also destroyed it.

Many Communists in the early years were Zionists as well – Arthur Koestler was one (koestler.html) – but the conflict between the USSR and Israel, which was really a struggle between two centres of Socialism or OneWorldism, forced Jewish Communists to choose. If Stalin had not gained power, they may have been able to have both.

The text of Rome and Jerusalem: A Study in Jewish Nationalism (1862) by Moses Hess, the ‘Red Rabbi” who converted both Marx and Engels to Communism, and then came out as a Zionist: rome-and-jerusalem.html.

Spinoza formulates atheistic Judaism, the religion of Jewish Communists: spinoza-pantheism.html.

Vladimir Pozner on Why Jews left the Soviet Union – Max Shpak on Why the West Betrays Russians: jewish-emigration-ussr.html.

Claims that the One-World conspiracy is “British”british-conspiracy.html. A graphic overview called One World Conspiracy – “British” or “Jewish”? A Jewish one inside the British one, depicting the three factions of the “One World” conspiracy, is at british-conspiracy.gif. Feel free to make copies and transparencies of it.

(1) Judaism and a Universalist World Order

H. G. Wells represents the anti-Zionist faction of the “One Worlders”opensoc.html.

David ben Gurion, first Prime Minister of Israel, represents the Zionist faction of the “One World” movement. In 1962, LOOK magazine invited him and other leaders to picture the world 25 years into the future, i.e. in 1987. His article published in the issue of January 16, 1962 shows amazing prescience. Despite the animosities of the Cold War then under way, ben Gurion sees Eastern Europe being torn from the USSR and joined with Western Europe; and China (even Mao’s China) and Japan joining the US in what seems the first published depiction of APEC.

A World-Government has been created, with regional blocs in Europe, the USSR and the Pacific Rim, and a Supreme Court for Mankind has been established in Jerusalem, as well as a shrine commemmorating the Jewish role in the bringing-together of mankind: David ben Gurion LOOK magazine Jan 16, 1962bengur62.jpg.

The text is at tmf.html.

What’s the Bible got to do with Zionism? David Ben-Gurion’s answer: bengur-bible.html.

“No other people has yearned for peace among the nations, and for the oneness of humanity, more than the Jewish people which is scattered all over the world” (p. 18).

Jewish Magazine says at

{quote} “We are following a new path,” Ben Gurion explained in 1921, “which contradicts developments in the whole world except Russia.” This led him to pay homage to the Soviet Union for “her great spiritual influence on our movement and our work in Palestine.” In these years Ben Gurion came to “idolize Lenin” and “he even adopted the dress of the Soviet leaders – a quasi military uniform of rough wool.” {endquote}

Isaac Deutscher wrote in his book The non-Jewish Jew and other essays, ed. Tamara Deutscher, OUP, London, 1968:

{p. 98} Ben Gurion had no sooner welcomed me than he launched out on a lecture on the Russian revolution – the topic obviously fascinated him:

‘One man’, he said, ‘could have saved the world, but, unfortunately, he missed his opportunity. That man was Lenin.’

How the Torah (including the Book of Genesis) was produced by Ezra around 458 BC, with the authority of the Persian Emperor: bible.html … and under the influence of the Zoroastrian religionzoroaster-judaism.html.

The Zoroastrian religion and its progeny: the ancestry of religious fundamentalism, and Marxist millennialism: zoroastrianism.html.

Sigmund Freud, like Cyrus H. Gordon, believed that Jewish Universalism was derived from the Monotheism  of Egypt’s heretic Pharaoh AkhnatonFreud wrote his last book, Moses and Monotheism, on this topic. He even admits to  being embarrassed by the bloodthirsty, parochial character of Yahweh/Jehovah:

“{p. 87} The Jewish people had abandoned the Aton religion which Moses had  given them and had turned to the worship of another god {i.e. Yahweh/Jehovah} who  differed little from the Baalim of the neighbouring tribes. All the efforts of  later distorting influences failed to hide this humiliating fact.”

“{p. 38} the Jewish tribes … {p. 39} later … took over the worship of a  god Jahve, probably from the Arabic tribe of Midianites … Jahve was  certainly a volcano-god … {p. 41} the demon Jahve on his {p. 42} divine  mountain.”

“{p. 78} Jahve was quite unlike the Mosaic God. Aton had been a pacifist,  like his deputy on earth or rather his model the Pharaoh Ikhnaton … For a  people that was preparing to conquer new lands by violence Jahve was  certainly better suited. … the central fact of the development of Jewish  religion was this: in the course of time Jahve lost his own character and  became more and more like the old God of Moses, Aton.”

Sigmund Freud, Moses and Monotheismmoses.html.

Zionism is not only about a Jewish state; it is about a Jewish world-order. A. J. Van der Bent sympathetically expresses the Jewish viewpoint in his book The Utopia of World Community (SCM Press, London 1973). This book, issued by a member of the World Council of Churches, has sections on Baha’ism, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism & Hinduism. On Baha’ism it says:

“{p. 8} One of the few religions which still has the phrase ‘world brotherhood’ officially on its banner is Bahai’ism. … It aims to establish a unity of the human race and the unity of all religions.”

It omits to mention that Bahai’ism supports World Government:; its headquarters are in Haifa:

It is very unsympathetic to Islam:

“{p. 13} Islam cannot but continue to subscribe to the strategy of ‘holy war’, believing that Islam can never politically be defeated. The whole world, eschatologically speaking, must and will be subdued and won over to the Islamic faith. Unbelievers will be destroyed. Muslims themselves must answer the questions whether Islam is capable of responding to the unprecedented challenge of Western atheism, secularization and separation of church and state, and whether the Qur’an as eternally valid and unalterable holy writ can give guidance for future world crises.”

but it is very sympathetic to Judaism:

“{p. 13} The eleventh chapter of the book of Genesis tells the story of a ‘single people with a single language’ building the tower of Babel. God came down to see the tower and ‘scattered the sons of man over the whole face of the earth’. The very next chapter records the story of Abraham’s calling. He is led by God through the chaotic world of many peoples and races to the centre of a new mankind – the land of Canaan. Henceforth the nations will only be blessed by this one man and this one people, Israel. All the nations of the world will be united again into one people by this one nation. It is wrong to regard Israel’s ‘particularism’ as something set over against its ‘universalism’, or even opposed to it. In God’s plan of salvation Israel will fulfil its ‘particular’ calling and function only in the context of and for the sake of a universal purpose. Israel’s special role lasts from the scattering of mankind in Babel to mankind’s being gathered in again in Zion. It performs the representative role of being the one people which mankind originally was. Its particularism as a people has nothing to do with a nationalistic self-consciousness and self-defence. It results from its spiritual calling: to win the nations back to God by communicating the Torah to them.”

Karl Kautsky, a German Jewish Marxist, on (i) Thomas More’s role in Communism (ii) the Church’s alliance with the Normans (iii) how the Christian Church developed hostility to the Jews: Kautsky’s writingskautsky.html.

S. G. F. Brandon shows that what we know as Christianity emerged from the Roman defeat of the Jewish revolt of 66-70jewish-revolt.html.

(2) Revolutionary Equalism as a Project of Judaism

Two good sources on revolutionary equalism are J. L. Talmon, The Origins of Totalitarian Democracy; and James H. Billington, Fire in the Minds of Men: Origins of the Revolutionary Faith. These books ignore the specifically Jewish role, but the Jewish role is described by Waton, Disraeli and Ginsberg (below).

Rabbi Harry Waton was a religious Jew (not fundamentalist), and also a Communist. In his 1939 book A Program FOR THE JEWS: An Answer TO ALL ANTI-SEMITES: A PROGRAM FOR HUMANITY, he expounds on the connection between the two. Of course, he does not speak for all Jews: he falls between Trotsky (an atheistic Communist) and the religious fundamentalists in Israel. Since Jewry does not have a pope (not yet, anyway – it will have a pope, i.e. a high priest, when the Third Temple is built), Rabbi Waton’s voice is as good as any other, and he speaks with unusual candour.

Communism, Rabbi Waton says, is Judaism’s project for the world. All other religions are other-worldly; only Judaism lives for this world, and specifically for a political program which unifies and equalises mankind.

excerpts: (1) Rabbi Harry Waton, Nazism is an imitation of Judaism: naz-jud.html (2) Rabbi Harry Waton, The Jews are a People, not a Race: people.html (3) Rabbi Harry Waton, A Jewish View of the non-Jewish Religions: religion.html (4) Rabbi Harry Waton, God’s Mandate to the Jews: mandate.html (5) Rabbi Harry Waton, The Jews are an Intellectual Aristocracy: intelect.html.

{p. 138} The communists are against religion, and they seek to destroy religion; yet, when we look deeper into the nature of communism, we see that it is essentially nothing else than a religion. That the communists seek to destroy all existing religions is not remarkable; all new religions had first to destroy the existing religions, to clear the terrain for its own existence. This was the case of Judaism, Christianity, Mohammedanism, Buddhism, and all other religions. Next, when we disregard the scientific cloak of Marxism, we see that in essence it is nothing else than religion. Marx believed that he was a scientist, and he hated metaphysics; yet, he was the greatest metaphysician of modern times. And the greatness of Marx consists in just this that he was a religious metaphysician. His scientific theories may prove false, but his religious perception of the destiny of mankind will endure forever. {endquote}

full text (html version) of Waton’s book, with explanatory footnotes and commentary: waton-program.html.

full text (zipped version), with explanatory footnotes and commentary Waton Zipped (200 K):

“Colonel” Edward House’s “novel” of 1912, Philip Dru: Administrator, influenced Woodrow Wilson’s policies; and Jacob Schiff’s campaigns for Zionism and World Governmenthouse-schiff.html.

My analysis of why atheistic Jews promoted Communism: philos.html.

Max Shpak on The Fraud of Neoconservative “Anti-Communism”

A Case study: The Rise and Fall of the Jewish Communists of Poland (1) Jaff Schatz’s bookschatz.html (2) Kevin MacDonald’s Reviewpoland.html.

Arthur Koestler on Communism, Zionism, and being a Jew: koestler.html.

The CIA infiltrating the Left. The Neocons are former Trotskyists who support Zionism, but retain many Trotskyist ideas. They support Globalization, oppose the self-reliant nation-state, endorse open borders (except, perhaps, for Moslems), oppose censorship of pornography, and mostly oppose Government involvement in “morality” issues such as homosexuality. Learn how to spot the Neocons in the media: cia-infiltrating-left.html.

Jewish leadership of the New Left’s Cultural Revolution:

Benjamin Disraeli, one of the builders of the British Empire, made some fascinating observations about the Jewish contribution to Western Civilisation, and also to the revolutionary movements: Quotes from Benjamin Disraeli’s writings.

Some quotes from Benjamin Ginsberg, on the Jewish role in both Capitalism and Communism: Ginsberg on Jews and the State

Bertrand Russell on Americanised Jews’ role in creating Bolshevism: the text of the letter from his autobiography (in paperback, The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell, George Allen & Unwin, London 1975, p. 354; in hardback, The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell: 1914-1944, Little, Brown & Co., Boston 1968, p. 172.). See an image of Russell’s letter at russell.jpg.

Robert Wilton, St Petersburg correspondent for the Times of London, also documented the role of atheistic Jews in creating Bolshevism.

The Zinoviev Letter, encouraging a Communist revolution in England in 1924, and Volkogonov’s account of the Cominternthe Zinoviev Letter.

Pitirim Sorokin and Dmitri Volkogonov describe the Kronsdadt Massacre and Trotsky’s Role.

Extracts from the first Soviet Constitution, the Russian Constitution of 1918.

The complete USSR Constitution of 1924, committed to a World Federalism (a World Soviet Federation federating all countries within the USSR)USSR Constitution 1924.

A reader writes, “Lenin was no Jew …  Trotsky was no friend of the Jews.”
But Lenin did have a Jewish identity, and Trotsky did have strong Jewish ties: lenin-trotsky.html.

Isaac Deutscher wrote that the Bolshevik Government, in its first years, was run by “emigres had lived many years in the West”, who looked down on Russian “backwardness” and pursued “internationalist” politics:

“… they were Marxists in partibus infideliumWest European revolutionaries acting against a non-congenial Oriental background, which … tried to impose its tyranny upon them. Only revolution in the West could relieve them from that tyranny … “

“No sooner had Bolshevism mentally withdrawn into its national shell than this attitude became untenable. The party of the revolution had to stoop to its semi-Asiatic environment. It had to cut itself loose from the specifically Western tradition of Marxism … “

Beria and Gorbachev attempted to return to this “Western” Marxism: each emphatically rejected Stalin. But Deutscher was a Jewish Trotskytist, and this “Western” Marxism is Trotskyism by another name: beria.html.

When Trotsky applied for asylum in Britain, he was supported by Sidney & Beatrice Webb, H. G. Wells, & Bernard Shawdeutscher.html.

Might the Protocols of Zion, the most tabooed book in the world, not be a forgery as routinely alleged? Does not its description of Capitalist finance ring true? Are not the proofs that it is a forgery too glib? Why isn’t the “Yes” case – that it’s genuine – allowed to be put?Hiding Behind Auschwitz puts the “Yes” case.

The Protocols of Zion Toolkit: Herman Bernstein (1935) and Norman Cohn (1970 and 1971) argue that the Protocols of Zion is a forgery; plus arguments that the Bernstein / Cohn “forgery” hypothesis is flawed: toolkit.html.

A reader writes, “I am not prepared to believe that the Elders of Zion sat down in 929BC and decided to carve up the world by sending the symbolic snake of Judaism through its cities and all the other garbage about it. This is not even conspiracy theory, it’s mystical crap.”

That’s not what I believe about it. I believe it genuine, but that does not mean the Protocols is right about everything. I don’t know anyone who interprets it that way.

Consider these 4 Indicators:

1. A major political event occurs in world history, inaugurating a regime aiming to engulf the world, carried out by organised Jews as documented by Bertrand Russell, Robert Wilton and others. Even though some Jews opposed the new regime, that does not undo the fact that it was created by Jews.



2. The Jewish role is hidden, denied, kept invisible. Many of the Jewish participants came from the West – therefore, some Western Jewish groups knew of the Jewish role, yet kept it hidden from non-Jews (e.g. in the public media, partly owned by Jews). There have also been dissident Jewish groups which tried to warn of what was happening.

3. Non-Jewish supporters of the Socialist movement are led to believe that the new regime is benevolent, and the inauguration of a utopia.

4. In fact it is a despotic dystopia for the very people among whom it is carried out. Non-Jewish Socialists are deceived and manipulated.

Now this pattern of events was predicted in the Protocols of Zion; yet no other type of literature, e.g. the Socialist literature preceding the event, correctly predicted this conjunction of events. If you know of other literature that correctly predicted this conjunction of events, please let me know at contact.html.

Don’t believe in conspiracies?: I Don’t Believe All Those Conspiracy Theories

Alexander Solzhenitsyn is writing a two-volume work, “Two Hundred Years Together: 1795-1995,” which portrays the history of the Jews in Russia on the basis of historical documents. The first volume has been published in Russian; in the second, there will be much talk of Judaism as the driving force behind Russian revolutionary events, Jews as “yeast of the revolution”.

The fundamentalist (anti-Communist) Jewish Task Force admits the Jewish role in Communism, in its article How Communists Became “Zionists”, originally published by JTF.ORG on February 24, 1999:

{quote} … By becoming Communists, these cowardly Jews could now say that they were no longer part of a different and not so popular people. Indeed, all such differences were no longer relevant in a “workers’ paradise” where all national and ethnic distinctions would be eliminated. … And so Jews would organize Communist groups in Eastern Europe, and then the Gentile “proletariat” would throw the Jewish organizers out of the very organizations which they had formed. … Trotsky lost a bloody power struggle with Josef Stalin solely because Trotsky was Jewish. Many Jewish Communists then understood that only in their own Jewish country could they satisfy their immense egos and rise to positions of leadership.

It was at, but has been removed. A copy is at

(3) Stalin vs the Trotskyist-Zionist Alliance

Red Symphony, by Dr. J. Landowsky; translated by George Knupffer. Stalin’s Formal Communism (Bonapartism) cf Trotsky’s Real Communism. Bears on the fact that Communism seems to be continuing, Trotskist/Fabian/New Left style, despite the fall of the USSR. Open Borders, Gay Marriage, the World Court, the Kyoto Protocol, “Hate” Laws which suppress open discussion, these are the signs. Stalin stole their conspiracy; his legacy had to be defeated, just as much as Aryanism and Christianity: red-symphony.html.

Brilliant intellectuals (Trotsky, Spengler) express The Worst of Trotskyism and Aryanism

Trotsky endores the Red Terror, calls men “tail-less apes”.

The Memoirs of Stalin’s Spymaster Pavel Sudoplatov, very revealing of the Jewish love-hate relationship with the USSR: Special Tasks.

Sudoplatov on the Atomic Spiesatomic-spies.html.

Joseph Nedava: Trotsky and the Jews.

Roland Perry: Lord Victor Rothschild was a Cambridge Spy, the Fifth Man.

Evidence that Stalin was murdered: Edvard Radzinsky, Stalin.

Lazar Kaganovich’s account of the Soviet Union & the Murder of Stalinkaganovich.html.

Arnold J. Toynbee on Trotsky and the Bolshevik Revolution: toynbee2.html.

This site presents info that Tukhachevsky was affiliated with Germany, and even insinuates a Trotskyist link. Its basic argument is that if Stalin had not purged the army, a split would have developed during Hitler’s later invasion:

James Burnham was a Troyskyist who later realised that the USSR was never a Workers’ State, but the first of a new type of state run by managers, the Managerial State. Nazi Germany, New Deal America & postwar Japan are other examples. His book The Managerial Revolution (written in 1940) was also an important contributor to George Orwell‘s view of the future in his disutopian novel 1984. Both John Burnham and George Orwell were Trotskyists, until Burnham broke away: burnham.html.

I reject Francis Parker Yockey’s support for the European invasion of America: But in the article below he correctly identified the Baruch Plan for World Government (baruch-plan.html) as an important trigger of the Cold War. The logic is that early Bolshevism was Jewish-dominated, that Stalin undid this, that the Baruch Plan for World Government itself had Zionist pedigree:

Stalin is dead, buried, and discredited. The Democratic Party in the U.S., and the Labour Party in Britain and Australia, are strongly anti-Stalin; yet these parties have advanced thought-control (through “hate” laws which threaten dissent) and are pressing for World Government. If we need these new laws now, how did we survive without them in the past? Has the Protocols of Zion been mis-interpreted? Could its despotic World-Government be, not so much Stalin’s “goy Communism”, as Trotsky’s version, and what is now emerging in the West through the New Left and the Liberal Internationalists?: The Left Flank of the Protocols.

A book published in the USSR in 1970: Yuri Ivanov’s Caution: Zionism.

Radical Feminism has brought to the West the “gender” policies of the early Soviet Union, i.e. in its Trotskyist phase: Sex in the Soviet Union.

Why did the Soviet Union itself publish material akin to the Protocols of Zion, jointly with President Nasser of Egypt?

J. L. Talmon’s most important book, Israel Among the Nations, examines the role of Jews in revolutionary movements: talmon.html.

In this book Talmon wrote that the Soviet Union, in co-operation with Gamel Nasser, issued material similar to the Protocols:

“Particularly horrifying is the the Soviet-Arab sponsorship of an updated version of the Protocols of Zion: the Zionist-American-Imperialist world plot, operating not only against Arabs, Asians and Africans, but also against all the Socialist regimes … ” (p. 188). For an explanation, see stalin.html.

J. L. Talmon’s book The Origins of Totalitarian Democracycorrectness.html.

J. L. Talmon’s book The Unique and the Universal asks whether any universalism is possible, given national particularisms: talmon2.html.

After Stalin, the contest between Zionists and anti-Zionists continued in the USSR. A document called “The Catechism of the Jew in the [former] Soviet Union”, circulated in the last decades of the USSR, and was published there in a newspaper in 1990. A copy is at

The Israeli-CIA development of “bugged” computer software for spying on the Arabs, the USSR, and you and me: Ari Ben-Menashe on the Promis Program.

(4) The Death of Stalin: a Coup d’Etat

The Death of Stalin, by Georges Bertoli, and The Death of Stalin: An Investigation by “Monitor”, provide evidence that Stalin was overthrown by a coup d’etat. The murder of such a powerful man, and its cover-up, raise many questions about who was controlling Communism: death-of-stalin.html.

The Wives of Stalin: on the death of Stalin’s second wife Nadezhda Sergeyevna Alliluieva, and Stalin’s involvement with Rosa Kaganovich, whom Stuart Kahan says was Stalin’s third wife:  wives-of-stalin.html.

(5) Gorbachev and Convergence between the USSR & the West, towards a World Government

Gorbachev followed Andrei Sakharov’s ideas about East-West Convergence towards World Government. Convergence was a Zionist/Trotskyist idea. The aim was to seize control of the USSR from the Stalinists, while securing the West for “Marxist” values as enacted in the early Bolshevik period: Gay Rights, Feminism, the abolition of Marriage, cultural revolution, minorities against the majority.

“I never for a minute thought that the transformations I had initiated, no matter how far-reaching, would result in the replacement of the rule of the ‘reds’ by that of the ‘whites’.” (Mikhail Gorbachev, Memoirs, 1996, p. 287).

“God knows, I wanted to demonstrate my unbiased attitude in every way possible” (op. cit, p. 298).

Is it not unusual for a Communist leader to refer to God?

In Russia, Putin foiled their plans. In the West, Political Correctness is the new Gulag – brought to America by Trots and other admirers of Early Bolshevism: convergence.html.

(6) Jewish Power in Capitalist Countries

Theodor Herzl on Jews in Finance and in Communism: herzl.html.

Samuel Huntington, in his book The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order (Simon & Schuster, NY 1996), characterizes Jews as a civilization:

“What about Jewish civilization? Most scholars of civilization hardly mention it … With the creation of Israel, Jews have all the objective accoutrements of a civilization: religion, language, customs, literature, institutions, and a territorial and political home.” (p. 48, footnote).

Then he continues that note: “But what about subjective identification? Jews living in other cultures have distributed themselves along a continuum stretching from total identification with Judaism and Israel to minimal Judaism and full identification with the civilization within which they reside, the latter, however, occurring primarily among Jews living in the West.”

Firstly, Huntington states that Israel has its own separate, non-Western Jewish civilization. Then he says that in the Jewish diaspora, some identify completely with Israeli civilization, while others identify with the Western.

Fernand Braudel on Jewish Civilization: “There was quite updoubtedly a Jewish civilization … And yet the Jews are not a race … German Jews or Ashkenazim, Spanish Jews or Sephardim are biologically at least half German or Spanish, for there was frequent intermarriage and Jewish communities often originated in local conversions to Judaism … The root of it all was religion: isolation was the consequence of a whole complex of inherited habits, beliefs, even methods of preparing food.” braudel.html.

Benjamin Ginsberg, on Jewish dominance in the United States: Ginsberg on Jews and the State

Richard Kostelanetz on the Jewish takeover of the American Literary Establishment: The End of Intelligent Writing

A former French Communist, Roger Garaudy, one of France’s leading intellectuals, discovered the thought police when he started criticising Zionism. Suddenly publishers were closing their doors to him: Roger Garaudy, The Mythical Foundations of Israeli Policy

Alfred M. Lilienthal, The Zionist Connection II, on Jewish domination of America. Jews are an ethnic group, but the Jewish ethnic group was created by the Jewish religion. Zionists portray Jews as a Nation. Nazis had a similar concept.

Robert John on Behind the Balfour Declaration: playing off rival Western powers.

Benjamin Freedman on the Balfour Declaration & World Government.

Prime Minister David Lloyd George on the Balfour Declaration.

Ari Ben-Menashe on the Capture of Mordecai Vanunu.

Caspar Weinberger, Ronald Reagan’s Defence Secretary, wrote the Foreword to Dov S. Kakheim’s book Flight of the Lavi, in which he takes Israel to task for trying to produce its own fighter plane, the Lavi, as a clone of the American F16. The Israelis hoped to sell it to other countries: lavi.html.

(7) Jewish Particularism in Israel

Ian Guthridge on the Bible’s genocidal account of the invasion of Palestine: The First Holocaust.

From the Jewish Bible: 1 SAMUEL Chapter 15. This chapter says that God, through his prophet Samuel, condemned King Saul for not killing all of the non-Jews he fought, when ordered to do so. Saul, regretting his disobedience, slew the captive king he had spared – samuel-saul.html.

Thought you knew the Ten Commandments? This is the way they really appear in the Jewish Bible (NRSV): “Neither shall you covet your neighbor’s wife. Neither shall you desire your neighbor’s house, or field, or male or female slave, or ox, or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighhor.” (DEUTERONOMY 5:21).

Zeev Sternhell, The Founding Myths of Israel – a book about Israel’s Nationalist Socialist political system: nat-soc-isr.html.

Schlomo Avineri on the (Hegelian) Intellectual Origins of the Jewish State. Scholomo Avineri labels Jakob Fries an Anti-Semite & proto-Nazi.

Uri Davis on the legal basis of Apartheid in Israel: Israel: An Apartheid State.

Professor Israel Shahak (an associate of Noam Chomsky & Gore Vidal) on the Jewish Religion’s hostility to non-Jews: (1) Jewish History, Jewish Religion (2) Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel.

Ian S. Lustick’s book (published by the Council On Foreign Relations): For the Land and the Lord: Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel.

Norman Finkelstein calls the Holocaust Industry a “Shakedown”:

Michael Leunig‘s cartoons appear in the Sydney Morning Herald and the Melbourne Age. Early in 2002, one of his cartoons was “pulled” from The Age – it was the first time this has happened.

The offending cartoon likened the Palestine situation of today, to Hitler’s concentration campsleunig-auschwitz.jpg

Here’s a report on the incident, from

‘Religion Played Part In Decision’ (Monday, May 20, 2002)

Michael Leunig, Age/SMH cartoonist, says Age Editor Michael Gawenda’s religion had played a part in his decision to reject a cartoon that may be offensive to Jews, according to Alana Rosenbaum of The Australian Jewish News. “Michael’s Jewishness clearly places him very close to sensitive Jewish issues such as the Holocaust,” Leunig said. But he conceded that Gawenda “may have pulled the cartoon even if he wasn’t Jewish as he has to deal with the real world”.

* Leunig’s cartoon depicted a Jew approaching Auschwitz with the infamous slogan “Work Brings Freedom” above the entrance. Next to it was the same figure approaching an Israeli Army barracks with the slogan “War Brings Peace”.

* Dan Goldberg, Australian Jewish News Editor, says Gawenda (a former AJN Contributing Editor) was right to withdraw the cartoon. {AJN = Australian Jewish News}

(8) Jewish Engagements with non-Jews

An encounter between religious Jews and Tibetan Buddhists reveals much about the inner life of both: The Jew in the Lotus.

Israeli Professor Ben-Ami Shillony explains Judaism to Japanese readers:

‘The peaceful world that the Jewish prophets envisioned was to be ruled over by a scion of the House of David, later called the Messiah. The Jews … were always inspired by the belief that in the future world of peace and justice they would serve as spiritual leaders. This vision of a world mission gave them the strength to suffer severe persecution and propelled them to the forefront of various messianic and “idealistic” movements in modern times like those of human rights, socialism, and communism’ (The Jews and the Japanese, p. 32).

The Jewish role in the liberation of American Blacks, but (as quid pro quo) domination of the Black Lobbies: Jews Over Blacks.

The role of Christians (“Whites”, or “Aryans”) in Slavery is well-known; the role of Jews in Slavery is suppressed: The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews.

The Plan to dismantle the Dome of the Rock, in order to build the Third Temple of Solomon, risking a World War against Islam: Temple Mount Faithful.

(9) Jewish Christians

Are these “Jewish Christians” really Zionists using “Entrism” (on which see trots-ndp.html):

(i) Jean Marie Cardinal Lustiger, Catholic Archbishop of Paris and candidate for next Pope:

QUOTATION: “I was born Jewish and so I remain, even if that’s unacceptable for many. For me, the vocation of Israel is bringing light to the goyim. That’s my hope and I believe that Christianity is the means for achieving it.”

ATTRIBUTION: Comment two years after becoming archbishop, quoted by John Vinocur “Most Special Cardinal” NY Times 20 Mar 83.

From Simpson’s Contemporary Quotations, compiled by James B. Simpson, 1988, NUMBER 4381. It was at .

Now at

(ii) Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, a Jew who converted to Christianity, his wife Sabina likewise, was a leader of “the underground Church” in East Block communist countries.

From his book Christ on the Jewish Road, Living Sacrifice Books, 1993 ISBN 0-88264-015-1, 222 pages:

The Jews have given to the world the Bible … the only book capable of satisfying the spiritual needs of the world. And it will satisfy those needs when it will be once again in the hands of those who have written it, and when they will gather round Him who is the chief subject of the book, Jesus, the Messiah of the Jews and the Saviour of the nations.” (p.9)

This sounds like Christianity, but there’s a resemblance to Rabbi Harry Waton on why Christians must become Jews again: “ Christianity is only a preparation for Judaism” (Waton, p. 172); “The time will come when all Christians will become mature, they will all embrace Judaism, and they will all justify themselves by deeds. Then the Christians will become Jews. …. The great revolution that now takes place in the Christian world is the most inspiring assurance that the hope of the Jews is coming to a realization: The Christians will become Jews” (Waton, p. 174).

Who’s converting whom?

Wurmbrand’s name is also spelled Wurmbrandt. He died recently, but his Voice of the Martyrs newsletter continues to whip up fundamentalist Christians against Islam and the remaining Communist governments, especially China’s: (a) (b) (c)

Note the similarity to Samuel Huntington’s blueprint for a coming Clash of Civilizations: (a) (b) (c)

Jews are polarised into factions, in particular Communist and Zionist, just as the Catholic Church is presently embroiled in a struggle between the Marxist (Liberation Theology) and Francoist (Opus Dei) factions. Pope John Paul II, co-operating with America’s Zbigniew Brzezinski, used Opus Dei to help bring down the Communist government of Poland. Opus Dei has ties to the European aristocracy, and promotes privatisation; it uses the tactic, pioneered by Jews from the time of the marranos, of operating covertly: Opus Dei.

A reader informs me of a little book entitled “The Jewish people and the Holy Scriptures in the Christian Bible” published in Rome in November 2001, written by Rome’s Biblical Commission and prefaced by Cardinal Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI). This book’s thesis is that the Jewish wait for the Messiah is not in vain, an ambiguous statement, capable of meaning that the Messiah will come at the end of the world either a second time (as Christians believe), or for the first time (as Jews believe). When questioned about the ambiguity, the Pope’s (Opus Dei) spokesman, Dr. Navarro Valls, replied: “It means that it would be wrong for a Catholic to wait for the Messiah, but not for a Jew”.

Catholics reject evangelization of Jews By Michael Paulson, Globe Staff, 8/13/2002.

“The Catholic Church, which spent hundreds of years trying forcibly to convert Jews to Christianity, has come to the conclusion that it is theologically unacceptable to target Jews for evangelization, according to a statement issued yesterday by organizations representing US Catholic bishops and rabbis from the country’s two largest Jewish denominations.

“Citing teachings dating back to the Second Vatican Council, and statements by Pope John Paul II throughout his papacy, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops declared unequivocally that the biblical covenant between Jews and God is valid and therefore Jews do not need to be saved through faith in Jesus.”

What then of the “New Covenant”? Is it not the basis idea of Christianity?

Has the Catholic Church sold out? Opus Dei has a category of members who are not Catholics, yet are donors. Is Opus Dei partly financed by Zionists?

(10) Mahatma Gandhi on The Jews

Gandhi argues that Jews are a religious/philosophical grouping, not a “nation”.

November 26, 1938, from Louis Fischer, The Life of Mahatma Gandhi:

“Several letters have been received by me asking me to declare my views about the Arab-Jew question in Palestine, and the persecution of Jews in Germany. It is not without hesitation that I venture to offer my views on this very difficult question.

“My sympathies are all with the Jews. I have known them intimately in South Africa. Some of them became life-long companions. Through these friends, I came to learn much of their age-old persecution. They have been the untouchables of Christianity. The parallel between their treatment by Christians and the treatment of untouchables by hindus is very close. Religious sanction has been invoked in both cases for the justification of the inhuman treatment meted out to them. Apart from the friendships, therefore, there is the more common universal reason for my sympathy for the Jews.

“But the sympathy does not blind me to the requirements of justice. The cry for the national home for the Jews does not make much appeal to me. The sanction for it is sought in the Bible and the tenacity with which the Jews have hankered after return to Palestine. Why should they not, like other peoples of the earth, make that country their home where they are born and where they earn their livelihood?

“Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to the English, or France to the French. It is wrong and inhuman to impose the Jews on the Arabs. What is going on in Palestine to-day cannot be justified by any moral code of conduct. The mandates have no sanction but that of the last war. Surely, it would be a crime against humanity to reduce the proud Arabs so that Palestine can be restored to the Jews, partly or wholly, as their national home.

“The nobler cause would be to insist on a just treatment of the Jews wherever they are born and bred. The Jews born in France are French in precisely the same sense that Christians born in France are French.” {end}

(11) Guy Rundle, co-editor of Arena, a Marxist  magazine (, writes in The Age (Melbourne) April 24, 2002:

Not a holocaust, just ethnic cleansing


You can believe Israel never tried to drive out the Palestinians, but only if you ignore history.
One wing of Zionism founded itself on the notion that the Palestinian people would have to be driven out.


… For a range of commentators, Palestinian attacks on Israel are inexplicable, given the offers of land for peace that are, or were, on the table. The continued campaign of terrorism and resistance can only be traced back to anti-Jewish feeling, as proved by a new wave of attacks on synagogues across the world. Western solidarity with Palestinians is more about a free-floating hatred for Israel and authority than it is positive, and so on.

The plain fact is that one wing of Zlonism – the so-called “revisionist” wing – founded itseif on the notion that the Palestinian people would have to be driven out of the land of both Palestine and Transjordan (today’s state of Jordan) and that if they weren’t willing to go, they would have to be subjugated as a permanent minority within a Zionist state, or forced to leave by any means necessary.

Revisionism’s founder, Vladimir Jabotinsky, laid down the basis of the argument in the 1920s. To clear Palestine of Arabs he wanted a Jewish army, and he founded a series of Zionist youth militias across Europe – groups which left-wing Zionists charged had more in common with far-right militias than with the Zionist project. Jabotinsky made some efforts to discipline his more effusive followers (though he never expelled those such as Abba Achimeir, who suggested that Hitler’s “renewal” of the German people was something Zionists could follow by example), but by the 1940s they had blossomed into the Irgun and the Lehi. These gangs terrorised Palestinians after World War II, rolling bombs into Arab markets and massacring people in villages such as Deir Yassin.

The strategy was ethnic cleansing, pure and simple, and it worked – it turned nearly a million Palestinians into refugees. The Irgun hoped they would simply keep on going into wider Arabia. The Arab world, which was well aware of the strategy, has had other ideas.

Jabotinsky’s follower, Menachem Begin, became prime minister in 1977 and accelerated phase two of the plan – land theft in the West Bank and the creation of Jewish settlements, to ensure that Palestinians became a powerless minority within expanded borders. Because this was an ongoing military campaign, Begin made a former general his minister of housing  – Ariel Sharon.

The world has forgotten this history. The Palestinians remember it, and that is part of the reason they fight with such desperate ferocity, with a strategy  – terrorism – that had hitherto been so successfully turned on them. “We would not go down into the ditch again,” Begin said, remembering his terrorist years in his memoirs. Clearly, the Palestinians have come to the same resolution – they will not be disappeared, cleansed or permanently subjugated as second-class citizens. …

Guy Rundle is co-editor of Arena Magazine. E-mail:

{end of text}

Zionists might say, “look at what the West did to the native peoples – what’s the difference? How can people based in the West – the conquered West – make such criticisms of Israel?”

A perfectly reasonable argument.

But the reason Jewish lobbies don’t argue this way, is that they themselves have been saying to the native peoples, “look what the Whites did to you”.

i.e. they have been adopting an internationalist stance, forming a multi-ethnic coalition against the “White Christian” heartland, building a New America (New Australia) inside the old one – such that there are now two Americas, two Australias.

There is also a reasonable argument for this.

The problem comes when one tries to combine the two.

Recently, some Jewish lobbies have been arguing that Moslems should be excluded from the multi-cultural society, because Islam is incompatible with it.

Yet, the same argument might be made about Judaism.

(12) Ron David, Arabs & Israel For Beginners, Writers and Readers, NY 1993 (the author seems to be a Jew, a Chomskyist like Shahak and Finkelstein):

{start of text}

[p. 208] D0 YOURSELF A FAVOR and buy a copy of the October ’93 Lies of Our Times, and read Jeffrey Blankfort’s article, “Blank Check to Israel”. These are a few highlights:

“On June 17, 1993, by a 309-to-111 vote, the House of Representatives passed a $13-billion foreign aid bill (H.R.2295) that will maintain economic and military assistance for Israel at its $3-billion level [per year – ed.] and provide nearly $1 billion in additional off-budget bonuses. [per year – ed.]”

The Israelis take it for granted that they’ll get that money (or more) forever. The New York Times knows that Americans aren’t happy about giving all that money to Israel when the US is so broke. Their solution?

“February 1989…was the last time the New York Times ran a story describing Congress’s role in approving aid to Israel.

“Last year, the Times Washington correspondent, Adam Clymer, wrote a ten-inch article on the foreign aid vote without indicating that Israel was again the top money-winner. .. This year, Clymer ignored the story completely.”

Other major newspapers also chose not to mention US aid to Israel.

{end of text}

It is a strategic mistake to let Jewish lobbies and Freemasons get away with pretending to be the champions of Equality. If Equality is a Jewish value and a Freemason value, how to explain the hijacking of the US foreign aid budget by the Jewish lobbies? Even the Jewish Left is pretty-much silent about it: ginsberg.html.

Rather than concede that Equality is a value characteristic of the Zionists and the Freemasons, why not, instead, focus on their devotion to the rebuilding of Solomon’s temple, and thus to the demolition of the Dome of the Rock … and thus to substantial responsibility for the current “war against Islam”? Expose the hypocrisy in their idealism: tmf.html.

Rosicrucian leaders say they promote ancient Egypt; but they support Akhnaten, against the true Egyptian religion. They identify Akhnaten with Solomon and his Temple; the traditional religion of Egypt is branded “heathen” and “idolatry”. The secret Zionism of the Rosicrucians: rosicrucian.html.

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