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George Lincoln Rockwell: Brown University Speech – 1966

Written by Andy

George Lincoln Rockwell at Brown University (his alma mater)
Forward by Dr. William Pierce; Rockwell begins at 11m 32s
Date of speech: 1966

From Brown Alumni Magazine:

George Lincoln Rockwell ’42 Arguably the most infamous graduate Brown ever produced, George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of the American Nazi Party, was known on campus as the off-beat art editor of the student publication Sir Brown!, where he contributed cartoons and such articles as “Revolting Episode of What Two Fiendish Ghouls with Dripping Fangs Did on Arbor Day and Also What Happened in the Garage Hi-Yo Silver.”

Not until the Joseph McCarthy era did he find revelation in Mein Kampf. At first Rockwell bounced from group to group within the conservative movement, landing briefly at William Buckley’s National Review. But Rockwell’s ideas were too radical even for such groups as the Ku Klux Klan, states-rights separatists, and segregationists. After his second wife left him, he founded the American Nazi Party (ANP) in Arlington, Virginia.

In the turmoil of the 1960s, Rockwell saw himself as a lone soldier, holding the line against the enemy — the “communist” Jews in New York who were leading the civil rights “revolution.” Unfortunately, his rhetoric for a return to the America of old — the traditions, prejudices, and social conventions that were under attack — struck a nerve among some citizens. Enough people responded to allow the ANP to begin conducting guerrilla protests against politicians, liberal activists, civil rights leaders, communist organizations, and student demonstrators.

Rockwell delivered his message at more than 100 universities across the country—including his alma mater. His talks were unambiguous: he despised Martin Luther King, praised Malcolm X, ridiculed Sammy Davis Jr., loathed Barry Goldwater, and sneered at the feeble John Birch Society. He was jailed, assaulted, spat upon at rallies, and committed to a mental hospital.

The Brown appearance required more finagling than Rockwell was accustomed to, and he wrote the BAM to voice his displeasure: “My own university treats me like a colored step-child. I believe the reason for this is the capture of a grand old New England college by Jewish and communistic radicals who are turning our kids into arrogant, ignorant, hell-raising peace-creeps; willing traitors to the greatest nation ever to appear on earth.”

In 1967 Rockwell shifted from attacking “communist Jews” to a more successful “White Power” approach. He wasn’t able to exploit this new strategy very long; a disgruntled former ANP member assassinated him that August. — William H. Schmaltz

To Rockwell evil MUST be opposed, good MUST be upheld. To pretend
that the world is other than it is was self-defeating. To lie about it, or try to fool others about it was unthinkable. Once his eyes were opened to the Jews and what their policies were doing to America there was no question of keeping his mouth shut and going on about his business.

He HAD to speak out against them. He would fight them anywhere, anytime, under any conditions, no matter what the odds. And he would fight them with all his strength of his being.

I’m sure if there had been just a thousand men lke Rockwell in America in 1966 we’d be living in a healthy, progressive, all white America today.

War Veteran Commander Rockwell RIP  ~  Murdered by Jews.

  – Dr. William Luther Pierce RIP

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